I Internacional Congres for Wound Management
of the Serbian Wound Healing Society
23- 24.XI 2012. Belgrade, Serbia
Congress Venue: Best Western Hotel M,Bulevar Oslobodjenja 56a,tel: +381 11
3095505,3090506,Fax :+ 381 11 3095506,e –mail: [email protected]
Local Organising Comitteee
Prim Dr Delic, president, Mr sci Dr Mirjana Dragasevic,vice- president,Mr sci Dr
Sasa Borovic,Dr Med sci Jelena Jeremic,Mr sci Dr Branko Calija,Dr Simon
Pandatijan, Mr sci Dr Zeljko Kanjuh,Dr Srecko Bosic,Ms Slavica Milutinovic
Scientific Board
Prof Dr Cedomir Vucetic-president ,Prof Dr Zlata Janjic vice-president,
Acad.Prof.Dr Dragan Micic,Prof Dr Sandra Grujicic-Sipetic,Prof Dr Zaga
Jovanovic,Prof Dr Biljana Putnikovic,Doc Dr Nenad Ilijevski
Scientific Board
Prof Dr Marco Romanelli, Prof Dr Fin Gottrup, Prof Dr Elia Rici,Prof Dr Mark
Edwards, Prof Dr Rytis Rimdeika , Prim Dr Dubravko Huljev,Sara Rowan
Chronic wounds, general aspects
Arterial chronic wounds
Chronic venous wounds
Diabetic foot management
Pressure wounds
Mixtum, Atipic wounds
Pediatric wounds
Infection and wounds
Lymphoedema and wounds
Local wounds management
What is new in wounds treatment
Organisation in wound healing
Works schops : Compressive therapy, Local wounds dressing, NPWT,Vivostat
Official languages
Serbian, English
Congress Secretariat
For information please contact :
Str. Milana Tepica 1,Beograd
Tel : 011 3601 610,3601 611
Fax: 011 3601 711, E-mail : [email protected]
Deadline for abstracts -15.IX 2012.
Early registration deadline- 1.VI 2012.
Registration fee: serbian partitipants: 5000 din for doctors, 1500 din for nurces;
from partitipants from other countries: 100 e for doctors, 50 e for nurces
Early registration: serbian partitipants, 2000 din. for doctors, 1000 din for nurces
from partitipants from other countries : 80 e for doctors,30 e for nurses.

Preliminary ANNOUNCEMENT I Internacional Congres for Wound