Dr. Onur Ferhanoğlu
Emre Göncü
EHB 211 E Basic of Electrical Circuits
Homework III
1- Assume that the op amp in the circuit given in Figure 1 is ideal.
a. Determine vo for vg  4V .
vg values that satisfy the op amp oparates in a linear mode.
vg  2V and 63k resistor is replaced with a variable resistor.
b. Find the range of
c. Assume that
Determine the value of the variable resistor that will cause the op amp to
2- Ideal op amp in the circuit given in Figure 2 is operating in its linear region.
a. Find the vo in terms of R1 , R2 , Rs and vs .
b. What happens if R1   and R2  0 . Explain why this circuit is referred to
as a voltage follower in these conditions.
Figure 1
Figure 2

4 . v V = 2 v V = , , R R R and v . R →∞ and 0