Cukurova University Department of Landscape Architecture Adana/TURKEY Project Title:
Developing Proposals About Spatial Usage According to
Cittaslow Criteria in İzmir-Seferihisar and Evaluation of
Different Transport Options
Project is being conducted under the Cost Ac3on 1002 Nuriye SAY Deniz ÇOLAKKADIOĞLU Nermin Merve BAYKAN Project area, İzmir-­‐ Seferihisar where the workshop will be hold in MeeHng with municipality about workshop and project (March, 2013) Date: September 2013
the most desirable organisaHon of our local workshop is municipality of Seferihisar, because; •  The municipality has been making master development plan (Scale: 1/1000) •  The results, developed transportaHon strategies will be put in the pracHce by the master development plan made by municipality linary background for Decision maker g invited persons Who? current job descrip>on Municipality staff Mayor of Seferihisar Aslı Menekşe Odabaşı Nuriye Say Muzaffer Yücel Deniz Çolakkadıoğlu Nermin Merve Baykan Sinem Özyurt Asuman Aysu Çukurova University, department of landscape architecture Directorate os strategy development expert Assoc. Prof. Dr. Prof. Dr. Dr. Research assistant PHD Degree Master Degree We have been working on •  to ensure the necessary data, •  determine accesibility problems and •  mapping the current situaHon of the project area •  to develop the accesiblity strategies. Aeer the invited persons have accepted to parHcipate in the workshop, we will start the workshop process with the prelimary converstaHon on July. Cigaslow is a movement, as a model for local development , founded in Italy in October 1999 and in a ligle while spread throught the world. The first member of this movement is Seferihisar which is a town established in the west of Turkey. In 2009, Seferihisar was affiliated with the Cigaslow Union. Due to the fact that it is a town located directly beside the sea, tourism acHvity and number of tourists are gradually increasing in Seferihisar.