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Parish Priest
Rev. Father Ljubomir Krstic
Father’s Phone
Board President– Nikolas
Kolo President– Suzana Arnaut
Choir President– Risto Kekich
Sunday School Director– Dana
Stewardship Committee Chair
- Kris Chkautovich
Cemetery Manager– Ljubomir
Church Hall Manager– Zoran
Your Funeral Durector
Ted Volmer
The News of the Holy Trinity is
sent out monthly. Please contact Father Ljubomir or the
Church office with any suggestions for future articles. All
ideas are certainly welcome
PASTORAL MESSAGE by Fr. Ljubomir Krstic
The feast of Pentecost in Christian tradition celebrates the
coming of the Holy Spirit upon the newly formed Christian
community. But it is important to remember that celebrating
a past event does not mean simply remembering that event;
it means rather re-creating the event, making it real in the
present, realizing its significance and power as if it were the
original occurrence. The Holy Spirit, who came upon the
Church on the first Pentecost, now comes again upon the Church in the twentyfirst century, not a new occurrence, but a renewal and extension of that first Christian Pentecost in Jerusalem.
We, as a community and as individuals, must open our hearts and our very beings
and receive Him in faith. The name “Pentecost” comes from the Greek word for
fifty and indicates that the feast takes place on the fiftieth day after our Lord’s Resurrection. Strictly speaking, this is seven weeks of seven days each plus one day.
Furthermore it has important roots in the older Hebraic tradition, roots which must
not be forgotten if we are going to appreciate fully the significance of Pentecost.
The number seven in Jewish symbolism implied perfection and completion, and
hence the Christian Pentecost of seven times seven implies the full and total completion of our Lord’s earthly economy. The added day, making fifty, is further symbolic of the New Creation into which our Lord gives us birth and new life. It is in a
sense the “eighth day” of the week, the days which ushers in the eschaton, the
new creation in the eternal realm of God. On Pentecost, therefore, the Church is
filled with new life and new vitality, not simply earthly life as we know it, but the
life of the Spirit. From this time onward, God Himself dwells with his people in a
way never experienced before. The Creation is renewed and the Kingdom of Heaven — although unseen by mortal eyes and incomprehensible to the human intellect — is a reality, and it is a Kingdom which will never be moved or destroyed by
any earthly power. The New Age, the age of Eternity, is now a reality, open to all who
wish to receive and accept it, and the Christian can, through the power of faith, see himself
as a part of this new order, not simply waiting for the Kingdom of God, but already experiencing it.
Continued on page 2
JUNE 2014
But when we look around us, it often happens that we see little sign of this New Creation. The world in which we live is still torn
by war, still afflicted with disease and hunger, still filled with human suffering and sorrow. What then? Where is this Kingdom of
God? Why is it so hidden from our experience? Why can we not taste the fullness of its blessings? Is it a reality after all? Or is it
only an illusion born of our wishful thinking? The Kingdom of God is indeed a reality, and if the dispensation under which we
live were like that of the Old Testament, then perhaps the blessings of the New Creation would be more evident and readily
accessible to our experience.
But the New Creation brought about by God through Christ, far transcends the older legalistic traditions of the Old Covenant.
Let us think back to the Feast of Pentecost as the Jews of our Lord’s time would have known it. The first full moon after the
spring equinox was the great feast of the Hebrew Passover, Pesach in Hebrew. Pesach was a very ancient spring festival which
had been adapted by the Hebrew people as a celebration of the Exodus, the event when God’s people were set free from slavery and delivered out of Egypt in order to become His Holy Nation,
His Kingdom of Priests. Seven weeks after that event, according to the narrative of the Old Testament, the Hebrew people
found themselves at Mount Sinai, and there a Covenant was made between God and the people. They were given the Law, a
Law designed to be the foundation of their national existence. This Old Covenant between God and His people was based on a
simple and logical agreement: The God who revealed himself at Sinai would be the God of Israel, protector and deliverer, and
Israel in return would be faithful to this God and his Law.
What happened in the history of the Hebrew people after this event is a long and complex story, but its eventual outcome was
that the people of God were bound and fettered by a system which had become legalistic virtually to the point of being stifling.
Hence, according to the words of Christ Himself, the Pharisees were able to lay “heavy burdens” upon men. Although there
may have been a certain satisfaction in the keeping of the Law, there was little room left for mercy and compassion, virtues
which in the Old Testament were paramount, and even less room for the working of the Spirit. Above all, there was little room
left for growth and movement towards God Himself, and without growth in the Spirit, all faith and religion becomes nothing but
an empty shell.
It was this situation which had caused the Law to become the “strength of sin,” and hence there was needed a renewal and
revitalization of what had once been given at Sinai. Hence, our Lord’s work on earth, from his Incarnation to his Ascension, is
the means whereby His people — not only his Hebrew people, but all men — are taken out of the burden in which they had
been engulfed and are now given new life and new existence in the Kingdom of Eternity.
On the first Pentecost, centuries before at Sinai, God had come down from heaven and gave men his Law, but on the new Pentecost, God again comes down from heaven, and gives not a Law, but his own divine life. In so doing He lifts His people up to
Himself, and God’s people now are not to be simply his servants, but his co-workers in the building and realization of His Kingdom on earth. In a very real sense, the feast of Pentecost is the beginning of that process which the Orthodox Church calls theosis, the deification of humanity, the eternal process wherein the Christian community becomes “partakers of the divine nature.”
But why can we not see the Kingdom as an actual reality? Why must we perceive it only through the eyes of faith? Let us not
ask for the impossible. We are human beings, sinful and essentially separated from God. It is true that we are redeemed and
given new life in Christ, but out process of growth has only started. We cannot expect to be suddenly plunged into the reality of
eternal life and eternal existence. We can only grow towards it — slowly, as it may seem to us — but all in the good time and
purposes of God. Now, as Paul tells us, we can only “see through a glass darkly,” but the time will come when we shall see the
Kingdom face to face. Until then, we must live by faith, and the Spirit who comes at Pentecost will give us this faith, will
strengthen it and us, and lead us into the eternal reality of God.
Let us celebrate Pentecost, not only as a remembrance of a past event, but as a joyful participation in, and a full experience of,
the reality of the life and presence of God the Holy Trinity. To Him be glory unto the ages of ages.
Yours in Christ, fr. Ljubomir
Stewardship Update
2014 Stewards listed on Page 8 of the newsletter
Dragan & Ljubica Acamovic- June Stewards of the Month
Our thanks to Dragan & Ljubica for their commitment of love and sacrifice for Holy Trinity
All Stewards in good standing are invited to the Mid-Year Assembly meeting on
Sunday, June 29th after Divine Liturgy
Who is a Steward in Good Standing?
One who has the privilege to participate in parish assemblies. A Parishioner in Good Standing is determined
by is or her participation in the life of the parish as confirmed by the parish priest, and fulfillment of their
obligation to live accordingly, including financial support of the church. Must be a member of the parish (as
defined above) in which they wish to participate as a Parishioner in Good Standing, and they must routinely
practice their faith; receiving of the Holy Eucharist.
It’s never too late to become a steward! If you have any questions about becoming a steward of Holy
Trinity please contact Fr. Ljubomir 815.543.6170 or Kris Chkautovich 618.281.3212.
Please return the forms to the Church Office or in the donation box in the candle room in Church.
Holy Trinity Parish Life
Congratulations Graduates!
Master’s Degree-
Milica Acamovic
High School- Milos Vukadinovic, Niko Puhar, & Sasa Marjanovic
Zack Levy , Noah martin - Sunday School
Baptisms– Isabela Franco
Thanks to Lou Lausevich for donating the beautiful flowers for Pasha in our church along with Rada Dopuch, Andja
Jakovljev & Sharon Wade.
We are grateful for the donation Sharon Shormas Wade and family made to sponsor the bulletin for the month of
June. If anyone would like to sponsor bulletin personally or as business please contact fr. Ljubo or Kris C.
Nikola and Milka Marincic donated altar table candles for Pascha Divine Liturgy in memory of Angelina, Stevan,
Pavle, Marija, Pane, & Sava
Also, a big thanks to David and Sheri Levy family for the donation of 3 festal icons to the Churc h
JUNE 2014
Коло Српских Сестара
Serbian Kolo Sisters
Holy Trinity Serbian
Orthodox Church
Православна Црква
С в е т е Тр о ј и ц е
(314) 776-3262
1910 Serbian Drive,
(314) 776-3262
St. Louis, Missouri 63104
Fax (314) 664-7001
The Serbian Orthodox Diocese of New Gracanica and Midwestern America
Dear Sisters,
On June 8, 2014 our Church celebrates Holy Trinity –Church Slava. We are inviting you to come and join
us for liturgy and after, luncheon. .Among other guests we will host guests from Chicago and His Grace Bishop Longin at lunch.
Like always our sisters will be helping in preparing a lunch for this event (we would like to thank all whom
volunteer for Slava.) But we also need dessert, so we ask you at this time to please bring any baked items,
cookies, cakes, etc.to the banquet.
Unfortunately, our Slava lunch this time will be also used to collect help and donation for our brothers
and sisters in the old country, which have been affected by terrible flooding .The flooding has made a devastation in some areas, people have lost everything. Whole cities are under water still .Many people are right
now in a collective center and it is unknown when life there it will start to normalize. So we ask you to be
generous in a support to our old country. Help our brothers and sisters in the recovery from the devastating
floods by donating.
All donations will be taken by Archbishop Longin to Chicago which then will be sent over and used to help
people in the best ways possible in the flooding areas.
So, please come join us on June 8, 2014 in celebration of our Church Slava. After liturgy it will be lunch (lunch
is free) and fundraising for people affected by flooding in Serbia, Serb Republic and Krajina.
Come join us on June 8, 2014 for celebration St. Holy Trinity –Church Slava
Come join us and show that you care. !
P.S. Do not forget cookies, cakes, and any other baked sweet to bring with you.
Thank you!
Yours in Christ the Lord
Serbian Kolo Sister Board!
Коло Српских Сестара
Serbian Kolo Sisters
Holy Trinity Serbian
Orthodox Church
Православна Црква
С в е т е Тр о ј и ц е
(314) 776-3262
1910 Serbian Drive, St.Louis, Missouri 63104
(314) 776-3262
Fax (314) 664-7001
Drage Sestre ,
Nasa Crkva Sv. Trojice 8.Juna , 2014 obiljezava svoju Krsnu Slavu –Sv. Trojica .
Pozivamo vas da nam se pridruzite na Liturgiji i rucku . U goste nam dolazi I Njegovo Presosvestensvo
Gospodin Longin.
Srpske sestre kao i uvjek vrijedno pomazu u pripremi rucka za ovu priliku zajedno sa par volontera .
Ovim putem zelimo da im se zahvalimo .Ali takodje trebamo pomoc i od vas:
molimo vas da napratite kolace I slatke specijalitete. Donesite da podijelite sa ostalim sestrama I
gostima za Slavu Crkve . (kolaci , torte , slatki rolati I pite , strudle I sl. –su uvjek dobrodosli ) .
Nazalost , Slavu Crkve ove godine bi zeljeli da iskoristimo za prikupljanje pomoci i donacija za nase
bracu i sestre u domovini koji se bore sa nevidjenom poplavom i devastacijom od iste . Pod vodom se
nalaze citavi gradovi I sela . Ljudi su izgubili sve u poplavi I sada mnogi od njih se nalaze u kolektivnim centrima. Neizvjesno je kada ce se stanje normalizovati .Zato vas molimo da pomognete braci I sestrama u
podrucijma zahvacenim poplavama dobrovoljnim prilozima ,
Sve donacije bice predate Njegovom Preosvestenstvu Vladici Longinu koje ce on dalje proslijediti u Patrijasiju u Beogradu , odakle ce pomoc biti usmjerena prema najugrozenijima u poplavama (Srbiji, Republici
Srpskoj I Krajini ).
Vidimo se 8. Juna , 2014 na proslavi Slave Crkve
Dodjite da pokazemo solidarnost
P.S. Nezaboravite donijeti kolace , torte I slatkise
Hvala unaprijed !
Vase u Gospodu :
Uprava Kola Srpskih Sestara!
JUNE 2014
As you all probably know by now, Serbia, Republic of Srpska and Serbian Krajina are affected by a great
flood. Thousands of people lost their homes and everything they owned. They were lucky to keep their
As Orthodox Christians and Stewards of each other we are called upon to help those who are in need .
At Divine Liturgy, on June 8th, ( our Church Slava) we will be joining together with His Grace Bishop Longin to pray for all the people that suffered from the flood. We will have a Slava banquet where we will
collect all the money and send it to affected areas. Lunch is free. If you are unable to attend please send
in your donation via provided envelope (envelope is included in printed bulletin only). Please make your
check payable to Holy Trinity Serbian Orthodox Church and on memo line write “flood relief “ .
You can also give your check on Sunday to any of the following parishioners: Nikola Marincic , Draga
Krosnjar, Nada Buha, Zdravko Aleksic, Tatjana Mandrapa, or Nik Chkautovich.
Драги Парохијани Цркве Свете Тројице
Као што већ сви знате да су страшне поплаве задесиле Српске земље . Хиљаде људи је остало без кућа и
све имовине и да су били веома срећни да су успели да сачувају и своје животе.
Као Православни хришћани и Старатељи једних о другима ми смо позвани да помогнемо нашој браћи у
невољи. 8 Јуна ( Духови) је Црквена Слава када ће мо се сакупити у нашој Цркви да се помолимо заједно за
унесрећене и да после тога се окупимо око нашег Владике Лонгина који ће тога дана бити са нама ако Бог
да. Ручак је бесплатан . Све донације ће које се сакупе тога дана , бити послате нашој браћи у отаџбини .
Ако нисте у могућности да лично дођете пошаљите вашу донацију у коверти коју сте добили ( коверте се
шаљу само са штампаним билтеном) . Чек испишите на Цркву Свете Тројице и на мемо линији ставите “
Flood relief “ .
У сали за време ручка ваш чек можете дати Николи Маринчићу , Николи Чкаутовићу , Драгој Крошњар,
Татјани Мандрапи, Здравку Алексићу , Нади Бухи.
JUNE 2014
Memory Eternal!
+Elizabeth Drakulic– Wife of Dragutin Drakulic
+Bojana Corlija– Wife of Blagoje Corlija, Mother
Of Melvin Corlija (Teresa) and Bojan Corlija.
Give rest, O Lord, to the souls of Thy servants
who have fallen asleep!
Coffee Hour
A big thank you to our recent Coffee Hour Sponsors
Sladjana & Zdravko Aleksic and Suzana & Predrag Arnaut
What is needed? On Sunday, bring a snack for approx. 50 people and set out the food at
the end of Liturgy. It can be as easy as donuts or cookies or you can bring your favorite
dish to share with our parishioners!
If you would like to Sponsor a Coffee Hour please contact—
После Свете Литургије се сви скупимо у сали да се видимо , разговарамо , попијемо
кафу и поједемо неки колачић или шта већ има. Сврха овог “ Кофи аура “ је
дружење . Недеља је већини нас једини дан када се можемо видети са многима на
једном месту. Ми вас молимо да “ спонзоришете” овакво дружење тако што ће те
или купити неке крофне или пак нешто направити код куће. То никако нетреба да
буде некаква гозба , него само да нам наше дружење у сали буде лепше. За било
каква питања позовите Здравка Алексића . Хвала .
Our deepest appreciation to all those who have made a stewardship commitment of their Time, Treasure, & Talent to Holy Trinity.
Dragan & Ljubica Acamovic
Maria Karich
Aleksandra Phelps
Zdravko & Sladjana Aleksic
Ron & Elizabeth Katich
Milan & Ljubica Pletikapa
Predrag & Suzana Arnaut
Chedomir Kekich
George Prica
Brane Barac
Danilo Kekich
Boris Prstojevich
Julia Bolanovich
Judy Kekich
Milorad Radonic
Rocko Bratic
Djoko & Ro Korac
Georgia Relich
Petar & Nada Buha
Fr Ljubomir & Popadija Krstic Melanie Relich
David Cassens
Zoran & Jadranka Kurtuma
Nada Relich
Misha & Kris Chkautovich
Ljubisa Lausevich
Rade & Svetlana Samardzic
Nikolas Chkautovich
David & Pat Lekich
Sharon Shormas-Wade
Gene & Beverly Denonovich
Draginja Lekich
Helen Shormas
Bogoljub Dimitrijevich
Milica Lekich
Ljubomir & Zora Smanja
Danilo & Janice Djikanovic
Steve Lekich
Dan Spasovich
Slavica & Serjei Djuranovic
David & Sheri Levy
Ray & Judy Spasovich
Nikola Dolinic
Joyce Levy
Louis & Ruth Supic
Rada Dopuch
Boro & Snezana Maletic
Mary-Ellen Tobin
Dragutin &Elizabeth Drakulic
Nikola & Milka Marincic
Milica “Tootsie” Tobin
Snezana Grubisic
Michael Markovich
Petar & Mileva Vojicic
Katherine Henz
Miro & Ann Markovich
Tim Vujnich
Dragomir & Andja Iliskovic
Dana Martin
Nicholas Wade
Andja Jakovljev
Milena McGee
Dusan & Draga Vukadinovic
Nicholas Jovanovic
Violet Niesen
Predrag & Biljana Vukadinovic
Roxanda Jovanovic
Dan & Maria Oranski
Mirjana Zelenovic
Vojko & Veselina Jovanovic
Sladjana Orescanin
Barbara Zogorean
Natalija Karich
Frank Petkovich
Света Тајна Брака
"Не пожели туђег брачника" је једна од Божијих заповести које стоје у Светом
То подразумева да на туђег брачног партнера или партнерку смемо да гледамо
само као на брата или сестру са потпуним одсуством сваке страсти и блудне
помисли и жеље. Јако је велики грех и сама помисао на туђег брачника а о
спровођењу те помисли ни да не говоримо. Господ је рекао веома јасно да
Када дође до црквеног брака то је Божија промисао. Та особа се нама свиди и ми је заволимо али ту
особу нам је сам Господ послао да се кроз брачни крст са њом спасавамо. Тако да колико год да нам
је брак тежак ми никако не смемо да се разводимо и напуштамо ту Свету Заједницу, јер Господ има
свој план са нама... Колико год тежак наш брачник био наш брак са њим није наша лоша одлука већ
Божија воља да се тако спасавамо кроз трпљење. Уколико смо ми криви за лош брак морамо да се
посветимо Господу, молитви, исповедању и причешћу, али у колико је наш брачник тај који ствара не
склад у браку НЕ СМЕМО НИКАКО да га напуштамо и да се разводимо већ да се молимо за њега, и
тражимо од Господа и пресвете Богородице да му отворе очи да спозна љубав и важност брака.
Постоје само два разлога која нам допуштају прекид Свете Тајне Брака а то су : НЕВЕРСТВО БРАЧНИКА
У случају прекида Свете Тајне Брака постоје само два пута у очима Господа а то је МОНАШТВО И
БЕЛОМОНАШТВО! Једино у случају упокојења једног брачника дозвољено је само под строгим
допуштењем поновно ступање у брак али боље је то избећи. Господ признаје само једну Свету Тајну
Брака и на страшном суду поред једног човека не могу да стоје две жене или поред једне жене не
могу да стоје два човека. Битно је шта Господ каже а не људи...тако да Господ не дозвољава два, три
или више бракова. Ђаво прво удара на породице и покушава ту да унесе немир и разор и ако успе на
тај начин пропадају душе брачника, оног који је пожелео туђег брачника и деце тих брачника.
Највећу неправду уништене Свете Тајне Брака осете деца те породице.
Уколико ти се свиди и пожелиш туђег човека или жену одмах у корену сеци ту жељу и моли се
Господу да ти да снагу да се излечиш од тих прљавих мисли. Јако је опасно за душу и даљи напредак
твој и твоје деце ступити у контакт и однос са ожењеним човеком или удатом женом. Такав грех у
главном пада на плећа твоје деце. Господ је том човеку дао жену да се са њом спасава и обратно и не
смеш га пожелети и одвојити од Свете Тајне Брака. Тада ђаво управља тобом јер ни један анђео ти
неће отворити очи и срце ка ожењеном човеку или удатој жени. Зато са првом спознајом таквих
осећања према ожењеном човеку или удатој жени одмах тражи помоћ кроз молитву свога
духовника, ту жељу исповеди, испости, горко се кроз сузе покај, причести се и дистанцирај од те
особе ка којој те је ђаво водио. Много је лакше окајати грех од помисли него очистити га од већ
учињеног дела.
Преподобни Отац Тадеј Витовнички
Holy Trinity Serbian Orthodox Church
2014 Calendar/Календар
10:00 a.m. Divine Liturgy
Света Литургија
10:00 a.m. Divine Liturgy – St. Emperor Constantine and his mother Helen
Света Литургија- Свети Цар Константион и Царица Јелена
10:00 a.m. Divine Liturgy – Memorial Saturday
Света Литургија - Задушнице
10:00 a.m. Divine Liturgy – Pentecost – Church Slava
Света Литургија – Духови- Црквена Слава
10:00 a.m. Divine Liturgy
Света Литургија
10:00 a.m. Divine Liturgy
Света Литургија
10:00 am Divine Liturgy
Света Литургија
10:00 am Divine Liturgy – Holy Martyr Tsar Lazar of Kosovo
Света Литургија – Видовдан
10:00 am Divine Liturgy– Mid-Year Assembly Meeting
Света Литургија
May Church Attendance
5/18/14- 76
5/11/14- 35
5/25/14- 60

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