Published by Slovak House
September 2012
Vydáva Slovenský Dom
September 2012
A opäť sme doma. Samozrejme
po dovolenke. Nastáva tvrdá realita
všedných dní.
Počas slnečných prázdnin si mnohí
z nás zrejme načerpali dostatok síl do
obdobia, kedy nás čakajú s prevahou
dáždivé dní, plúšte a blato. Na
zvládnutie problémov, ktoré nás asi
neminú potrebujeme v neposlednom
rade veľa pozitívnej energie a hlavne
kvantá optimizmu.
A práve z týchto dôvodov želáme
všetkým čitateľom „Slovenského
Montrealu“ až do budúceho leta
Nedeľa / Sunday 16,
Štvrtok / Thursday 20,
Nedeľa / Sunday 30,
Sobota / Saturday 27, Mini Bazaar, Farnosť sv. Cyrila a Metoda
Sobota / Saturday 03,
Nedeľa / Sunday 25,
As we are back from our summer vacations, we are also back to the
reality of everyday life.
During the sunny holidays, many of us
drew enough strength for the times
when we will be facing the rainy fall
season. To cope with these problems,
which will probably not miss us, we
need a lot of positive energy and optimism.
schôdza KSL / CSL meeting
Klub 55+ Butterflies, Apple picking,
St. Eustache
jesenný obed / Fall Banquet, Farnosť
sv. Cyrila a Metoda
The 2012 Slovak Ball
Vianočný obed Jednota č. 784 /
Christmas Dinner Jednota Branch 784
Nedeľa / Sunday 2,
Vianočný obed KSL/CSL Christmas
We wish all the readers of “Slovensky
Montreal” SUN IN THE SOUL until
next summer
Nápady, návrhy, rady, myšlienky, príbehy zo života, fotografie z dovolenky, gratulácie blízkym a priateľom to všetko nám môžte
posielať cez electronicku adresu: [email protected] alebo na adresu: 48 Shediac Cr., Kirkland,
QC, H9J 2J9
Ideas, suggestions, advice, thoughts, life stories, photos from vacations, greeting to relatives and friends, all that you can send to us
for publishing, by email [email protected] or to the address: 48 Shediac Cr., Kirkland,
QC, H9J 2J9
Počas krásneho slnečného
popoludnia pán Chlumsky nás
zabavil svojou hudbou
a spevom pri ktorom si
poniektorí prítomní aj
Ďakujeme organizátorom
2. zboru KSL za organizovanie
tohto príjemného dňa a dúfame,
že na budúci rok sa znovu
Viac fotiek z pikniku môžete
vidieť na stranke
Canadian Slovak
League (CSL) in Montreal
traditionally in the summer
organize the Slovak Day –
Picnic. This year it was already
69th Slovak Day.
Over the past five years it is
held in the beautiful countryside
north of Montreal, St. Calixte,
where the site Hostýn is located.
During a beautiful sunny
afternoon, Mr. John
Chlumsky entertained us with
his music and singing, some
even danced.
We thank the organizers of
the 2nd Branch CSL for
organizing this enjoyable day
and hope that next year we
meet again.
More pictures from Slovak Day
can be seen on
Marta Fuska
Mark Your Calendar!
The 2012 Slovak Ball
is on November 3, 2012 at The Buffett Crystal.
Purchase your tickets by September 30, 2012
and you can win a $500 shopping spree at Canadian Tire!
Music by The Director's Showband.
All proceeds go to the CSPBA Scholarship Fund
"Recognizing Slovak Scholastic Achievement"
Last year's Ball was THE Slovak Party of the year. Don't miss it this year!
Come Join us and have a ball!
Show off your Slovak Pride- Bring your whole family- Bring your friends!
Check out our web site : for more info.
Slovensky Montreal
Kanadská slovenská liga
(KSL) v Montreale tradične
usporiadáva v lete Slovenský
deň – piknik. Tohto roku to už
bol 69. Slovenský deň.
Za posledných päť rokov sa
usporiadúva v krásnej prírode
na sever od Montrealu,
St. Calixte, kde je lokalita
Hostýn. Vedenie Hostýnu nám
pripravilo chutný obed
s občerstvením. Privítali sme
medzi nami veľvyslanca
Slovenskej republiky Milana
Kollara s manželkou Soňou
a tiež predsedníčku KSL Mary
Ann Doucette, ktorí nás
pozdravili svojími príhovormi.
Management of Hostýn
prepared for us a delicious
lunch and refreshments. We
were happy to welcome among
us the Ambassador of the
Slovak Republic Milan Kollar
and his wife Sonia and also the
President of CSL Mary Ann
Doucette, they greeted us with
their speeches.
In the heyday of socialism
in Czechoslovakia there was a
brisk trade exchange between
countries of COMECON
(Council for Mutual Economic
Assistance). This was reflected
in individual tourism.
Athletic sports
teams neighbouring Hungarians
collected medals across Europe,
exclusively in sportswear made
in Czechoslovakia. Tracksuits
rapidly vanished from our stores
during an individual or a collective visit of our neighbors. Ladies just discover world's invention - bras. They were buying in
quantities as if they were for
free. Did the Hungarian national
economy fail to produce? But
even at that time the Hungarian
ladies were very much into
fashion, they walked without
them; always in the right hand
nonchalantly holding a cigarette
and in the left they had their
purchases. This fashion was
quickly spread abroad throughout the Czech and Slovakia.
Yes, Budapest led the fashion in
the Eastern Bloc. Even the
shoes were called "budapeštianky". Just the second
Paris! Despite all, the Slovak
shop assistants began to be unpleasant to Hungarian consumers and responding to them with
the words “we don’t have it”!
It did not seem to be as fair, because we, Slovak tourists, we
were buying all their meat
products as well as all luxury
consumption. This included a
lot of quantity of goods. Thefirst place of daily con
East Germany at that
time was a Mecca for salamanders. They were elegant shoes
or boots made of soft skin. We
always walked in the salamanders during our excursions so
that they don’t look new. (Remember the tough questions put
to us by customs officers,
"What do you have to declare?").
Bulgaria also had something to offer. The first choice
was PLISKA - brandy of good
quality and mostly inexpensive.
Well, the wives of delegates and
experts were wearing beautiful
lightweight fur coats which
were never sold in our stores.
It did not matter to us, returning
with a nice tan and refreshed
from the Black Sea.
You would be mistaken
if you thought that the
Soviet Union did not have much
to offer tourists except the Mauzolea. Although shops were
empty, Sovietskoje šampanskoje (Soviet Champagne) was
always available and with a little luck also a good Armenian
cognac. Red caviar, delicious
borscht, delicious ice cream was
also available in any hotel for
foreigners. Soviet people made
contacts with tourists from socialist countries and the ex
change of goods was always on.
They liked everything that came
from us and in turn we
would exchange our goods and
bring souvenirs such as caviar,
amber necklaces and silver
spoons and of course the samovar. Sometimes they would try
to talk us into buying icons guaranteed authentic!
The price could very well be the
right one but what if the
customs officer found us
guilty because the icons
were stolen from the
church? No, that would
have been a risky business.
What I have not mentioned?
Poland, of course.
Poles in Zakopane were
buying from us all as we
did from them. Black trade,
or exchange, just flowered.
Vodka, American cigarettes, as well as "Šuštiak"
(raincoats) were selling
like hot cakes. However, it
seems that the Poles have a
great sense of business.
They always were faster
than us Slovaks and they
sold everything.
Psst! I am just going there.
Then I will tell you what is
good to bring. But I have
no luck at smuggling. Custom officials always
choose me to check my
baggage, but I must say
they are always wrong.
And they would not say
sorry. I will tell you that
recently I found a similarity between the customs officers of the former socialist countries and Canadian
customs officers. They are
not at all pleasant, they
would not
Slovensky Montreal
Travel in the past
and today
sumption was baracpálenka especially for our better halves.
It was fun, because spouses or
colleagues already opened bottles in the bus on our way home
and then there was singing and
everybody was happy. Sometimes we made strict custom officers happy also, but not
enough to give us a brake, and
they would find a few undeclared bottles.
But somehow I don’t understand all that and I don’t feel
like traveling anymore since
fuming volcanoes and
tsunamis started. And even
those customs officers are not
better here on our continent.
They should take an example
from the colleagues in the
European Union where you can
carry what you want, even
a whole pig for a pig roast.
I wish you a safe journey and I hope I did not dissuade you from traveling activities with my article.
Turistika vtedy
a dnes
Turistika vtedy a dnes
V čase rozkvetu socializmu
v ČSSR panoval čulý výmenný
obchod medzi krajinami RVHP.
Odrazilo sa to aj
v individuálnom turistickom
Atletické športové družstvá
susedných Maďarov zbierali
medaily v celej Európe,
výhradne v športovom oblečení
made in Czechoslovakia.
Teplákové súpravy sa rapídne
vytrácali z našich obchodov po
takej individuálnej alebo
hromadnej návšteve našich
susedov. Ich nežné polovičky
práve asi objavili svetový
vynález – podprsenky. Vrhali sa
na ne v obchodoch akoby ich
dávali zadarmo. Asi ich
maďarské národne hospodárstvo
opomenulo vyrábať? Ale už
vtedy sa maďarské dámy držali
módy, chodili bez nich
a v pravej ruke držali vždy
nonšalantne cigaretu, v ľavej
nákupy. Táto móda sa rýchle
rozniesla po celom ČeskoSlovensku. Áno, Budapešť
udávala tón v móde vo
východnom bloku. Ešte
i poltopánky sa nazývali
„budapeštianky“. Proste druhý
Paríž! Napriek tomu všetkému
slovenské predavačky začali
byť nepríjemné a začali
maďarským zákazníkom
odpovedať jediným slovom nemáme! Nezdalo sa to byť také
spravodlivé, veď my, slovenskí
turisti sme zasa vo veľkom
vymetali ich mäsiarstva ako
i všetky novinky dennej
i luxusnej spotreby. Zahŕňalo to
neprieberné množstvo tovaru.
Prvé miesto dennej spotreby
zaujala baracpálenka – hlavne
u našich lepších polovičiek.
Bývalo veselo, lebo manželia
alebo kolegovia z hromadného
zájazdu fľašky otvárali už po
ceste domov, potom sa spievalo
a bývalo naozaj veselóó, takže
sme niekedy rozveselili aj
prísnych colníkov, ale nie
natoľko aby nám nezhabali pár
takých fliaš na colnici.
Východné Nemecko v tom čase
bolo zasa mekkou salamandier.
Boli to elegantné topánky alebo
čižmy z mäkkej čistej kože. Kde
sa na ne hrabalo naše populárne
Partizánske. V salamandrách
sme vždy dôkladne pochodili
počas našich exkurzií takže nám
ich nemohli precliť. (Pamätáte
sa tú nepríjemnú otázku ktorú
nám kládli colníci „Čo máte na
Bulharsko tiež malo čo
ponúknuť. Prvé miesto – akože
ináč – zaujala PLISKA – brandy
dobrej akosti a hlavne lacná.
Pravda, manželky delegátov
a expertov sa často ukazovali
v pekných ľahučkých
kožušinových plášťoch, ktoré sa
nikdy nepredávali v našich
obchodoch. Nevadilo nám to.
Vracajúc sa pekne opálení
a osviežení od Čierneho mora.
Boli by ste na omyle keby
ste si mysleli, že Sovietsky
zväz nemal čo ponúknuť
turistom okrem Mauzólea.
I keď obchody zívali
prázdnotou, sovietskoje
šampanskoje vždy bolo
naporúdzi a pri troche
šťastia i dobrý arménsky
koňak. Červený kaviár,
chutný boršč,výborná
zmrzlina nechýbali
v žiadnom hoteli pre
zahraničných. Domáci radi
nadväzovali kontakty
s turistami zo
socialistických krajín
a o výmenu tovaru nebola
Mali radi všetko čo
prichádzalo od nás a my
sme si zasa prinášali
suveníry ako kaviár,
jantárové náhrdelníky,
strieborné lyžičky
a pravdaže i samovar.
Niekedy nás nahovárali na
kúpu ikon – zaručene
pravých! Podľa ceny by
naozaj mohli byť aj pravé
ale čo ak by vás colníci
usvedčili, že sú ukradnuté
z chrámu napr. Vasilisa
Blaženého? Nie, to už bol
risky biznis a tak sme mali
vždy čisté svedomie.
Čo som ešte nespomenula?
No pravdaže, Poľsko.
Poliaci v Zakopanom
Slovensky Montreal
wish you even a good day and
they tell you to take your shoes
off! But I heard that Americans
are even worse, also to Canadians. You see the two neighboring states would be able to live
nicely and not have to check
each other.
Wow, Montreal looks so
different after living in Europe
for six months!
Having grown up in
Montreal, I always knew
I wanted to attend McGill University and to participate in one
of their exchange programs. After my first year in McGill’s architecture program, the time
came to apply for student exchanges. I was lucky to obtain a
generous grant from the university and together with the grants
received from Canadian Slovak
Professional and Business Association in 2008, and Canadian
Slovak League in 2009, my
dream became a reality. Since
I already knew French and tend
to like the city life, I selected
Brussels as my number one destination.
To my delight I was
chosen to be one of the three
students in my class to embark
on the adventure of studying
abroad. Last January I left my
cozy family home to live independently in a new country
where I was to attend a foreign
school in which I knew no one.
Looking back on that
time now, I can definitely say I
underestimated how different
Western Europe is from North
Based on my upbringing, when
speaking French I have a mix of
an Anglophone and a Québécois
accent. Let me tell you, the Belgians never failed to mention
how funny it apparently sounded when I spoke French! Some
people were intrigued by it,
while others simply refused to
listen to me or made no effort to
understand the different terminologies I used.
Before leaving
Montreal, my grandma requested one thing – that I
send her postcards to keep
her updated on where I
was. So, as I visited the
common touristy areas the
first week I arrived in
Brussels, I immediately
bought and wrote her a
post card. However, it took
me another month and a
half to find international
stamps to send it to her!
I went to all the
types of stores that could
possibly sell stamps. Some
of the clerks at the stores
said they were sold out,
others said they only carried European stamps. A
few even acted insulted
that I thought their store
might carry them! Up until
this day, I still do not know
what I said wrong… Finally, I had found a grocery
store that had “international” stamps. A few days later I also happened to find a
post office and decided to
go there to mail the post
card. Shockingly, the clerk
there told me that the
stamp I had purchased was
not actually international.
So, I had to buy a new one.
Slovensky Montreal
kupovali od nás všetko tak ako
my od nich. Čierny obchod,
respektíve výmenný, len tak
Vodka, americké cigarety ako i
„šuštiaky“ (plášte do dažďa) išli
na dračku. Zdá sa však, že
Poliaci majú vrodený cit pre
biznis. Vždy nás Slovákov
tromfli a predali absolútne
všetko. Psst! Práve sa tam
chystám. Potom vám prezradím
čo sa oplatí priniesť. Ale
v pašeráctve nemám šťastie.
Hneď si ma colníci vytipujú na
prehliadku, ale musím povedať,
že sa vždy pomýlia. A ani sa
Ešte vám prezradím, že som
zistila v poslednom čase určitú
podobnosť medzi colníkmi
bývalých socialistických krajín
a colníkmi kanadskými. Nie sú
vôbec príjemní, nezaželajú vám
ani dobrého dňa a dokonca sa
vám kážu aj vyzúvať!
Ale počula som, že
americkí sú ešte horší. Aj ku
kanaďanom. Vidíte, dva
susedné štáty ako by si mohli
pekne nažívať a nie sa
Ale akosi sa v tom už nevyznám
a do toho cestovania sa mi už
ani nechce odkedy začali tie
tsunamy a soptiť sopky. A ani tí
colníci sa nepolepšili tu na
našom kontinente.
Mali by si brať príklad
od kolegov z Európskej únie
kde môžete prevážať čo chcete,
hoci aj celého brava na
zabíjačku ako tovar dennej
Šťastnú cestu želám všetkým
tým, ktorých som svojím
príspevkom neodradila od
cestovnej aktivity.
You could only imagine how
awful it smelled! But the train
ride was forgotten the moment
we arrived the next morning
- I fell in love with Krakow!
First was Berlin.
Although at first
I did not like the
city, by the end
of my five day
stay I was
absolutely intrigued by it! It was
full of little districts and each
had their own character and life.
Little streets were crowded with
authentic international restaurants run by immigrants from all
around the world. From there
we headed to Prague.
Next was Slovakia! This
was the first time I had travelled
there without my mother by my
side, acting as the translator between my Slovak speaking family and myself. Instead, I had
my boyfriend nearby who didn’t
speak one word of Slovak!
I was immediately absorbed into the city’s architecture and the fascinating history
of the less-touristy buildings in
the castle district. After a few
days, we took an overnight train
to Krakow.
What a night! While in
Brussels I long for a "warmer
climate", six people crammed
into a non-air-conditioned cart,
with over thirty degrees outside,
was not my idea of "warmth".
It was small and quiet and had
the perfect blend of beautiful
architecture and urban green
spaces. And delicious pirogues!
I knew the next few days
(until my mom was to arrive)
were going to be interesting.
We arrived at my great aunts
house in Bratislava at about 4
a.m. In my half asleep state, I
was trying to piece together familiar syllables to communicate
with my Slovak-speaking aunt.
Thankfully I was able to make
her understand that I did not
want any food (which she didn’t
stop offering) but that I wanted
to get some sleep. The next
morning I woke up fully energized - it was nice to sleep in a
relative’s home rather than a
hostel or a rented apartment for
once. Quickly, the challenge of
communicating began again.
Both of us soon realized
that hand movements and the
Slovak-English dictionary
would be our best friend for the
next few days. Thankfully, we
were able to understand each
other well enough to organize
day trips to Červený Kameň and
Devín Castle. Once my mom
arrived, we headed to my godmothers house in central Slovakia.
This is where things got
a bit funny - I ended up
taking a type of road trip
with my mom, a couple of
her friends, and my boyfriend. Two generations,
two different languages.
But regardless of the age
gap, we had a great time
and saw plenty of the beautiful country side - Levoča,
Spišský hrad, Demänovská
ľadová jaskyňa,
Bystrianska jaskyňa…
I must say, I absolutely
loved the caves! Entering
them felt like entering another world! And Spišský
hrad was amazing also despite the rain (again!!!)
A few days later we returned to Bratislava and it
was time to move on.
The last destination was
Budapest. Although we only had a day and a half
there, it was a great city to
There was a certain vibe
amongst the people – you
could see that even though
many of the people were
not wealthy and had hard
Slovensky Montreal
I couldn’t believe it - all this
trouble to mail one post card!
After five months of studying in
Brussels, my semester at school
was over and it was time for my
boyfriend from Montreal to
meet me in Europe, as we
planned to visit some Eastern
European countries. Although
I knew I would miss my new
home, I was looking forward to
leaving the rainy grey weather
of Brussels for somewhere with
a hopefully sunny climate. I had
one month free to venture into
new places before returning to
lives, they still had a certain
pride for their city. In the evening, streets and parks were filled
with people of all ages – relaxing, playing music and mingling. Our month of travels flew
by and it was quickly time to
return to Montreal.
It was nice to come home, but
I must say, I was missing the
Eastern European gems – the
delicious goulash, the savory
halusky and the refreshing
Good thing I could always run
to grandma’s house to fill these
Veronica Lalli-Bencatova
Aby sme si zvykli dobre žiť
prítomnosť, musíme vedieť
zabudnúť na minulosť
a nezaoberať sa budúcnosťou.
Chiara Lubichova
The 47th Annual Scholarship Ball
The Scholarship Ball, is a gala affair with cocktails, fine music
and dancing, and it is a widely anticipated highlighting the annual Slovak social calendar.
Hope you will be able to join us this year as we celebrate the
success and achievements of our young people. The students who want
to apply for a scholarship have to fill out the application form and abide
by the rules and regulations.
Application forms and rules for scholarship for post-secondary
students of Slovak origin for year 2012 can be found on our web-site: Aplikačné formy a podmienky pre štipendia pomaturitným študentom slovenského pôvodu na rok 2012 budú na webstranke
For information contact:
Daniela Arendášová
James Jasko
Tel: 514-684-0235
Email: [email protected]
[email protected]
Mark Vandzura
[email protected]
Kanadská slovenská liga v Montreale pozýva svojích všetkých členov na schôdzu, ktorá bude
16. septembra t.r. o 12:30 hod. vo farskej hale kostola sv. Cyrila a Metoda, 2nd Ave. a Jean Talon.
Canadian Slovak League in Montreal invites its members to the meeting which will be held Sept. 16, 2012 at 12:30 p.m.
in Sts. Cyril & Methodius parish hall.
Farnosť sv. Cyrila a Metoda organizuje tradičný jesenný obed ktorý bude 30. septembra 2012 o 12. hod., hneď
po sv. omši na ktorý vás srdečne pozývame. Rezervujte si lístky u kurátorov
Parish Sts. Cyril & Metod is organizing our Traditional “Fall Lunch/Banquet”. It will take place on Sunday, September 30,
2012 at 12:00 noon, immediately following the Mass. Please reserve your tickets, call any warden.
Farnosť sv. Cyrila a Metoda vás pozýva na MINI BAZÁR, ktorý bude v sobotu 27. októbra 2012 vo farskej hale
(Jean Talon a 2. Avenue) začiatok o 9 :30. hodine.
Na predaj budeme mať domáce pečivo, rezance ako aj iné veci Ak nemôžete piecť, alebo sa nemôžete zúčastniť predaja,
možete prispieť peňažnou podporou.
Pre bližšiu informaciu zavolajte Catherine Rudinsky 514-341-0587, alebo Mary Subenik 514-482-8973
Parish of Sts. Cyril & Methodius invites you to MINI BAZAAR, Saturday, Oct. 27, 2007 at 9:30 A.M. which will
be held in the Parish Hall (Jean Talon & 2nd Avenue)
Noodles, cakes, and other homemade foods. Please bring in your donation of baked goods. If you cannot bake
or if you are unable to attend the Mini Bazzar, would you kindly make a donation.
For further information contact Catherine Rudinsky 514-341-0587, or Mary Subenik 514-482-8973
Slovensky Montreal
Klub 55+
(a.k.a. The Butterflies)
or at a terraced riverside restaurant. A summer bus trip to
Bromont included a visit to the
Canadian Equestrian Center, as
well as shopping, wine tasting
and of course eating. We always
choose a restaurant with clean
washrooms, table clothes on tables and metal cutlery to eat
Membership fees haven’t
changed in 21 years. Half
of this fee subsidizes trips
activities and expenses
while the other half goes
to support our “Outreach
Fund” – where we send
Slovensky Montreal
The Butterflies come
from areas all around and within
city of Montreal. Gatherings are
usually held on the first Thursday
of each month. The Butterflies
are the Slovak Seniors who are
over the age of 55 years.
To join the flock one
does not give their year of birthday, the date interests us. You
could be one of the four kinds of
Slovak: 1. Born in Slovakia, 2.
Born to Slovak parents but in another country,
3. Married to a Slovak, 4. Be a
friend of a Slovak. Butterflies
was the name chosen as a reminder of our past days of making and living in
a comfortable cocoon: Those
Birthday celebrants left to right: Betty BOBULA, Lidia MATUSKY,
days have past. We are now
“empty-nesters” and so are free
to spread our wings to flit
around. And we do!
Gatherings can be held in
one of our Slovak Montreal
church basements. Other months
we’re on the road sugaring-off,
apple picking, corn roast, wine
sampling at one our local vineyards, attending a cooking
schools etc. We always have a
great lunch together. At our gatherings we’ve been entertained by
the popular Dr. Joe Schwarcz
who presented his magic show!
Another time our guest speaker
was our Honorary ConsulCommittee members:
General of the Slovak Republic
First row left to right: Mary GUJDAN, Suzanne HURTUK, Josie
Mr. D. Michaletz. Special sumZAMBORSKY, Lidia MATUSKY
mer trips include lunching at a
Second row left to right: Ann BOYCE, Betty BOBULA, Honorary
yacht club,
Mary SUBENIK. Missing on the picture Violet PULKEWICH
birthday and seasonal greetings to Slovak seniors in our
community who are unable
to join us.We all have one
thing in common – aids!
Bryndzové halušky
800 g zemiakov, 2 vajcia, 150 g
hladkej múky, soľ, 100 g údenej
slaniny.Zemiaky očistíme,
umyjeme, postrúhame
a osolíme. Primiešame vajcia
a múku. Cesto má byť polotuhé.
Lopárik namočíme do vody,
dáme naň časť cesta a nožom
hádžeme do vriacej osolenej
vody halušky.
Uvarené halušky precedíme,
polejeme rozpraženou údenou
slaninou, pridáme bryndzu
a všetko premiešame.
Halušky are what really define
Slovak cuisine. You can top
them with just anything. The
most typical topping is bryndza,
a soft sheep cheese and fried
bacon bits. Another popular
toping is cabbage, sauerkraut,
cottage cheese. It is dificult to
get bryndza in Montreal,
instead you can use feta cheese.
You can mix feta cheese and
sour cream 50%/50%.
800 g (2-3 large) potatoes,
2 eggs, 150 g all purpose flour,
salt, 100 g bacon.
Large pot of water bring to boil.
Peel potatoes, wash them and
shred them using a fine food
grator. Add eggs, flour, salt and
mix dough. (If you drop a little
teaspoon-ful in boiling water
and it sticks together the dough
is good, if it falls apart, it
probably needs more flour.)
Place the dough on a wooden
board. Then using a knife,
„toss“ the halusky into boiling
water. Boiled dumpling are
drained and mixed with bryndza
and bacon.
Clafouti a recipe from the Limousin region of France, is a
simple dessert best described as
a moist oven baked pancate.
½ cup ground almonds, ¼ cup
white sugar, ¼ cup packed light
brown sugar, 2 tbsp corn starch
Mix all to combine. Add 2 eggs
and 2 egg yolks and 1 cup
whipping cream. Wisk all together and pour into lightly
grease and floured 9-inch pie
plate and put on baking tray.
1 cup of fresh raspberry scatter
over the butter. Bake at 375°F
for 30 minutes. Cool and enjoy.
50 g mletých mandlí, 50 g
cukru, 40 g hnedého cukru,
2 PL maizeny všetko premiešame. Pridáme k tomu 2 vajcia a 2 žltky a 250 ml šľahačkovej smotany.
Všetko premiešame a vylejeme
do 23 cm okruhlého plechu pomastený
a posýpaný mukou. Na
vrch posýpeme maliny asi
jednu šalku. Pečieme pri
190°C za 30-35 minút.
Posýpeme praškovým cukrom a servujeme teple.
1½ Lb plums cut into
about 1 cm (⅓”) wedges, 1
tbsp plus ½ cup granulated
sugar, 2 eggs, 2 egg whites,
½ cup flour, 1 cup milk, ¼
cup sour cream, 1 tsp vanilla extract, 1tsp grated
orange zest, ¼ tsp salt.
Preheat the oven to 400°F.
In a bowl, toss the plums
with 1 tbsp of the sugar, set
the plums aside. In another
medium bowl, whisk together the whole eggs, egg
whites, and the remaining
½ cup sugar. Slowly beat
in the flour, milk, sour
cream, vanilla, orange zest,
and salt. Arrange the plums
in a 10-inch pie plate. Pour
the egg mixture over. Bake
30 minutes or until the custard is just set. Dust with
icing sugar and serve
Slovensky Montreal
We all use at least one – bandaid, Rolaid, hearing aid, sinus
aids, walking aids, medic aid and
government aid!
The next gathering will
be on Thursday, September 20,
when we go to St. Eustache
for apple picking and corn
roast as well as to enjoy
a lovely lunch.
We will be leaving from St.
Cyril & Method church at
10:15 A.M. and from the Ascension Lutheran Church at 10:30
We’d love to have you join us,
as long as you are 55 years and
older. Just telephone Lidia 514481-8052 or Josie 450-294-3577
to inquire about cost and to make
your reservation. Deadline is
September 15, 2012.
700 g sliviek na kusky
narezaných, 1PL plus 100
g cukru, 2 vajcia, 2 bielky,
70 g múky, 60 ml kyslej smotany, 1 ČL vanilínový extrakt,
1ČL nastrúhanej orančovej
kôry, troška soli.
Slivky premiešame s 1 PL cukru
a nechame na boku. V ďalšej
miske zmiešame vajcia, bielky,
a zvyšný cukor. Pomaly
primiešame múku, mlieko,
kyslú smotanu, vanilku, orančovú kôru a soľ. Slivky poukladáme do 25 cm okruhlého
plechu a zalejeme riedkým vajcovým cestom. Pečieme pri
200°C, 30 minút. Posýpeme
praškovým cukrom. Servujeme
Kanadská slovenská liga 2. zbor v Montreali blahoželá svojim
členom všetko najlepšie k ich významným životným narodeninám:
6. augusta
22. augusta
5. septembra
10. septembra
21. septembra
28. septembra
17. októbra
IVANOV Alzbeta
BEDNAR Jean Marc
HURTUK Suzanne
RUDINSKY Catherine
Hanka a Ľuboš JURAŠEK budú oslavovať
9. novembra 2012, 55. výročie spoločného života.
Úprimne im gratulujeme a prajeme im len to
najlepšie do ďalších dní spoločného života.
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Financial Angels: We are very grateful to the following people who have chosen to support Slovenský Montreal:
Erika Zimmerman
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Slovensky Montreal
Slovenská komunita vyslovuje svojim zosnulým členom za všetku ich aktívnu prácu a činnosť
poslednú vďaku. Vy všetci ktorí ste ich poznali venujte im tichu spomienku a vaše úprimné modlitby.
Mary Makovsky, Michal Varga

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