International Symposium on Philosophy of Library and Information Science
September 3-5, 2014, Kastamonu, Turkey
Ethics: Theory and Practice
(Third Call for Papers)
Aim & Scope
The extraordinary pace of change in information and communication technology has
undertaken an attractive functionality in the field of library and information science too.
Professions and disciplines change depending on science and technology. However, along
with their changing aspects, they still retain their original essence remaining unchanged.
Nowadays, while the boundaries which mainly the change take up and re-shape are discussed,
unchanged fundamentals remain in the background. However, the basic characteristic that
consists a real profession and underpins the disciplines is their substance which does not
change by time and developments. This substance is a vital necessity for every profession and
In order to discuss the ethical and philosophical foundations of Library and Information
Science, we are organizing an international symposium named ‘Philosophy of Library and
Information Science’ under the theme ‘Ethics: Theory and Practice’i theme to be held on
September 3-5, 2014 in Kastamonu, Turkey.
At the symposium, it is intended to discuss the place, importance of the ethical theories and
practices in the field of Library and ınformation Science, opinions and thoughts about its
Main Topics
Main topics and sub-topics of the symposium (but not limited with) are defined as follows:
1. Foundations of Library and Information Science
 Boundaries of Library and Information Science
 Core of the Library and Information Science
 Library and Information Science Education
Interdisciplinary Characteristics of Library and Information Science
National and International recognition of Library and Information Science
2. Ethics and Law
 Freedom of Expression
 Censorship
 Freedom of Information
 Justice and Freedom
 Copyright
 Information Law
 Open Access
 Computing and Ethics
 Language, Culture and Ethics
 Principles and Standards of Ethical Behavior
3. Professional Moral / Professional ethics
 Ethics of Science
 Library and Information Science Ethics
 Library Ethics
 Information Science Ethics
Archival Ethics
Civil Organizations Ethics
4. Peer Reviewing and Editorial
Scientific Research
Scientific Journals and Editorial
Peer Reviewing and Peer Reviewer
Keynote Speakers
Professor Rafael Capurro (President of the International Center for Information Ethics (ICIE),
Professor Paul Sturges (Loughborough University, Professor Emeritus), Prof. Dr. Berrin
Yurdadoğ (Ankara University, Retired) Prof. Dr. Meral Alpay Şenöz (Istanbul University,
Retired), Professor İrfan Çakın (Hacettepe Univiersity) and Hilmi Çelik (Library of Sabancı
University, Retired) will be our keynote speakers.
Abstract & Paper Submission
The symposium’s language will be Turkish and English.
During the symposium
simultaneous translation will be available.
We accept extended abstracts (750 -1000 words) for full papers and posters. Extended
abstracts and full text papers will be evaluated by two, if necessary 3 peer reviewers. As the
reports should be previously unpublished elsewhere, the reports should be produced under the
condition of ethical sensitivity in the aspects of content, method, presentation etc. Accepted
extended abstracts and proposals will appear in the “Book of Abstracts” to be published prior
to the Symposium. Accepted papers will be published in Turkish Librarianship or
Information World peer reviewed journals.
Important dates
Call for papers
First call: August 20, 2013
Second call: October 15, 2013
Third (Final) call: December 15, 2013
Submission deadline for contributions: January 01, 2014
Extended Submission deadline for contributions: January 19, 2013
Authors notification: February 01, 2014 (17 February– Extended)
Submission deadline for full-text papers: March 15, 2014 (31 March - Extended)
Final authors notification: June 1, 2014 (16 June - Extended)
Symposium: 3-5 September 2014
Science Committee
Prof. Dr. Fatoş Subaşıoğlu (Ankara University, Turkey)
Prof. Dr. Mehmet Canatar (Istanbul University, Turkey)
Prof. Dr. Serap Kurbanoğlu (Hacettepe University, Turkey)
Prof. Dr. Bülent Yılmaz (Hacettepe University, Turkey)
Prof. Dr. Hamza Kandur (Marmara University, Turkey)
Prof. Dr. Mehmet Emin Küçük (Aksaray Üniversitesi, Emekli)
Prof. Dr. Hasan S. Keseroğlu (Kastamonu University, Turkey)
Doç. Dr. Hülya Dilek Kayaoğlu (İstanbul University, Turkey)
Doç. Dr. Coşkun Polat (Atatürk University, Turkey)
Ali Fuat Kartal (Turkish Librarians Association,Turkey)
Dr. Mehmet Tayfun Gülle (Turkish Librarianship, Turkey)
Dr. Nevzat Özel (URLA, Turkey)
Organizing Committee
Hasan S. Keseroğlu (Kastamonu University, Turkey) (Chair)
Güler Demir (Kastamonu University, Turkey)
Elsa Bitri (Kastamonu University, Turkey)
Ayşenur Güneş (Kastamonu University, Turkey)
Dr. Yusuf Yalçın (İzmir University)
Dr. Mehmet Ali Akkaya
Local Committee
Hasan S. Keseroğlu (Kastamonu University, Turkey) (Chair)
Güler Demir (Kastamonu University, Turkey)
Elsa Bitri (Kastamonu University, Turkey)
Ayşenur Güneş (Kastamonu University, Turkey)
Cevdet Yakupoğlu (Kastamonu University, Turkey)
Can Doğan Vurdu (Kastamonu University, Turkey)
Serdar Çavuş (Kastamonu University, Turkey)
Programme Committee
Umut Al (Hacettepe University)
Nazlı Alkan (Ankara University, Retired)
Hakan Anameriç (Ankara University)
Aykut Arıkan (Yeditepe University)
Sacit Arslantekin (Ankara University)
Selma (Alpay) Aslan (TOBB University of Economics & Technology)
Bekir Kemal Ataman (Giresun University)
Doğan Atılgan (Ankara University)
Gülbün Baydur (Hacettepe University, Retired)
Özlem Bayram (Ankara University)
Michael (Berkeley University, Retired)
John M. Budd (Missouri University)
Rafael Capurro (International Center for Information Ethics)
İrfan Çakın (Hacettepe University)
Archie Dick (Univesity of Pretoria)
Tülay Fenerci (Ankara University)
Aleksandra Horvat (Zagreb University)
Selçuk Hünerli (Kültür University)
Sekine Karakaş (Ankara University
Tuba Çavdar Karatepe (Marmara University)
Hülya Dilek Kayaoğlu (İstanbul University)
Hasan S. Keseroğlu (Kastamonu University
İshak Keskin (İstanbul University)
Ümit Konya (İstanbul University)
Serap Kurbanoğlu (Hacettepe University)
Mehmet Emin Küçük (Aksaray University)
Özgür Külcü (Hacettepe Üniversitesi)
TomasA. Lipinski (Kent State University
Peter Johan Lor (Pretoria University)
Kay Mathiesen (University of Arizona)
Hüseyin Odabaş (Atatürk University)
H. İnci Önal (Hacettepe University)
Coşkun Polat (Atatürk University)
Hermann Rösch (Cologne Üniverstiesi)
Fatih Rukancı (Ankara University)
Tefko Saracevic (Rutgers, New Jersey Devlet University)
Paul Sturges (Loughborough University, Emeritus Professor )
Fatoş Subaşıoğlu (Ankara University)
Anna Maria Tammarro (Parma University)
Oya Gürdal Tamdoğan (Ankara University
Yaşar Tonta (Hacettepe University)
Mehmet Toplu (Gazi University)
Nazan Uçak (Hacettepe University)
Yavuz Unat (Kastamonu University)
Sirje Virkus (Tallin University)
Bülent Yılmaz (Hacettepe University)
(List not completed)
Looking forward to your contributions to and participation in the Symposium.
All contributions and comments are welcome. Please send us your suggestions
at [email protected]
Chair of the Organizing Committee
Hasan S. Keseroğlu
Kastamonu University
Department of Information and Records Management
37150 Kuzeykent, Kastamonu-TURKEY
Tel: +90 (366) 280 19 03
E-mail: [email protected]