P.Helvaci-CV- 1 / 2
Curriculum Vitae
September 2014
ITÜ Ayazağa Kampüsü
Merkezi Derslik Binası (MED) B-43
34469 Maslak-ISTANBUL
E-mail : [email protected]
September 2010-
PhD. Candidate, Galatasaray University, Istanbul.
Political Science Department.
Submitted Thesis Proposal: “Power, Opposition and Journalism: A Portrait of Cihad
Baban (1911-1984).”
Thesis Advisor: Assoc. Prof. Ahmet KUYAŞ
GPA: 3,13.
September 2005-June 2007
MA., Boğaziçi University, Istanbul.
Atatürk Institute, Modern Turkish History.
Thesis title: Prince Sabahattin (1878-1948) and His Place in Late Ottoman Intellectual
Thesis Advisor: Prof. Zafer TOPRAK
GPA: 3,65.
BA., Koç University, Istanbul.
College of Economics and Administrative Sciences.
International Relations.
SPA: 3,40, GPA: 2,74.
American Field Service (AFS) Exchange Student.
Middletown Area High School (MAHS), Harrisburg, PA, USA.
Bursa Anatolian High School, Bursa.
5-7 January 2014
Institute of Strategic and International Studies (ISIS) International Conference,
Miami, FL, USA.
“Liberalism in Postwar Turkey (1946–1950): A Conceptual-Historical Analysis.”
4-7 July 2012
Jacobs University, Bremen, GERMANY.
4th ECPR Graduate Conference.
“Development of the Concept of Liberalism in Post-war Turkey:
An Interpretation with Koselleck’s terms- Space of Experience and Horizon of
11-12 June 2012
University of Málaga, Malaga, SPAIN.
7th Concepta International Research School in Conceptual History and Political Thought
Research Training Seminar: Liberals and Liberalisms: Southern-Northern, WesternEastern Perspectives and Experiences.
“Development of the Concept of Liberalism in Post-war Turkey:
An Interpretation with Koselleck’s terms- Space of Experience and Horizon of
28-30 April 2011
International Graduate Students Social Sciences Conference, Ordu, TURKEY.
“Orientalism Discourse in Turkish Novel, Stranger.” “İçeriden Oryantalizm” Örneği:
July-August 2014
University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign (UIUC), USA.
P.Helvaci-CV- 2 / 2
Participant in the Summer Research Lab in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, certified.
3-5 January 2013
St. Catherine’s College, Oxford, UK.
Participant in the Annual Political Thought Conference convened by Association for
Political Thought.
8-26 August 2011
University of Helsinki Summer School, Helsinki, FINLAND.
Attended to the doctoral course Introduction to Conceptual History.
15-18 May 2009
World Social Science Forum, Bergen, NORWAY.
Participant in the Conference convened by International Social Science Council and
University of Bergen.
Summer 2004
London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), London, UK.
Summer School.
Took two summer courses of Global Civil Society and Issues in International
Political Theory given by highly regarded academicians, Mary Kaldor, Yahia Said;
and Cecile Fabre.
“A Critical Approach: Political Thoughts of Young Ottomans,” European Journal of Social Sciences,
Volume 16, Issue 3, October 2010.
“A Pioneer in Turkish Sociology: Prince Sabahattin,” Near East University Journal of Social Sciences, Volume 4, Issue 2,
October 2011.
“Orientalism Discourse in Turkish Novel, Stranger.” International Graduate Students Social Sciences Conference Proceeding
Book, October 2011. (Turkish)
Area of Interest: Late Ottoman/Modern Turkish History, Turkish Political History, Turkish Liberalism, Political Biography.
February 2008-Present:
Instructor in Turkish History (ATA 101-102: A two-semester course designed to cover
the late Ottoman and Turkish Republican history) at Istanbul Technical University
(18 hr/week).
Partial Travel and Accommodation Grant, UIUC. (2014)
Travel Grant, ITU. (2011, 2012, 2014)
Publishing Grant, ITU. (2010)
TOEFL (July, 2014): Reading: 24, Listening: 24, Speaking: 24, Writing: 26
Total Score: 98/120.
Fall 2003-Spring 2004
Koç University, Istanbul.
Resident Assistance at Koç University Dorm.
July 2002
World Youth Camp, Foça, TURKEY.
Group leader of 10 children aged 7-10 in a summer camp.
MAHS, Harrisburg, PA, USA.
Got recognition and awarded by MAHS Supervisors.
UNICEF Voluntary Activities
June 2005
Children International Summer Camp (CISV), UNICEF, Fontainebleau, Ile-deFrance, FRANCE.
P.Helvaci-CV- 3 / 2
Participated in the summer camp as a group leader of Turkish delegation of four children
for a month.
July 1999
Children International Summer Camp (CISV), Detroit, MI, USA.
Attended to seminar camp, as part of UNICEF, representing Turkey.
July 1997
Children International Summer Camp (CISV), Amman, JORDAN.
Attended to summer village as a junior consultant to the children of 11 years old.
July 1995
Children International Summer Camp (CISV), Malmö, SWEDEN.
Attended to summer camp as a part of Turkish delegation of four students and a leader.
AFS Voluntary Activities
April 2002
AFS Volunteer Association, Istanbul.
Second level training to become an AFS chaperon.
November 2001
AFS Volunteer Association, Istanbul.
First level training to become an AFS chaperon.
Attended to seminar about AFS mission combined with time management and
organizational skills
October 2001
AFS Bursa Branch, Bursa.
Member of the Evaluation Committee of the candidates.

PELİN HELVACI Curriculum Vitae September 2014