FIGURE SKATING Summer CAMP Kosice 2015, Slovakia
Crow Arena
CAMP I: 21. 6. – 26. 6. 2015
CAMP II: 28. 6. – 03. 7. 2015
CAMP III: 05.7. – 10.7. 2015
Ice ring: Crow arena s.r.o.
Kavecianska cesta 1113/1, 040 01 Kosice – Sever
GPS: 48°44'30.0722258ʺN
City Hotel Kosice
Vodarenska str. No 646/6, 040 01 Kosice - Sever (5 min. walk)
GPS: 48°44'29.4863997ʺN
Hotel Stadion
Cermelska 1, 040 01 Kosice, SR (5 min. walk)
GPS: 48°44'26.48ʺN
Price for Camp:
Ice fee: 1st & 2nd group
3rd & 4th group
180,- €
150,- €
Accommodation and meals:
170,- €...
Accommodation in City Hotel + full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
150,- €...
Accommmodation in Hotel Stadion + full board(breakfast, lunch, dinner)
Lunch & Dinner in the restaurant on the Ice ring, breakfast at the hotels.
Head coach:
Alexey V A S I L E V S K I Y – technique of jumps, piruets, steps - coach,
choreaographer – from Prague
Matej N O V A K – skating skills (basic technique, flow) – ice dancing coach
Gymnastic & stretch:
Lubica V A R G O V Á – responsible coach for preparing of sport gymnasts on
Sport High school in Kosice
Dance coaches:
Peter V I D A S I C, Miroslava S E K A N I N O V A –
Ice fee includes:
1st & 2nd group - 3-times a day practice on the ice (2xVasilievskiy + 1xNovak)
3rd & 4th group - 2-times a day practice on the ice (1xVasilievskiy + 1xNovak )
- 1 time a day dance practice – all groups
- 1 time a day gymnastic practice - all groups
- 3 practices a day for 5,-€ fee/practice (after notifying by coach)
Lenght of practice lesson/unit: 45 min.
Other benefits:
- Possibility to order dance choreography by dance coaches on the camp
(necessary to notify prior the camp)
- All practices on the Ice ring – building (ice, gym, restaurant)
- In case of absence the coach possibility to use the servise of another
coach (after individual agreement)
SPORTEVENT KOŠICE, Holubyho 12, 04001 Kosice-Juh, Slovak republik
[email protected]
Miroslav Hrinak tel. +421905606873
Slavka Grincova tel. +421905362119
- In case of any questions please do not hesitate to contact us
Info: Logged skater will be included on the list Registered skaters.
Confirmation of attendance will follow after payment of Ice fee. The number of
skaters on the ice in the groups is limited according the below mentioned
general conditions.
Price does not include: insurance of participants
Beginning: Sunday - June 21, 2015 arrival according to time schedule
Conclusion: Friday – June 26, 2015
Beginning: Sunday - June 28/2014 arrival according to time schedule
Conclusion: Friday - July 03/2014
Beginnig: Sunday July 05/2014 arrival according to time schedule
Conclusion: Friday - July 10/2014
All camps - opening & conclusion with dinner
Registration: no later than April 30/2015
Direct: [email protected]
or you can use registration form on
Payment: Ice fee no later than April 30/2015
convert bank transfer to the account number:
IBAN: SK50 0200 0000 0031 1890 7656
SUBASKBX (0200) - VÚB banka
Všeobecná úverová banka
Mlynské nivy 1
829 90 Bratislava 25
In a report to the recipient ˂skater´s name˃
Payment for accomodation & meals: no later than May 15/2015
After redistribution of skaters to the hotels
Participants are informed and agree, that organizer is not responsible in case of
injury. Each participant must have health insurance valid in Slovak rep.
Participation in this event is at your own risk.
Skaters will be subdivided to four groups according to performance.
Number of skaters in group is limited.
Group 1: max 12 skaters (min. 2A)
Group 2: max 14 skaters (all double jumps, 2A not required)
Group 3: max 18 skaters (2 double jumps)
Group 4: max 23 skaters (single jumps, A not required)
- any changes in redistribution of skaters to groups can make only head coach
after first practices

Krasokorčuliarský CAMP Košice 2013 – CROW ARÉNA