Department of Biochemistry
Thesis topics and publications
1) Gamze TUNA, Oxidatıve Damage in Different Degenerative Dementia Patients:
Evaluation of The Oxidatıve Macromolecular Damage And Repair in Alzheimer's Disease,
Reddy P, Jaruga P, Kirkali G, Tuna G, Nelson B, Dizdaroglu M, Identification and
Quantification of Human DNA Repair Protein NEIL1 by Liquid Chromatography /
Isotope-Dilution Tandem Mass Spectrometry, Journal of Proteome Research,
Department of Medical Biology and Genetics
Thesis topics and publications
1) Sait Tümer. Analysis of allelic imbalances and local DNA copy number changes in
neuroblastic tumors, 2013.
Ozkan Bagci, Sait Tumer, Nur Olgun, Oguz Altungoz. Copy number status and
mutation analyses of anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK) gene in 90 sporadic
neuroblastoma tumors. Cancer Letters 317 (2012) 72–77
Department of Histology Embryology
Thesis topics and publications
1. Mostafa ASHRAFİ OSALOU. Applying EIS (electrochemical impedance spectroscopy)
to determine the most appropriate oocyte fertilization time for ICSI (intra cytoplasmic
sperm injection) in rats 2013
Department of Biophysics
Thesis topics and publications
1. Nuri Karabay - Combined evaluation of structural and electrophysiological features in
brain (2012)
Karabay N, Oniz A, Gokcay D, Alptekin K, Hugdahl K, Ozgoren M. The Relationship
Between Illness Duration and Brain Morphometry in Schizophrenia: Heschl's Gyrus
and Prefrontal Cortex Volumetry. Journal of Neurological Sciences (Turkish), 30(1):
153-167, 2013.
Özgören M, Taşlıca S, Öniz A, Alptekin K, Karabay N. A Multimodal Approach to
Schizophrenia via Heschl Gyrus Volumetry, Electrophysiology and Dichotic Listening
Test. The 14th International Congress on Schizophrenia Research, Amerika Birleşik
Devletleri, Nisan 2013.
2. Ali Necati Gökmen - Evaluating the level of consciousness with brain biophysics methods
in anaesthesia (2012)
Ozgoren M, Bayazit O, Gokmen N, Oniz A. Spectral Pattern Analysis of Propofol
Induced Spindle Oscillations in the Presence of Auditory Stimulations. The Open
Neuroimaging Journal, 4: 121-129, 2010.
Ozgoren M, Bayazit O, Kocaaslan S, Gokmen N, Oniz A. Brain Function Assessment
in Different Conscious States. Nonlinear Biomedical Physics, 4(1): S6, 2010.
Gökmen N, Öniz A, Bayazıt O, Erdoğan U, Akkan T, Özkurt A, Özgören M. The
Assesment of Acoustıcal and Electromagnetic Noise On EEG Monitoring During
Spinal Surgery Operations. Journal of Neurological Sciences (Turkish), 26(4): 472483, 2009.
Öniz A, Aydın B, Gökmen N, Özgören M. Modified Multiple Block Design: Memory
Measurements in Anesthesia. Journal of Neurological Sciences (Turkish), 25(4): 290300, 2008.
Department of Psychiatric Nursing
Thesis topics and publications
1)Hatice Öner Altıok. The effect of psychoeducation program grounded on the professional
socialization theory upon social skill levels of nursing students, 2013
Öner Altıok H., Üstün B. Nursing students' stress sources. Theory and Practice of
Educational Sciences. 2013; 13(2) Bahar/Spring: 747-766.
2) Kerime Bademli. Effects of family to family support program on mental health and coping
strategies of caregivers of schizophrenia patients, 2012
Bademli K., Duman Z.Ç. Caregivers of Schizophrenia, Current Approaches in
Psychiatry. 2013; 5(4):461-478.
Bademli K, Duman Z.Ç. (2011) Family to family support programs that applied to
caregivers of patients with schizophrenia: a systematic review. Turkish Journal of
Psychiatry. 2011; 22( 4): 255-265.
Department of Public Health Nursing
Thesis topics and publications
1. Nihal Gördes Aydoğdu, Effects of nursing interventions which is planned with the health
promotion models on the early detection behaviour towards breast and cervical cancer of
low income women, 2012
Aydoğdu NG, Bahar Z. (2011). “The Effects of Using Health Belief and Health
Promotion Models in Low-Income Women with Breast and Cervical Cancer Early
Detection Behaviour, DEUHYO ED; 4(1), 34-40.
2. Fatma Ersin, Effects of nursing interventions planned with the health promotion models
on the breast and cervical cancer early detection behaviors of the women, 2012
Ersin F., Bahar Z. (2012). Effects of Health Promotion Models on Breast Cancer Early
Detection Behaviors: A Literature Review. DEUHYO ED;5 (1), 28-38.
Ersin F., Bahar Z. (2011). “Effects of Health Belief Model and Health Promotion
Model on Breast Cancer Early Diagnosis Behavior: A Systematic Review”, Asian
Pasific Journal Journal of cancer Preventation, 12(10), 2555-62.
Ersin F., Bahar Z. (2011). “Inhibiting and Facilitating Factors Concerning Breast
cancer Early Diagnosis Behaviour in Turkish Women: A Qualitative Study According
to the Health Belief and Health Development Models”, Asian Pasific Journal of
Cancer Preventation, 12,1849-54.
3. Aygül Kıssal. Effects of nursing interventions planned with the health promotion models
on the breast and cervical cancer early detection behaviors in the older women, 2012
Kıssal A., Beşer A. (2011). Knowledge, Facilitators and Perceived Barriers for Early
Detection of Breast Cancer among Elderly Turkish Women, Asian Pasific J Cancer
Prev; 12, 975-984.
Kıssal A, Beşer A.(2014). Perceptions of Barriers and Facilitators of Cervical Cancer
Early Detection Behaviors Among Elderly Women.International Journal of Caring
Sciences ;7-1.157-168.
4. Ayla Tuzcu, The effect of nursing interventions based on health promotion models on
early detection behaviors of breast cancer in migrant women, 2013.
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Nursing
Thesis topics and publications
1. İlkay Arslan Özkan. Examining of the effects of nursing interventions based on watson?
theory of human caring on the infertil women? distress, self-efficacy and adjustment
status, 2012.
İlkay Arslan-Özkan,Hülya Okumuş, Ayhan Aytekin Lash, Mehmet Ziya Firat.
Cultural Validation of the Turkish Version of the Infertility Self-Efficacy Scale–Short
Form (TISE-SF). J Transculturel Nursing,2013
İlkay Arslan Ozkan, Hulya Okumus, Kadriye Buldukoğlu. A randomized controlled
trial of the effects of nursing care based on Watson’s Theory of Human Caring on distress,
self-efficacy and adjustment in infertile women. 2013, Journal of Advanced Nursing,
Ilkay Arslan Özkan, Hülya Okumus, Kadriye Buldukoglu, Jean Watson. A Case Study
Based On Watson's Theory of Human Caring: Being an Infertile Woman in Turkey.
Nursing Science Quarterly, 2013 26: 352.
2. Yeter Durgun Ozan. Effects of nursing care based on Watson' theory of human caring on
the infertility treatment women' distress, anxiety and coping styles 2013, no publication.
Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation
Thesis topics and publications
1. Serap Acar, To research the effect of different exercise programs in type 2 diabetic
individuals, 2011. (Sent to journal of Experimental and clinical endocrinology and
2. Özge Çeliker Tosun. Determining the effects of pelvic floor exercises in urinary
incontinence treatment on pelvic floor muscle strength by non-invasive method, 2012
(American Journal Of Obstetrics And Gynecology -in revision process-)
3. Meriç Şenduran. Balance and related factors in patients with liver cirrhosis, 2013
(sent to Journal of Hepatology)

Department of Biochemistry Thesis topics and publications 1