Final Report Holiday World 2013
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Final Report Holiday World 2013
Number of exhibitors
Holiday World and Golf Show:
Exhibition space:
Number of countries:
Number of touristboards:
Number of professionals:
Media representatives:
Number of participants:
February 7 – 10, 2013
Prague Exhibition Grounds
18 800 m² brutto
7 495
33 356
The name of the fair
Holiday World – 22nd Central Europe´s Premiér Industry Event
Golf Show – 18th International Golf and Golf Tourism Fair
Region World – 19th Presentation of the Czech Regions
February 7 – 10, 2013
Libor Patočka, Jan Hruška
Space and Halls
Palace of Industry, Veletržní Hall, Outside area, Pavilion Krizik E
Number of exhibitors of Holiday World and Golf Show
Foreign countries
Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, British Virgin Islands, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cuba, Cyprus,
Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Ethiopia, Finland, Georgia, Germany, Great
Britain, Greece, Hungary, China, India, Indonesia, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Kenya, Macedonia,
Malta, Montenegro, Morocco, Namibia, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Salvador,
Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine,
Venezuela, Vietnam
Minister of Regional Development ing. Kamil Jankovský
General Director of ChechTourism ing. Rostislav Vondruška
Partner of the fair
City of Prague
Special cooperation
Hotel Guide SK - guarant of hotel section HW 2013
AČCKA - guarant of travel agencies section HW 2013
ACK ČR - guarant of travel agencies section HW 2013
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Final Report Holiday World 2013
COT Media – Main Specialized Media Partner
Sdovolená – partner of the specialized accompanying programe
Ministry of Regional Development
Ragusa – Golf Show
Satellite Events
Film Festival - Expediční Kamera 2013
Media partners
COT Business Media, TTG, Kam po Česku, Travel profi
Parallel running fairs
7th gastronomy trade fair TOP GASTRO
(166 companies from 9 countries)
18th specialized golf and golf tourism fair GOLF SHOW
Accompanying programme
Accompanying programme is intended both for the professionals (Thursday and Friday) and
the general public (Saturday and Sunday)
3 - Competitions for exhibitors
Category - Catalogue
1. China Tours, 2. CK Kudrna 3. CK Firotour
Category - Promoting material
1. Národní vinařské centrum, 2. Plzeňský kraj, 3. Vysočina Tourism
Category – Stand construction up to 60 m2
1. Venezuela, 2. Morocco, 3. City Most
Category - Stand construction over 60 m2
1. Egypt, 2. Czech Tourism, 3. Slovensko
Accompanying programe of Holiday World 2013 for the professionals
BIG HALL – Right Wing of Palace of Industry
THURSDAY 7.2. 2013
12.30 a.m. - Selected communication possibilities of tourism segment in the
Lecturer: Petr Fryš,
2.00 p.m. - CK Delfín – presentation
3.00 p.m. - Segittur (Spain) – News of the Spanish program for Czech seniors: Europe
Senior Tourism
FRIDAY 8.2. 2013
10.30 a.m. - Multimedia portrait the old town Most
Approximation of unique project, which shows dissapeared town Most
Site 3
Final Report Holiday World 2013
12.30 p.m. - Sdovolená - Pay per click advertisement and Sklik as an effective
marketing tool. - seminar
Lecturer: Ondřej Lukas; Account Manager Sklik.
2.00 p.m. - Sdovolená - API usage, Online map applications and Mobile maps
for tourism.
Lecturer: Aleš Vitinger, Product Manager and Jana Kočová Project Coordinator
3.30 p.m. - Financial compensation for passengers in air transport according to EU
ECR261/2004 rules.
Lecturer: Mgr. Ivo Brokeš, Ing. Pavel Scherzl, Ing. František Herynk
SMALL HALL (SH 040) – Middle Hall of Palace of Industry
THURSDAY 7.2. 2013
1.00 p.m. - Plzeňský Prazdroj - press event
2.30 p.m. - Czech Chamber of Commerce, Association of Travel Agencies of the Czech
Czech Confederation of Commerce and Tourism, Association of Guides of the Czech Republic
and The Czech Association of Hotels and Restaurants - Implementation of National
Qualifications Framework in tourism- seminar
FRIDAY 8.2. 2013
12.30 a.m. - Indonesian Embassy of Prague – Visit Indonesia - presentation
2.30 p.m. - Dominican Republic - presentation
THURSDAY 9.2. 2012
10.30 a.m. - Opening Ceremony
2.30 p.m. - Czech Tourism - Presentation of a new visual style of the CzechTourism
agency - presentation
STAGE – Right wing of Palace of Industry
THURSDAY 9.2. 2012
10.30 a.m. - Mapcentrum – Press konference of fairy tale regions of the Czech Republic
and annoncement of the lookout towers day 28.9. - 28.10. 2013.
1.00 p.m. - KAM po Česku and Incheba Praha - Result announcement of the survey
Region of My Heart
FRIDAY 9.2. 2013
3.00 p.m. - Result announcement of the survey of exhibitors
7. - 10.2. 2013 - Film Festival "Expediční kamera" (PK 430) - the best worldwide traveller
films of the last season - debate with creators and travellers
Site 4
Final Report Holiday World 2013
Accompanying programme of Holiday World 2012 for the public
SATURDAY, February 9, 2013
10.00 - Serengeti
The beauty of the African nature shot in the national parks of Tanzania and Kenya.
film screening
11.00 - Lukáš Synek - Northern IRAQ
The Americans Are Leaving, the Backpackers Are Coming!
Vacation in Iraq? Why not – the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan is a “different kind of
Iraq” where we regularly hitchhiked, chatted with armed Peshmerga and enjoyed cocktails in
the streets at night.
discussion, slide show
12.00 - Pepa Formánek - Siberut, the Way of the Shamans
Josef Formánek, writer and founder of Koktejl magazine, set out on a journey into the
rainforest to meet the people whose culture has made it to the point where our culture once
started. He spent several months with the Mentawai, shared their everyday life with them and
even underwent a ritual tattooing ceremony. But just because he departed Siberut does not
mean that the story of his journey is over…
Pepa is the author of the bestsellers Prsatý muž a zloděj příběhů [The bosomy man and thief
of stories], Mluviti pravdu [To speak the truth] and Umřel jsem v sobotu [I died on a Saturday],
discussion, slide show, film screening, scenic reading
13.30 - Petr Horký, Mirek Náplava - A Racially Incorrect Discussion About Africa
After ten years of journeys to Africa, Miroslav Náplava and Petr Horký have put together a
somewhat controversial discussion about the fact that many things that are said about Africa
are non-sense... Do you know how often the aboriginals in Malawi are converted from
Christians to Muslims and vice-versa?
discussion, slide show
14.30 - Srdcař, Radek Jaroš - Annapurna, the 13th Eight-thousander
The best Czech mountain climber of today, who only needs to climb the K2 to complete his
collection of our planet’s eight-thousand meter peaks. Will he manage to set out this year, after
his last expedition ended with finger amputations?
discussion, slide show, film screening from the production of Srdcař
15.30 - Mgr. Miroslav Bobek - The Return of Wild Horses
The discussion about the successful Return of Wild Horses project and the saving of
Przewalski's horse will be personally led by the Director of the Prague Zoo Miroslav Bobek.
The dramatic transport to Mongolia was finally completed by the successful release of four
mares into open nature.
discussion, slide show, film screening
16.30 - The Story of Felix Baumgartner
Site 5
Final Report Holiday World 2013
Felix Baumgartner is not an adrenaline junkie. He simply does not accept limits. He wants to
be the first person to exceed the speed of sound while in a freefall.
film screening
SUNDAY, February 10, 2013
10.00 - Albania, a Beauty with a Bad Reputation
Have you left a part of your soul somewhere in the world, just like Petr Horký and Mirek
Náplava in Albania? Why are people afraid of this country? What is the truth and what are
film screening
11.00 - Jirka Kolbaba - Bluewhite Silence - the Mysterious Antarctica
The ice continent will always arouse cravings in romantic souls for new knowledge and
adventure. Jirka has made three fascinating journeys to Antarctica. He travelled to the ice
continent on a Russian icebreaker, in Argentine military airplanes and on the Selma sailboat.
discussion, slide show
12.00 - Líba Taylor - My 30 years in Africa
Already a legendary Czech photographer today who left for Great Britain at the age of
eighteen. She photographed for humanitarian organizations such as UNICEF, Save the
Children Fund, ActionAid, WHO, UNAIDS and many other global agencies. She focuses mainly
on Africa, Asia and Latin America.
discussion, slide show
13.00 - Vašek Šilha - Kenya
Herds of thousands of wildebeests and zebras return to Kenya’s national parks each July.
They are accompanied by hungry beasts of prey – and sometimes also by top photographers.
This large migration of animal herds tells its stories and Vašek, a holder of the Czech Press
Photo award, captures them on his photographs…
discussion, slide show
14.00 - Dan Přibáň - In a Trabant through South America 2012
The first meeting with eccentric traveler Dan Přibáň - immediately after his return from the
“Trabant” expedition throughout entire South America! After his journeys along the Silk Route
and across Africa, late last year Dan set out with a bunch of friends to South America in order
to prove to all doubters that “if there’s a will, there’s a way!"
discussion, slide show
15.00 - Petr Slezák - Diving Beyond the Arctic Circle
Czech polar diving expeditions not only beyond the Arctic Circle, ice diving and diving in
extremely low temperatures.
Or there is no intolerably low temperature, there are only poorly equipped and suited divers.
discussion, slide show, screening
16.00 - The Swiss Machine
Ueli Steck is possibly the fastest climber in the world. In this unique motion picture, Ueli
attempts to create a new world speed record with his solo ascent. An incredible and
breathtaking performance!!!
film screening
Site 6
Final Report Holiday World 2013
Comparison with the previous year
This year in figures (numbers of exhibitors, structure of exhibitors, share of international and
domestic clients) seems to be similar like in 2012. The quality and the structure of the
exhibitors remained the same. We registered both the same number of presented countries
and touristboards. In Holiday World 2013 were present 60 travel agencies. Holiday World
distributed more than 100 vouchers on services of participating travel agencies. The public
highly appreciated the accompanying programe World Film.
TV – ČT 24 two live reports on Saturday February 9 (at 8.20 a 10.20 am)
Travel TV report on Friday February 8 - (
Radio – ČRo 1 Radiožurnál – spots for Holiday World,
ČRo 2 Praha – live interview in afternoon broadcasting February 6, 2013
ČRo 2 Praha – live broadcasting (1 hour) from HW 13 February 9, 2013
RADIO (spots, reports).
Press - Mafra - MF DNES Praha a Střední Čechy, CITY magazín, Víkend Dnes (advert +
special edition), METRO (advert + special edition), METRO MILION (advert in the whole Czech
Republic); RINGIER - BLESK ((advert + special edition, 16 pages); VLP - Pražský deník, Deník
Střední Čechy (advert + special edition), MAURI – Hobulet; ČESKÝ DOMOV - Vaše 6, Naše
Praha 7, Osmička; BURDA MEDIA - Náš útulný byt; ZÁPRAŽÍ - Zápraží; METROPOLIS LIVE Metropolis; ECONOMIA - Hospodářské noviny, IN magazín, Magazín Víkend;
Outdoor promotion – billboards and bigboards (150 pcs - Prague, Brno and all bigger cities),
150 promotional frames in all lines of the Prague metro (underground), posters in downtown of
Prague and Prague 7 (2 000 pc), advertisement on trams in Prague public transport (100 pc),
banks AD NET (160 ks), advertisement on big screen on Nuselsky bridge, highway Kačerov,
Špindlerův Mlýn, Kotva and Flora stores, banner on the main gate of HW 13
Professional media - C.O.T. MEDIA - COT business, Travel Service Magazine,;
- 100+1 zahraniční zajímavost, Příroda; LEONARDO - TravelFocus; TRAVEL PROFI - Travel
profi; MLADÁ FRONTA - Lidé a země; CZECH PRESS GROUP - Koktejl; EUROCARD Turistický informační magazín TIM; NAKL. JOTA - Turistický průvodce, Katalog Jota; KLUB
ČESKÝCH TURISTŮ - Obrazový atlas; CONVENTIA - Travel & Event Manager´s Handbook
(more than 180 articles, adverts a reports)
Internet –,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Site 7
Final Report Holiday World 2013,,,,,,,,, FACEBOOK (more than 100 banners and articles)
Special web sites for the winning of the vouchers for the public
Registered since starting the camping (January 2, 2013) about 47 300 contacts
Media about Holiday World 2013
Almost all media (both nationwide and regional) informed about the fair. Because of the
importace of the fair is not possible to mention all informations.
List of exhibitors
Catalogue Holiday World 2013 (printed and on CD)
Persons in charge
Business Director – Marcela Benešová
Managers - Libor Patočka, Jan Hruška
Stand constructions - Josef Pospíšil, Viktor Zvelebil
Production - Vendula Šaríková
Managers - Libor Patočka ([email protected]), Jan Hruška ([email protected])
Advertising opportunities - Tomáš Růžička ([email protected])
Stand constructions - Josef Pospíšil ([email protected]),
Viktor Zvelebil([email protected])
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