Address: Slavikova 16, 130 00 Prague 3, Czech Republic
Cell phone: +420 605 859 301, Email: [email protected]
I was born in 1974 in Belgrade, Serbia to a family of a professional chef and a nurse. I believe that
my father’s spontaneous creativity combined with my mother’s rational mind and sense of discipline
helped me developing my own passion. My engagement with film and photography started when I
was a sixteen year old. After graduating from high school, I got training in cinematography course at
the Radio Television Serbia in Belgrade and in 1993 went on working for RTS as a studio
cinematographer on a variety of TV dramas, series and live programs.
Television experience strengthened my interest in Cinema Studies. In 1998 I relocated to Prague,
Czech Republic, and from 2002 to 2009 I studied cinematography at FAMU (Academy of Performing
Arts, Film and Television, Prague) where I received MA degree in Cinematography. From 2006 to 2007 I
was attending MA course at Greenwich University, London.
During my studies, I worked with many local & international filmmakers, which gave me a good
insight on different directing styles and approaches to the cinema art. My work consists mostly of short
movies, video art films and documentaries. Some of my films were screened in film festivals as Karlovy
Vary IFF, Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival, Venice FF, Jihlava Fest and the Belgrade Documentary FF.
From 2009 I am a member of Czech Association of Cinematographers - ACK. From 2007 I’m a member
of international jury of the Ekofilm Festival in Cesky Krumlov. Currently I am living and working in Prague.
DP credits:
“Six Gun”, 2010, short drama, 2nd unit DP & Directior
“Colors of Love”, 2010, short drama
“Rafani”, 2009, experimental
“Ctenarsky denik: Frista, 2008, TV
“Viminacium”, 2008, Ema Shaplin vizualisation
“The Long Road is Short”, 2006, documentary
“Mia”, 2006, short drama
“Happy Together”, 2006, short drama
“Vernost” aka “Fidelity“, 2005, short drama
“Pokus” aka “Attempt”, 2005, short drama
“Redakce”, 2005, 3rd unit DP, TV series
“Labyrinth”, 2004, short drama
“Pokoj”aka “The Room“, 2004, short drama
“Shakespearean Actress”, 2004, short fiction
“Gesture Release”, 2004, short drama
“Jarmila is Home for Good”, 2004 (documetary)
“Kuchyn“ aka “Kitchen”, 2003, anim./pixelation
“Waiting for Widor”, 2002 (documetary)
“The Swan”, 2003 (experimental)
Hebron Simckes-Joffe
Brandt Micah, Oppenheimer Alex
Stulic Darko
Stulic Darko
Ther Mark
Jan v. Sacher
Television Brno
Radosavljevic Srdjan
Bebic Dragana
Knappova Katerina
Zima Ondrej, Divad.Ustav, CT
Winsky Tomasz
Dudakova Marta
Hebron Simckes-Joffe
Kasperovsky Roman
Stulic Darko
Zima Ondrej
Winsky Tomasz
Richterova Olga
Vokjan Viktor
Dramedy Production
Vokjan Viktor
Kallista Jan, Vlach Jiri
Stulic Darko, Vokjan Viktor Zima Ondrej
Silvia Malova
Malova Silvia
Rudolfova Jítka
Bercik Pavel
Dvorakova Marie
Kobosilova Irena
Vokjan Viktor
Kallista Jan
Dvorakova Marie
Kobosilova Irena
Vokjan Viktor
Viktor Vokjan, D. Stulic
Camera Operator Credits:
“Okresni Prebor”, 2009, TV series
“Prvni Oddeleni”, 2009, TV series
“Ulice”, 2008/’09, TV series
“MIG 21”, 2008, HBO
“Osklivka Katka”, 2008 (TV series)
“Letiste”, 2007/2006 (TV series)
“Vyhnani z Raje”, 2002 (Feature Film)
“Srecni Ljudi”, 1993-95 (TV series)
Miscellaneous Crew Credits:
“Wanted”, 2007 - VFX Assistant
“Bestiar”, 2006 - Focus Puller
“The Bros Grimm”, 2005 - 2nd AC, Flycam
“Doom”, 2005 - 2nd AC
“Running Scared”, 2004 - 2nd AC, 2nd Unit
“Everything is Illuminated”, 2003 - 2nd AC
“xXx”, 2003 - 2nd AC
“Bad Company”, 2002 - Electrician
“Shanghai Knights”, 2002 - Electrician
“The Bourne Identity”, 2001 - Electrician
Director / DP
Jan Prusinovsky / Petr Bednar
Production Company
Evolution Film - TV Nova
Tibor Szilvasi / Jiri Machane
Art Forum 21 Slovakia
B. Radojcic / F.Prochzaka, I.Popek
TV Nova
Mikulas Kren / Martin Matiasek
P. Nikolaev, J. Chlumsky / Asen Sopov
TV Prima
Petr Zahrada / Michal Vojkuvka
TV Prima
Vera Chytilova / Klaus Fuxjager
Cineart - Viktor Schwarcz
S. Suljagic / Dragan Matijevic
RTS - Studio Belgrade
Director / DP
T. Bekmambetov / M. Amundsen
Production Company
Stillking Films
Irena Pavlásková / F.A. Brabec
Starlite Productions
Terry Gilliam / Nicola Pecorini
Stillking Films
A. Bartkowiak / T. Pierce-Roberts
Stillking Films
Wayne Kramer / Jim Whitaker
IPC Prague
Liev Schreiber / Matthew Libatique
Stillking Films
Rob Cohen / Dean Semler
Stillking Films
Joel Schumacher / Dariusz Wolski
Stillking Films
David Dobkin / Adrian Biddle
Stillking Films
Doug Liman / Oliver Wood
Stillking Films
2009 - MA in Cinematography
- FAMU, Academy of Performing Arts, Film & TV School
2007 - MA course in Media, Art, Philosophy & Practice - University of Greenwich, London
2005 - BCA in Cinematography
- FAMU, Academy of Performing Arts, Film & TV School
English and Czech – fluently
Russian – average
Serbo-Croatian – native language (good general comprehension of spoken for all slavic languages)
[email protected]