Department of Women’s and Gender Studies
University of California, Berkeley
699 Barrows Hall, Berkeley, CA 94720
[email protected]
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Academic Positions
2014 – Present: Visiting Scholar, Department of Women`s and Gender Studies, University of
California, Berkeley.
2014 – Present: Associate Professor of Labor Economics and Gender Studies, Department of
Economics, Yasar University, Turkey.
2011 – 2014: Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Yasar University, Turkey.
2008 – 2011: Lecturer, Department of Economics, Yasar University, Turkey.
2004 – 2006: Ph.D. Assistant, Department of Economics, Eastern Mediterranean University,
North Cyprus.
2001 – 2004: Research Assistant, Department of Business Administration, Eastern
Mediterranean University, North Cyprus.
2011 – 2012 Post-Doctorate in Sociology, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK
2007 – 2010 Ph.D. in Economics, Afyon Kocatepe University, Turkey
Dissertation: “Female Employment and Demand for Female Labor”
2003 – 2007 Ph.D. in Economics, Eastern Mediterranean University, Gazimagusa, North
Cyprus (Higher Education was transferred to Afyon Kocatepe University, Turkey)
2001 – 2003 MA in Banking and Finance, Eastern Mediterranean University, Gazimagusa,
North Cyprus (first class high-honors)
Master’s Thesis: Analysis of Banking System and Causes of Recent Private Bank
Crises in Turkey: Case of Pamukbank and Kentbank.
1997 – 2001 BA in Business Administration, Eastern Mediterranean University, Gazimagusa,
North Cyprus (first class honors)
Awards, Grants and Fellowships
A. Fellowships
2014 – Present: University of California, Berkeley, Visiting Fellowships Benefaction Fund
2011 – 2012: University of Cambridge, Visiting Fellowship
2008 – 2009: Visiting Lecturer Benefaction Fund, Summer Fellowship, Lomonosov Moscow
State University
Updated: November, 2014
B. Grants
2014 – Present: TUBITAK Post Doctorate Research Scholarships
2014: UC Berkeley Department of Economics Conference Mini-Grant
2013: Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Travel Grant
2012: Cracow University of Economics Travel and Conference Grant
2012: ERANET Conference Grant
2012: University of Cambridge, Italian Lecture Grant
2011: British Council Chevening Scholarship
2009: NOHA Erasmus Mundus Scholarship, European Commission, Belgium
2007: Traineeship Scholarship, European Union Brussels
2003: Ph.D. Grant for 3 years
2001: MA Grant for 2 years
C. Visiting Lectures
2014: University of Economics and Management, Czech Republic
2013: Institut Superieur d’Economie & Management, France
2009: Universita Degli Studi Di Roma “Tor vergata”, Italy.
D. Awards
2012: Giorgio Fua Foundation Award for Best Article obtained by Board of Committee.
Award includes membership of ECSB
2010: Best Article Award obtained by Board of Committee of The Clute Conference,
2009: Best Article Award obtained by Board of Committee of The Clute Conference, Dublin
2009: Program Award obtained by Board of Committee for Olympia Summer Seminars
“Religion & International Politics” for fieldwork in Greece.
Research and Teaching Interest
Research Interest:
Labor Market Regulations and Worker’s Right
Labor force and Employment, Size and Structure
Labor Productivity, Human Capital and Job Satisfaction
Economics of Gender and Feminist Studies
Gender Equality, Women Empowerment, Women and Politics
Social Work and Social Inequalities
Aging and Life Course
Teaching Interest:
Labor Economics, Economics of Gender, Microeconomics, Feminist Economics, Aging and
Life Course, Labor Movements and Labor Migration, Empowerment and Inequality
Updated: November, 2014
Scholarly Publications
A. Book Review
Ince Yenilmez, M. (2015). “The Endurance of Family Businesses: A Global Overview”
Forthcoming, Journal of Women & Aging (SSCI), V: 27 (2).
B. Book Chapter
Ince Yenilmez, M. (2014). “History, Development and Characteristics of Family Owned
Businesses in Turkey”. In A. Szabó (Eds.) Family Businesses and SMEs in the BSEC
Region, 2014: 232-247, Ankara: Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung.
C. Peer Reviewed Articles
Ince Yenilmez, M. (2014). “Gender Segregated Labor Markets and Work Life
Preferences: Evidence from Turkey”, Forthcoming, 2014, Ekonomik Yaklaşım.
Ince Yenilmez, M. (2014). “Female Employment and Gender Inequality: Challenges and
Opportunities in Turkey”, Forthcoming, 2014, Toplum ve Sosyal Hizmet Dergisi.
Ince Yenilmez, M. (2014). “Economic and Social Consequences of Population Aging
The Dilemmas and Opportunities in the Twenty-First Century”, Applied Research in
Quality of Life (SSCI). DOI: 10.1007/s11482-014-9334-2
Ince Yenilmez, M. (2013). “Labor Market Consequences of Job Security and Labor Laws
in the Era of Flexicurity: Implications for Turkey”, Journal of Knowledge Management,
Economics and Information, Vol: III (1), Fall 2013.
Ince Yenilmez, M. (2013). “Human Rights Awareness of Women and Cultural
Socialization: Patterns and Prospects”, Journal of Education Research and Behavioural
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Turkish context”, Economia Marche Journal of Applied Economics, Vol. 31 (2), October
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ERENET Profile, V: 7 (3), September 2012: 14-24.
Ince Yenilmez, M. (2011). “The Role of the Female Education in Economic
Development: A Case for Turkey”, Selcuk University Institute of Social Science Journal,
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Ince Yenilmez, M. (2011). “Financial Liberalization, Financial Development and
Economic Growth: An Emprical Analysis for Turkey”, Journal of Yasar University,
23(6), Fall 2011: 3782-3793.
Updated: November, 2014
Ince Yenilmez, M. “ Demir, M.H. and Kozanoglu, O. (2011). “The Heckscher-Ohlin
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Ince Yenilmez, M. and Demir, M. H. (2005). “Is Sap an Urbanization Project?”, Bilgi
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D. Conference Proceedings
Ince Yenilmez, M. and Ucal, L. (2014). Closing the Gender Gap in the Labor Force?
Debates and Policy Developments in Turkey, Proceeding of Gender and the Law: Limits,
Contestations and Beyond, July 2014: Izmir, Turkey.
Ince Yenilmez, M. (2014), Do human rights play as an actor for women development in
MENA region?, Proceeding of ISA Human Rights Conference, Kadir Has University,
Istanbul, Turkey.
Updated: November, 2014
Ince Yenilmez, M. (2014). Obstacles to Women’s Empowerment and Entrepreneurship in
Turkey: Issues and Policies, Gender, Work and Organization 2014, 8th Biennial
International Interdisciplinary Conference, ISI Journal Citation Reports Book of
Abstracts, Keele University, UK.
Ince Yenilmez, M. (2013). Challenges in Youth Education and Employment, Proceedings
of INTCESS14- International Conference on Education and Social Sciences, September
2014: 102-111, ISBN: 978-605-64453-0-9.
Ince Yenilmez, M. (2013), (In)equality, Employment and Activism: A Survey of the
Middle East and North Africa, Journal of Middle East Women’s Studies Distinguished
Lecture and Research Workshop, Yale University, New Heaven, USA.
Ince Yenilmez, M., Ates, A., Kilinc, C.C. and Unusan, C. (2012), A Study On The
Evaluation of the Customers Satisfaction In Hospitals”, Clute Institute International
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Ince Yenilmez, M.: Demir, M. H. and Kilinc, C.C. (2011). Global Financial Crisis and its
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Ince Yenilmez, M. (2010). A Theoretical Approach to Women Entrepreneurs in Turkey,
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Proceeding Book, Cankaya University
Ince Yenilmez, M. (2009). The Global Growth of Women Entrepreneurs in Management
in Turkey”, 5th International Conference on Business, Management and Economics,
Globalization, Global Branding and Their Strategic Implications Proceeding Book.
E. Articles Under Review
Ince Yenilmez, M. (2014). The Revolt of June and Feminist Resistance in Gezi Park
Ince Yenilmez, M. and Ucal, L. (2014). Improving the human capital of the
disadvantaged old”
Ince Yenilmez, M. and Celik, O.B. (2014). Staying in the game: Invisible women’s
sports participation
Ince Yenilmez, M. (2014). Breaking the Glass Ceiling of Women: An Entrepreneurial
Research from Turkey
Ince Yenilmez, M. (2014). Is the education best protection for unemployment?
F. Selected Work in Progress
Ince Yenilmez, M. (2015). Importance of Women’s Empowerment (Edited Book),
Updated: November, 2014
Ince Yenilmez, M. (2015). Women’s Employment Status and Choice of Employment
Sector in Turkey
Ince Yenilmez, M. (2015). Gender Differences in Occupational Distribution in Turkish
Labour Market: A Multinomial Logit Analysis
Ince Yenilmez, M. (2015). Economic Crisis and Labour Market in Emerging Economies
Ince Yenilmez, M. (2015). Employment, Labour Market Institutions and Policies in
G. Selected Invited Lectures and Presentations
2014: “Gender Segregation in Labor Market: Case of Turkey”, BBRG Gender Group
Meeting, UC Berkeley.
2013: Workshop on Women at Work Life, Dokuz Eylül University, Izmir, Turkey.
2012: “Data Collection and How to make Analysis” MPhill Sociology, University of
2012: “Female Employment in Turkey”, Ph.D. Sociology Colloquium Series, University
of Cambridge.
H. Selected Conference
2014: International Conference on Education and Social Sciences, Istanbul, Turkey.
2013: Workshop on Family Businesses and SMEs, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung and BSEC
Conference, Istanbul, Turkey.
2013: Journal of Middle East Women’s Studies Distinguished Lecture and Research
Workshop, Yale University, New Heaven, USA.
2012: Summer School in Euro-Mediterranean Strategies, Yasar University, Izmir,
2012: “Women’s Work and Culture”, University of Cambridge, UK
2012: “The Open Society and its Immigrants”, University of Cambridge, UK.
2012: “Entrepreneurship, Family Firms and Economic Development Conference”,
University of Economics, Cracow, Poland.
2012: Enterprise and Recognising Opportunities, University of Cambridge, UK.
2011: 3rd PEDEC Workshop: Labor Market Vulnerability, Precarious Work and Migrant
Workers in the Economic Downturn, Queen Mary, University of London, UK
2009: International Multidisciplinary Women’s Congress: Change and Empowerment,
İzmir, Turkey.
2009: International Congress on Family, School and Society: Special Education,
Fernando Pessoa University, Porto, Portugal.
2008: Education, Economy and Society: International Paris Conference, France.
2008: 2nd International Women Works Conference, Izmir, Turkey.
2008: the Law, Gender, Family Responsibility and Legal Change Conference 2008,
University of East Sussex, Brighton, East Sussex, UK.
2014 – Present: Mentor to two undergraduate students from UC Berkeley.
Updated: November, 2014
Professional Activity and Refereeing
Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education, Gender, Place and Culture, Educational
Research and Essays, European Journal of Women Studies, Feminist Economics, Society and
Behavioral Science, Educational Review, Perspectives in Education, Journal of Entrepreneurship
and development, Journal of International Women’s Studies, Journal of Sociology, Journal of
Educational Research, Journal of Yasar University, Educational Research, Journal of Middle
East Women’s Studies, British Journal of Education, International Journal of Diplomacy and
Economy, Journal of Career Development, Journal of Developing Areas, Journal of Social
Work, Journal of Economics and Management Science, Advancing Women in Leadership
Journal, Gender in Management: An International Journal, Applied Economics
Professional Affiliations and Membership
American Economic Association, Association for Women’s Rights Development, Cambridge
University Economics Society, Cambridge University Labour Club, Educational Research
Network, Entrepreneurship Research and Education Network of Central European Universities,
Gender Forum, International Association of Feminist Economics, Labor and Employment
Relations Association, Preventing Sexual Harassment, Stop the Violence for Women Platform,
Turkish Economic Association, UC Berkeley Center for Labor Economics, UC Berkeley
Population Center, UC Berkeley Researches on Labor and Employment, UC Berkeley Center for
Middle Eastern Studies, UC Berkeley Center for Entrepreneurship, UC Berkeley Center for Law,
Business and Economy, Women Economists Society of Turkey, Women’s Labor and
Employment Initiative Platform, World Economic Association
Updated: November, 2014