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LL.M. in International
ly Commercial Law and
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Dispute Resolution
The Swiss International Law School (SiLS) offers a Master of Laws (LL.M.) in International
Commercial Law and Dispute Resolution. It prepares students and practitioners from different cultural and legal backgrounds for confident and ethical legal practice in an international commercial environment.
The program starts 1 August 2015 and is open to anyone who successfully completed a
BLaw, LL.B. or equivalent, or is admitted to the bar in any jurisdiction.
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Study online
The SiLS LL.M. is delivered in four modules, each of which
The SiLS LL.M. is completely web-based. By apply-
is led by an eminent global scholar in the respective field.
ing state-of-the-art distance learning techniques, we
bridge the distance and put you in close contact with
Sales and Transport Law
faculty, peers, and resources. Classes of not more than
Professor Dr. Ingeborg SCHWENZER, LL.M.
20 students are supervised by two course leaders who
(University of Basel, Switzerland)
are experienced professors or senior lecturers.
Corporate Law
The whole LL.M. program is offered full time or part time
Professor Dr. Katharina PISTOR, LL.M.
to accommodate your personal circumstances:
(Columbia University, New York, USA)
• full time: one year with two modules per semester
• part time: two years with one module per semester
Intellectual Property Law
Professor Dr. William VAN CAENEGEM, LL.M.
Each module lasts one semester (20 weeks) and corres-
(Bond University, Gold Coast, Australia)
ponds to 15 ECTS, which is equivalent to about 20 hours
of student effort per week.
Dispute Resolution
Affordable fees and scholarships
Professor Jeff WAINCYMER
(Monash University, Melbourne, Australia)
There are no travel and accommodation costs involved.
Acquire fundamental skills
Tuition fees are 36.000 Swiss Francs for the entire program.
Four extra-modular tutorials covering important as-
Thanks to our partners, SiLS is in the fortunate position
pects of legal work are offered for individual study and
to offer scholarships to students from both developed
and transitioning or developing countries. Scholarships
• Legal research and writing
are granted predominantly based on financial need.
• Presentation techniques
• Legal professionalism and ethics
• Features of common law and civil law systems
About SiLS
SiLS is a charitable foundation under Swiss law based
in Basel, Switzerland. Its purpose is to facilitate worldwide teaching and learning of comparative commercial
Swiss International Law School
Leimenstrasse 42, CH 4051 Basel, Switzerland
[email protected]
law and dispute resolution. Dean of SiLS is Professor Dr.
Ingeborg SCHWENZER, LL.M. She brings with her the
experience of teaching and practicing law for over 35
years in numerous countries.
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