Company profile
T-Systems Czech Republic
T-Systems Czech Republic
T-Systems forms, along with the T-Mobile, the part of the Deutsche
Telekom AG Holding. T-Systems provide complex services and
cares for the corporate customers IT systems. The company‘s
branches are located in more than of 20 countries and with
more than 52.000 employees the company delivers its services
worldwide. T-Systems serve companies in all industries – from the
automotive industry to telecommunications, the financial sector,
retail, services, energy all the way to government agencies and the
healthcare sector.
T-Systems main objective is to support the customer competiveness. Thats why the customers are approached with the maximum
of flexibility respecting their actual technical and financial situation. They are always offered solutions meeting their requirements
in the best manner. The solutions involve the broad issue the
customers are confronted with. A unique symbiosis of IT and
of telecommunication services, supported by mother company
Deutsche Telekom wide know-how enables the T-Systems to implement complex IT projects in the field of systems integration as
well. Thanks to its control over all components a quality quarantee
and reliability of delivered services through the whole chain up to
individual applications for particular users is being provided by
ICT from the customer point of view
The actual issues of ICT employment in various companies have
been analyzed by T-Systems and areas have been identified which
are supposed as critical by the customers, first of them being to
ensure data security. As to their back-up or the prevention of abuse (either of the data or ICT tools) every company must undertake
all necessary measures to prevent their loss or theft in order not to
forfeit its business results and its credit by the customers.
Another significant area lies the field of collaboration. Without
collaboration, either within the company or between companies,
the market demands for agility and quality cannot be absolutely
met. A great attention is therefore being paid by T-Systems to the
tools enabling the teams collaboration, either as to the modern
telephony or specialized problem oriented IT platforms.
There is a third area related closely to the collaboration – the
mobile communication. It is practically indispensable today for
the competent persons to have necessary information at their
disposal anywhere and everywhere. Company’s IT task is to offer
such a platform enabling secure information delivery in a form the
recipient‘s needs. T-Systems advantage is being fully manifested
here – the association of the telecommunication and IT integrator
familiar with both worlds at a time.
The ICT costs constitute the fourth area of interest. An active
efficiency increase and costs saving policies are every company’s
attributes today. The most effective ways are being looked for
to preserve ICT functionality and quality along with achieving of
savings: They can be helped by T-Systems. The company been
profiled itself for a long time as a reliable partner for many outsourcing projects and started gradually to offer dynamic services paid
for real ICT sources use (pay-per-use). Thanks to the development
Dynamické služby a cloud computing
k dispozici pro vaše podnikání.
of communications „cloud computing“ services can be provided
by T-Systems exactly in accordance with customers‘ requirements.. The companies are thus enabled to achieve cost reductions and unprecedented flexibility in optimizing the ICT sources
to their actual needs. As to SAP system operation for customers on
the cloud computing basis the T-Systems is regarded as an undisputed world market leader today as to the SAP System operation
on the cloud-computing basis.
Deutsche Telekom AG
Revenues 58,2 Bil. € (2012)
ICT solutions for large
multinational corporations
and public administration
worldwide are being provided
by T-Systems.
There are products for fixed
networks, mobile communications, Internet and IPTV being
provided under the Telekom
brand in Europe.
T-Systems in the Czech republic
As a global T-Systems group member T-Systems Czech Republic
incorporates the telecommunications operator and system integrator know-how. The company has profiled itself as a prominent
provider of complex ICT solutions. The substancial part of the
T-Systems offering consists of outsourcing services namely for the
commercial sphere (the largest outsourcing project in the Czech
Republic has been successfully implemented). The company also
reacts to the requirements of its customers by applying cloud-computing services. The finance company Transfinance, Actum /G2
digital agency or the Czech Software 602 software company being
prominent company references in this area. T-Systems became
also one of the key suppliers of the telecommunication and ICT infrastructure for the public administration. One of the key registers
– the Trade Licensing Register – is being operated by T-Systems.
Services to organizational units of multinational companies, such
Volkswagen, E.ON and others in the Czech Republic are further
being routinely provided by T-Systems Czech Republic.
Mobile services in the
Netherlands, Austria and the
Czech Republic provided by
T-Systems Czech Republic
(bil. CZK)
T-Systems solutions
Today’s world constitutes a global and dynamic environment
needing an permanent adaptation. Actual trends and market
developments are constantly followed by T-Systems. It evaluates
and offers answers to routine and unexpected problems related
to information and communication technologies. Global economy‘s changing behavior, the mobility increase, collaboration and
individualization along with high security requirements, transparency, social responsibility and sustainable development create
T-Systems basic frame for its solution offerings in the ICT area
and system integration for corporate clients and public administration. T-Systems services and solutions offering is of a unique
dimension and all ICT domains are covered by own sources. The
services portfolio takes use of the proved innovative and modern
technology, procedures and mother’s companywide international
Telecommunication services
The core component of T-Systems portfolio in the Czech Republic
consists of products covering corporate customers communication requirements and public administration needs. They are
free to opt for a wide data and voice and internet access services.
The utilization of IP technologies (MPLS, Ethernet, VoIP), implementation of secure IP-VPN and high-speed optical network are a
commonplace. All this creates preconditions for current processes
optimization or creation of new business and IT processes. All
T-Systems services are oriented towards maximal availability, security and reliability. For customers technologies location (servers,
disc arrays, storages) hosting services are being offered by T-Systems within technology premises and data capacity split-off in
its own secure data centre of Tier3+ category. A complex service
embracing provision of applications operation, facilities lease and
consecutive service and supervision can be used by the customer.
Dynamic services, cloud computing
The companies and individuals behavior has been changed
radically by the rapid development of internet and other technologies embracing the whole market from small companies to
multinational concerns. The speed and adaptability become more
and more key competitive factors influencing any company‘s
core business. A solution based on dynamic ICT resources and
services is being offered by T-Systems which can be leased by
the customers according to their actual requirements. The basis
is formed by cloud computing infrastructure services enabling the
business models options complying with the customers financial
competences and expectations. Safe and flexible IT sources operation solutions in the form of private or hybrid cloud becomes an
optimal option for new start-up IT projects and for existing massive
and smaller systems‘ migration. The customer retains full control
over his services or complex T-Systems management can be
provided. The T-Systems solution benefit rests in the dynamic use
of computing output within the time-frame (no fixed price is paid
by the customer who pays for the output which has really been
withdrawn) and in the flexibility of services and solutions bringing
significant investment and operation cost savings. T-Systems
strictly care for the data protection and for security of its customers
applications located in the cloud and in its own infrastructure
and reflects the European and international legislation in a full
extent. The customers can, thanks to dynamic services, take use
of solutions for „B2B“ environment such as dynamic services for
SAP applications, hosted solutions of standardized and specifically developed applications of premium world manufacturers. That
all in combination with access telecommunication services on its
own infrastructure.
Unified collaboration
Traditional society limits fade very quickly and interactions between various business subjects, including collaboration within various companies networks and project teams, is a must. The basic
processes are undoubtedly influenced by this phenomenon. Once
the suppliers are, for example, integrated into automotive industry
development processes, the logistic services providers become
integral part of global supply chains. Innovative components are
even jointly developed within those chains by competitors aimed
at costs cuts. The project collaboration within various companies
or across one company‘s departments anywhere in the world and
even in a mobile way. T-Systems reacts to such requirements by
offering of products and services which enable company content
sharing and management, collective document creation and
editing and applications and communication channels integration
into unified environment of unified communication using new
possibilities of technologies brought by the Web 2.0. T-Systems offering embrace communication tools in form of videoconferences,
steered telepresence, secure mobile communication and shared
media platforms. Systems for products life-cycle management
form a part of communication solution as well.
Companies, which are able to link up their ICT environment with requirements
of the real business world can replace its fixed costs with variable ones and promote their stability and market success.
Mobile company environment
T-Systems services enable the mobile company users to access
their data anytime, anywhere and through any device. To work
productively on business trips means to enter into contact with not
only mobile communication devices, but also with advanced business processes. The managers are for example expected to make
and implement decisions within the decision making process even
on business trips. Business processes must be integrated into
mobile infrastructure without any problem. T-Systems integrate
mobile and fixed services and ensure the applications operation,
which must be available at any moment.
ICT security
It is no more possible at present to draw up and create ICT structures without ensuring the sufficient information security. The actual
trend being rather to the contrary – define the security as a basic
parameter and design the whole solution accordingly. T-Systems
bring a complex offering of such a security solutions taking in
account actual trends and technologies regarding ICT security.
The customers network protection against external attacks is being maximized with the help of the firewall, antispam and antivirus
services, IPS/IDS, websites filtration and prevention through the
Security Management. Not barely security technological aspects
are being solved by T-Systems, but consultation services are also
being provided which help to prepare a complex customer solution design. It enables to nail down the variable attitude towards
the security solution from simple tools and device up to uttermost
elimination of security risks.
systems integration and innovation
Process and technology innovations are the enduring requirement
and challenge for every company caring for its own development
and competitiveness. Applications development and management, portal solutions, RFID, archiving, digital factories and virtualization – all this and many other solutions are parts of T-Systems
offering. T-Systems innovation services can be provided to customers in a wide industrial and other branches. Requirements of
highly specialized solutions for production field are being covered
by T-Systems, e.g. product life-cycle management (PLM), supply
chain management (SCM), customer relations management
(CRM) and human factor engineering (ergonomics). The company.
teams of own consultants and developers stand ready to respond
to customers requirements and implement solutions and services
in the field of system integration and software development on
order. The scope and modular character of its services enables
T-Systems to provide flexible and innovative services to customers
from small businesses up to multinational corporations. Their ambitious international projects are implemented in a close cooperation with Deutsch Telekom with subsidiary in relevan country.
Corporate responsibility
Connect unconnected
Social and environmental responsibility is being perceived by
the T-Systems Czech Republic as a voluntary acceptance of high
etical business standards, cultivating good employees relations,
reduction of negative influencing the environment and support of
its business region.
The idea „Connect unconnected“ represents for us a serious challenge both in economic and social and environmental areas.
As a part of the Deutsche Telekom Company we are involved into
the complex and systematic Social responsibility programme. At
T-Systems Czech Republic this area is being formulated in the
document „T-Systems Czech Republic social responsibility.“ It is
oriented towards achieving following aims:
ƒƒ „Connected life and work“ and „ Connect unconnected“
ƒƒ Green ICT
ƒƒ Diversity
ƒƒ Company culture
Our interaction with the operational environment has always been
I malá
outlined by každodenní
specific features and acts.
On every location where a
group of our employees operates we plant trees and support some
podobu světa. Proto se
from local non-profit organizations so, that our help is allways
concrete, touchable.
visible, direct andprostředí
has, by its nature, enabled
k životnímu
to „connect unconnected“.
Philantrophy, helping distressed people or any handicapped persons, represents a steady and purposeful activity at T-Systems. A
special attention is being paid to handicapped and elderly people,
the youth and children. In the environmental field a waste management is a must in our operation including the waste sorting at
working places. We motivate our drivers to economic driving of
company cars.
We help our customers to reduce their so-called carbon footprint.
They are being offered environmentally friendly ICT solutions.
Our sponsoring funds flow mostly to high schools and technical
universities as well as primary schools in the field of ecology and
culture and sport. The support of our employees and of their
volunteering activities is a matter of course at T-Systems Czech
Záleží nám na bezpečnosti všeho,
co podnikáte.
Integrity and reliability
The global collaboration on the T-Systems and whole Deutsche
Telekom group level enables to offer innovative solutions and
special products for various branches and industrial sectors
and covers the whole scale of ICT from one source and from
one provider. Thanks to the experience from the global market
and to wide scope of competences T-Systems Czech Republic
disposes of thorough knowledge of key sectors, business models
and processes. This fact is being displayed by international and
local references as well as from corporate customers and from
the public administration bodies. Two core basic and long-term
targets of every customer are always taken into account by all T-Systems solutions and products – costs optimization and growth.
These challenges are met by effective solutions based on dynamic
services helping to save up to 40% ICT costs.
The company acts in harmony with national and international
standards and fulfils severe criteria resulting from the established
quality management system ISO 9001:2008 ensuring clear and
provable quality management of services and solutions provided
to customers.
ISO 14001:2004 conditions are definitely met by T-Systems Czech
Republic oriented towards the environment preservation.
Solutions for T-Systems Czech Republic customers are thus designed and offered in this sense supporting environment preservation. An active environmental attitude forms the part of company
employees as well. In the information security area the certificate
ISO 27001:2006 is also being held by the company. Requirements
of information security and storage in the company are covered by
this certification. Information availability, their integrity and privacy
are another important factors. A high security degree is achieved
through the internal IT systems‘ physical protection and personal
and technological security.
T-Systems Company is also being certified with the ISO/IEC
20000:2005 Standard. This standard is a first global international
standard related to IT services management specially aiming at
quality enhancement and costs reduction in IT processes. The
ISO20000 Standard which emanated from the BS 15000 Standard
describes an integrated set of management processes for IT services provision. Its content is governed by IT Infrastructure Library
(ITIL) stipulations.
selected references
ƒƒ Software602
Cloud solution for security service and portal SecuStamp.
ƒƒ Net4Gas
Data centres and ICT infrastructure services. Dynamic solutions
provided according to customer’s needs.
ƒƒ Ministerstvo průmyslu a obchodu
Implementation and operation of highly available and scalable
ICT infrastructure for the Trade register. Programme set-out and
user desktops modernization and protection.
ƒƒ Škoda Auto
Production systems development, management and support.
Dealer management system.
ƒƒ Automotive Lighting
Deliveries of CATIA construction system, development of
lightning technology construction methodology, applications
development for CATIA system.
ƒƒ Česká pošta
Customer infrastructure housing and high-speed, geografically
independent data centre interconnection.
ƒƒ Magna International
ICT operation in more than 80 branches worldwide. Operation
of SAP environment in the cloud.
ƒƒ Actum|G2
Dynamic services and cloud computing platform for a prominent advertisement digital agency.
ƒƒ Skanska
SAP implementation for users of the Skanska group in the
Czech and Slovak Republic, management, development and
operation of SAP applications in T-Systems data centre.
ƒƒ Royal Dutch Shell
Global data centres and SAP applications operation and ICT
outsourcing. Most services are provided dynamically.
ƒƒ Makro
National data network and hosted access applications for data
ƒƒ TUI Travel
Communication infrastructure unification and data and mobile
services operation.
ƒƒ E.ON
Outsourcing of telecommunications services and collaboration
solutions (UCC).
ƒƒ Royal Phillips Electronics
Data centre and dynamic SAP services. ICT outsourcing.
ƒƒ DHL
Data services and data centre internet access through the
redundand metropolitan network for global operations.
ƒƒ T-Mobile
Stations, servers and desktops applications management. By
far the largest ICT outsourcing project in the Czech Republic.
T-Systems Czech Republic a.s.
Na Pankráci 1685/ 17, 19
140 21 Prague 4
Tel: +420 236 099 111
ƒƒ Linde AG
Data centre services provided through a dynamic model. ICT
sources outsourcing bein a part of the solution.
T-Systems Czech Republic a.s.
Corporate Marketing and Communication
Na Pankráci 1685/17,19
140 21 Prague 4
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ƒƒ MAN
Infrastructure services and outsourcing.

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