Program Committee
Telekom Serbia
University Singidunum
Aicon Yugoslavia
Enterprise Service Cluster
Throne Solutions
Free Zone Pirot
Software Institute—
Center Eastern Europe
Prof. Bratislav Milovanovic, Faculty of Electronic Engineering Nis
Prof. Vanco Litovski, Faculty of Electronic Engineering Nis
Prof. Ivan Milentijević, Faculty of Electronic Engineering Nis
Prof. Miroslav Trajanović, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Nis
Dejan Ivković, PE of PTT Communications “Srbija”, Nis
Prof. Milena Stankovic, Faculty of Electronic Engineering Nis
Svetislav Pantic, Regional Chamber of Commerce Nis
Organization Committee
Sasa Markovic, Telekom Srbija, Nis
Vule Vukovic, Telekom Srbija, Nis
Milan Jovanovic, Telegroup, Belgrade
Svetislav Pantic, Regional Chamber of Commerce Nis
Dragana Radenkovic, Regional Chamber of Commerce Nis
Sasa Matejic, Regional Chamber of Commerce Nis
ICT Forum
Co-organizer of ICT Forum
Regional Competitiveness Initiative
Morena Engineering Nis
Friends of ICT Forum
High School of Professional Studies Krusevac
IRVAS International Nis
PE of PTT Communications „Srbija“
Seavus Nis
Faculty of Electronic Engineering Nis
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Nis
High School of Electrical Engineering and
Computer Science Belgrade,
SPI Biz Conference
Realized as one of the activities of the project:
Building cross-border competitiveness through
partnership and networking
The project is co-financed by EU through Bulgaria – Serbia IPA
Cross-border Programme CCI number
2—4. October
Hotel Tami Residence
Regional Chamber of Commerce Nis
Dobricka 2, 18000 Nis, Serbia, [email protected]
phone: +381 18 510 999, fax: +381 18 255 472
ICT Forum 2012 & SPI Biz Conference
Tuesday, 2.10.2012.
Openning Session
Rasim Ljajic, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign
and Internal Trade and Telecommunications
Atanas Krstin, General Consul of the Republic Bulgaria
Mihailo Vesovic, Vicepresident of the Serbian Chamber of
Commerce and Industry
Zorica Pantic, Rector of the Wentwoth Institute of Technology
Dragan Antic, Rector of the University of Nis
Zoran Perisic, Mayor of the City of Nis
Jorge Segura, Managing Partner SEGURA CONSULTING LLC
George Sharkov, Director ESI Center Easter Europe
Vule Vukovic, Telekom Srbija
Dragan Kostic, President of the RCC Nis
12:30—13:00 From the Olympic field to the Cloud
Wednesday, 3.10.2012.
10:00—10:30 Manage Security, Business Continuity and
George Sharkov, ESI Center Eastern Europe,
Sofia, Bulgaria
14:00—14:30 Managed services of Telekom Srbija
Igor Silajev, Ministry of Government Services
Ontario, Toronto, Canada
Marko Smiljanic, NIRI, Nis, Serbia
Coffee break
Information System Serbian Post
Mladjen Djokic, Aleksandar Glisic, JP PTT,
Belgrade, Serbia
Management (CEM) Platform
Ljiljana Trajkova, Seavus Group, Skopje, FYR
Automation—Untapped Potential
Dejan Milenovic, Neteco Netico, Horgen,
Milan Milic, Neteco, Nis Serbia
Moderator: Ivan Milentijevic, Faculty of
Electronic Engineering, Nis, Serbia
KNOWTS project Coordinator
16:00—16:20 M2tech CNBS Server
Nebojsa Dencic, Throne Solutions, Belgrade,
16:20—16:40 Management of Mobile Business in M
Goran Mladenovic, Ni-CAT, Nis, Serbia
10:40—11:00 Promotion of Electronic communication and
information society among etrepreneurs and
small enterprises in south east Serbia
Marija Stankovic, ENECA, Nis, Serbia
11:00—11:20 Occupational Training and Employment of
People with Autism Spectrum Disorders in the
ICT Sector
Pavel Varbanov, ESI Center Eastern Europe,
Sofia, Bulgaria
12:40—13:00 Consumer Technologies in Industrial
14:00—15:30 Round table — Technology Transfer Centers at
17:00—17:20 ICT clusters in Serbia / new synergy
Predrag Staletic, VISER, Belgrade, Serbia
12:20—12:40 Seavus Crystal Qube™, Customer Experience
Coffee break
Dragan Kostic, Free Zone Pirot, Pirot, Serbia
10:20—10:40 Twitter — Support for modern business
12:00—12:20 Post TIS—New Technology
13:00—14:00 Pause
16:40—17:00 Doing Business in Free Zone Pirot
new technology development
Marko Andjelkovic, Morena Inzenjering, Nis,
Ljubisa Jovev, Irvas International, Nis, Serbia
Mladen Stojanovic, Atomia, Vasteras, Sweden
Bratislav Blagojevic, High Technical School of
Professional Studies, Krusevac, Serbia
10:00—10:20 Social networks—entertainment and/or driver of
11:10—11:30 QDITA for mobile e-learning
15:10—15:30 Atomia—platform for cloud hosting system
Thursday, 4.10.2012.
10:50—11:10 Intelligent Search Systems
14:30—14:50 Quality Assurance project as by-product of ERP
14:50—15:10 Enterprise Architecture Influence on Public
researchers employment in public and private
Miroslav Trajanovic, Faculty of Mechanical
Engineering, Nis, Serbia
EURAXESS T.O.P II project Coordinator
Nikola Petrovic, Morena Inzenjering, Nis, Serbia
Ivan Lukovic, Telekom Srbija, Belgrade, Serbia
Dragan Manojlov, AICON, Belgrade, Serbia
Miroslav Lutovac, University Singidunum,
Belgrade, Serbia
Conference room B
10:00—13:00 Workshop — Enhancing possibilities of
10:30—10:50 Building state of the art Question Answering IS
Vladan Todorovic, ATOS, Singapore, Singapore
13:00—14:00 Pause
Wednesday, 3.10.2012.
Coffee break
11:20—11:40 Contemporary E-business and consumer
protection in the digirtal environment—Analysis
of EU and Serbia
Dusan Pavlovic, ENECA, Nis, Serbia
12:00—12:30 Cluster Approach for IT
Competitiveness of SMEs
Ivaylo Gueorguiev, ESI Center Eastern Europe,
Sofia, Bulgaria
12:30—12:50 E Design of Products
Nada Staletic, High School of Electrical and
Computer Science, Belgrade, Serbia
16:00—17:30 Round table — Center of Excellence and
Innovation in South East Europe — developing
Moderator: Filip Stojanovic, Regional
Competitiveness Initiative, Sofia, Bulgaria
Jorge Segura, SEGURA CONSULTING LLC, Bethesda, MD, USA
Coffee break
12:50—13:10 PLUSBMS® & SAOP
Ninoslava Bajalovic, PLUS BM SOFT Nis,
Darko Stojanovic, SAOP, Novi Sad,Serbia
13:15— ...
Instead of closing

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