1) Provided that Presented at the Congress and demand of the owner of the paper, "Full Text
Paper" will be published in “Congress Book” after evaluation of the reporters
2) Deadline of sending Full Text Paper is 15 October 2014.
3) Papers should be prepared in 12 points and Times New Roman character and 2,5 cm
space from the edges, justified and single line space are used.
4) Presentation Papers should not exceed 8 pages and poster Papers should not exceed 6
5) Adresses should be written left centered after a space following authors’ names. If
authors’ names are more than one, numbers are given top of the last letter of the surnames of
the authors or top of the adresses. Adresses should be written in 10 points.
6) Papers should be composed of:
 Paper Title
 Author(s), Name, Surname
 Abstract and Key Words
 Introduction
 Material and Method
 Results and Discussion
 Reference
Paper Title: Paper title should be in 12 points, capital bold and centered.
Author(s), Name, Surname: Authors names (without specified degree) should be written and
after a line space following the title, centered and not bold. The first letters of their names and
surnames should be capital. The last letter of the surname should be referred by being
numbered exponentially.
Abstract and Key Words: Abstract should contain aim, processes and results of the study
and not exceed 350 words. Max.6 keywords should be written after spacing a line at the end
of the abstract.
Introduction : It should contain the importance,aim and basic researches of the topic.
Material and Method: It should contain enough data and resource which enable to
sustainability of the study.
Research Results and Discussion: Data found in this section should be shown , if necessary
it can be expressed with figures and diagrams. The study should be compared to previous
studies by emphasizing the importance of the study. Unnecessary repetition should be
References: References should be written by stating author’s surname in the text and date and
in alphabetical order at the end of the article and the same author is stated chronologically. In
the text, if it is given at the beginning or in the reference sentence it should be as Vural
(2013) , or at the end of the sentence (Vural,2013) is used. When more than one author
format should be as Vural and Karataş (2013) , and if more than two authors according to the
first author’s surname format is as Vural and et al (2013).
Writing references should be organized according to the samples below:
Reference journal:
Karademir, Ç, Karademir, E., Doran, I., and Altikat, A., (2005). The effects of different
nitrogen and phosphorus applications on yield and fibre technological properties of cotton in
Diyarbakır ecological conditions. GOU Journal of Agricultural Faculty 22 (1):55–61.
Reference book :
Yaşar, M.,(2002). Sulamada Karşılaşılan Sorunlar ve Çözüm Yolları. Adana Zirai Üretim
İşletmesi ve Personel Eğitim Merkezi Yayınları, Yayın No:5, Adana.
A part of reference book :
Liu, Z., (2007). Aquaculture Genome Technologies. Blackwell Publishing, Iowa, USA. 1119,59-72
Kaymakçı, M.,(2006). İleri Koyun Yetiştiriciliği. İzmir İli Damızlık Koyun Yatiştiricileri
Birliği Yayınları Bornova-İzmir. 90-194,315
National or International Congress Book :
Akça N., Vural M.E. Karataş A., Koncagül S., Bingöl M. (2013). Estimation of Live Weight
Using Some Body Measurements in Zom Sheep. 6th International Balkan Animal
Conference, Pp: 612-617, 3-5 October, Tekirdağ, Turkey
Unknown author:
TUİK (2012). Tarım İstatistikleri Özeti. Türkiye İstatistik Kurumu, Yayın No: 3877, Ankara
Reference on the internet:
Faostat, (2014). FaoStat: Statistics Database, Food and Agriculture
Organization of the United Nation. Rome, Italy. (Accessed 23.04.2014)
TUİK, (2014). Hayvancılık İ Türkiye İstatistik Kurumu, Ankara.
(Erişim tarihi: 23.04.2014)
Thesis reference :
Erdemci İ., (2007). Güneydoğu Anadolu Bölgesi Koşullarında Farklı Nohut (Cicer arietinum
L.) Genotiplerinin Yazlık ve Kışlık Ekimlerinde Bazı Tarımsal ve Teknolojik Özelliklerin
Belirlenmesi. Doktora Tezi. Çukurova Üniversitesi Fen Bilimleri Enstitüsü, Adana, 2012.
7) Figure and diagram: They should be given in the ideal place in terms of expression in the
text, titles should be under figures and above diagrams. Characters of figure and diagram are
in 10 points. A line space should be between figure and diagrams and the text.

Full Text Rules - International Mesopotamia Agriculture Congress