EXPRES 2013 Technical Program
March 22. 2013, Friday
Town Hall
address: Gradska kuca, Varoshaza
Trg Slobode 1.
Svečana sala, Diszterem
 University Obuda, Budapest, Hungary
 Subotica Tech, Subotica
 Faculty of Economics, Subotica
 Government Subotica
 TeraTerm co. heat pump, Subotica
 Dunkermotoren co. Subotica,
 OTP bank, Subotica
 Emnel co. Subotica solar,
 V3ME - Association of Hungarian Engineers and Technicals
08:00 – 09:00
09:00 – 09:30
Modest Dulić, Mayor of Subotica City
Prof. Dr. Imre J. Rudas
Prof. Dr. Branislav Todorovic
Prof. Dr. Alajos Mészáros
Prof. Dr. Éva Pataki
Prof. Dr. Laszló Garbai
Prof. Dr. Zoltan Zavargo
Prof. Dr. Dušan Gvozdenac,
Prof. Dr. Péter Odry
Prof. Dr. József Nyers
09:30 – 11:00
Session Chair: József Nyers
Could Near Zero Cooling Load Building be Achieved
Branislav Todorovic
University Belgrade, Serbia
Handling uncertainty and risk in environmental and Earth sciences
Janos Fodor and Gy. Bárdossy
Óbuda University, Budapest, Hungary
Energy policy and strategy of the EU - present state and future perspectives
Alajos Mészáros,
Member of European Parlament, Univesity Bratislava, Slovakia
COP of Individual Heat Pump and Heating System using Heat Pump
József M. Nyers*, Árpád J. Nyers**
* Subotica Tech, Serbia, Óbuda University, Budapest, Hungary
** Subotica Tech, Serbia, Tera Term Co. Subotica, Serbia
Application of Thermopile Technology in the Vehicle Industry
A. Zachár *, I. Farkas*, A, Szente**, M. Kálmán*** and P. Odry****
* College of Dunaújváros/Computer Engineering, Dunaújváros, Hungary
** Paks Nuklear Power Plant, Paks, Hungary
***University of Pécs/Electrical Engineering, Pécs Hungary
****Polytechnic of Subotica/Electrical Engineering, Szabadka, Serbia
10:45 – 11:30
11:30 – 12:45
Session Chair: Marija S. Todorović
Solar decathlon europe 2012 – a milestone of the energy plus buildings of the future
Marija S. Todorović
University of Belgrade & VEA-INVI, Belgrade, Serbia and Southeast University, Nanjing, China
Way to Improve Energy Efficiency in Serbian
Dušan Gvozdenac,
Faculty of Technical Sciences, Novi Sad, Serbia
Shallow Geothermal Resource Potential in the Application of Heat Pumps in Vojvodina
Zoltan Zavargo,
University of Novi Sad, Serbia
Overview of Thermopile Application Technology Its Potential Areas of Application in Industry and Family Homes
Imre Farkas
College of Dunaújváros, Hungary
Air tightness test of rooms
Dr. László Fülöp*, Dr. Željko Koški**, György Polics*
* University of Pécs / Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, Pécs, Hungary
** Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek / Faculty of Civil Engineering, Osijek, Croatia
12:45 – 14:45
14:45 – 16:00
Session Chair: Péter Odry
Machine tool efficiency in altered circumstances
Mirko Ficko
University of Maribor, Slovenia
Water Tank Providing Opportunity for Measuring Consumption by Water Meter
Lajos Hovány
Faculty of Civil Engineering, Subotica, Republic of Serbia
External Cost of Electricity from Different Energy Sources – a Life Cycle Perspective
F.E. Kiss* and Đ.P. Petkovič**
* University of Novi Sad/Faculty of Technology, Novi Sad, Serbia
** University of Novi Sad/Faculty of Economics, Subotica, Serbia
Some constructive and technological aspects regarding the gear transmissions used at wind turbines.
Csaba Gyenge, Annamaria Rafa, Calin Marian T.U. of Cluj-Napoca Romania
Mihaela Bob S.C.UNIO Satu Mara Romania
Breakthrough possibilities and limitations based on the experiences of the Hungarian biogas plants
Miklós Horváth*, Sándor Horváth*, Mónika Bakosné Diószegi*, Tibor Poós**
* Óbuda University, Faculty of Mechanical and Safety Engineering, Budapest, Hungary
** Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Department of Building Services and Process
Engineering, Budapest, Hungary
16:00 – 16:30
16:15 – 18:00
Session Chair: László Garbai, Nandor Burany
Guidelines for The Design Of Solar Hot Water Systems
Marinko Rudić Vranić
Emnel L.T.D., Subotica, Serbia
Mathematical description of outside temperature duration curve
László Garbai, Andor Jasper
Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary
Dynamic Modeling and Optimization of a Wind Turbine with Savonius-Type Rotor
A. Zachár* and N. Burány**
* College of Dunaújváros, Dunaújváros, Hungary;
** Subotica Tech, Subotica, Serbia;
Stand alone island mode operation of microCHP device
Péter Kádár, Mark Karacsi
University Obuda, Budapest, Hungary
Envelope Design Support to Thermal Comfort in House without use of Electricity
M. Bojic* A. Patou-Parvedy* J. Skerlic* D. Cvetkovic* M. Miletic*
* University of Kragujevac /Faculty of Engineering, Kragujevac, Serbia
in Hotel GALERIA, Restaurant V floor
Poster Session
Economic Criterions for Optimizing Exploitation of Non-renewable Energy Sources
Andras Sagi*, Eva Pataki**
*Faculty of Economics, Subotica, Serbia
**Subotica Tech, Serbia
Renewable energy sources in electric vehicles
Zoltán J. Pék MScME*
*Technical School Ivan Sarić/Mechanical Department, Subotica, Serbia
CFD Simulation of Local Entropy Generation Rate through Convective Heat Transfer in Parts of Steam Pipeline
Goran Vučković, Milan Banić, Gradimir Ilić, Mića Vukić, Mladen Stojiljković
University of Niš, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Niš, Serbia
Economic Optimum of Thermal Isolation of Buildings
József M. Nyers, Subotica Tech, Serbia, Óbuda University, Budapest, Hungary
Slavica. Tomić, Faculty of Economics, Subotica, Serbia
Galanta is exemplary in the use of geothermal energy in Slovakia and in Central Europe
Zuzana Kovářová
Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava
Faculty of Civil Engineering, Department of Building Services, Slovak Republic
Biomass production of 5 different basketwillow varieties (salix viminalis l.)
Béla Szabó – Miklós Szabó – László Simon – Gábor László Páy – László Sikolya
College of Nyíregyháza Faculty of Engineering and Agriculture,
Effects sam of plants additives on biogas production in laboratories experiments
Eszter Vass Kalmárné Ph.D –Imre Kalmár Ph.D –László Sikolya Ph.D., C.Sc.
University College of Nyíregyháza, Faculty of Engineering and Agriculture
Use of Sewage Water as a Heat Source for Sanitary Water Heating in Student Dormitory
„Nikola Tesla“ Banja Luka
Danijela Kardaš*, Petar Gvero*, Mario Katalinić**, Milovan Kotur*
* University of Banja Luka, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
**Eko – lux d.o.o, Zagreb
The geothermal and biomass heating plant
Jenő Kontra
Budapest University of Technology and Economics,Faculty of Architecture
Department of Building Energetics and Building Services
March 23, 2013, Saturday
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