The term project will be a report on one of the topics given below. The report will be at most
six pages long including everything (except the cover page). Please work alone! In the last
class, some of the uniformly randomly chosen students are expected to present their work.
Due date for the final report: December 25, 2014
Presentation: December 25, 2014
Grading Policy:
Presentation (20%): The report should be typed, spell-checked, and well formated.
Clarity of writing (20%): The writing should be clear and plain.
Clarity of organization (20%): There should be summary (abstract), introduction, main body,
and conclusion sections.
Effectiveness and quality (20%)
General impressions (20%)
1. DES and 3DES: Tunç, Eryazar
2. AES and its history: Devrim, Tekkılıç
3. Hash functions and the hash function Hamsi: Şahan, Bayburt, Gökırmak
4. Homomorphic encryption: Öztürk, Yavuz
5. Digital signatures: Kızılboğa, Bozoğlan
6. RSA and its security problems if any: Erkan, Değirmenci
7. Diffie-Hellman public key cryptographic algorithm: Ezirmik, Kök
8. DSS: Polat, Ulaş
9. The fight between Phil Zimmermann and the US government over PGP: Karatay, Ün
10. PGP and its history: Kavla, Aşık
11. What is the EU’s policy on cryptography standards, cryptography import/export rules
and patents?: Gümüş, Çelik, Acar
12. NSA’s attempts to limit civilian research in cryptography: Çiçek, Demir, Bal
13. What are the current restrictions on exporting and importing software products with an
encryption/decryption feature?: Hamalı, Sarı
14. Cyber security attacks: Çiftçi, Baykal, Akbulut
15. IPSec: Kozan, Yüceer
16. Intrusion detection systems: Kapan, Yalçın, Mavi
17. SSL/TLS: Ünlü, Ulaş, Akyüz
18. Kerberos: Tozak, Fidanboy, Sezgin
19. Firewalls: Güler, Selçuk, Akhmadiev
20. Denial of service attacks: Bayram, Aydın, Gatiyatov
21. Security and privacy issues in social networks such as facebook and twitter: Savaş,
Oktar, Orlov
22. Digital security certificates and one-time password (OTP): Koç, Yokuş,
23. Steganography: Tekeli, Kulavuz, Askar

fınal project