Sait Celebi
Purdue University
Department of Computer Science
305 N. University Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907
+1 (765) 430-5825
[email protected]
Research Interests
• Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Social Network Analysis
• PhD Student at Computer Science Department, Purdue University, Current
• MS Electrical and Computer Engineering, Istanbul Sehir University, June 2014
• BS Computer Science, Sakarya University, May 2011
Journal Publications
1. Tarik Arici, Sait Celebi, Ali Selman Aydin, and Talha Tarik Temiz. "Robust Gesture Recognition:
Feature Pre-processing and Weighted Dynamic Time Warping". Multimedia Tools and Applications,
Conference Publications
1. Tarik Arici, Sait Celebi, Ali Selman Aydin, Talha Tarik Temiz. "Discriminant Boosted Dynamic Time
Warping and Its Application to Gesture Recognition". VISAPP (2) 2014: 223-231
2. Sait Celebi, Ali Selman Aydin, Talha Tarik Temiz, and Tarik Arici. Gesture Recognition using Skeleton Data with Weighted Dynamic Time Warping". VISAPP (1) 2013: 620-625
3. Tarik Arici and Sait Celebi. "Flow-Driven Regularization with Regularizer Verification in Optical
Flow Computation". In: International Conference on Image Processing. IEEE, 2012
Workshop Publications
1. Sait Celebi, A. Erkan Bilmez, Feruz Davletov, Tarik Arici, Bugra Gedik. "TopicStrand: Analyzing
Social Media Discussions based on Participation Characteristics". The First Workshop on Heterogeneous
Information Access at WSDM, 2015
Sait Celebi
Work Experience
• Teaching Assistant, Computing with Multimedia Objects course, Purdue University, Fall 2014
• Visiting Researcher, Multimedia and Sensors Lab, Georgia Institute of Technology, Summer 2013
• Research Assistant, Istanbul Sehir University, 2011-2012
• Teaching Assistant, Istanbul Sehir University, 2010-2011
• Research Intern, TUBITAK (Turkish NSF) UEKAE - MTRDL, 2010
Open Source & Programming
• Stackoverflow & Github username: celebisait
Programming Languages
• Python, Java, C++, C, Shell scripting
Last updated: December 10, 2014

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