Notification on International Scientific Conference
The Road Traffic Safety Agency of the Republic of Serbia, with the support of the European
Transport Safety Council (ETSC), Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering of the
Belgrade University, Faculty of Technical Science of the Novi Sad University and the
Academy of Criminalistic and Police Studies, is organizing an International Scientific
Conference “Transport Safety Performance Indicators”. The Conference will be held on 6
March 2014, in Belgrade at the Hotel „M“.
The traditional method of monitoring and evaluation of road safety situation was based solely
on road accidents data and their consequences. This retroactive approach has a number of
disadvantages because the road safety is evaluated only when the consequences incur, which
is not scientifically legitimate, it does not provide relevant information on road safety issues
and it does not indicate the specific countermeasures, etc. In order to overcome these
problems, a large number of developed countries make major efforts in practice to establish a
modern way of road safety monitoring and evaluation through transport safety indicators.
The Republic of Serbia has the obligation to provide information on transport safety
performance indicators for the European Transport Safety Council – ETSC as the Agency is
ETSC Member, and for the International Database - IRTAD where the Agency has a status of
an observer. In the name of the Republic of Serbia, Agency is responsible for reporting and
submission of data regarding the transport safety performance indicators.
Transport safety performance indicators represent a big step forward in the field of road
traffic safety. It is defined as a quantitative or qualitative measure that is derived from series
of observed facts. Essentially, it is used for assessing and monitoring of the road safety and to
evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed measures. Special importance of indicators is
reflected in performance monitoring, trend defining and establishing, problem foreseeing, the
political impact assessing, comparison, etc.
The Road Traffic Safety Agency recognized the importance of this issue and implemented the
project “Methods for monitoring of transport safety indicators in Serbia and their importance
to the strategic road safety management” during 2013.
Also, the Agency has recognized the need to organize the International Scientific Conference
with the main theme “Transport Safety Performance Indicators”. On this occasion, we would
gather all institutions and organizations from Serbia which are in charge of recording certain
indicators, as well as eminent international institutions, organizations and individuals who
established the basis of recording, monitoring and informing in the field of transport safety
performance indicators in Europe.
Road Traffic Safety Agency
Scientific and Organizing Committee of the Conference
Scientific Committee:
Prof. Krsto Lipovac, Ph.D. – President
Prof. Milan Vujanić, Ph.D.
Antonio Avenoso
Prof. Fred Wegman, Ph.D.
Prof. Shalom Hakkert, Ph.D.
Prof. George Yannis, Ph.D.
Alan Ross, Ph.D.
Klaus Machata
Demir Hadžić, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor
Prof. Dragan Jovanović, Ph.D.
Prof. Osman Lindov, Ph.D.
Prof. Davor Brčić, Ph.D.
Dalibor Pešić, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor
Boris Antić, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor
Jovica Vasiljević, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor
Siniša Saravolac, M.Sc. - primarius
Orginizing Committee:
Stojadin Jovanović, LL.M. – President
Branimir Miletić
Slobodan Malešić, LL.M.
Dragoslav Kukić, M.Sc.
Miladin Nešić, M.Sc.
Jasimina Jovanović
Petar Krasić
Zoran Pešović
Biljana Vuksanović
Nebojša Arsov
Nina Dragutinović-Jovanović
Željka Đukić
Đorđe Vranješ
Darko Petrović
Mirjana Gojgolović
Nikola Brborić
President of the Scientific Committee
President of the Organizing Committee
Prof. Krsto Lipovac, Ph.D.
Stojadin Jovanović, LL.M.
Road Traffic Safety Agency

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