Dear Participants,
This year marks both the 10th anniversary of our Association and the intensive
preparations for the 5th Food Safety Congress. One year never amounts to a
sufficient timeframe for the preparation of such an extensive event as the Food
Safety Congress; therefore, we have decided to hold the Congress biennially
from this year on.
We are enjoying the excitement and pride of getting together with you, our
valuable participants, with increased rates of participation and interest within
the scope of the only congress of Turkey and the surrounding geography
that addresses “food safety” as its main theme. As the Turkish Food Safety
Association, we have always believed that the most important outlet to
ensuring food safety is to allow different professions and stakeholders to come
together, get to know each other more closely and generate a common mind.
The organisational structure of our Congress also serves as evidence for this belief; we have improved our
power base further with the cooperative presence of 10 stakeholders and 20 supporting institutions in total,
including this year’s new additions and the notable value added by the cooperation extended by the Ministry
of Food, Agriculture and Livestock and the International Association for Food Protection (IAFP), the largest
international trade organisation in this field.
The 5th Food Safety Congress will provide us with opportunities to listen to numerous interesting speakers
from Turkey and abroad and to learn about new developments and success stories from different parties.
The Congress will also serve as a great platform to meet old friends and make new ones.
Looking forward to meeting you at Harbiye Military Museum and Cultural Centre on 7-8 May 2015...
Kind regards,
Samim Saner
5th Food Safety Congress
Congress President
Samim Saner - Turkish Food Safety Association
Congress Coordinator
Petek Ataman - Turkish Food Safety Association
Congress Organisation Committee Members
• Adem Sararmış - Turkish Food Safety Association
• Ahmet Kavak - Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock - General
Directorate of Food and Control
• Aslıhan Arıkan - The Packaging Manufacturers Association
• Levent Küçük - Consumer’s Association
• Ayşe Cengiz - Consumer’s Association
• Dr. Ayşegül Akın - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
• Çiğdem Kızılay Karaoğlu - Turkish Food Safety Association
• Dilek Reis - Turkish Food Safety Association
• Dr. Donald W. Schaffner – IAFP
• Emre Uğural - Turkish Food Safety Association
• Edip Sincer - Turkish Food Safety Association
• Elif Belbez - Turkish Food Safety Association
• Emre Ulufer - Turkish Food Safety Association
• Engin Başaran - Consumer’s Association
• Ersin Taranoğlu - Federation of Food and Drink Industry Associations of Turkey
• Hasan Konya - Turkish Egg Producers Association
• Harun Çallı - Association of Packaged Dairy Industry of Turkey
• Dr.Hüseyin Sungur - Turkish Egg Producers Association
• Dr. İsmail Mert - Association of Packaged Dairy Industry of Turkey
• Kaan Ünver - Turkish Food Safety Association
• Kürşat Ulus - Turkish Food Safety Association
• Meltem Pekperdahçı - Turkish Food Safety Association
• Meral Gündüz – Republic of Turkey Minister of Economy
• Murat Bozkurt - Turkish Food Safety Association
• Müesser Akeğim Akkaya - Turkish Food Safety Association
• Necdet Buzbaş - TurkishFoodandBeverageIndustryandEmployersAssociation
• Nejla Kahraman - Turkish Food Safety Association
• Nerma Gökçe - Turkish Food Safety Association
• Nuray İbrahimoğlu - Turkish Food Safety Association
• Özen Altıparmak - Turkish Food Safety Association
• Sadettin Korkut - The Packaging Manufacturers Association
• Sait Koca - Poultry Meat Producers and Breeders Association
• Selçuk Maruflu - Turkish Food and Beverage Industry and Employers Association
• Şemsi Kopuz - Federation of Food and Drink Industry Associations of Turkey
• Ülkü Karakuş - Turkish Feed Manufacturers’ Association
• Ümit Parlak - Turkish Food Safety Association
• Dr.Yıldırım Cesaretli - Public Health Agency of Turkey, Ministry of Health
• Yüksel Soyubelli - Turkish Food Safety Association
• Zühal Başaran - Turkish Food Safety Association
• Zeki Ilgaz – Union of Dairy, Beef, Food Industrialists and Producers of Turkey
Scientific Committee President
Prof. Dr. Artemis Karaali - Yeditepe University
Scientific Committee Members
• Prof. Ali Esat Karakaya - Gazi University
• Prof. Atıf Can Seydim - Süleyman Demirel University
• Prof. Aydın Öztan - Aksaray University
• Prof. Ayhan Filazi - Ankara University
• Prof. Aykut Aytaç - Hacettepe University
• Prof. Aziz Ekşi
• Prof. Barbaros Özer - Ankara University
• Prof. Bayram Öztürk - İstanbul University
• Prof. Bernd van der Meulen - European Institute for Food Law, The
• Prof. Beraat Özçelik - Istanbul Technical University
• Assoc. Prof. Birce Taban – Ankara University
• Prof. Celalettin Koçak – Ankara University
• Prof. Cengiz Caner - Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University
• Prof. Chris Griffith - British Food Journal, UK
• Prof. Çağatay Güler - Hacettepe University
• Dr. David Rodríguez-Lázaro- University of Burgos, Spain
• Prof. Dilek Aslan - Hacettepe University
• Prof. Dilek Boyacıoğlu - Istanbul Technical University
• Prof. Emel Alphan - Istanbul Bilim University
• Prof. Emel Sezgin - Ankara University
• Prof. Erol Şengör - Afyon Kocatepe University
• Assoc. Prof. Esra Çapanoğlu - Istanbul Technical University
• Prof. Fahrettin Göğüş - Gaziantep University
• Prof. Faruk Bozoğlu - Middle East Technical University
• Prof. Franz Allerberger - AustrianAgencyforHealthandFoodSafety,Austria
• Prof. George Kvesitadze - Institute of Biochemistry, Georgia
• Prof. Gülden Pekcan - Hacettepe University
• Assoc. Prof. Gülsün Akdemir Evrendilek - Abant İzzet Baysal University
• Prof. Hakan Yardımcı - Ankara University
• Prof. Hami Alpas - Middle East Technical University
• Prof. Hasan Yetim - Erciyes University
• Prof. Hikmet Pekcan - Hacettepe University
• Prof. İbrahim Ekiz - Mersin University
• Prof. Kata Galic - Zagreb University, Croatia
• Prof. Kemal Küçükersan - Ankara University
• Prof. Ladislav Kokoska - Czech University of Life Sciences, Czech Republic
• Prof. Lee-Ann Jaykus - North Carolina State University, USA
• Prof. Martin Wagner - University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna, Austria
• Prof. Mehmet Demirci - Namık Kemal University
• Prof. Mehmet Güven - Çukurova University
• Prof. Murat Yıldırım - İstanbul University
• Prof. Mükerrem Kaya - Atatürk University
• Prof. Nafiz Delen - Ege University
• Prof. Necla Aran - Retired Academic Member from Istanbul Technical
• Prof. Nevzat Artık - Ankara University
• Prof. Numan Akman - Ankara University
• Assoc. Prof. Nuray Yazıhan - Ankara University
• Prof. Ömer Faruk Tekbaş - Gulhane Military Medical Academy
• Prof. Ömer Utku Çopur - Uludağ University
• Prof. Patrick Wall - Dublin University, Dublin
• Prof. Peter Raspor - Ljubljana University, Slovenia
• Prof. Rüveyde Akbay - Retired Academic Member from Ankara University
• Prof. Sedat Yerli - Hacettepe University
• Prof. Selim Çetiner - Sabancı University
• Prof. Semih Ötleş - Ege University
• Prof. Semra Kayaardı - Celal Bayar University
• Prof. Sevinç Yücecan – Near East University
• Prof. Sonja Smole Mozina - Ljubljana University, Slovenia
• Prof. Sühendan Mol Tokay - İstanbul University
• Dr. Tamas Petrovic - Veterinary Scientific.Institute, Montenegro
• Prof. Taner Baysal - Ege University
• Prof. Tansel Şireli - Ankara University
• Prof. Tayfun Ağar - Çukurova University
• Prof. Ümit Gürbüz - Selçuk University
• Prof. Vincenzo Fogliano - Napoli University “Federico II”, Naples
• Prof. Volkan Korten - Marmara University
• Prof. Vural Gökmen - Hacettepe University
• Prof. Yasemin Beyhan - Haliç University
• Assoc. Prof. Yeşim Ekinci - Yeditepe University
• Assoc. Prof. Zehra Ayhan - Mustafa Kemal University
• Prof. Zerrin Erginkaya - Çukurova University
Plant Production, Plant Health and Food Safety
Animal Production, Animal Health and Food Safety
Fisheries and Food Safety
Feed and Food Safety
Food Safety in Supply Chain
Food Processing and Food Safety
Nanotechnology and Food Safety
Food Contact Materials and Food Safety
Logistics and Food Safety
Food Safety at Point of Sales
Food Caterers and Food Safety
Food Safety and Epidemiology
Food Safety and Public Health
Food Safety and Related Analytical Methods
R&D and Food Safety
Food Safety Management Systems
Risk Perception and Risk Assessment
GMO’s, Novel Foods and Food Safety
Traditional Foods and Food Safety
New Technologies at Food Processing and Food Safety
EU and International Agreements
Official Controls
Food Safety Legislation
Food Law
Food Safety and Communication between Authorities/ Professions
Environment and Food Safety
Food Safety Management in Disasters
Home Food Safety
Cold Chain and Food Safety
Food Ethics
Water and Food Safety
Abstract submission will be accepted only via electronical submission system for the 5th Food Safety
Each abstract must be submitted as an oral or a poster presentation. Limited number of abstracts will be
selected as oral presentation. Abstracts taking part in the program which are not presented at the Congress
or which are not submitted before the deadline are not going to be published.
The abstracts will be evaluated by the Scientific Advisory Committee and t he participants will be informed
about the acceptance and nature of their presentation (oral / poster) before March 13, 2015. The results
of the applications will also be available on the Congress official web-site. Deadline for submission of
Abstracts is February 27th, 2015 . Abstracts submitted after the deadline will not be accepted. Abstracts will
be available on a CD distributed during the Congress and on the web-site after the Congress.
For the poster competition, all posters will be sent to [email protected] till April 20, 2014 with the
poster size. After Arpil 20, 2014 poster will not accepted, just for the poster competition.
In order to complete the Congress Registration process, registration form available on the web-site has to be
filled and sent with a copy of the registration fee payment. Please visit “Registration and Accommodation”
part of our web-site for more information about registration process. It is recommended for the participants
whose abstracts are accepted to register until March 13, 2015 which is the deadline for the pre-registration
Abstract Preparation Guidelines
• Submissions of Abstracts have to be related with the Congress topics. Please mention your topic on the
abstract submission form.
• The content of the abstract is under the responsibility of the author/authors. The Scientific Advisory
Committee will not edit the abstract.
• Abstract has to include title of the presentation, author and Co-Authors affiliation and e-mail address.
• The abstract has to be very precise and include objectives, design, main results and conclusions.
• The abstract should not contain more than 250 words except from the title, name of the author and
• Abstract has to to be prepared both in Turkish and English.
• The time allotted for oral presentations is 15 minutes and 5 minutes for questions
• Names have to be written in miniscule only with the first letters in capital, without any abbreviations .
Author’s place of work has to be indicated.
Hüseyin Yılmazer
Istanbul Technical University
Instructions for Poster Preparations and Presentation
• The size of the Poster has to be 70cm (horizontal) x 100cm (vertical) in one piece.
• Poster has to include summary, introduction, method, symptoms, conclusions and discussion parts;
references have to be indicated.
• There is no limitation for the use of colors for Posters. For being able to increase the visuality; forms and
photos can be freely used.
• Posters have to be printed by participants themselves.
• Poster will be hang on the numbered boards designated by the Organization Committee.
• Owners of the posters will help the Organization Committee for hanging the posters.
• Owners of the posters must be present at the poster hall during the determined time at the program to
inform the participants.
• As soon as the poster presentation time is over, posters have to be gathered.
Early Registration
Late Registration
Deadline for Abstract Submission
Notification of Abstract Acceptance Congress Date
13 March 2015
30 April 2015
27 February 2015
10 March 2015
7-8 May 2015
Harbiye Military Museum and Cultural Center
This historical building was built as Military College in 1841 and renovated during the mid 1980’s. The building
has now become one of the country’s most elegant cultural centers, with high ceilings and antique furniture
from the late Ottoman period. The Harbiye Military Museum and Cultural Center is located in Conference
Valley, Istanbul’s foremost area of meeting venues and top hotels.
Official languages of the congress are English and Turkish. Simultaneous translation will be provided only at
the related hall.
A badge is required for admittance to all official congress sessions and events. Each participant is asked
to present the badge in order to gain access to the congress. The name badge must be worn and clearly
displayed at all times.
The Certificate of Attendance will only be available after congress on 8 May 2015.
Speakers are kindy asked for provide their presentations on a CD or USB flashdisc which are prepared on
Windows XP, Office XP programmes.(Word, Excel Powerpoint)
All speakers are kindly ask for hand over their presentations to the hall staffs at least 20 minutes before the
Individuals requiring an official Letter of Invitation in order to obtain a visa and authorisation to attend the
congress, should contact the Congress Secretariat. Please indicate your full address in the e-mail request,
otherwise the Letter of Invitation cannot be issued.
* Registration fees include VAT
* Only members of (alphabethic order)
The Packaging Manufacturers Association; Poultry Meat Producers and Breeders Association; Turkish Egg
Producers Association; Turkish Feed Manufacturers’ Association; Turkish Food and Beverage Industry
and Employers Association; Turkish Food Safety Association; Union of Dairy Beef Food Industrialists and
Producers of Turkey
** Participants who would like to profit from reduced student registration, have to send their student
certificate with the registration form only if they had an education regarding food.
*** Daily registration fee includes; one day attendance to Scientific Program, coffee break, lunch, congress
CD, congress bag and congress book. Day of participation must be indicated.
Registration Fee Includes
Welcome Cocktail, Congress Bag & Materials, Attendance to Scientific Sessions, Attendance to Exhibition
Hall, Coffee Breaks and Lunchs, Congress Book & Congress CD, Congress Name Badge, Certificate of
145 EUR
165 EUR
* Accommodation fees include VAT
* Accommodation rates are per night and include breakfast.
Terms of Payment
Credit Card Payment
Only Visa and Mastercard will be accepted.
For download the CREDIT CARD mail order form, click on the “MAIL ORDER FORM” button. Please complete
the form and return it with a copy of the front and back sides of your credit card and ID to the fax: +90 212
292 88 07 or e-mail to Mr. Sertan Bulbul [email protected]
Account Name Interium Tur. Mum.Tic.Ltd.Sti.
TL Account
EURO Account
Bank’s name / branch code Garanti Bankası / Elmadağ Şubesi
Bank’s name / branch code Garanti Bankası / Elmadağ Şubesi
Account Name
Interium Tur. Müm. Tic. Ltd. Şti.
Account Name
Interium Tur. Müm. Tic. Ltd. Şti.
Account Number
Account Number
TR27 0006 2000 2340 0006 2987 30
TR27 0006 2000 2340 0009 0907 17
Cancellation & Refund Policy
All cancellation requests should be done in writing to the interium tourism. No refund will be made for the cancellation
made on or after 1st of April 2015. 50% of payment will be refunded before 1st of April 2014.
Muhteber Ersin
Turkish Food Safety Association
Hasan Amir Sok. Dursoy İş Merkezi No:4 Kat 4 D:10 34724 Kızıltoprak-İstanbul / Türkiye
Phone: 0216 550 02 23 - 550 02 73
Fax: 0216 550 02 74
e-mail: [email protected]
Sales Executive
Sıraselviler Cad. Hrisovergi Apt. No:10/8 Taksim Beyoğlu - İstanbul
Phone: 0212 292 88 08
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