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Book production
in the Czech Republic in 2013
Despite the ongoing lack of certain economic indicators concerning book production in the Czech Republic, it is clear that
after years of crisis the country’s economy has bounced back, a
fact that is reflected positively in the book industry. Last year the
number of published titles was the second highest in the history
of the Czech Republic, while record figures were achieved for
published translations and titles for children and young people.
New ways of mediating and disseminating works of literature
(notably e-books, audiobooks and internet sales) now have a
natural place on the Czech book market; in terms of its param­
eters their market share is much the same as many other EU
countries and limited only by the size of the book market and the
use of Czech, which is not a world language.
Although the shortage of exact numbers concerning the
sales, turnover and profits of the major players on the Czech
book market makes it impossible to analyse whether the increase
in the number of published titles will lead to cost reductions for
the production of individual titles and other sales matters, it is
obvious that the book industry in the Czech Republic is now in
recovery. Nor can one perform a comprehensive assessment of
the impact of the 2013 increase in VAT on books (of one percentage point to 15% – one of the highest rates in Europe), although
booksellers are particularly concerned by its perceived negative
effect on purchasers of cheaper books, for whom the psychological price barriers of CZK 99 and CZK 199 (c. EUR 4–8) have
been broken.
Dr Jaroslav Císař
BIBLIO Literární noviny
[email protected]
1 The production of printed books
According to the number of copies submitted obligatorily to the
National Library of the Czech Republic, 17,876 book titles were
published in the Czech Republic in 2013 (see TABLE I, which also
shows the number of published translations and their share of
total production). This represents an increase in book production
of almost 4% over the previous year (in absolute terms an increase of 629 titles). In terms of book production by population
the Czech Republic – which has 10.5 million inhabitants – retains
its position among world leaders, with book production of very
high quality. In 2013 book production in the Czech Republic involved a total of 2037 publishing entities (in 2012 this figure was
The actual number of active book publishers is in fact several hundred higher, as 1679 titles were published without the
ISBN (International Standard Book Number). To these the National Library of the Czech Republic assigned substitute identification.
Survey of number of book titles
and translations published
in the Czech Republic, 2009–2013
of which translated works
absolute no. %
200917,598 5777 33
201017,054 6044 35
201118,985 6514 34
201217,247 5871 34
201317,876 6565 37
source: National Library of the Czech Republic
Contents of CBWN 2014/2015
3 Book production in the Czech Republic in 2013
10 Bestsellers in the Czech Republic in 2013
11 Czech Literary Awards (selection)
12 Jiri Theiner Award
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Professional Contacts
Czech Centres
Supported Translations of Czech Literature
Promoting the Translation of Czech Literature Abroad
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a u t u m n 2014 s p r i n g 2015
In real terms only about half of what is produced makes it
to booksellers’ shelves; the remainder is made up of so-called
“grey” literature, university textbooks, printed matter produced
for specific purposes and other non-market publications. The
share of fiction in last year’s total book production was about one
third (5190 published titles), which is above average when compared to the composition of book production in most countries of
the EU. Works of literary criticism and literary history accounted
for 227 titles.
In comparison with certain other EU states, book publishing in the Czech Republic continues to be spread among a relatively large number of publishing entities, although the tip is getting narrower. Whereas the survey for last year (2012) showed
that 22 private publishing entities published more than a hundred
new titles, the 2013 survey contains 16 names only (see TABLE
III). As for presses of institutes of higher education and state institutions, there is no change (i.e. there are still 11 publishing entities; see TABLE VI), although presses of institutes of higher education are special in that they produce a great many titles in small
editions. In 2013 these thirty-odd largest publishers produced
more than one third (36%) of Czech book titles: a total of 6417
titles, of which 4133 are from private publishers and 2284 from
presses of institutes of higher education and state institutions.
This quantification of titles published in 2013 shows no great
change from the 2012 figures.
A further 159 presses (of private schools, institutes of
higher education and state institutes) pursue a systematic publishing programme and can also be considered large. Forty-four
of these produced between 50 and 99 titles; 115 produced between 20 and 49. Thus it can be stated that almost 200 publishing entities had a significant involvement in the main volume of
book production in the Czech Republic. The remaining majority
are medium-sized, small or occasional publishers. In comparison
with the previous year this indicator showed no significant
2 Registration of publishers
Data on the registration of book publishers in accordance with
the ISBN international system of methodology (see TABLE II),
which the former Czechoslovakia did not join until 1989 (the
Czech Republic did so in 1993), provide a reliable indication of
the activities of publishers in the Czech lands since the denationalization of the publishing industry after November 1989.
The National ISBN Agency estimates that only about a half
of the publishing entities registered today are active.
In 2013 103 publishers of non-periodical publications
wound up their activities (in a total of about 2500 since November 1989); 322 publishing entities were re-registered.
Number of publishers registered
in the Czech Republic against number
of publishing entities that published
at least one book title, 2009–2013
(as at 31 Dec. of each given year)
registered publ. active publ.
20094583 1913
20104875 1925
20115167 1982
20125474 1911
20135796 2037
source: National ISBN Agency
Note: Exact figures only for publishers that cite ISBN on their publications. As mentioned
above, in 2012 almost 1700 titles were assigned a unified substitute identifier by the National Library of the Czech Republic; this applies to another several hundred (mostly) small
2.1 Private publishers
Table III below shows the largest private publishers in the Czech
Republic – with the exception of the Academia press, which publishes titles for academics but much of whose production is for
the general reader – by number of non-periodical publications
issued in 2013. This somewhat mechanically set criterion gives
us at least a rough idea of the size and turnover of the companies
in question, though naturally it tells us nothing of the quality and
editorial demands made of the books produced, their earnings
and – in particular – their true position on and share of the Czech
book market.
The largest publishing entities have basically maintained
their positions in terms of the volume of their book production.
It is worth noting that most of the publishing entities showing
a dynamic increase in production (Sun, Egmont ČR, Nová škola,
Portál, Host, BBart) focus systematically on the publishing of
books for children. This confirms the assertion of book professionals that the growth demonstrated by this segment of the
Czech book market in recent years places it among those with
the brightest future. It appears that a range of domestic campaigns in support of book-reading among children and young
people (e.g. Growing with the Book, Every Czech Reads to
Kids, Reading Helps), to which schools, youth groups and other
professional and community organizations have contributed,
have started to bear fruit and are received with enthusiasm by
Largest private book publishers
in the Czech Republic by number
of titles published in 2013
1.Albatros Media, Prague
Euromedia Group, Prague
Grada Publishing, Prague
Egmont ČR, Prague
Moravská Bastei – MOBA, Brno
BB art, Prague
Fragment, Havlíčkův Brod/Prague
Nová škola, Brno
9.Václav Svojtka & Co, Prague
Portál, Prague
mined by the need to evaluate surveys of public opinion, censuses of population, etc.
In comparison with 2012 last year witnessed no major
changes among the largest publishing entities of this type; quantities produced by (the largest) entities that published over
100 ­titles were similar. The state institutions producing the greatest number of publications were again the Czech Statistical
­Office (96 published titles; 110 in 2012), the Department of Rationalization in Construction (61; 64 in 2012) and the Institute of
Health Information and Statistics (59; 17 in 2012). The K. E. Macan Library and Press for the Blind published 54 titles, as against
64 in 2012.
15.Rebo Production CZ, Čestlice/Průhonice
16.Academia, Prague
11.Sun, Prague
12.Argo, Prague
Mladá fronta, Prague
Nová forma, České Budějovice
Largest presses of institutes
of higher education, universities
and institutions of central government
in the Czech Republic by number
of titles published in 2013
1.Vydavatelství Univerzity Palackého, Olomouc
Host, Brno
2.VŠ báňská – Technická univerzita, Ostrava
Baronet, Prague
Masarykova univerzita, Brno
Dauphin, Prague
4.Vydavatelství ČVUT, Prague
Tribun EU, Brno
Karolinum, Prague
source: National Library of the Czech Republic and National ISBN Agency
Univerzita Pardubice
Česká zemědělská univerzita, Prague
Note: The table shows the 20 private entities that in 2013 published the largest number of
non-periodical titles, i.e. excluding re-editions and new editions of previously published
­titles. Figures in brackets show the number of titles issued by each publisher in 2012.
Figures for Albatros Media a.s. and Euromedia Group, k. s. are given in total. The Albatros
Media group comprises the imprints Albatros, CooBoo, Motto, Plus, XYZ, Computer Press,
Biz Books, CPress, Edika and the recent addition Management Press; these imprints are
focused on different reader categories. Euromedia Group, k. s. comprises the imprints Knižní
klub, Ikar and Odeon.
8.Ostravská univerzita, Ostrava
Mendelova zemědělská a lesnická univerzita, Brno
10.Vysoké učení technické, Brno
Univerzita J. E. Purkyně, Ústí nad Labem
source: National Library of the Czech Republic and National ISBN Agency
Note: The table includes all entities that in 2013 produced more than 100 new non-periodical
titles – i.e. excluding re-editions and new editions of previously published titles. Figures in
brackets show the number of titles issued by each publisher in 2012.
2.2 Presses of institutes of higher
education, universities and institutions
of central government
3 The composition of book production
For presses of institutes of higher education, universities and institutions of central government the same criteria applied in
2013 as in previous years. The extent of their costs is in most
cases incomparable with the costs incurred by private publishers. Their lists are governed above all by prioritization of the
needs of given schools, faculties, departments and government
bodies. Many of their titles are “grey” literature, e.g. various publications for state institutions, statistics and systems guides and
publications produced for specific purposes. Their activities remain constant in spite of significant fluctuation in the cases of
the Czech Statistical Office and the Institute of Health Information, for instance, whose publishing activities are largely deter-
In 2013 new titles – i.e. newly published books that are original
Czech works or translations – accounted for almost 88% of the
total book production; in absolute terms this is 15,769 titles. This
indicator does not deviate significantly from the trend set in previous years. If we limit our analysis to works of Czech prov­
enance, we see that these account for approximately 63% of last
year’s total book production – in absolute terms, this is 11,311
The book production of Czech publishing entities in 2013
was dominated by books in Czech, which accounted for almost
86% (in absolute terms, 15,316 titles). This quantitative indicator,
too, is practically identical to that of the previous year. Last year
a u t u m n 2014 s p r i n g 2015
201 multilingual publications were issued by Czech publishers;
this figure was 166 in 2012.
As to books from Czech publishing houses in foreign languages, English was again dominant (744 titles); their share of
total book production in the Czech Republic accounted for more
than 4%. In the period under review, 687 titles in another 22 languages (27 in 2012) were published in the Czech Republic. In
sum this is 1431 titles (1194 in 2012). Table V shows numbers of
books issued by Czech publishing entities in certain foreign languages in the years 2009–2013.
Numbers of books issued by Czech
publishing entities in certain foreign
languages, 2009–2013
20 1318 8 22
source: National Library of the Czech Republic
In comparison with 2012 the share of fiction in last year’s
total book production increased both quantitatively and in percentage terms, to 5190 titles and a 29% share. (In 2012 these
figures were 4684 and 27% respectively). Textbooks (university
and other) remained at the level of 2012; their share of production, too, was practically unchanged at 8.6%. The number of children’s book titles published in the Czech Republic reached record levels, however, with a share of total annual production of
over 11% (see Table VI).
Published book titles in certain
categories, 2009–2013
children’s books
textbooks (university and other) 14891536159615221538
source: National Library of the Czech Republic
4 Translations
In comparison with recent years the share of book production
claimed in 2013 by works in translation (significantly more than a
third) was a record-breaking one, both quantitatively and in terms
of its share of the total volume of production. In 2013 almost 700
more titles appeared than in 2012, thus exceeding the record
year of 2011. The standing of the Czech Republic as one of the
countries which produces most books in translation – given by
the fact that Czech is not a world language and the resulting
need to open doors to other language cultures – has been given
further confirmation.
It should be emphasized that artistic translation in the
Czech lands has a long tradition and is of a relatively high standard. The quality of translation is encouraged by a number of competitions and prizes (e.g. the Josef Jungmann Prize and the Jiří
Levý Competition) and there is also a State Prize for work in
translation. The Czech Literary Translators’ Guild confers the annual “Torturer’s Rack” award for poor translations, i.e. which
demonstrate an inability to translate text in a manner that is factually and semantically correct and a disregard for the artistic intent of the original, and which violate the code of ethics for the
publishing of works in translation. The announcement of the
“winners” at the BookWorld Prague fair always attracts the culturally-aware public and media.
Last year Czech publishers gave their readers translated
works in more than 50 languages (some with very few users,
some dead), such as Icelandic, Tibetan, Sanskrit, Sorbian and
Old Church Slavonic. It is necessary to emphasize here that in
the Czech Republic works of literature are generally translated
straight from the original, a state of affairs that is far from common in certain other countries.
The identity of the three most-translated languages has
remained unchanged since 1990. These are English, which in
2013 again accounted for more than half (55%) of all published
translations, German (14%) and French (some way behind at
4%). Spanish was in fourth place, with 3%; in 2013 translations
from this language showed the most dynamic growth – almost
three times as many were produced as in 2012! Evidently due to
the constant popularity of Scandinavian crime fiction, translations from the languages of Scandinavia – led by Swedish, with
60 titles (48 in 2012) – again made a stronger-than-ever showing. Thirty-six books were translated from Norwegian (26 in
The most-translated Slavonic languages in 2013 were
Slovak, Polish and Russian, although Polish showed a significant decline while Slovak and Russian showed increases over
the previous year of almost 40% and almost 60% respectively.
This sequence, too, has remained essentially unchanged in recent years. Titles translated from other Slavonic languages have
long been significantly less frequent: the total published per year
is around twenty. The record growth established in 2011 (double
the previous amount) was essentially maintained in 2013, when
37 titles translated from Slavonic languages were registered
(33 in 2012). Eleven titles were translated from Slovenian, 9 from
Bulgarian, 6 from Ukrainian and 5 from Serbian. Table VII
(immediately below) shows the languages from which most
translations were produced in the Czech Republic in the period
Books in translation published
in the Czech Republic, 2009–2013
of which from
115710581129 970 924
102111116 66 82
source: National Library of the Czech Republic
5 Records of e-books
In July 2010 the Czech National ISBN Agency began to assign
ISBNs to online publications (e-books) and established a database of registered e-books. All registered e-books are stored
here, the vast majority in pdf, ePub or Mobipocket, although in
theory it is possible to use a far greater number of forms. The total
number of ISBNs assigned to e-books is quantification by format
rather than by individual title; it is not unusual for one title to be
assigned three numbers. Each e-book publisher has access to
the database so that it may check on the registration of its titles.
So far 15,736 e-books have been assigned an ISBN. The
following facts are evidence of dynamic growth in this area: in
2012 3997 e-books were assigned an ISBN; in 2013 this figure
rose to 7645; it is estimated that the total ISBNs assigned to individual titles between 2010 and 31 December 2013 is c. 10,000,
with 2013 alone accounting for around 4000 of these.
6 Readers and producers of e-books
e‑book readers pay for them. Every month the average reader
downloads two books for free and buys one. Readers spend an
average of CZK 231 (a little under EUR 10) per month on e-books.
Users of e-books value them for their compactness, wide
availability and price. They like not having to worry about damage to a book’s binding, the fact that there is no need for bookmarks and no danger that an e-book will sell out, and that they
can carry more than one title at a time. The negative comments
of respondents on their attitude to e-books also make interesting
reading: most of these are highly subjective in nature and strongly attached to habit. Many people miss the atmosphere of bookreading and the smell of paper. Reading e-books means that
people spend more time at their computers and consequent eye
strain. Last but not least, respondents complained that e-books
could not be displayed in bookcases.
The circle of Czech e-book publishers continues to expand. Many leading producers of printed books are investing in
this segment of the book market even though on the small Czech
market returns on this investment, to say nothing of profits, are
mostly illusory. In this respect the situation in the Czech Republic
does not differ greatly from those in countries with similar business conditions, market size and a language that is not of worldwide importance (e.g. Hungary).
The number of Internet bookstores and literature portals is
also growing. The best known of these include Academia e-knihy
(, ebookstore (, eLibellus
(, eReading (, Euromedia
Group (, Kosmas (, Neoluxor (neoluxor.
cz), Palmknihy (, Warbler ( and
Wooky ( In the Czech Republic there are now specialist portals for e-books, including one with contributions on the
theory and practice of e-books and another for fans of e-books that
contains evaluations of books and authors along with rankings.
Table VIII below shows the literary genres in which Czech
readers of e-books show most interest and differences in this
respect between men and women.
fantasy, sci-fi
According to the Czech National Panel, a joint research project
on the Internet population of the Czech Republic conducted by
the agencies ATEM/MARK, NMS Market RResearch and MEDIARESEARCH (see, 34% of this population has experience of reading e-books. The typical Czech
­e-book reader is a man under thirty with a university education.
Users read e-books most often on computers (55%), mobile
telephones (45%) and tablets (36%). It is interesting to note that
dedicated e-book reading devices are used by a relatively small minority (24%). The most common way to access an e-book is free-ofcharge download; this is used by 70% of readers! Only 27% of
Popularity of literary genres
among readers of e-books (in %)
professional literature
9 811
9 122
810 4
other genres
source: Czech National Panel, January 2013
a u t u m n 2014 s p r i n g 2015
7 Audiobooks
In the past three or so years the Czech Republic has witnessed
expansion in production of and interest in audiobooks, culminating in 2013 with a number of events and performances for the
general public (to say nothing of the activities of the K. E. Macan
Library and Press for the Blind, which is a specialized state publisher for audiobooks for the blind and partially-sighted which
dates back to 1918). Last year almost 300 audiobook titles were
published in the Czech Republic; information on these can be
found at the portal, which also carries introductory information on and a history of audiobooks.
At present 29 publishing houses (including Audiotéka, Audioberg, Fragment, Mladá fronta, OneHotBook, Radioservis,
Tympanum and Walker & Volf) are involved systematically in this
type of book production. The largest of these is Radioservis, the
publishing arm of Czech Radio, which can draw on a large archive.
The many activities in this area have resulted in the establishing of an Association of Audiobook Publishers. This organization sponsored the 2013 Best Audiobook Awards, the first year in
which this competition – whose awardees are publishers and artists/creators – was held. Audioté is co-organizer of this
event. Winners in eight categories were announced at the 2014
BookWorld Prague fair; the shortlisted and prize-winning titles
can be found on the web at
Last year the Czech book industry demonstrated all attributes of
a country with a highly developed book culture, a relatively small
book market and an official language that is not of worldwide
importance. Its most visible manifestations were again a very
varied range of titles in terms of both subject matter and price.
Books still occupy one of the highest places in the rankings that
demonstrate the cultural values of the people of this country at
the heart of Europe. Fortunately the scenario of disaster that certain indicators and data had predicted – a further significant decline in book production – has not materialized.
According to retailers the increased rate of VAT on books
has not had a significant negative impact on their saleability; it
has not had a drastic effect on average costs so it has not discouraged buyers. Nor do professionals believe that the government’s planned 5% reduction of the rate of VAT on books (to
10%), which should come into effect on 1 January 2015, will have
a significant impact on the price of books in the Czech Republic.
The Czech book industry can look to the future with cautious
MASARYK UNIVERSITY PRESS ● ● [email protected]
+420 549 494 116
@munipress /munipress
Masaryk University Press is one of the
most productive academic publishers in
the Czech Republic, publishing annually
400 titles of books and e-books and
60 scholarly journals across the broad
spectrum of humanities, social sciences,
science and medicine in both Czech
and foreign languages. Most of the
production is available as open access
books and journals.
As a department of Masaryk University
our publishing furthers the University’s
objectives of excellence in scholarship,
research, and education; aiming
to enhance its prestige amongst
professionals, to support quality,
standard, and credibility of academic
outputs. Besides, Masaryk University
Press seeks partnership and cooperation
between university presses on
international level.
Argo Publishing House
Argo Publishing House
was established in 1992
and has published more
than 1,500 titles since
its foundation.
Numerous series are offered
to Argo’s readers. AAA
(the Anglo-American authors
series), with more than 100
titles, and SSP (the contemporary world fiction series),
which presents the most
interesting authors of contemporary world literature,
are among the most appreciated ones; history series
are of importance, too.
Argo publishes works
by world personalities
awarded the Nobel, Booker,
and/or Pulitzer Prize,
and/or other important awards.
Umberto Eco, Cormac McCarthy, Orhan Pamuk, Woody Allen,
Robert Fulghum, Paulo Coleho, Dan Brown and others
are among Argo’s outstanding personalities.
The quality of Argo’s titles is best illustrated by numerous
Magnesia Littera awards (the most prestigious literary awards
in the Czech Republic), both for series, individual titles,
translations, and best new authors. ‘The most beautiful book
of the year’ and ‘The most beautiful book of the world’ competitions have also brought success to our titles.
Host has long been one of the most
prestigious publishing houses in the
Czech Republic, especially in the area of
contemporary Czech fiction
Kateřina Tučková, Radka Denemarková,
Jiří Hájíček, Petra Soukupová…
translated fiction
Jeffrey Eugenides, Daniel Glattauer,
Christos Tsiolkas, Olga Tokarczuk…
Stieg Larsson, Lars Kepler, Peter May,
Jussi Adler-Olsen, Henning Mankell…
specialist literature
Bestsellers (printed books) in the czech republic in 2013
1. James E. L.: Padesát odstínů temnoty / Fifty Shades Darker, XYZ, 978-80-7388-754
2. James E. L.: Padesát odstínů šedi / Fifty Shades of Grey, XYZ, 978-80-7388-705
3. James E. L.: Padesát odstínů svobody / Fifty Shades Freed, XYZ, 978-80-7388-782
4. Brown Dan: Inferno / Inferno, Argo, 978-80-257-0934
5. Svěrák Zdeněk: Po strništi bos (Barefoot through the Stubble), Fragment,
6. Nesbo Jo: Švábi / Kakerlakkene, Kniha Zlín, 978-80-7473-084
7. Nesbo Jo: Netopýr / Flaggermusmannen, Kniha Zlín, 978-80-7473-048
8. Viewegh Michal: Můj život po životě (My Life after Life), Druhé město, 978-80-7227-340
9. Nesbo Jo: Levhart / Panserhjerte, Kniha Zlín, 978-80-7473-110
10.Kepler Lars: Písečný muž / Sandmannen, Host, 978-80-7294-855
for more information see
12.Apetit: Drůbež (Poultry), BURDA Media 2000, 978-80-87575-04
13.kolektiv: Abeceda mzdové účetní 2013 (An ABC of Accountancy), Anag,
14.Kanyzová Žofie a kol. / at al.: Lunární kalendář Krásné paní 2014 (Lunar Calendar
of a Beautiful Lady), Krásná paní, 978-80-86713-85
15.kolektiv / team of autors: Školní atlas světa (School Atlas of the World), Kartografie Praha,
16.Petrov Michal: Retro ČS – Co bylo (a nebylo) za reálného socialismu (Retro CS – What Did
(and Did Not) Exist during Real Socialism), Jota, 978-80-7462-422
17.Rylová Z., kol.: Daňové zákony 2013 (Computer Press) (Tax Laws 2013), BizBooks,
18.Apetit: Moučníky (Desserts), BURDA Media 2000, 978-80-87575-06
19.Loyd Alexander, Johnson Ben: Léčebný kód /The Healing Code, Beta Pavel Dobrovský,
20.kolektiv / team of authors: Toulavá kamera speciál (Wandering Camera Special),
Freytag & Berndt, 978-80-7445-111
11.Matušková Olga: Waldemar a Olga – Zákulisí našeho života (Waldemar
and Olga – Behind the Scenes of Our Lives), Nual, 978-80-905284-0
21.Apetit: Grilování (Barbecue), BURDA Media 2000, 978-80-87575-05
13.Coelho Paulo: Rukopis nalezený v Akkonu / Manuscrito encontrado em Accra, Argo,
23.kolektiv / team of authors: Toulavá kamera 16 (Wandering Camera 16), Freytag & Berndt,
12.Rowling J. K.: Prázdné místo / The Casual Vacancy, Plus, 978-80-259-0155
22.Apetit: Mamma mia! (Mamma Mia!), BURDA Media 2000, 978-80-87575-07
14.Vondruška Vlastimil: Přemyslovská epopej IV (A Premyslid Epic IV), MOBA – Moravská
Bastei, 978-80-243-5549
24.Padevět Jiří: Průvodce protektorátní Prahou / Místa – události – lidé (A Guide to
Protectorate Prague: Places – Events – People), Academia, 978-80-200-2256
15.Hosseini Khaled: A hory odpověděly / And the Mountains Echoed, Argo,
16.Vondruška Vlastimil: Přemyslovská epopej III (A Premyslid Epic III), MOBA – Moravská
Bastei, 978-80-243-5247
17.Harden Blaine: Útěk z Tábora 14 / Escape from Camp 14, Ikar, 978-80-249-2181
18.Nesvadbová Barbara: Přítelkyně (Girlfriend), Motto, 978-80-7246-740
19.Irving John: V jedné osobě / In One Person, Odeon, 978-80-207-1495
20.Byrne Lorna: Andělské poselství naděje / A Message of Hope from the Angels,
Knižní klub, 978-80-242-3666
21.Vondruška, Vlastimil: Msta písecké panny (The Revenge of the Písek Virgin),
MOBA – Moravská Bastei, 978-80-243-5254
22.Boček Evžen: Poslední aristokratka (The Last Aristocrat), Druhé město, 978-80-7227-320
23.Pawlowská Halina: Pravda o mém muži (The Truth about My Husband), Motto,
24.Potter Alexandra: S tebou už nikdy / You’re the One That I Don’t Want, Kristián,
25.Boučková Tereza: Šíleně smutné povídky (Insanely Sad Stories), Odeon,
26.Gideon Melanie: Manželka 22 / Wife 22, Domino, 978-80-7303-828
27.Smith Wilbur: Bludný kruh / Vicious Circle, Alpress, 978-80-7466-275
28.Day Sylvia: Nezkrotná / Entwined with You, Fortuna Libri, 978-80-7321-713
29.Fielding Joy: Potok stínů / Shadow Creek, Ikar, 978-80-249-2210
30.Kodet, Vojtěch: Novéna k Panně Marii rozvazující uzly (Novena to the Virgin Mary Untying
Knots), Karmelitánské nakladatelství, 978-80-7195-739
1. Pohlreich Zdeněk: Vařte jako šéf (Cook Like a Chef), Closer Publishing, 978-80-905237-4
2. Marková Hana: Daňové zákony 2013… k 1. 1. 2013 (Tax Laws 2013), Grada Publishing,
3. kolektiv / team of authors: Nový občanský zákoník 2014 REKODIFIKACE (The New Civil
Code 2014: Recodification), Sagit, 978-80-7208-920
4. Mačingová Antónia: Zhubněte jednou provždy (Lose Weight Once and For All), OTA,
5. Ludwig Petr: Konec prokrastinace (The End of Procrastination), Jan Melvil Publishing,
6. Vaněk Roman: Klenoty klasické evropské kuchyně (Gems of Classic European Cuisine),
Prakul Production, 978-80-87737-06
7. Vaněk Roman: Poklady klasické české kuchyně (Treasures of Classic Czech Cuisine),
Prakul Production, 978-80-905048-0
8. Macek Tomáš: Příběhy Staré dámy – Sto ročníků Tour de France (Stories of
an Old Lady – A Hundred Years of the Tour de France), Prostor, 978-80-7260-277
9. Pecháčková Dita: Deník Dity P. (Dita P.’s Diary), Dita Pecháčková, 978-80-905023-0
10.Michopulu Hana: Recepty z farmářského trhu II. díl (Recipes from the Farmers’ Market,
Part II), Zpátky domů, 978-80-260-3799
11.kolektiv / team of authors: Toulavá kamera 17 (Wandering Camera 17), Freytag & Berndt,
25.kolektiv / team of authors: Zákoník práce 2013 … k 21. 1. 2013 (Labour Code 2013),
Sagit, 978-80-7208-963
Books for Children
1. Kinney Jeff: Deník malého poseroutky 7 / Diary of a Wimpy Kid 7, CooBoo,
2. Kinney Jeff: Deník malého poseroutky / Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Albatros,
3. Kinney Jeff: Můj (nový) vlastní deník malého poseroutky / The Wimpy Kid Do-It-Yourself
Book, CooBoo, 978-80-7447-385
4. Špaček Ladislav: Dědečku, vyprávěj (Tell Me, Grandpa), Mladá fronta, 978-80-204-2810
5. Šrut Pavel, Miklínová Galina: Lichožrouti navždy (The Odd-Sock Eaters Forever), Paseka,
6. Kinney Jeff: Deník malého poseroutky 3 / Diary of a Wimpy Kid 3, CooBoo,
7. Čechura R., Šalamoun J.: Příhody maxipsa Fíka (The Adventures of Fík the Maxidog),
Albatros, 978-80-00-01586
8. Jaz: Opráski sčeskí historje anep fšichňi zmikunďi národa (Opráski sčeskí historje anep
fšichňi zmikunďi národa), Grada Publishing, 978-80-247-5025
9. Šmoulové 2 – filmový příběh (Smurfs 2 – the book of the film), Albatros,
10.Žáček Jiří: Krysáci 2 (The Rats 2), Edice České televize, 978-80-7404-106
11.Kinney Jeff: Deník malého poseroutky 4 / Diary of a Wimpy Kid 4, CooBoo,
12.Lamková Hana, Lamka Josef: Káťa a Škubánek se neztratí (Káťa and Škubánek Won’t
Get Lost), Albatros, 978-80-00-02064
13.Kowitt H. N.: Vítejte v klubu trapáků / The Loser List, MOBA – Moravská Bastei,
14.Lindgren Astrid: Děti z Bullerbynu / Alla vi barn i Bullerbyn, Albatros, 978-80-00-03076
15.Saint-Exupéry Antoine de: Malý princ / Le Petit Prince, Albatros, 978-80-00-02738
16.Papoušková Eva: Kosprd a Telecí (Kosprd a Telecí), Albatros, 978-80-00-03105
17.Nesbo Jo: Doktor Proktor a konec světa / Doktor Proktor og verdens undergang, Jota,
18.Macourek Miloš, Born Adolf: Všichni sloni v orchestru (All the Elephants in the Orchestra),
Albatros, 978-80-00-03272
19.Walliams David: Malý miliardář / Billionaire Boy, Argo, 978-80-257-0858
20.Flanagan John: Bratrstvo 3 / Brotherband 3, Egmont ČR, 978-80-252-2437
21.Lada Josef, Černík Michal: České vánoce Josefa Lady (Josef Lada’s Czech Christmas),
BMSS – Start, 978-80-86140-75
22.Váchová Šárka: Chaloupka na vršku (Cottage on the Hill), Edice České televize,
23.Daneshvari Gitty: Monster High – Ghúlmošky navždy / Monster High – Ghoulfriends
Forever, CooBoo, 978-80-7447-275
24.Foglar Jaroslav, Čermák Marko: Chata v Jezerní kotlině (komiks) (The Cottage in the Lake
Basin (Comics), Olympia, 978-80-7376-329
25.Foglar Jaroslav, Čermák Marko: Rychlé šípy ve Stínadlech (komiks) (Rapid Arrows in
Stínadla (Comics), Olympia, 978-80-7376-308
Fragment is one of the largest
Czech publishers specializing
in high-quality board books,
activities, fiction and non-fiction
for children and young adults,
and language education titles
for children and adults.
Easy reading – adventure and fantasy novels
for 9 year olds to young adults.
Board books, sticker activities, and games featuring
the popular character of Little Mole.
Get our latest foreign rights catalogue at
Nakladatelstvi Fragment, s.r.o.
Pujmanove 1221/4, 140 00 Praha 4, Czech Republic
Tel.: +420 241 004 027, Email: [email protected]
Simplified stories for youngest readers.
Inzerat do exportniho katalogu.indd 1
20.8.2014 15:12:45
Literary Awards
ARTIS BOHEMIAE AMICS MEDAL | For the propagation of the good name of Czech culture. (
CZECH LITERATURE FUND ANNUAL AWARD | Awarded to outstanding artistic, academic and journalistic works by the Czech Literary Fund. (
F. X. ŠALDA AWARD | Awarded for an outstanding contribution to arts criticism or critical
journalism. Initiated in 1995. (
FRANZ KAFKA AWARD | The only international literary award to be awarded in the Czech
Republic. Initiated in 2001. The laureate is selected by an international jury. (
GOLDEN RIBBON | Awarded by the Writers’ Guild, Illustrators’ Club and Czech section of
IBBY to the authors of a book for children and/or young people. (
JAN SKÁCEL AWARD | In the words of its statutes, this award should be awarded to “an
outstanding work of Czech poetry which is inspired by the best traditions and the spirit of
Moravian verse”.
JAROSLAV SEIFERT AWARD | Awarded for an outstanding work of poetry or fiction published in the past three years. Awarded by: the Charter 77 Foundation. (
JIŘÍ (GEORGE) THEINER AWARD | The award is awarded by Book World Ltd., a company
of the Association of Czech Booksellers and Publishers, to a living person or institution
operating abroad who or which by their or its acts, initiatives and/or long-term endeavours contributes to the dissemination and promotion of Czech literature abroad. (www.
JIŘÍ ORTEN AWARD | Awarded to the author of a work of prose or poetry in Czech. At the
time of the work’s completion, the author may not be older than 30 years. The work
should have been published in book form or a major part of it published in a periodical in
the 12 months before the closing date of the competition. Awarded by: The Association of
Czech Booksellers and Publishers. (
JOSEF JUNGMANN AWARD | Awarded to the best work of translation into Czech from
the previous calendar year, with nominees from prose, poetry, drama and non-fiction
from the humanities. Awarded by Obec překladatelů (The Translators’ Guild of the Czech
Republic) (
JOSEF ŠKVORECKÝ AWARD | Award for the best book of the previous twelve months; the
award has a student category. Awarded by the Josef Škvorecký Society. (
KAREL ČAPEK AWARD | Initiated in 1994. Conferred biennially for a “major contribution
to Czech literature” by the Czech Centre of the International PEN Club. Awarded by: the
Czech Centre of the PEN Club and the PEN Friends’ Society. (
KNIŽNÍ KLUB AWARD FOR LITERATURE | This award has been awarded by Knížní Klub
publishers since 1995 to the author of the most interesting manuscript of an unpublished
novel, which Knižní Klub will subsequently publish. (
MAX BROD AWARD | Competition for the best student essay. Initiated in 1995.
MOST BEAUTIFUL BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARD | Awarded to a one-off publication for
the perfection of its technical production and its function as an object of excellent polygraphic and artistic quality. (
PREMIA BOHEMICA | Awarded by Obec spisovatelů [the Writers’ Guild] to a Czech scholar from abroad whose work has served to promote Czech literature in his/her country.
STATE AWARD FOR A WORK OF TRANSLATION | Awarded for a translation of a literary work
from a foreign language into Czech to have been published in a given year or the year previous to it. The Award takes into consideration the previous literary translation work of nominees. A State Award may also be awarded in recognition of a lifetime’s translation work of
excellence. Awarded by: the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic. (
STATE AWARD FOR LITERATURE | Awarded for an original literary work in Czech which
is adjudged the most important to have been published in a given year or the year previous to it. A State Award may also be awarded in recognition of a lifetime’s work of excellence. Awarded by: the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic. (
TOM STOPPARD AWARD | Awarded every May to an author of Czech origin, in most
cases for an outstanding essay work which inspires by its thoughts and ideas.
…more info at and
a u t u m n 2014 s p r i n g 2015
Jiri Theiner
Polish journalist,
and translator
Andrzej Sławomir
The prize is named after the man who for many
years was editor-in-chief of the magazine Index
on Censorship. It is awarded by Book World Ltd.,
a company of the Association of
Czech Booksellers and Publishers,
to a living person or active institution
operating abroad who or which by
their or its acts or long-term endeavours has made a significant contribution to the dissemination and promotion of Czech literature abroad.
Nominations may be made by representatives of the professional public
(e.g., publishers, librarians, university staff, institutions or media concerned with literature and book culture).
The first Jiri Theiner Award was conferred in
2011 on the Polish scholar of Czech, translator and
The famed Israeli writer
and translator with
Czech roots,
Ruth Bondy
journalist Andrzej Jagodzinski. The award went in
2012 to the Israeli scholar of Czech, translator and
writer Ruth Bondy and in 2013 to the Canadian
translator and writer Paul Wilson.
In 2014 the award was presented to Peter Demetz, German studies
expert, translator, writer, essayist and
professor emeritus of the Yale University, who accepted the prize in
person at ninety-two years of age.
The winner is chosen by a fivemember committee appointed by
Book World Ltd. Pavel Theiner, son of
Jiri (George) Theiner and donor of the
financial award, is a permanent, honorary member of the committee. The Jiri Theiner
Award takes place at the Book World Prague international book fair and literary festival.
Canadian journalist,
literary critic
and translator
Paul Wilson
Peter Demetz
a u t u m n 2014 s p r i n g 2015
ARGO, Ltd.
Milíčova 13, 130 00 Praha 3
Czech Republic
Markéta Matušková, Ms.
phone: +420 273 132 175
[email protected]
[email protected]
Art, Architecture; Books for Children;
Encyclopaedias; Fiction; Natural Science;
Non-fiction; Poetry; Popular Science; Sci-fi;
Social Science
Brno University of Technology –
Antonínská 1, 601 90 Brno, Czech Republic
PhDr. Karel Blažek
phone: +420 541 145 350
[email protected]
Art, Architecture; Economics, Law,
Management, Business; Technology,
Engineering; Textbooks; University Press
Cena Česká kniha /
The Czech Book Award
Občanské sdružení Cena Česká kniha /
Czech Book Award Association
Zderazská 438/21, 153 00 Praha – Radotín
Czech Republic
Martin Daneš, Mr.
phone: +336 62 14 19 11
[email protected]
Fiction, Presentation – Attributed for the
first time in spring 2012, the Czech Book
Award recognizes annually one new piece
of literary fiction originally written in Czech
and published during the previous year by
a publisher in the country. It promotes
laureates’ books abroad in order to find
publishers to translation issues.
Lípová 1965, 737 01 Český Těšín
Czech Republic
Martin Šťourač, Mr.
phone: +420 558 772 276
fax: +420 558 772 221
[email protected]
FOTOMIDA Publishing House
Dvořákova 58, 382 82 Benešov nad Černou
Czech Republic
Dana Vitásková, Mrs.
phone: +420 607 811 162
[email protected]
Literary Agency
Art, Architecture
FRAGMENT Publishing, Ltd.
Pujmanové 1221/4, 140 00 Praha 4
Czech Republic
Šárka Vojtechová, Ms.
phone: +420 241 004 028
fax: +420 241 004 071
[email protected]
Books for Children; Encyclopaedias; Fiction;
Hobby, Entertainment, Leisure Interests;
Newspaper, Magazine; Popular Science;
Sport, Tourism; Textbooks; Stationery
HOST – Publishing House, Ltd.
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Dana Blatná, Mrs.
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Books for Children; Fiction; Non-fiction;
Žerotínovo nám. 9, 601 77 Brno
Czech Republic
PhDr. Alena Mizerová
phone: +420 549 491 170
[email protected]
Art, Economics, Law, Management, Business;
Foreign Language Literature; Dictionaries;
Geography, Cartography; Human and Social
Science; Language and Linguistic Literary
Studies; Library and Information Science;
Medicine, Music; Natural Science;
Newspaper, Magazine; Poetry; Popular
Science; Sport, Tourism; Textbooks; University
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Mgr. Radim Kopáč
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Czech Republic
Alena Jakoubková, Mrs.
phone: +420 266 199 841
[email protected]
Printing and Design – Complete printing
and binding facilities; Books; Brochures;
(paid ads)
Promotion of contemporary
Czech literature abroad
Švédská 25, 150 00 Praha 5, Czech Republic
phone: +420 257 325 041-3
fax: + 420 257 325 040
[email protected]
Promotion of Literature
Mariánské náměstí 1, 115 72 Praha 1
Czech Republic
Kateřina Bajo, Mrs.
phone: +420 222 113 346
[email protected]
Promotion of Literature, Coordinator
of Prague’s candidacy for the title UNESCO
City of Literature.
Internetové knihkupectví PROSPERO
/ E-bookshop PROSPERO
Institut umění – Divadelní
ústav / Arts and Theatre
phone: +420 224 809 137
[email protected];
Art, Architecture; Cultural Management;
Dance; Economics, Law; Encyclopaedias;
Foreign Language Literature; Music;
Newspaper, Magazine; Plays; Social
Science; Theatre
Ječná 11, 120 00 Praha 2
Czech Republic
phone: +420 220 540 536
[email protected]
Fiction; Foreign Language Literature;
Literary Agency; Poetry; Social Sciencies;
Information Centre of Prague Literature
Mariánské nám. 190/5, P.O.Box 177
110 01 Praha 1, Czech Republic
Marcela Turečková, Mrs.
phone/fax: +420 224 219 944;
+420 604 200 597
[email protected]
Commenting on proposed legislature,
publishing activity (the New Books
biweekly), offering information on
the internet, representing the Czech book
market abroad, information and consulting
services, etc.
SVĚT KNIHY, Ltd. (Book World)
Company of The Association
of Czech Booksellers and Publishers
Fügnerovo náměstí 3, 120 00 Praha 2
Czech Republic
PhDr. Dana Kalinová
phone: +420 224 498 236
fax: +420 224 498 754
[email protected]
Organisation of Book World Prague (annual
international book fair and literary festival),
representation of Czech publishers at
international book fairs, promotional and
reference support dealing with the Czech
book market, export of Czech books
Ministry of Culture of the Czech
Republic – Literature and Libraries
Ministerstvo kultury České
republiky – Samostatné oddělení
literatury a knihoven
Maltézské náměstí 1, 118 11 Praha 1
Mgr. Radim Kopáč
phone: +420 257 085 221
[email protected]
Association of Czech Booksellers
and Publishers
Svaz českých knihkupců a nakladatelů
Mariánské náměstí 190/5, P. O. Box 177
110 01 Praha 1
phone: +420 224 219 942
fax: +420 224 219 944
[email protected]
Association of Library and Information
Professionals of the Czech Republic
Svaz knihovníků a informačních
pracovníků ČR (SKIP)
Klementinum 190, 110 00 Praha 1
phone: +420 221 663 379
fax: +420 221 663 175
[email protected]
Czech Centre of PEN International
České centrum mezinárodního PEN klubu
Klementinum 190, 110 00 Praha 1
phone: +420 224 234 343
fax: +420 224 234 343
[email protected]
Czech Literary Fund Foundation
Nadace Český literární fond
Pod Nuselskými schody 3, 120 00 Praha 2
phone: +420 222 560 081–2
fax: +420 222 560 083
[email protected]
Czech Republic Library Association
Sdružení knihoven České republiky
Prokešovo nám. 9, 728 00 Ostrava
phone: +420 596 138 240
fax: +420 596 138 322
[email protected]
IBBY – International Board on Books
for Young People (Czech Section)
IBBY – Mezinárodní sdružení pro
dětskou knihu (česká sekce)
c/o Památník národního písemnictví
Strahovské nádvoří 1/132, 118 38 Praha 1
[email protected]
Institute of Czech Literature
of the Academy of Sciences
of the Czech Republic
Ústav pro českou literaturu
Akademie věd ČR
Na Florenci 3/1420, 110 00 Praha 1
phone: +420 234 612 111
fax: +420 224 818 437
[email protected]
National ISBN Agency
Národní agentura ISBN
Klementinum 190, 110 01 Praha 1
phone/fax: +420 221 663 306
[email protected]
National Literature Museum
Památník národního písemnictví
Strahovské nádvoří 1/132
118 38 Praha 1 – Hradčany
phone: +420 220 516 695
fax: +420 220 517 277
[email protected]
National Library of the Czech Republic
Národní knihovna České republiky
Klementinum 190, 110 01 Praha 1
phone: +420 221 663 111
[email protected]
Translators’ Guild
Obec překladatelů
Pod Nuselskými schody 3, 120 00 Praha 2
phone/fax: +420 222 564 082
[email protected]
Union of Interpreters and Translators
Jednota tlumočníků a překladatelů
Senovážné náměstí 23, 110 00 Praha 1
phone: +420 224 142 517
phone/fax: +420 224 142 312
[email protected]
Writers’ Guild
Obec spisovatelů
Železná 18, 110 00 Praha 1
phone /fax: +420 224 234 060
[email protected]
a u t u m n 2014 s p r i n g 2015
The Czech Centres promote Czech cultural life on the international stage and actively reinforce the perception of the Czech
Republic throughout the world as a modern and creative country
with a rich cultural tradition.
The organization was established and is funded by the
Czech Republic’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to advocate
on behalf of the Czech Republic abroad.
The Czech Centres
are members of European Union National Institutes for Culture
Their network is comprised of 23 Czech Centres in
20 countries and on 3 continents.
See for more information.
Václavské nám. 816/49
110 00 Praha 1
phone: +420-234 668 211
fax: +420-234 668 215
[email protected]
Herrengasse 17
1010 Wien
phone: +43-1-535 23 60
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150-152 Avenue Adolphe Buyl
1050 Bruxelles / Brussel
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+32 2 641 89 48, +32 2 641 89 47
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Rakovski 100
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Rytířská 31,
110 00 Praha 1
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18 rue Bonaparte
75006 Paris
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GERMANY – Berlin
Wilhelmstrasse 44 / Eingang
101 17 Berlin
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GERMANY – Düsseldorf
Martin-Luther-Platz 28
40212 Düsseldorf
phone: +49 211 86 325 056,
+49 211 86 325 057
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GERMANY – München
Prinzregentenstr. 7
805 38 München
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Szegfű u.4.
1063 Budapest
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Zeitlin Street 23
66164 Tel Aviv
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Via G. B. Morgagni 20
20129 Milano
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fax: +39-02-294 111 88
[email protected]
SLOVAKIA – Bratislava
Hviezdoslavovo nám 8, P.O. Box 348
814 99 Bratislava
phone: +421-2-544 182 15
fax: +421-2-544 182 15
[email protected]
2-16-14 Hiroo
150-0012 Tokyo, Shibuya-ku
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Seogyo-dong 395-19
Mapo-gu, Soul
Westersingel 9
3014 GM Rotterdam
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00-556 Warszawa
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Strada Ion Ghica 11, Sector 3
30045 Bucuresti
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[email protected]
RUSSIA – Moskva
Julia Fučika 12/14
123056 Moskva
phone: +7 (495) 276 07 22
[email protected]
RUSSIA – Czech House
3. Tverskaya-Yamskaya 36/40
125047 Moskva
phone: +7-495-787 78 51,
+7-495-787 78 54
fax: +7-499-978 70 02
[email protected]
Avda. Pio XII, 22-24
28016 Madrid
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c/o Tjeckiska ambassaden
Villagatan 21
114 32 Stockholm
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phone: +380 44 230 29 64
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116 Long Acre
WC2E 9PA London
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+42(0) 234 668 316
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[email protected]
321 East 73rd Street
NY 10021 New York
phone: +1-646 422-3399
fax: +1-646 422-3383
[email protected]
Best Czech Books of the Year
The purpose of the annual Magnesia Litera
Book Prize is to find and promote best books
from the previous year.
The award is presented by an independent
citizenship Litera consisting of the following
members: Academy of Science of the Czech
Republic, Czech Centre of International P.E.N.,
Czech section of IBBY, Writers’ Guild, Translators‘ Guild, Czech Literary Fund Foundation
and Association of Czech Booksellers and
Prizes were awarded in 9 categories at the
evening ceremony on April 8th in the New Stage
of National Theatre. Czech Television broadcasted the ceremony live.
30 Jury members (representing scientists,
writers, literary critics and publishers) bestowed
awards on the following literary efforts:
Magnesia Litera – Book of the Year
Jiří Padevět: A Guide through Prague under the Protectorate (Academia)
Litera for Fiction
Emil Hakl: True Event (Argo)
Litera for Poetry
Kateřina Rudčenková: Walk on Dunes (fra)
Litera for Children book
Ondřej Buddeus, David Böhm: Head in Head (Labyrint)
Litera for Publishing Achievement
Edition Large History of the Land of the Bohemian Crown (Paseka)
Litera for Book Translation
Péter Esterházy: Harmonia Caelestis,
translated by Robert Gál (Academia)
Litera for Non-fiction
Jiří Padevět: A Guide through Prague under the Protectorate (Academia)
DILIA Litera for Book Debut
Jan Trachta: Silent Breath (Paseka)
Kosmas Reader’s Prize
Zdeněk Svěrák: Barefoot on Stubble Field (Fragment)
The Best Czech Books
A Detailed Guide to War-time Prague
For the first time in five years the big winner at the annual
Magnesia Litera awards was not a work of fiction. The Book
of the Year prize and a financial award of 200,000 CZK (over
7000 EUR) went to historian Jiří Padevět for his extensive
work A Guide through Prague under the Protectorate.
In writing his book Jiří Padevět was inspired by guides of
the Nazi era, especially those to German towns and cities. Out of
the practical guide he planned originally, however, the book developed into something an admirable 808 pages in length. The
author proceeds systematically, street by street from the centre
of Prague, acquainting the reader with details of events well
known from the history books as well as happenings and personalities whose historical role may not have been crucial but which
and who nevertheless either served the anti-Nazi resistance or
stood on the side of the occupiers. This book also documents
the everyday reality of that time as well as its cultural and social
life. Some of its many photographs are published here for the first
time. The book became a great success with readers very soon
after its publication. Once it was named Book of the Year, it went
to the top of the non-fiction rankings.
Young poet Kateřina Rudčenková won the award for the best
collection of poetry.
(photo: Jakub Hněvkovský)
The jurors awarded the Litera for Fiction to Emil Hakl for
True Event, whose heroes, having first intended to criticize certain contemporary social phenomena (especially the harsh profitseeking practices of executors) decide to punish injustices
against the socially deprived. Winner of the Litera for Children’s
Book was Head in Head, a pictorial publication conceived by
poet Ondřej Buddeus and artist David Böhm as a quirky, playful
encyclopaedia that looks at the head and everything connected
with it directly and metaphorically from the points of view of professions as diverse as neurologist and boxer. The Litera for Poetry category was won by Walk on Dunes, a collection by Kateřina
Rudčenková, whose writing was inspired by a stay on the Baltic
coast. Again a financial award (of 30,000 CZK; approx. 1000 EUR)
was made for the winner of one of the sub-categories, the DILIA
Litera for Book Debut. The winner was Silent Breath by thirtyseven-year-old doctor of medicine Jan Trachta. It is a work of
reportage in which the author describes in an uncompromising,
unsentimental style his longstanding (and still ongoing) work on
Jiří Padevět (foreground, left), whose book A Guide through
Prague under the Protectorate became the 2014 Czech Book
of the Year.
(photo: Jakub Hněvkovský)
missions of the Médecins Sans Frontieres organization – in the
Congo during the civil war and in Haiti at a time of earthquake.
The Readers’ Prize went to Barefoot on Stubble Field, a bestseller in which popular film and TV actor-cum-screenwriter
Zdeněk Svěrák recalls his childhood in the country.
As in previous years a shortlist of books was drawn up in
seven categories by a jury composed from institutions and communities represented in the Litera Civic Association: the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, the Czech Centre of PEN
International, the Czech section of IBBY, the Writers’ Guild, the
Translators’ Guild, the Czech Literary Fund Foundation and the
Association of Czech Booksellers and Publishers. The winners
were announced on 8 April at a gala evening at the New Stage of
the National Theatre in Prague. The ceremony, hosted by actor
and theatre director Jiří Havelka and television presenter Daniela
Písařovicová, was inspired by the slogan “The book as a door to
other worlds”.
Results in full can be found on p. 20; for further information
The fiction prize went to Emil Hakl for True Event. Hakl is one
of few authors to win two Magnesia Litera prizes in the
competition’s thirteen-year history. (photo: Jakub Hněvkovský)
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Hrabal, BohumilObsluhoval jsem anglického krále / I Served the King of England
Bendová, Veronika
Nonstop Eufrat / Euphrates Non-stop
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Na sotnách / At the Last Breath
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Dopisy Olze / Letters to Olga
Hrabal, Bohumil
Městečko, kde se zastavil čas / The Little Town Where Time Stood Still
Aspekt, ŠvédskoSweden
Kultura A. D.
Tučková, Kateřina
Žítkovské bohyně / The Goddesses of Žítková
Kultura A. D.
Katalpa, Jakuba
Němci / Germans
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Hrabal, BohumilVybrané povídky / Selected Short Stories
GermanyRudiš, Jaroslav
Konec punku v Helsinkách / The End of Punk in Helsinki
Kritika slov / Critique of Words
Čapek, Karel
La joie de lireSwitzerland
Čechura, Rudolf – Šalamoun, Jiří Maxipes Fík II / Fík the Maxidog II
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Druhé město / The Other City
Alja, Bulharsko
BulgariaSoukupová, Petra
K moři / To the Seaside
Bellová, Bianca
Hakl, EmilSkutečná událost / A True Story
Mrtvý muž / Dead Man
Ksiazkowe Klimaty
PolandRudiš, Jaroslav
Potichu / Quietly
Twisted Spoon Press
Czech Republic
Gotická duše / A Gothic Soul
Karaásek, Jiří
VremeaRomaniaOuředník, Patrik
Europeana / Europeana
Šrut, PavelLichožrouti se vracejí / The Odd-Sock Eaters are Back
Tučková, Kateřina
Hájíček, JiříRybí krev / Fish Blood
De Geus
Pilátová, Markéta
Má nejmilejší kniha / My Favourite Book
Hokeš, Tomáš
Destine, s.r.o. / Destine Ltd.
Text PublishersRussia
Kratochvil, Jiří
Dobrou noc, sladké sny / Good Night, Sweet Dreams
Hůlová, PetraStrážci občanského dobra / Guardians of the Civic Good
Žítkovské bohyně /The Goddesses of Žítková
Důkazy jejího života / Evidence of Her Life
Hejkalová, Markéta
Hašek, JaroslavOsudy dobrého vojáka Švejka za světové války / The Good Soldier Švejk
Brčko Distrikt
Bosnia and HerzegovinaDousková, Irena
Hrdý Budžes / B. Proudew
Kratochvil, Jiří
Dobrou noc, sladké sny / Good Night, Sweet Dreams
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Žítkovské bohyně / The Goddesses of Žítková
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Něžný barbar / The Gentle Barbarian
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Cesta k jednoduchosti / The Road to Simplicity
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Faust umírá dvakrát / Faust Dies Twice
Meandar Media
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K moři / To the Seaside
Ars Lamina
Škvorecký, Josef
Bassaxofon / The Bass Saxophone
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Hájíček, JiříRybí krev / Fish Blood
Kratochvil, Jiří
Keller editore
ItalyLustig, Arnošt
Dobrou noc, sladké sny / Good Night, Sweet Dreams
Krásné zelené oči / Lovely Green Eyes
Pavel, Ota
Jak jsem potkal ryby / How I Came to Know Fish
Fiordo editorialArgentina
Hostovský, Egon
Žhář / The Arsonist
Al Arabi
Hůlová, PetraStrážci občanského dobra / Guardians of the Civic Good
Al Arabi
Brabcová, ZuzanaStropy / Ceilings
Kratochvil, JiříLehni, bestie! / Lie Down, Beast!
Hájíček, JiříRybí krev / Fish Blood
Post Bellum (in French)
Czech Republic
team of authors
Ještě jsme ve válce / We’re Still at War
Post Bellum (in Romanian) Czech Republic
team of authors
Ještě jsme ve válce / We’re Still at War
Czech Republic
team of authors
Ještě jsme ve válce / We’re Still at War
Post Bellum (in German)
the Translation of Czech Literature Abroad
Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic
Arts and Libraries Department
Maltézské náměstí 1
118 11 Praha 1
The Principles
¹¹ The grant is designed exclusively for promoting the publication of translations of original Czech literature abroad;
¹¹ the grant covers poetry, prose, drama, essays, comics and children’s literature; it does not cover non-fiction, expert literature
or the publication of excerpts from or parts of translations;
¹¹ priority is given to the promotion of contemporary literature, i.e. literature published after 1989;
¹¹ there are no restrictions regarding the target languages;
¹¹ it is foreign publishers who file applications for the grant;
¹¹ it is also possible to apply for a grant for a title published in the last half of the previous year;
¹¹ unless the book is published within a year of the day when the grant is awarded, the right to the grant will expire
(for serious reasons documented in writing, this time limit may be extended);
¹¹ the final decision on the grant will be taken by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic on the basis of recommendations
by an expert committee of the Arts and Libraries Department consisting of representatives of the communities of writers,
publishers, literary scholars and literary critics;
¹¹ when the application is considered, the publisher’s consistent interest in contemporary Czech literature, the translator’s experience
and quality of the translated text will all be taken into account;
¹¹ the application must include the completed form and all the prescribed attachments;
¹¹ the application must be typed on a computer;
¹¹ the language of communication shall be English;
¹¹ the application for the next calendar year has to be submitted at the address below by 15 November;
¹¹ if the submitted application is incomplete, the applicant will be required to immediately provide the missing documents,
or the grant application will be excluded from the grant proceedings;
¹¹ the application may be delivered in either electronic or printed form;
¹¹ if there are any changes in the conditions and circumstances mentioned by the publisher in the grant application, the publisher shall
be obliged to immediately report such changes to the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.
Payment Terms and Conditions
¹¹ the grant shall be paid to the publisher by bank transfer following the publication of the book;
¹¹ the transfer will take place after six copies of the book have been sent along with the documentation (signed by the translator
of the book) proving that all of the publisher’s financial obligations towards the translator have been met.
Contact Address
Mgr. Radim Kopáč
Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic
Arts and Libraries Department
Maltézské náměstí 1
118 11 Prague 1
T: +420 257 085 221
E: [email protected]
Application for a Grant for Translating Czech Literature
Publisher’s details
Publisher’s name
Contact person
Street and street number
Postcode, city
Telephone number
Number of titles published per year
Number of employees
Book details
Author’s first and surname
Book title
Number of pages
Number of copies
Planned month and year of publication
Translator’s details
Name and Surname
Telephone number
Language into which the book is to be translated
Titles previously translated by the translator
Translator’s fee
Grant amount requested (in EUR)
Publisher’s bank details
Name of bank
Account number (IBAN)
International code or SWIFT
Type of code (BIC)
Other support
Name of the Source
Required attachments
¹¹ contract with the holder of the copyright;
¹¹ contract with the translator;
¹¹ translator’s qualifications (education, work translated);
z budget for the book;
z the publisher’s publishing plan for this year and next year.
Publisher’s stamp and signature

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