Full Name: Idil Uz Akdogan
Current Status: Asoc. Prof.
Current Work Address: Department of Economics, Yeditepe University, Atasehir,
34755, Istanbul, Turkey. Tel: +90 (0) 216 578 07 22
E-mail: [email protected]
BA, Nottingham University, Department of Urban Planning and Management, 1997.
MA, Nottingham University, Management, 2004.
PhD, Marmara University, EU Institute Economics, 2010.
Appointments Held
Associate Professor in Economics, Yeditepe University
Assistant Professor in Economics, Yeditepe University.
Research Assistant in Economics, Yeditepe University.
Introduction to Economics II, Economics for Engineers, Economics of the European
Union, Economics of the Exchange Rates
Research Interests
International Economics
Uz, Idil and Natalya Ketenci, 2013. Current account and relative prices: Are there any
cointegration relationships in the presence of structural breaks in emerging economies?
The Journal of International Trade and Economic Development 22 (4), pp. 536-561.
Uz, Idil and Hatice Kerra Geldi, 2012. Revisiting the twin deficit hypothesis for the
Economies of Europe. Journal of European Theoretical and Applied Studies, Kırklareli
University, vol. 1(1).
Ketenci, Natalya & Idil Uz, 2011. Bilateral and regional trade elasticities of the EU.
Empirical Economics, Springer, vol. 40(3), pages 839-854, May.
Uz, Idil, 2010. Determinants of the Current Account: The relation between internal and
external balances in Turkey. Applied Econometrics and International Development
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case of Turkey. International Trade Journal 24(3), 261-297.
Uz, Idil, 2010. Testing for structural change in bilateral trade elasticities of Turkey.
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Economics 7(1), 28-46.
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Macroeconomic Dynamics of the Turkish Economy. Turkish Studies, 10 (4), 539–557.
Uz, Idil and Natalya Ketenci, 2009. Exchange Rate Determination: Monetary approach
in the new EU members and Turkey, Applied Economics Letters 17 (10), pp. 963-967
Uz, Idil and Mehrin Dalan, 2009. Monetary Approach to Exchange Determination: A
Model of Argentina, Brazil, Taiwan and Turkey. Applied Econometrics and
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Uz, Idil and Natalya Ketenci, 2008. Panel Analysis of the Monetary Approach to
Exchange Rates: Evidence from Ten New EU Members and Turkey, Emerging Markets
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Working Papers
Ketenci, Natalya and Uz, Idil, 2009. “Determinants of Current Account In the EU: The
relation between internal and external balances”, Proceedings International Conference
on Applied Economics (ICOE 2009), Department of International Trade, Technological
Education Institute of Western Macedonia, Kastoria, Greece, 27-30 May, 297-306.
Uz, Idil and Natalya, Ketenci, 2007. “Energy Markets And The Overall Economy: The
Case For Russia And Kazakhstan”, Central Asia: Sharing Experiences and Prospects,
The Proceedings of the European Society for Central Asian (ESCAS) Studies 10th
Conference, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, 12-15 September, 1132-1168.
Unpublished Graduate Theses
UZ, I., “A Study of the Strategic Decision Making Process in BP Turkey”, Master
Thesis, 1998.
UZ, I., “The Federal Reserve System and The European System of Central Banks: A
Comparative Analysis”, PhD Dissertation, 2004.
International Editorial Board Memberships
Book and Software Reviews for Publishers
Thesis Supervision
Advisor of the master’s thesis by Mehrin Dalan, The exchange rate determination in
emerging markets: theory and practice, 2008, 116 pages.
Project Reviewer
Academic and Professional Memberships
Turkish Economic Association
Administrative Experience
The Scientific and Research Council of Turkey, financial support for the article in SSCI,