1. - 7. sorularda, cümlede boş bırakılan yerlere uygun
düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz.
7. Turkish TV soap operas --- so popular in Arabic World that
the shows --- a boom in tourism from the Middle East to Turkey.
1. The cuisine of the countries of Black Africa is little
known in Europe, since it --- ingredients difficult to obtain
elsewhere, such as the meats of zebra and camel.
puts on
B) cuts off
D) clears out
C) sets up
E) calls for
2. I am quite happy about the exam result because I had
so few --- in the exam.
B) assignments
D) mistakes
D) enclose
had become / have driven
become / had driven
will become / were driving
8. He often visited the museums in London --- his long stay in
B) while
E) although
as / as
E) liked
B) comprehend
C) neither / nor
E) either / or
10. Every day brings a new story --- the positive effects or
dangers of what is --- our plates.
C) sign
A) through / at
E) allocate
B) off / into
D) without / around
C) about / on
E) from / by
11. Baseball is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams
of nine players --- take turns batting and fielding.
A) agreements
B) sheets
D) collaborations
B) such / as
D) the more / the more
6. If you had listened to the --- precisely, you wouldn’t
have lost your way.
C) instructions
C) on
9. All cargo passing through the European Union is subject to
one security control, --- at the origin of the shipment --- at the
destination of cargo.
C) lost
5. I don’t want to attend Prof. Ayşe’s lecture today as her
lectures are always so hard to ---.
E) confident
B) recognized
D) notified
became / will drive
8. - 14. sorularda, cümlede boş bırakılan yerlere uygun
düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz.
C) excited
4. I --- interest in the conference because I couldn’t
understand what the lecturer was talking about.
A) hit
E) notes
B) spectacular
D) handsome
have become / are driving
C) puzzles
3. If you plan to go to Greece, you should visit Nafplio
which includes --- architecture.
A) curious
B) in which
D) whose
C) of which
E) who
12. Elvis Presley was nominated --- 14 Grammys and won three,
receiving the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award at age 36.
A) in
E) notifications
B) on
D) for
C) at
E) to
Diğer sayfaya geçiniz.
13. Farm employment in China is --- high --- only 15 per
cent of the workers are available to carry on trade,
commerce and manufacturing.
A) as / as
B) either / or
C) neither / nor
D) so / that
A) visiting plays a huge role in traditional Turkish social life
E) as / that
14. --- some pronounce Elvis’s surname "PREZ-lee",
Presley himself used the pronunciation of the American
South, "PRESS-lee".
In spite of
B) Although
D) Likely
20. Whereas in rural areas visitors may arrive
unannounced at any time, ----.
C) As if
E) However
B) you should not except friends to give you presents
C) many rural women spend great time on socializing
D) you need to always have a cake ready to be served
E) city dwellers ring their friends before dropping in on
21. He seems as if he is interested in the lecture ---.
15. - 19. sorularda, aşağıdaki parçada numaralanmış
yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz.
The Spanish are famous for (15) --- natural sociability and
appetite for life. They (16) --- to put as much energy into
enjoying their lives as they do into their work.
The (17) --- lazy Spaniard is a myth known by everybody,
but many people fit their work to the demands of the social
lives, rather than be ruled by the clock. The day is quite
long in Spain, and the Spanish have a word, madrugada, for
the time between day and night, (18) --- the city streets are
still full of people enjoying (19) ---.
A) if he hadn’t been engaged in something else
B) when he had fun listening to the lecturer
C) but was powerless to go anywhere
D) before he went to hospital to his father
E) but in fact he is thinking of his girlfriend
22. The flight attendant wasn’t sure ---.
A) that everybody fastens their seat belts
B) what did the man say to her
A) have
B) having
C) to have
D) had E) has
C) when the plane would take off
D) whether she is off today
B) have known
D) are knowing
C) are known
E) had known
E) the fact that she would be fired in a short term
23. Dreams may be the expression of fears and desires ---.
A) that people have sought meaning in dreams
B) dominant
D) unpleasant
C) challenging
E) handsome
B) which is also called the study of dreams
C) as there are many misconceptions about the dreams
D) that we are not conscious of while we are awake
B) who C) when
D) which E) whose
B) their own
C) them
E) whether it happens during REM sleep
24. Lots of students often drop out of courses at university
A) when they were very determined to pass all of them
D) themselves
E) they
B) as they are diligent in projects
20. - 24. sorularda, verilen cümleyi uygun şekilde
tamamlayan ifadeyi bulunuz.
C) because they get good grades in exams
D) although the courses are above their level
E) since they have to work due to life conditions
Diğer sayfaya geçiniz.
25. - 28. sorularda, verilen İngilizce cümleye anlamca
en yakın Türkçe cümleyi bulunuz.
25. The Erasmus students should prepare their necessary
documents before they depart from their home country.
A) Erasmus öğrencisi olmak için gerekli belgeleri gitmeden
önce hazırlamak gerekir.
B) Erasmus öğrencileri kendi ülkelerinden ayrılmadan önce
gerekli belgelerini hazırlamalıdırlar.
C) Erasmus öğrencisi olarak kendi ülkenden başka yere
gidiyorsan, gerekli belgeleri yanında götürmelisin.
D) Erasmus öğrencileri kendi ülkelerinden ayrılmadan önce
önemli belgeleri hazırlayacaklardır.
28. To be aware of our responsibilities helps us a lot during
all the procedures in Erasmus programme.
A) Sorumluluklar bizi Erasmus programında başarıdan
başarıya sürükler.
B) Erasmus programında başarılı olabilmek için
sorumluluklarımızı bilmeliyiz.
C) Sorumluluklarımızı bilmek bize Erasmus programının tüm
süreçlerinde yardımcı olur.
D) Sorumluluklarımızın farkında olmak bize Erasmus
programının tüm süreçlerinde çok yardım eder.
E) Erasmus programının sorumluluklarını yerine
getirmemizde tüm süreçler bize yardım eder.
E) Erasmus öğrencileri kendi ülkelerinden ayrılırken
yanlarında belgelerini götürmelidirler.
26. Do not forget to have your Confirmation Sheet signed
as soon as you arrive at your host university.
A) Misafir üniversitene varır varmaz Teyit Belgeni
imzalatmayı unutma.
B) Misafir olunan üniversitede Teyit Belgesini almayı
C) Misafir üniversitede imzalanacak evraklar arasında Teyit
Belgesini unutmamalısın.
D) Kendi üniversitende Teyit Belgesini imzalatmayı unutma.
E) Yurtdışındaki üniversiteye vardığında belgelerini
29. - 32. sorularda, verilen Türkçe cümleye anlamca en
yakın İngilizce cümleyi bulunuz.
29. Eğer yurtdışında Erasmus kapsamında staj yapmak
istiyorsan, staj yerini kendin bulmalısın.
A) If you want to do traineeship in the scope of Erasmus,
you should find your traineeship place by yourself.
B) When you wish to do traineeship by yourself, you could
do it with Erasmus.
C) In the scope of Erasmus, you can do traineeship.
D) You should do traineeship by yourself in the scope of
Erasmus if you want to find a place.
E) You can complete your traineeship in the scope of
27. For visa application, you should apply for visa at least
two months before your departure.
30. Vize alır almaz ayırttığım uçak biletlerimi satın aldım.
A) Gitmeden iki ay önce vizeye başvurmalısınız.
A) I bought my plane tickets as I booked them.
B) Gidişinizden önce vizeye başvururken iki ay
B) As soon as I got visa I bought my plane tickets which I had
C) Vize başvurusu için, gidişinizden en az iki ay önce vizeye
C) I wish I had booked my plane tickets before getting visa.
D) En az iki ay önce, vizeye başvurmalısınız.
E) Vize başvurusu için, gidişinizden iki ay önce vizeye
D) To book plane tickets in advance is important for getting
E) As soon as I booked my plane tickets, I got visa.
Diğer sayfaya geçiniz.
31. Türkiye’nin kuzey batısında yer alan Kırklareli peyniri
ve köftesi ile ünlü bir şehirdir.
A) I can help you achieve that goal. Let’s just plan a small
trip to somewhere not so far from here but still
something very different from what you’re used to.
A) Kırklareli is a beautiful city which is located in the north
east of Turkey.
B) I can’t believe that you’ve never left this town. I’m
sure that there’ll be many chances for you to travel as
you’re young and still studying.
B) Kırklareli is in the south west of Turkey and it is famous
for its cheese and meat.
C) I’ve seen many parts of the world, and I must admit
that no other country compares to my own.
C) Kırklareli which is famous for its cheese and meat is
located in the east of Turkey.
D) Kırklareli is located in the north west of Turkey, and it is
famous for its cheese and meat.
D) You’ve an interest in exploring more of what the
world can offer, but it might be dangerous for a person
at your age to go to a distant place alone.
E) Kırklareli which is located in the north west of Turkey is a
famous city with its cheese and meatball.
E) If you haven’t travelled yet, then it seems that you
won’t have many chances to do so in the future.
32. Türkiye Erasmus programından yararlanan Avrupa
ülkeleri arasında 3. sıradadır.
34. John:
- ...
A) Turkey is at the 3rd place among the European countries
benefiting from Erasmus programme.
- Are you having problems with concentrating?
B) Turkey takes the 3rd place in Europe benefiting from
Erasmus programme.
- Yes, but even without any distractions, I can’t seem
to focus intensely on anything for more than half an
C) Among Europe countries, Turkey is at the 3rd place.
D) Turkey, which is at the 3rd place, benefits from Erasmus
programme in Europe.
- Actually, that’s perfectly normal. Most people can
only focus for 20 to 30 minutes.
E) Among the countries benefiting from the Erasmus
programme in Europe, Turkey takes the 3rd place.
A) The new boss has introduced a very strict regime.
He’s even stopped our coffee breaks.
B) I’m finding the new job quite challenging, but my
colleagues are so helpful that we generally work in
collaboration with each of us.
33. - 36. sorularda, karşılıklı konuşmanın boş bırakılan
kısmını tamamlayabilecek ifadeyi bulunuz.
C) I’ve just been promoted, but I’m not really sure if this
is really what I want to do.
33. Tom:
-One of the most exciting things about travelling is
seeing how big the world actually is.
D) There’s so much going on at work. I don’t seem to be
able to finish anything.
-That sounds wonderful, but I’ve never had the chance
to leave my hometown yet. I hope that someday I
experience this feeling.
E) It’s such a dull place to work, because there is no
entertainment of any kind, and it’d be better for me to
leave this job soon.
- I really appreciate your support. I’ll need to save up
some money and ask my parents, but maybe this is a
possibility for us to consider in the near future.
Diğer sayfaya geçiniz.
35. Robert:
-Did you call Jim last night?
37. - 40. sorularda, cümleler sırasıyla okunduğunda
parçanın anlam bütünlüğünü bozan cümleyi bulunuz.
- Yes. I tried to talk with him last night about the exam
on Friday, but he wasn’t at home whenever I called.
-Right. That didn’t come to my mind.
A) He said he would play football with his friends.
B) What did he say about his grade?
37. (I) It is a popular belief that our blood type influences
our personalities. (II) For example, people with type A are
thought to be anxious perfectionists while those with type B
are cheerful and eccentric. (III) There is no biological reason
for this, and the number of research on the issue is
inadequate. (IV) Your blood type is a question of which
surface proteins are attached to your red blood cells. (V) In
fact, most of us behave with a mixture of all the blood-type
personality traits.
C) How did you find him then?
D) You’re wrong. He was at home last night.
E) As far as I know he didn’t go out.
36. Mark:
-What are you doing here? I thought you were outside
the city.
-That was some time ago. I guess we haven’t seen
each other for a while.
C) I just came back from Portugal with my project team.
D) Yes, it’s one of the best colleges in this
E) Hi Mark. I was just getting a copy of my records sent
to Universidade do Porto.
E) V
E) V
39. (I) Money is perhaps the most basic building-block in
economies, and it has several functions. (II) It is a medium
of exchange and easily traded for goods and services. (III) In
addition, people save and use it for consumption in the
future, so it is a store of value. (IV) Also, it is a unit of
account, a useful measuring stick. (V) Throughout history, a
variety of items like tea, salt and cattle have been used as a
unit of account.
A) Have you heard that my sister’s been attending to
Universidade do Porto.
B) I’m not sure. My parents are planning to send me to
Universidade do Porto.
38. (I) There are differences between what men and women
do with the Internet when they are online. (II) By 2005,
however, men and women were making use of the Internet
in almost equal numbers. (III) Women tend to use it to
search for health and medical information, maps and
religious information. (IV) Men, on the other hand, rely on it
more for weather reports, sports results and news. (V)
According to statistics from the US, women also use e-mail
for different purposes than men.
- Universidade do Porto? Last I heard, you were going
to somewhere else.
E) V
40. (I) Pregnancy is an important time for both mother and
baby, which is why mothers should get special care to live
right so that their children can be born healthy enough. (II)
That is relatively easy when it comes to things women can
control like eating well. (III) Clearly, pregnant women who
abuse alcohol put their babies at risk of a wide range of
birth defects. (IV) But what about pollution in the air they
breathe? (V) In the first study of its kind, researchers report
that expectant mothers’ exposure to pollutants can lead to
a dramatic increase in the risk of anxiety problems in their
children at age 6.
E) V
Diğer sayfaya geçiniz.
43. Jazz is a music genre that originated at the beginning
of the 20th Century, arguably earlier, within the African
American communities of the Southern United States. Its
roots lie in the combining by African-Americans of certain
European harmony and form elements, with their existing
African-based music. ---- . From its early development
until the present day, jazz has also incorporated elements
from popular music especially, in its early days,
from American popular music.
41. - 44. sorularda, boş bırakılan yere, parçada anlam
bütünlüğünü sağlamak için getirilebilecek cümleyi
41. The Egyptian hieroglyphic alphabet consists of
ideograms. They are signs used as direct representations
of concepts such as ‘sky’ or ‘man’. Hieroglyphs are also
used as phonetic signs representing the whole or part of a
word. ---- For instance, the writing of simple words such as
‘goose’ or ‘head’ was an artistic exercise as well as an act
of communication.
A) Nowadays, jazz is really popular among the young
B) In American history, it has a very strong impact.
A) The written word has a tendency to obscure the
archaeological evidence.
C) Its African musical basis is evident in its use of blue
notes, improvisation, polyrhythm, syncopation and
the swung note
B) The process of eating was symbolized with a man holding
his hand up to his mouth.
D) In a 1988 interview, trombonist J. J. Johnson said, "Jazz
is restless. It won't stay put and it never will"
C) However, some of the temples in southern Egypt were
left undecorated.
E) Usually such music was associated with annual festivals
D) Another function of the hieroglyphs was to decorate
important buildings and sculptures.
44. The Erasmus Programme is a European Union (EU)
student exchange programme established in 1987. It
forms a major part of the EU Lifelong Learning Programme
2007–2013. The Programme is named after --- , known as
an opponent of dogmatism, who lived and worked in
many places in Europe to expand his knowledge and gain
new insights.
At the same time, ERASMUS is
a backronym meaning EuRopean
Scheme for the Mobility of University Students.
E) In addition, hieroglyphs served as a starting point for
neighbouring writing systems.
42. After a couple of minutes a man sat down opposite
me. There was nothing special about him, except that he
was very tall. In fact he looked like a typical city
businessman. --- . I didn’t say anything and I carried on
with my crossword. Suddenly he reached across the table,
opened my biscuit, took one, dipped it into his coffee and
popped it into his mouth.
A) the English writer Desiderius Erasmus
B) the Dutch philosopher Desiderius Erasmus
A) I always do my crossword
C) the Dutch sportsman Desiderius Erasmus
B) I hit him suddenly
D) the German businessman Desiderius Erasmus
C) I ran away as soon as I saw him
E) the Italian discoverer Desiderius Erasmus
D) I made up my mind to talk to him
E) You know dark suit, black suitcase and umbrella
Diğer sayfaya geçiniz.
In the history of archaeology, the sites of Pompeii and
Herculaneum, lying at the foot of Mount Vesuvius in Italy,
hold a very special place. Even today, when so many major
sites have been systematically excavated, it is an emotional
experience to visit these wonderfully preserved Roman
cities. Pompeii’s fate was sealed on the momentous day in
August AD 79 when Vesuvius erupted, an unfortunate
event described by the Roman writer, the younger Pliny.
The city was buried under several meters of volcanic ash,
which resulted in deaths of many inhabitants due to lack of
air. Herculaneum nearby was covered with volcanic mud.
There the cities lay, known only from occasional chance
discoveries, until the advent of early archaeology in the
early 18 century. In 1710, the prince of Elboeuf had the
good luck to discover the ancient theatre of Herculaneum.
Yet, he was mainly interested in works of art for his
collection and removed these without any record of their
location. Such acts continued for over 100 years, and it was
not until the late 19 century that well-recorded
archaeological excavations began.
45. - 50. soruları aşağıdaki parçalara göre cevaplayınız.
Originally grown in China, rice has a number of qualities
that made it attractive to early farmers. It yielded more
than other early domesticated grains like wheat and barley.
The low moisture content of its seed allowed for easy
drying and long storage, and the seeds resisted bruising and
were easily transported. Rice cultivation gradually spread
from eastern Asia, very likely facilitated by the ancient
Persians whose empire stretched from Central Asia into
Western Europe. For the ancient Greeks, it was an
expensive import, not a dietary staple. When first
introduced in Britain, rice was valued as a medicine. Rice
reached the Americas by the 1650s, most likely on trade
ships, by African slaves, and it turned into a major cash crop
in the Carolinas within a century. Soon rice was being
grown widely in the southern United States and South
America. Today, rice is a dietary staple for about half of the
world’s population. Developed into more than 8,000
varieties, including genetically-engineered varieties, it is
traded as a commodity on local and world markets.
48. It can be understood from the passage that the author
A) has visited Pompeii and Herculaneum several times
since the excavations there were finished
45. It is clearly stated in the passage that early farmers
preferred rice production as it ---.
B) has been regarded as an influential archaeologist in Italy
A) was a more nutritional crop than wheat
C) is of the opinion that Italy is still not successful at saving
its archaeological sites
B) cost less than other agricultural grains
C) was abundant in quantity and could be easily preserved
D) thinks that the sites around Mount Vesuvius are
important places in archaeological aspects
D) had been the primary source of income for most of them
E) considers Pompeii to be more interesting than
E) could be grown almost in any type of soil
49. According to the passage, the eruption of Vesuvius in
AD 79 ---.
A) caused Pompeii and Herculaneum to remain
undiscovered until the 18th century
46. According to the passage, in early times, rice ---.
A) owed a lot to the ancient Persians and Africans for its
spread to different parts of the world
B) paved the way for a major archaeological investigation
B) was the main food of the noble people in Greece and
C) postponed the development of archaeology to the 18th
C) was sold as a commodity in Britain rather than being
used for medical purposes
D) has been described in detail by the remarkable
historians of the time
D) was part of the diet of the farmers and workers in Persia
E) was not as deadly as the eruptions of the other
volcanoes in Italy
E) was not known by African slaves until they were brought
to America
50. It can be inferred from the passage that ---.
A) Pliny’s descriptions led to well-planned excavations in
the site of Herculaneum
47. What could be the best title for the passage?
A) Worldwide Rice Sales
B) the prince of Elboeuf had little interest in preserving the
ancient past
C) archaeology, as we know it today, started in 1710
B) Rice from the Past to the Present
C) Ice: Key to a Healthy Diet
D) Mount Vesuvius has erupted many times in the course
of history
D) Genetically Modified Danger: Rice
E) volcanic ash was the only material emitted from Mount
E) The Cultivation of Rice in Asia
sayfaya geçiniz.
Test bitti,
kontrol ediniz.
1. E
11. E
21. E
31. E
41. D
2. D
12. D
22. C
32. A
42. E
3. B
13. D
23. D
33. A
43. C
4. C
14. B
24. E
34. D
44. B
5. B
15. B
25. B
35. A
45. C
6. C
16. C
26. A
36. E
46. A
7. A
17. A
27. C
37. D
47. B
8. A
18. C
28. D
38. B
48. D
9. E
19. D
29. A
39. E
49. A
10. C
20. E
30. B
40. C
50. B
Diğer sayfaya geçiniz.

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