2.45 GHz Electromagnetic Energy Harvester
Team Members: Emre Aydin, Bekir Celik
Advisors: Osman Ceylan, Dr. H. Bülent Yağcı, Prof. Dr. Selçuk Paker
İstanbul Technical University, Electrical and Electronics Faculty
RF Electronics Laboratory
2.45 GHz Wireless Energy Harvester
Indoor wireless systems usually use 2.45
GHz ISM band such as wireless internet
access points, sensor networks and
Bluetooth. Therefore at 2.45GHz band EM
energy intensity at the environment is
electromagnetic waves as an energy source
is a recent idea and one of the most
exciting areas of research. Ultra-low power
applications may work without battery.
Rectenna designed for this aim was
presented at IMS 2014 Wireless Energy
Harvesting student design competition and
it was placed as 4th degree.
In this project, three element Yagi-Uda
array is preferred because of better
gain/dimension balance. A single way
rectifier with zero bias schottky diode gets
direct current by rectifying received 2.45
GHz signal.
Wireless Energy Harvester
2.45 GHz ISM Band
Small sized (30x55x60 mm3)
0.18 V DC output @2.45 GHz*
 Linear polarization
 50Ω
 High gain 9.8 dBi @2.45GHz)
*Under 1μW/cm2 power density with 900 Ω load
ITU RF Electronics Laboratory – www.rflab.itu.edu.tr
System Structure
Antenna Pattern (Simulation) and S11 Measurement
A rectenna was designed at 2.45 GHz which can work with low power density. System includes a high
gain small sized antenna and a RF-DC converter. Efficiency of the rectifier at -10 dBm input power with
900 Ω load is around 36% and output power is 36 μW under 1μW/cm2 power density.
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2.45 GHz Microwave Harvester