List of registered participants
Title of presentation/publication
Noninvasive VIHT-Method (Visual Identification of Hazard Tree) of urban tree
risk recognition and reduction
Edyta Rosłon-Szeryńska
Trees on squares research of the greenery in historical cities in some town
with protected zones - condition, species, development
Petr Šiřina
Growth and physiological performance of young urban trees of eight taxa in
Swoczyna Tatiana
Ecological analysis of Futoški park dendroflora
Aleksandar Kurjakov
Urban green and blue infrastructure planning
Jurik Ľuboš
Invasive plant species in National nature park "Pyryatynsky" (Poltava region,
Olexii Kovalenko
Current methods of assessment and valuation of trees in urban areas and
Zuzana Ďuránová
Planting Sustainability? A Historical Perspective on Vegetation as a Building
Element in the Design of Cultural Landscapes
Peter Kurz
Assessment method of clipped woody plants
Michaela Spěváčková
Quality indicators of status and maintenance of urban greenery
Lukáš Štefl
Experience and prospects Yakut botanical garden in gardening of Yakutsk
Svetlana Sabaraikina
Micropropagation of horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum L.)
Šedivá Jana
Adaptation of Spiraea japonica L. ´Little Princess´ to water deficiency in the
Viera Šajbidorová
Structural and functional changes of the glandular apparatus of plants under
abiotic stress (environment pollution)
Shelepova Olga
Investigations of environmental benefits of urban trees at Corvinus University
of Budapest
Károly Hrotkó
Stomatal responces of drought and heat stressed Linden (Tilia sp.) leaves
Márk Steiner
Survival rate of urban alley trees in Budapest
Lajos Magyar
Urban alley trees in Budapest
Magdolna Sütöri-Diószegi
Cypress borer (Lamprodila festiva) a new urban pest in Hungary
Veronika Szabó
Fenological assestments of linden trees
Máté Vértesy
The bigest trees - monuments of nature in Tarnow.
Magdalena Kulig
Selected problems of Ailanthus altissima presence in the urban space on the
example of the city center of Kraków
Izabela KrzeptowskaMoszkowicz, Lukasz
Examination of the relationship between different dendrometric quantities of
hosts and mistletoe bushes number
Tivadar Baltazár
The possibilities of applying the visual method of hazard tree assessment
(WID method) in the management of urban trees
Rosłon-Szeryńska Edyta
Planting evaluation in agricultural landscape of Sokolow Podlaski
Beata Fornal-Pieniak
Ailanthus altissima - invasive tree species in city
Ewa Zaras-Januszkiewicz
Beata Fornal Pieniak
Tree in organic architecture by Teodor Talowski and Friedensreich
Ewa Zaras-Januszkiewicz
Beata Fornal Pieniak
Barbara Żarska
The heavy metal content in the leaves of lime trees growing in Cracow
Monika Czaja
Some physiological changes in leaves of Parthenocissus inserta growing in
urban conditions
Anna Kołton
Greenery in the town with great toutistic potential
Katarzyna Kałużny
Physiological conditions of Hippophae rhamnoides growing in urban space
Ewa Muszyńska
Roundabouts in Małopolska- conformity assessment between actual
development and design guidelines
Magdalena Pypeć
Ginkgo biloba L. in Krakow green areas
Functional anatomy of leaf Campanula rapunculoides L.
Krokhmal I. I.
Classification of plant habitats of Urban areas
Baranova Olga, Zyankina
Fruitmap - a tool for mapping urban fruit trees in the city of Nitra
Bakay Ladislav
Response of Ginkgo biloba L. Seedlings on Water Scarcity
Marcel Raček
Alien insect species on woody plants in urban conditions of Slovakia
Ján Kollár
The sensory evaluation of flowers of ornamental roses
Milan Knoll
Revitalisation of the Park at the School in Cerveny Hradok
Ľubica Feriancová
Analysis Tools for Green Infrastructure in Urban Areas
and Open Land
Atilla Tóth, Ľubica
Evaluation of physiological responses of plants Cornus mas L. to water deficit
Helena Lichtnerová, Viera
Šajbidorová, Daniela
Krajčovičová - Bartošová
Utilization of wild pear and service tree in the extreme conditions of
Urban Environment
Viera Paganová
Principles of selection of trees in the
urban environment
Katarína Rovná
Trees in urban structure of rural residential suburbs – the case of Bratislava,
Urban stress tolerance of evergreen trees on green areas of Novi Sad city
Katarína Kristiánová
Jelena Ninić-Todorović,
Jelena Cukanovic, Ivana
Manifestations caused by salt aerosol on sprouts and buds of streetside limes
Jacek Borowski
Georadar Research of the Parterre in Historic Park in Palarikovo
Richard Kubišta
Analysis of the of brownfields use in city of Nitra and its surroundings
Mária Bihuňová, Martina
Verešová, Alexandra
Methods of evaluation of public spaces in the village Bánov
Jana Šimuneková
Evaluation of condition and diagnostics of the internal structure of selected
trees with the use of IML 400 resistograph and PICUS SONIC acoustic
Marcin Kubus
The possibility of using geographic information system (GIS) in the
management of urban green areas
Andrzej Łysko, Marcin
The application of structural soils with supplement of composts from municipal
wastes for tree and shrubs cultivation on urban and degraded areas
Edward Meller, Ryszard
Malinowski, Adam
Sammel, Marcin Kubus,
Andrzej Łysko
Terestrical laser scanning applied to analyses of public spaces
Dominika Titková, Monika
Jančovičová, Lukáš Štrba,
Roberta Štěpánková,
Ľuboš Moravčík
Landscape changes dvelopment with regards to landscape architecture and
ecology values
Ján Supuka, Karol Šinka
Evaluation of the sugar and starch content in the leaves of some
mediterranean woody plants growing in different conditions
Maryam I.L. Alkurdi, Ján

List of registered participants