Call for Partners
Erasmus+/Youth in Action/Key Action 1: Youth Exchange „The social Way of Life“
„Street Art – Association for innovative youth work“ in Austria is planing to apply for a youth
exchange in Vienna with the 04.February 2015 Deadline.
Project Titel: „The social Way of Life“
Topics: Youth unemployment, empowerment of youth, learning about working in the
social field and social entrepreneurship, Project Management.
Aims: learning about the social Jobs and social entrepreneurship, Creating and
implementation of a own social Project together, learning about Project Management.
Target Group: 8 Youth (with fewer oportunities,male/female), 14-18 years + 2
Leaders, no age limit
Venue: Vienna/Austria
Date: 13.August 2015.-25.August.2015
Partners: We are looking for 5 Partners from all Countries
Project Summary:
„The social way of Life“ is a youth exchange to show the participants the different
areas of social work, to strenghten the participants to take a part in the social fields, to
explain the participants the social entrepreneur field and to show and to create with
the participants a own social Project.
There are 2 important
→ Areas of social Work and social entrepreneurship
We like to show our Participans the different areas of social work. This topic we split
in 3 points.
The first one is theory: What i need to became a social worker? What areas are
available in the social work?
The second one is practice: so we organize groups and give the Participans the
oportunity to take a part for one day in a social job.
The third one is social entrepreneurship: We show the participans what is social
entrepreneurship? We visit different Social Companys in Vienna.
→ Project Management:
We like to show the participans how to create a youth project?, what is Erasmus+?,
and then we organize in vienna one Project together. So the participans have the
chance to organize a real project, promote the project and carry out this project.
Hosting Organisation: "Street Art - Association for innovative youth work" is a Youth
Organisation. We work with young People between 14 and 23 years. Our main topics are
Youth unemployment, youth empowerment, Art Projects, and Sport activities.
If you are interested please send a short description of your Organisation and your
experiences in the youth work to Pero Bogdanovic [email protected]
Deadline 12th January 2015

Call for Partners Project Titel: „The social Way of Life