7th International Conference on
Recent Advances in Space Technologies
Emerging Private Space
RAST 2015
16-19 June 2015, İstanbul, TÜRKİYE
Organized by :
Turkish Air Force Academy, Turkey
İstanbul Technical University, Turkey
Boğaziçi University, Turkey
Middle East Technical University, Turkey
In Technical Co-operation with
IEEE Aerospace & Electronic Systems Society
IEEE Geoscience & Remote Sensing Society
AIAA (American Inst. for Aeronautics & Astronautics)
EARSeL-Euro. Assoc. of Remote Sensing Lab.
ISPRS-Int. Soc. for Photogrammetry &Remote Sens.
URSI-International Union of Radio Science
Honorary Chair :
Major General Fethi Alpay
(Commander, TurAF Academy)
General Chair :
Abdurrahman Hacıoğlu (ASTIN)
Invited Speakers :
Charles Elachi (NASA)
Scott Glasser (Virgin Galactic)
Umran İnan (Koç.Univ.)
Kai-Uwe Schrogl (ESPI)
Garrett Smith (Cosmica Spacelines)
Advisory Committee :
Hiroaki Akiyama (Wakayama Univ.)
Orhan Altan (İTÜ, ISPRS)
Özer Arnas (USMA)
Oktay Baysal (ODU)
Mitat Birkan (AFOSR)
Mustafa İlarslan (3rd ASMC)
Umran İnan (Koç Univ.)
Mark S. Maurice (AIAA/AFOSR/IO)
Sir Martin Sweeting (SSTL)
Banu Onaral(Drexel Univ.)
Organization Committee
Technical Program Co-chairs :
Arsev Eraslan (Boğaziçi Univ., ASTIN)
Fuat İnce (ASTIN)
Okyay Kaynak (Boğaziçi Univ., ASTIN)
M. Fevzi Ünal (ASTIN,İTÜ and MEF)
International Relations Co-chairs :
Arif Karabeyoğlu (Koç Univ.)
Ahmet Öncü (ASTIN and Boğaziçi Univ.)
Special Sessions Co-chairs :
Fatih Alagöz (Boğaziçi Univ.)
Derya Maktav (ASTIN and İTÜ)
Publications Co-chairs :
Süleyman Baştürk (ASTIN)
Orhan Gözaydın (ASTIN)
Tutorial/Workshop Co-chairs :
A.Rüstem Aslan (ASTIN and İTÜ)
Mansur Çelebi (ASTIN)
Serdar Ay (ASTIN)
Ali Başaran (TurAFA)
Nazlı Can (IBA)
Süleyman Demirci (TurAFA)
Murat Ermiş (TurAFA)
Ahmet Gümüş (TurAFA)
Tayfun Günel (İTÜ, ASTIN)
Cihan Kanlıgöz (DGAST)
Zerefşan Kaymaz (İTÜ)
Gürsev Pirge (ASTIN)
Ozan Tekinalp (METU)
Bülent Sankur (Boğaziçi Univ.)
Celal Sami Tüfekçi (UDI)
O.Ergüven Vatandaş (TurAFA)
Yavuz Yaman (METU)
M.Serhan Yıldız (ASTIN)
Güray Yılmaz (TurAFA)
Preamble: Nontraditional space initiatives have been emerging in recent years from the private sector, with seemingly exotic
objectives such as space tourism and asteroid mining. They are indicative of a new level of maturity and innovation in space
technology and understanding. These developments have set the stage for the seventh RAST Conference (RAST2015), for which
the theme was decided as “EMERGING PRIVATE SPACE”. RAST2015 will be held on 16-19 June 2015 again in Istanbul. RAST
Conferences are open to all areas of space although each conference tries to focus on its specific theme as well.
Objectives: Commercial space has been around for several decades, in space communications, Earth observation and launch
services. However, other commercial space initiatives have been emerging recently, with completely different and “out of this
World” goals. Space tourism, asteroid mining and certain curiosity driven objectives are prime areas of those initiatives. In addition
to technological feasibility, there are a number of other issues which require careful analysis. While entrepreneurs may be mostly
concerned with financial, operational and market viability, governments and international institutions must be prepared to deal with
legal and regulatory matters. Then there are the physiological and psychological issues regarding humans in space. International
space law will need new interpretations and extensions to cover probable disputes which are already being pronounced, such as
unrestricted access to space resources.
RAST2015 has the main objective of providing a forum for the presentation and review of recent developments in private and
nontraditional space initiatives, that is, developing and using space technologies for objectives which have hitherto been considered
exotic or unconventional, including new ways of accessing space with humans or robots. It has always been the wish and the goal
of the organizers to make RAST 2015 a premier event in space technology developments especially those on the way to near
future deployment and of interest to a large part of the space community.
Participants: The conference should be attractive for everyone interested in new, exotic and extravagant space developments,
including those from universities, research organizations, space companies, government agencies, relevant international
institutions, as well as media and the general public. The conference should serve as an opportunity for networking and fruitful
exchange with fellow participants on topics of mutual interest.
Topics: In general, contributions regarding all aspects of recent developments in space technologies are welcome. Presentations
addressing the specific theme of RAST 2015 are especially encouraged. Papers may fall under, but not be limited to the following
• New and emerging private space initiatives and
• New human habitable spacecraft, space capsules
• Space tourism for ordinary people including legal, training
and physiological aspects
• Legal aspects of asteroid mining
• Space technologies that contribute to security, including all
aspects and threats, natural, man-made, humanitarian
efforts, etc.
• Earth observation projects and programs geared especially
toward prediction, mitigation and monitoring of natural
• Computational modeling for design, development and
control of aerospace vehicles, during launch, space
travel and reentry
• Development of affordable launch capabilities
• Small satellites, micro, nano and pico satellites, cubesats
• New and novel instrumentation for various spacecraft
functions, including ADCS, power, vehicle control, space
robotics etc.
• Design and construction of space structures, space
systems, materials, simulation and testing
• Additive manufacturing technologies for space applications
• New remote sensing technologies and applications,
i.e. hyperspectral sensing, SAR, applications in
environment, agriculture, etc.
• Big Data from Space: The exploration of different
types and huge amounts of data generated by space
• Developments in GNSSs, interoperability, new
• Regional positioning systems
• Satellite time and frequency transfer systems
• Advanced technologies for satellite communications
• Scientific applications, deep space, near-earth space,
space weather, microgravity
• Visions into future of space science, multiverses,
black holes, etc.
• Energy from space
• Computational modeling of material processing and
other flow physics associated processes under
microgravity conditions in space
• International cooperation, especially among space
faring and developing countries
• Space law, space medicine, and benefits of
information available from space (social, educational
and others)
Special Sessions: The participants of the conference are encouraged to organize special sessions (5-6 papers) on a particular
area within the conference theme. For details, please visit the web site.
Call for Tutorial/Workshop: The participants of the conference are encouraged to organize Tutorials or Workshops on a particular
area within the conference theme. For details, please visit the web site.
Exhibition: Exhibitions are planned during the conference.
Student Paper Competition: Student paper competition is planned. The winner will be rewarded with the certificate of honour and
honorarium. For details, please visit the web site.
Paper submission: Prospective participants are invited to electronically submit full paper of their work, following the instructions
available on the web page. Accepted papers will be published in IEEE proceedings , that will appear on IEEE Xplore, which
will be available at the time of the conference. Enhanced version of the selected papers will be considered for a possible
publication at the Journal of Aeronautics and Space Technologies (
Important Dates:
Special session proposals
Submission of full papers
Notification of acceptance
Submission of camera-ready full papers
12 February 2015
12 February 2015
22 March 2015
05 April 2015
RAST2015 Secretariat
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Recent Advances in Space Technologies