Dr. Ahmet Okutan
Short Profile
{ A dynamic information technologies manager who has successfully lead software development,
sales and marketing operations across technology companies in B2B and B2C markets, in start-up;
turnaround; and growth environments.
{ Leadership and General Management: High-energy motivator and team player who drives
demanding change agendas. Believes in the importance of synergy and skillful in picking up the best
idea for action. Managed teams serving customers or developing cutting edge software products.
{ Strategy, Technical and Managerial Expertise: Creates the strategic vision and balances
it against requirements. Established his own company in 2003 and has more than 10 years of
experience in general management, information technology management, software project management, engineering management, entrepreneurship, contract management, business analysis, process
management, sales, marketing, finance, accounting and human resources management.
{ Customer, People and Performance Focus: Listens to customer and company needs, then,
by working across functions, delivers results that meet or exceed requirements.
30 Agustos Cd. Hopa Villaları No: 10AC – Alemdağ, Çekmeköy, Istanbul
H (+90552) 201 0070 • B [email protected]
Work Experience
06/2002- Managing Partner, Product Manager, Mobipath (Erenet Yazilim Ltd).
present Took managerial and technical responsibilities in more than 20 large scale software projects.
12/2000- Technical Manager, Sonera Zed.
04/2002 Managed and maintained the value added service platform used to provide VAS services.
10/1999- ERP Consultant, Unilever.
12/2000 Worked on SAP platform as module designer and ABAP developer.
03/1998- Software Developer, Team Leader, Teknobil.
10/1999 Worked on telecommunication projects as analyzer, designer, developer and team leader.
08/1997- Part Time Software Developer, Tester, Bima Software Development Company.
03/1998 Worked in software projects as developer and tester.
06/1997- Summer Intern, AKNET - Sabanci Holding.
08/1997 Worked in one of the first Internet banking platforms of Turkey, developed for Akbank.
02/1996- Intern, INet Company.
06/1996 Worked on Internet programming.
2008-2012 PhD., Işık University, Istanbul, Turkey.
PhD in Computer Engineering
2000-2002 MS., Işık University, Istanbul, Turkey.
MS in Computer Engineering
30 Agustos Cd. Hopa Villaları No: 10AC – Alemdağ, Çekmeköy, Istanbul
H (+90552) 201 0070 • B [email protected]
1994-1998 BS., Boğaziçi University, Istanbul, Turkey.
BS in Computer Engineering
1993-1994 English Preparation, Boğaziçi University, Istanbul, Turkey.
English Preparation School
PhD. Thesis
Title Software Defect Prediction Using Bayesian Networks and Kernel Methods
Advisor Assoc. Prof. Olcay Taner Yıldız, Işık University, Istanbul, Turkey
Thesis Jury Prof. H. Levent Akın, Boğaziçi University, Istanbul, Turkey
Prof. Selahattin Kuru, Boğaziçi University, Istanbul, Turkey
Assist. Prof. Emine Ekin, Işık University, Istanbul, Turkey
Assist. Prof. Ali İnan, Işık University, Istanbul, Turkey
Description In this thesis, we use source code metrics together with some process and developer
metrics to predict defect proneness. By learning from the data sets, we model the interactions among the metrics and determine the most important metrics using Bayesian
networks. As a result of our modeling, we not only reveal the influential relationships
among the metrics, but also the set of most important metrics that are relatively more
effective on defectiveness. Furthermore, it is possible to make probabilistic reasoning
about the dependencies between the metrics and defect proneness.
30 Agustos Cd. Hopa Villaları No: 10AC – Alemdağ, Çekmeköy, Istanbul
H (+90552) 201 0070 • B [email protected]
Description Furthermore, we focus on the similarities of code patterns among different classes (or
files) of a software system, to predict the defect proneness and the number of defects.
We wonder if the extent of similarity between two source codes is related with the
extent of similarity in their defectiveness where the similarity is measured in terms of
both syntactic and semantic features. At the end of our experiments, we show that
support vector machines (SVM) with a precalculated kernel matrix performs better
than the SVM with the usual linear and RBF kernels and generates comparable results
with the famous defect prediction methods like linear logistic regression and J48 in
terms of the area under the curve (AUC).
[1] Ahmet Okutan and Olcay Taner Yıldız. A novel regression method for software defect
prediction with kernel methods. SciTePress Digital Library, 2012.
[2] Ahmet Okutan and Olcay Taner Yıldız. Software defect prediction using bayesian
networks. Empirical Software Engineering, 2012.
[3] Ahmet Okutan and Olcay Taner Yıldız. A novel kernel method for software defect
prediction. Information and Software Technology, 2013 – In progress.
Courses Taught (English)
CSE111 { University: Işık University, Computer Engineering
{ Course Name: CSE111 - Fundamentals Of Programming
{ Term: 2013 Summer
{ Hours: 3 hours/week
30 Agustos Cd. Hopa Villaları No: 10AC – Alemdağ, Çekmeköy, Istanbul
H (+90552) 201 0070 • B [email protected]
CSE300 { University: Işık University, Computer Engineering
{ Course Name: CSE300 - Internet and Web Programming
{ Term: 2013 Fall
{ Hours: 4 hours/week (2 lecture and 2 lab hours)
Language Skills
English { Reading: Advanced
{ Writing: Advanced
{ Speaking: Advanced
Arabic { Reading: Intermediate
{ Writing: Beginner
{ Speaking: Beginner
Some Attended Seminars & Courses
Managerial { Engineering Management, 2002
{ Entrepreneurship, 2002,
{ Managers Vision, 2004.
Technical { Oracle Database Administration, 2008.
{ Oracle Spatial, 2008.
{ Advanced Topics in Software Engineering, 2005.
30 Agustos Cd. Hopa Villaları No: 10AC – Alemdağ, Çekmeköy, Istanbul
H (+90552) 201 0070 • B [email protected]
Professional Skills
Managerial Completed courses and skilled on project management, engineering management,
preparing project business plans, entrepreneurship, general management, information
technology management, software project management, contract management, business
analysis, process management, sales, marketing, finance, accounting and human
resources management, electronic commerce, import and export management.
Project Planned and managed more than 20 software development projects with team sizes of
Management 3-50 and used the state of the art project management tools like Enterprise Architect,
Power Designer, MS Office and MS Project. Gained experience in handling the most
important project management problems i.e. the management of budget and schedule
to ensure that the project finishes within its deadline date and within the budget.
Software Worked on and is experienced in CMM, ISO-12207 software development standards,
Development software life cycle processes in software projects. He took responsibilities as project
manager, system analyst, system architect in more than 20 software projects.
Technical Skilled in system analysis, system design, software development, project management,
operations research, decision support systems, data mining, business intelligence,
database management systems.
Technical Skills
Operating Experienced on different operating systems like Windows95/98/2000-XP, W2K, W2003,
Systems Linux, and Unix.
30 Agustos Cd. Hopa Villaları No: 10AC – Alemdağ, Çekmeköy, Istanbul
H (+90552) 201 0070 • B [email protected]
Databases Used almost all database management systems during software project development,
has expertise in database design and maintenance, skillful both in database performance tuning and monitoring. Used Oracle 10g, SQL Server 2000/2005/2008, MySQL
(all versions), PostgreSQL and MS Access. Worked on database design, performance
problems, database migration, database administration. Extensive experience on relational model, linear algebra, normalization, transact SQL and DBMS based procedures,
functions and triggers. Designed/administered databases, managed databases with
high transaction frequency, worked on performance tuning, caching, database isolation
layers in Oracle 10g. Experienced in MS SQL Server: Used all of its versions, skillful
in database design, administration, performance tuning, transact SQL programming,
i.e. stored procedures, triggers and functions. Experienced in MySQL DBMS: Has
detailed design and administration experience with its all versions ranging from 3.23
to 5.5.
Programming Expert in Java, J2EE, J2ME, JSP, C, Visual C++, ASP.NET, C#, programming
languages; Netbeans, IntelliJ, Eclipse, MS Visual Studio integrated development
environments; Apache, Tomcat, IIS web servers.
Mobile Extensive experience in mobile application design and development, skillful in Android,
Technologies J2ME, Objective C environments.
Internet Experienced in Internet technologies and Internet programming, used HTML, Ajax,
Technologies JQuery, PHP, ASP, JSP, JSF programming environments and Tomcat, IIS, GlassFish
web servers.
30 Agustos Cd. Hopa Villaları No: 10AC – Alemdağ, Çekmeköy, Istanbul
H (+90552) 201 0070 • B [email protected]
Projects: Software Development
Projects Senior-level project manager with more than 12 years experience in leading crossfunctional project teams.
{ Skillful in capturing customer business requirements and delivering effective solutions
that meet or exceed their expectations.
{ Experienced on software development methodologies, software life-cycles, requirement analysis, draft and detailed design methodology, implementation tips and
testing phases.
{ Experienced regarding Project Acceptance Processes and User Acceptance Tests.
Public Trans- Managed the development of a public transportation system (PTS). PTS is a GPS
portation based public transportation and fleet management system that gives the opportunity
to track and manage public vehicles (buses), bus stops, bus lines over Internet. The
system is mainly used for optimizing the bus routes and calculating arrival times of
buses to predefined bus stops. It is a complete system that can be integrated to any
public transportation authority. Worked on:
{ Route management, topological tracking,
{ Travel time prediction with artificial intelligence and statistical approach,
{ GPS, GPRS technologies,
{ Low level UDP/TCP communication over GPRS,
{ GIS, Virtual Earth, Tile Servers, Google Maps mapping environments,
{ MapInfo Mapxtreme GIS Engine,
{ Route and bus productivity tracking in public transportation.
30 Agustos Cd. Hopa Villaları No: 10AC – Alemdağ, Çekmeköy, Istanbul
H (+90552) 201 0070 • B [email protected]
GPS Systems Worked as project manager for the development of a Mobile Tracking Java Platform
that was financially supported by EUREKA and TUBITAK. Gained experience on:
{ ISO 12207 Software Development Standards,
{ GPRS/SMS Communication,
{ GIS, GPS, Java, J2EE, J2ME and other Wireless Technologies.
Quality Worked as developer and project manager for the development of a quality management
Management system that was used as an ERP Support package and included modules:
Systems { Document management,
{ Demand management,
{ Work flow management.
Messaging Experienced in the design, implementation and maintenance of mobile value added
Platforms services (MVAS) platforms. Has extensive experience on SMS, MMS, WAP and GPRS
messaging and communication technologies.
Personal Developed GPS based personal tracking system.
Tracking { Used MS Visual Basic, MS Access and SQL Server data bases.
{ Experience on object oriented programming (OOP), Internet Technologies especially
Java, XML and ASP, WIN API functions, TCP/IP and serial communication
Embedded Developed embedded systems for vehicle and personal tracking devices.
Systems { Used Assembly and standard C.
{ Skillful in low level programming, interrupt management.
30 Agustos Cd. Hopa Villaları No: 10AC – Alemdağ, Çekmeköy, Istanbul
H (+90552) 201 0070 • B [email protected]
Mobitrack Worked as a project manager in a web-based GPS Tracking System.
{ Used JDK 1.2, JBuilder environment.
{ Experience on Java servlets, cookies, and RSA encryption methods.
{ Developed an Inverse differential GPS(IDGPS) module to lessen the error amount
introduced by the GPS satellites.
Software Worked on software quality and software defect prediction systems. For defect predicQuality tion used:
Management { Bayesian networks (BN).
{ Support Vector Machine(SVM).
MobiTask MobiTask is a mobile platform that was developed for delivery companies and gives
the opportunity to track deliveries online. The delivery agent can see a list of daily
deliverable items in his/her handset and update their status as they are delivered
during the day.
{ The control center can see the status of each and every delivery online.
{ This information can be reported daily monthly or yearly.
{ Status information of deliveries can be tracked instantly; online or offline.
MobiFlow MobiFlow is a mobile SAP extension and gives the chance to track and manage work
flow items through a handset or PDA. The work flow items defined in SAP system
can be managed from mobile devices.
{ Any work flow item can be approved or rejected using mobile devices.
{ The system can be used in Android, IOS or Symbian OS based handsets.
30 Agustos Cd. Hopa Villaları No: 10AC – Alemdağ, Çekmeköy, Istanbul
H (+90552) 201 0070 • B [email protected]
SMS SMS Platform is a full-featured mobile services and content deployment platform. It
Platform can be used by GSM operators, service providers and enterprises for deployment of
new and exciting mobile Internet services.
{ Services can be requested and delivered over a variety of mediums like MMS, SMS,
WAP, WEB, and E-Mail.
{ The platform can be used to provide SMS based mobile payment and mobile
marketing services.
Projects: Mobile Technologies
Mobile Apps Extensive experience on application development with mobile technologies. Advanced
level of knowledge on:
{ Java, J2EE, J2ME, Netbeans, Eclipse, J2ME, Tomcat, Apache Web Server, SQL
Server, MySQL, Sun Wireless Toolkit, Symbian, Nokia OS, Blackberry OS, Blackberry JDE, Nokia Carbide, Nokia Development Suite, Nokia S60 SDK technologies,
Android, IOS and Objective C.
Mobile Managed the development of J2ME based mobile corporate applications for:
Marketing { Mobile marketing,
{ Mobile pull and push messaging,
{ Mobile polling and voting.
Pocket GPS Managed the development of Pocket PC Microsoft .Net Compact Framework based
GPS Self Navigation System.
30 Agustos Cd. Hopa Villaları No: 10AC – Alemdağ, Çekmeköy, Istanbul
H (+90552) 201 0070 • B [email protected]
MobiPay MobiPay is a credit card based mobile payment system that is used to pay bills via
mobile devices.
{ It facilitates the revenue collection for utility companies.
{ It makes the bill payment operation easy, no need to visit a bank branch or any
company office to pay a bill.
CepTesisat CepTesisat is a mobile platform that manages the communication processes between
the natural gas companies and their sub contractors.
{ Sub contractor companies can take a new appointment, see their appointment list
and cancel one if needed.
Projects: MVAS Platforms
SMS Extensive experience on SMS based bulk messaging systems,
Marketing { CRM - Worked in a customer relationship management project carried out for
Sonera Zed in Helsinki, experienced in campaign management, mobile reminder
Bulk Experienced on SMSC/MMSC technology, UCP and SMPP protocols.
Messaging { Managed the development of UCP and SMPP Messaging Gateways,
Platforms { Managed the maintenance processes of authentication & authorization, customer
care and billing systems in a mobile value added service platform developed for
Sonera company.
{ Experienced in prepaid card technologies, prepaid and postpaid billing issues.
30 Agustos Cd. Hopa Villaları No: 10AC – Alemdağ, Çekmeköy, Istanbul
H (+90552) 201 0070 • B [email protected]
Projects: Business Intelligence
Business Worked as managing partner and project manager in around 10 business intelligence
Objects projects in SAP Business Objects. Experienced in Universe Designer, Web Intelligence,
CMC and other state of the art SAP BO modules.
{ Proven experience in business analysis, ETL processes, Business Intelligence development and programming,
{ Sound knowledge of core Business Intelligence (BI) technology,
{ Strong skills of relational model in SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, skillful in SQL,
Visual Basic, C, C++, Java programming environments,
{ Analytical and problem solving experience,
{ Strong knowledge of implementation methodologies, excellent written and oral
communication skills.
Projects: Internet Technologies
E-Commerce Managed teams of web developers and graphic designers in the design and implementation of a three-tiered web-based electronic commerce solutions that enable buyers to
give orders and make payments online. Assessed project feasibilities, collected business
requirements, and executed project plans for various business units.
{ Sound knowledge of electronic commerce platforms Magento, Oscommerce, OpenCart,
{ Skilled on SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Search Engine Marketing,
{ Experienced in integrating offline and online customer databases,
{ Integration of suppliers,
{ Paypal and credit card based payment methods.
30 Agustos Cd. Hopa Villaları No: 10AC – Alemdağ, Çekmeköy, Istanbul
H (+90552) 201 0070 • B [email protected]
Video Worked as project manager, architect and consultant for the development of video
Bookmark bookmark and aggregation portals that enable users to share multimedia content and
Portals develop online communities around video sharing.
{ Skillful in designing scalable hardware and software architecture to meet unexpected
{ Experienced on social media integration and other emerging Internet technologies.
Real Estate Managed development of real estate portals that give the opportunity of property
Portals search and listing and have features:
{ Multi-lingual, template-driven, highly customizable interface and architecture,
{ Strong property management,
{ Fully equipped and comprehensive administration panel,
{ Adjustable paid memberships, trial periods and paid services settings.
Founder of Young Entrepreneurs Club, Kadikoy, Istanbul
Founder and managing partner of Mobipath company, Kadikoy, Istanbul
Founder and managing partner of Cosmart company, Kadikoy, Istanbul
1994 Selected among 200 students who were awarded Sabanci Foundation (VAKSA) scholarships.
2002 Awarded with full scholarship for MS. in Computer Engineering at Işık University
30 Agustos Cd. Hopa Villaları No: 10AC – Alemdağ, Çekmeköy, Istanbul
H (+90552) 201 0070 • B [email protected]
2003 As Executive Project Manager, successfully managed the development of a GPS based
mobile tracking project which was supported by TUBITAK and TIDEB (The Scientific
and Technological Research Council of Turkey).
2004 Deployed one of the first credit card based mobile payment projects of Turkey
2004 Deployed one of the first J2ME based mobile delivery systems in Turkey.
2008 Got a score of 95(over 100) in the Foreign Language Exam in Turkey (UDS)
2008 Awarded with full scholarship for PhD. in Computer Engineering at Işık University
2010 His NFC based mobile payment project was selected among the best projects and
supported by the Turkey Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology.
2012 Graduated from MS and PhD with high honor degrees (MS: 3.8/4.0, PhD: 4.0/4.0).
Sports Swimming, skiing, taekwondo, table tennis, trekking
Books Interested in History, Software Life Cycles, Business Intelligence, Internet and Mobile
Will be available upon request.
30 Agustos Cd. Hopa Villaları No: 10AC – Alemdağ, Çekmeköy, Istanbul
H (+90552) 201 0070 • B [email protected]

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