1. General
BAD Company, Ltd., Matuškova 49, 976 31 Vlkanová, operation Hotel Kaskády, respects
Your right to privacy and the privacy of every individual who visits the hotel or use our web
page. Company collects, processes and uses personal data in accordance
with the relevant regulations of the Slovak Republic, is doing everything necessary to ensure
compliance with these legislation. We have introduced the necessary measures to ensure and storage
of your personal data convey to us.
2. Collection, use and processing of personal data
Hotel Kaskády collects only the personal data with client consent. We treat your data when using
electronic communications with you for direct marketing. Your personal information with a third party
only if we are forced to do a judicial decision or other decision of a public authority.
3. Security
Hotel Kaskády keep your data safe and access to personal data only to authorized and instructed
persons. We provide a secure IT environment and have the necessary measures to prevent the
disclosure of personal data that we collect and process.
4. Personal data of children
Hotel Kaskády does not intend to collect personal information of children under the age of 14 years.
5. Your suggestions / comments, the person responsible for data protection
Hotel Kaskády liquids stored data after the time prescribed by law, granted
consent, or if they no longer need. Of course, you can always ask the destruction of your data. You are
entitled at any time withdraw your consent. In these cases, or if you have any other suggestions in
relation to your personal information, please send us an e-mail or letter to: Hotel Kaskády, Marketing
Department, Letecká 19, 962 31 or email [email protected]
6. Social network Facebook
Our website may contain Plug-ins of the social network (Facebook Inc., 1601 S.
California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA ("Facebook")). Such plug-ins are particularly Facebook
buttons such as "Like" or "I like". If you access to our website, which are equipped with such a plug-in,
your Internet viewer will make a direct connection to the server Facebook social network and plug-in
appears in the screen by notice in your browser. Plug-in will inform the server Facebook, which of our
websites you have visited. If you are a Facebook member of the network you site on the user's
Facebook account when you visit our website, Facebook connect this information with your user
account on Facebook. Use any of the plug-in functions (eg. Click "Like" button, the commentary), as
well connect this information with your user account on Facebook. For more information about the
collection and use of data on social network Facebook rights and how to help protect your personal data
are available on the network at Facebook Linking your user
account on the social network Facebook with a visit to our website Facebook discontinued if you log out
of the user account on the social network before Facebook visiting our website.

Privacy - Hotel Kaskády