2nd International Conference on Recycling and Reuse 2014 (R&R, 2014)
June 4, 2014, Wednesday
Albert Long Hall
Keynote Speaker: Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Dinçer, Canada
Novel renewable energy technologies for sustainable future.
Session I A: Kriton Curi Hall
Membrane Processes, I
Chair: Vincenzo Belgiorno
Session I B: Albert Long Hall BTS
3R-Reuse, Recovery, Recycle, I
Chair: Mehmet Karpuzcu
Reuse of MBR-treated domestic wastewaters for lawn irrigation.
O. T. Komesli and C. F. Gökçay, Türkiye. ID 53
Reclamation of sewage treated wastewater using integrated
membrane systems: Technical performance and social impact
C. B. Ong, A. W. Mohammad, S. R. S. Abdullah and H. A.
Hasan, Malaysia. ID 47
Recovery of ferrochrome and steelmaking slags: Two pilot
M. Karpuzcu, O. Erkan and Ş. Delipınar, Türkiye. ID 330
Reuse of steel waste: An innovative media to remediate
chromium contamination using a system of permeable reactive
P. R. Frade , L. N. Andrade, C. C. Amorim and M. M. D.
Leão, Brazil. ID 38
Application of nanofiltration membrane process for recovery and
reuse of salt in the segregated reactive dyeing wastewater.
B. Yuzer, B. Yurdakul, M. I. Aydin, A. Ongen and H. Selcuk,
Türkiye. ID 345
Water reclamation from palm oil mill effluent using an integrated
membrane-based process.
A. L. Ahmad, S. Ismail, and I. Idris, Malaysia. ID 22,
Recovery and reuse of wastewater from the wheat cooking
F. Balcı and M. Bayram, Türkiye. ID 233
Electroplating sludge lixiviation: Recovery of acids, bases and
metals by diffusion dialysis.
C. Amrane and K. E. Bouhidel, Algeria. ID 229
Session II A: Kriton Curi Hall
Oxidation Processes, I
Chair: Dionisis Mantzavinos
Session II B: Albert Long Hall BTS
3R-Reuse, Recovery, Recycle, II
Chair: Süreyya Meriç Pagano
Invited speaker: Prof. Dr. Idil Arslan-Alaton
Treatment of aqueous Bisphenol A using nano-sized zero-valent
iron in the prescence of hydrogen peroxide and persulfate.
B. Girit, D. Dursun, T. Olmez-Hancı and I. Arslan-Alaton,
Türkiye. ID 19
Assessment of compost availability from agricultural waste in
Abu Dhabi and Dubai.
J. E. Schmidt, S. Al-Boainain and J. R. Bastidas-Oyanedel,
United Arab Emirates. ID 120
The photosensitized oxidation of mixture of parabens in aqueous
D. Gryglik and M. Gmurek, Poland. ID 138
Reuse of blast furnace and blast oxygen furnace sludges as
versatile adsorbents for treatment of metalworking fluids.
S. V. Santos, C. C. Amorim, M. M. D. Leão, F. Gian, N. B.
Amaral and A. B. Henriques, Brazil. ID 42
Fate of phenothiazine pharmaceuticals using Fenton process:
Experimental design optimization, assessment of transformation
products and ready biodegradability.
M. L. Wilde and K. Kümmerer, Germany. ID 187
Recovery of yttrium (Y) and europium (Eu) from lamps’
fluorescent powders through biosorption.
M. A. Küçüker and K. Kuchta, Germany. ID 78
Solar photo-Fenton using persulfate/peroxymonosulfate for
pharmaceutical and pesticide residues removal from domestic
M. M. Ahmed and S. Chiron, France. ID 66
Urban wastewater treatment by graphene adsorption for reuse:
Pharmaceuticals removal and effect on effluent toxicity.
L. Rizzo, A. Fiorentino, M. Grassi, G. Attanasio, M. Guida
and I. Aglietto, Italy. ID 94
Efficiency of a solar photocatalysis process using TiO2 powder
dispersion and TiO2 immobilized on blue glass slabs for the
removal of ibuprofen from aqueous environments.
S. Khalaf, I. Scrano, F. Lelario, R. Karaman and S. A. Bufo,
Italy. ID 67
Recovery of chromium from tannery sludge using
E. Pantazopoulou, O. Zebiliadou, M. Mitrakas and A.
Zouboulis, Greece. ID 142
Session III A: Kriton Curi Hall
Oxidation Processes, II
Chair: Idil Arslan-Alaton
Session III B: Albert Long Hall BTS
3R-Reuse, Recovery, Recycle, III
Chair: Ibrahim Dinçer
Electro-Fenton-like reactions as a promising alternative for the
remediation of soils, groundwater, sediments and industrial
M. A. Sanroman, E. Alfaya, E. Bocos, M. Pazos and M. A.
Longo, Spain. ID 236
Inactivation of Escherichia coli by Fe/alginate heterogeneous
photo-Fenton at neutral pH.
A. Cruz, C. Sans and S. Esplugas, Spain. ID 116
Evaluation of chemical oxidation of C.I. Reactive Blue 19 by
combined parabolic photoreactor and UV/S2O82- process.
M. H. Rasoulifard and L. Ghalamchi, Iran. ID 184
Reuse of steel waste as an alternative adsorbent to remove dyes
from textile wastewater.
C. C. Amorim, P. R. Dutra, L. N. Andrade, M. M. D. Leão,
R. F. P. M. Moreira and R. M. Lago, Brazil. ID 59
The impact of phototransformation products of doxepin
hydrochloride on luminescent bacteria and their expected fate in
the environment.
M. Herrmann, J. Menz, O. Olsson and K. Kümmerer,
Germany. ID 173
Photocatalytic removal of vancomycin B by TiO2 based
suspended and Ag, Fe-doped systems.
G. Lofrano, C. B. Ozkal, M. Carotenuto and S. Meriç,
Türkiye. ID 344
Recycled material in water filtration: The effect of media grain
E. Soyer, S. Yigit Hunce, Z. Yılmaz, C. Babaoglu, Z. M. Ülkü
and Ö. Akgiray, Türkiye. ID 298
An environmental friendly technology for recovering waste
E. Dindar, F.O.T. Şağban and B. Denktaş, Türkiye. ID 130
Physical and mechanical properties of wood plastic composite
made from different blends of recycled plastics.
S. K. Najafi, A. Hasani and I. Ghasemi, Iran. ID 31
Nanoparticles SiNPs anchored scorpionate complexes as novel
recyclable catalysts for hydrocarbon catalysis.
K. Machado and G. S. Mishra, Portugal. ID 164
June 5, 2014, Thursday
Albert Long Hall
Keynote Speaker: Prof. Dr. Nalan Kabay
Utilization of membrane technologies as an alternative solution for water scarcity problem.
Keynote Speaker: Prof. Dr. Damià Barceló Cullerès
Pharmaceuticals and their transformation products in hospital effluents before reaching urban wastewaters intended for reuse:
Characterisation, management and risks.
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Sixto Malato
Waste water treatment and reclamation: Applications with solar AOPs.
Session I A: Kriton Curi Hall
Session I B: Albert Long Hall BTS
Energy and Pollution, I
Membrane Processes, II
Chair: Burak Demirel
Chair: Nalan Kabay
Invited speaker: Prof. Dr. Mirat Gürol
Biodiesel from microalgal biomass.
M. D. Gürol, N. Say, U. Sen, G. Soydemir and U. Sen,
Türkiye. ID 293
The hygienic state of a full-scale biogas plant co-digesting cow
manure with green biomass under different thermophilic process
S. Off and P. Scherer, Germany. ID 35
Recovery of methane from tannery sludge: The impact of I:S
ratio and solids content.
Ç. Akyol, B. Demirel and T. T. Onay, Türkiye. ID 296
Invited speaker: Prof. Dr. Levent Yılmaz
Metal removal and recovery from aqueous solutions via PEUF
(Polymer Enhanced Ultrafiltration).
H. Zerze, H. O. Ozbelge, N. Bicak and L. Yılmaz, Türkiye.
ID 306
Separation of water from metal working emulsions by high shear
ultrafiltration system
N. Moulai-Mostefa, L. Ding and M. Y. Jaffrin, Algeria. ID 93
Fermentative hydrogen and methane production from
microalgae-bacteria flocs (MaB-Flocs).
M. A. Küçüker, N. Wieczorek and K. Kuchta, Germany.
ID 81
Permeable bioactive barrier for remediation of contaminated
M. Pazos, L. Ferreira, E. Rosales, T. Tavares and M. A.
Sanromán, Spain. ID 235
Organic solvent nanofiltration: Towards a paradigm shift in
solvent-intensive chemical processes.
P. Vandezande, D. Ormerod, M. Bulut, H. Beckers and A.
Buekenhoudt, Belgium. ID 255, CANCELLED
Session II A: Kriton Curi Hall
Energy and Pollution, II
Chair: Ayşen Erdinçler
Session II B: Albert Long Hall BTS
Oxidation Processes, III
Chair: Sixto Malato
Technological improvement in industry in the scope of climate
B. Hilmioglu, S. Karahan, N. Akalin, A. Avinal, G. Cakmak
and K. Rende, Türkiye. ID 324
Economic analysis of wind-powered reverse osmosis
desalination system in southern Algeria.
Z. Triki, M. N. Bouaziz and M. Boumaza, Algeria. ID 149
Removal of naproxen in liquid phase by using advanced
oxidation processes.
S. Sulaiman, L. Scrano, F. Lelario, S. A. Bufo and R.
Karaman, Italy. ID 74
Comparative study of the process at different reactor
configurations and scales for isovaleraldehyde elimination by
photocatalysis, non-thermal plasma and combined
A. A. Assadi, A. Bouzaza and D. Wolbert, France. ID 221
Ultrasound-assisted process for the removal of endocrine
disruptors from aqueous matrices.
Z. Frontistis and D. Mantzavinos, Greece. ID 152
Exploiting the operational advantages of Phanerochaete
chrysosporium inoculated suspended growth bioreactor for the
removal of selenite from wastewater
E. J. Espinosa-Ortiz, E. R. Rene, G. Gonzalez-Gil and P. N.
L. Lens, The Netherlands. ID 326
Start-up and process characteristics of a full-scale biogas plant
for cow manure under elevated thermophilic conditions.
P.Scherer, S. Antonczyk and R. Arthur, Germany. ID 45
Converting maize silage and wastewater sludges into energy:
Effect of sludge pre-treatment.
B. A. Alagöz, A. Erdinçler and O. Yenigün, Türkiye. ID 144
Concurrent water disinfection and micro pollutant removal by
solar radiation in 2 pilot scale photoreactors.
R. A. Timmers, M. I. Polo-López, P. Fernández-Ibáñez and J.
Marugán, Spain. ID 33
Simultaneous water disinfection and removal of micropollutants
in a lab-scale compound parabolic collector using solar simulated
R. A. Timmers, P. Soto, C. Casado, R. Van Grieken and J.
Marugán, Spain. ID 34
Session III A: Kriton Curi Hall
Environment, Energy and Pollution, I
Chair: Damià Barceló Cullerès
Session III B: Albert Long Hall BTS
Oxidation Processes, IV
Chair: Gianluca Li Puma
Invited speaker: Prof. Dr. Barış Çallı
Biogas production from chicken manure.
B. Çallı, Türkiye.
Invited speaker: Prof. Dr. Zekiye Çınar
Synergestic effect of metal/nonmetal co-doping an the enhanced
solar photocatalytic activity of TiO2.
Z. Çınar, Y.Y. Gurkan and E. Kasapbasi, Türkiye. ID 48
Substance flow analysis of nonylphenol and nonylphenol
ethoxylates in Turkey.
C. Karakaş and Ü. Yetiş, Türkiye. ID 52
Modeling contaminant transport in the Marmara region and
analyzing the associated parametric sensitivity
Z. Akdoğan, B. Güven and I. Balcıoğlu, Türkiye, ID 346
Alkaline thermal pretreatment of lignocellulosic wastes of a
marine plant for bioethanol 2nd generation production.
K. Zaafouri, L. A. Fdez.-Güelfo, C. Álvarez-Gallego, M.
Hamdi and L. I. Romero, Tunisia. ID 274
Fabrication of Nd-doped ZnO hierarchial micro/nanospheres
with enhanced sunlight-driven photocatalytic degradation of 2,4dichlorophenol.
J-C. Sin, S-M. Lam and A. R. Mohamed, Malaysia. ID 194
Degradation of pentachlorophenol by visible light N-F TiO2
photocatalysts in the presence of oxalate ions: Optimization by a
combination of experimental design and response surface
M. Antonopoulou, D. Hela and I. K. Konstantinou, Greece.
ID 249
Removal of arsenic from Sivas-Şarkışla plain groundwaters by
fixed bed electrocoagulation reactor using iron ball anodes.
M. Kobya, F. Ozyonar, E. Demirbaş, E. Şık and M. S. Oncel,
Türkiye. ID 27
Liquid bio-fuel production via pyrolysis and catalytic pyrolysis
of fatty materials in a pilot plant.
T. Kraiem, A. Ben Hassen-Trabelsi, S. Naoui, G. Hamdaoui
and H. Belayouni, Tunisia. ID 260
The treatment of phenol formaldehyde production wastewater by
successive electrochemical processes
E. Demirbaş, B. Özgurses, M. Kobya, A. Akyol, and O.T.
Can, Türkiye, ID 25.
GALA DINNER (Istanbul University Social Facilities)
GALA DINNER (Istanbul University Social Facilities)
June 6, 2014, Friday
Albert Long Hall
Keynote Speaker: Prof. Dr. Gianluca Li Puma
Solar photocatalytic treatment for the removal of contaminants of emerging concern in urban and industrial wastewaters and
simultaneous production of renewable energy.
Keynote Speaker: Prof. Dr. Juan M. Lema
Integrated anaerobic-aerobic membrane bioreactor systems for wastewater treatment and reuse.
Keynote Speaker: Prof. Dr.Vincenzo Belgiorno
MBRs as a leading edge technology for wastewater treatment and reuse.
Keynote Speaker: Prof. Dr. Miriam Balaban
Water: Papers, people and precious waste.
Session I A: Kriton Curi Hall
Energy and Pollution, III
Chair: Paul Scherer
Recovery and renumeration for urban particulate matter and
J. J. Sansalone and S. Rajeb, USA. ID 143
Optimizing the performance of a compost biofilter for the
removal of a mixture of gas-phase benzene and xylene from
polluted air.
E. R. Rene, K. Pakshirajan, J. Krishnan and T.
Swaminathan, The Netherlands. ID 325
Optimization of physical activation process for tire wastes
conversion to activated carbon
M. Mozaffarian, Z. Loloie and M. Soleimani, Iran. ID 58
Comparative life-cycle impact assessment of Turkish fly ash/slag
-Portland cement mortars using the green concrete LCA tool.
Ç. Meral, M. Tangüler and P. Gursel, Türkiye. ID 250,
Session I B: Albert Long Hall BTS
3R-Reuse, Recovery, Recycle, IV
Chair: Luigi Rizzo
Utilization of coal bottom ash as aggregate for porous concrete
and its environmental impact.
J. G. Jang, Y. B. Ahn, H. Souri and H. K. Lee, South Korea.
ID 126
Particle characterization of crushed recycled glass.
S. Yigit Hunce, E. Soyer and Ö. Akgiray, Türkiye. ID 297
Adsorption of phenol and methylene blue from aqueous solutions
by pyrolytic tyre char.
V. Makrigianni, A. Giannakas and I. Konstantinou, Greece.
ID 251
Optimization of nutrients and metals release from municipal
sewage sludge by chemical extraction using Box-Behnken
A. Uysal, E. Sayilgan, E. Kuman, G. Caylak, O. Nezor and D.
Tuncer, Türkiye. ID 279
Session II A: Kriton Curi Hall
Environment and Pollution, II
Chair: John Sansalone
Session II B: Albert Long Hall BTS
3R-Reuse, Recovery, Recycle, V
Chair: Giorgio Bertanza
Substance flow analysis of mercury in Turkey for policy decision
D. Civancık and U. Yetis, Türkiye. ID 63
Reuse of unused and expired drugs in Algeria.
N. Belboukhari, Z. Merzoug and A. Cheriti, Algeria. ID 284
Performance of date pits activated carbons for removal of
antibiotic from water: Equilibrium isotherms and kinetic studies.
M. Belhachemi and F. Addoun, Algeria. ID 166
Land activities and water irrigation qualities effects on soil
pollution (Ni, Cr, Pb, Cd, Cu, Zn) and speciation of heavy metals
in semi-arid isohumic soil.
A. Charef, R. Azouzi, L. Ayed and S. Khadhar, Tunisia. ID
Potential use of agroforestry residues as adsorbent for
environmental applications.
E. Rosales, M. Cobas, R. Torras, J. Mejide, M. A. Sanromán
and M. Pazos, Spain. ID 241
Phytoremediation of heavy-metal-polluted soils: Screening for
new accumulator plants in “Kettara” mine and evaluation of
removal ability.
L. Midhat, N. Ouazzani and L. Mandi, Morocco. ID 207
Degradation of hazardous biological infectious wastes from
hospitals by using a thermal composting process.
M. A. López Zavala, D. Muñoz and E. Ramos, Mexico. ID
The development of an instrument in the determination of 6th, 7th
and 8th grade students’ knowledge level about recovery
packaging waste-Sarıyer sample.
M. Ceylan Alibeyoğlu, M. Bekbolet and A.Yontar Toğrol,
Türkiye. ID 289, CANCELLED
Session III A: Kriton Curi Hall
Environment and Pollution, III
Chair: Juan M. Lema
Session III B: Albert Long Hall BTS
Oxidation Processes, V
Chair: Zekiye Cinar
Reuse of industrial residues/wastes in groundwater remediation.
E. B. Özkaraova Güngör, Türkiye. ID 168
Characterization of exopolysaccharides from floccular and
aerobic granular activated sludge as alginate-like-exops.
S. B. Sam and E. Dulekgurgen, Türkiye. ID 262
Waste management and recycling themes in a system-based
seventh grade environmental education program.
Z. Doganca and A. K. Saysel, Türkiye. ID 258
Impact of co-incineration on a large-scale hazardous waste
management system.
O. Yilmaz, B. Y. Kara and U. Yetis, Türkiye. ID 245
Valorisation of macrophyte residues from a constructed wetlands
plant by composting process: A case study in Tunisia.
K. Soulwène, S. Neila, H. Abdennaceur and M. Fadhel,
Tunisia. ID 270, CANCELLED
Wet oxidation of sewage sludge from municipal and industrial
G. Bertanza, R. Galessi, L. Menoni and S. Zanaboni, Italy.
ID 114
UV fluorescence FTIR, GC-MS analyses and resin fractionation
procedures as indicators of the chemical treatability of olive mill
H. Gursoy-Haksevenler and I. Arslan-Alaton, Türkiye. ID 16
Photocatalytic oxidation of benzoquinone in aqueous ZnO
E. Gergec, M. Kobya, O. T. Can and A. Akyol, Türkiye.
ID 90
Biodegradation of olive mill effluent with hydrogel coated Fe3O4
magnetic composite.
D. T. Sponza and R. Oztekin, Türkiye. ID 231
Integrated process scheme for the combined treatment of liquid
wastes and municipal wastewaters.
M. Prisciandaro and G. Mazziotti di Celso, Italy. ID 219,
Closing ceremony

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