GEDC 2014-2015 Season
Technical Class Auditions
Application Form
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Galip Emre Dance Company announces auditions for technical class dancers to take on
stage on future productions. Technical classes will include courses on modern dance, jazz
dance, functional dance, ballet, tap dance, drama, improvisation techniques and
choreography. The course schedule will include 2 sessions per week of at least 2 hours each.
Dancers will have a trial period of 2 months. It is obligatory to attend at least 90% of the
courses. The course fees to be announced are to be paid regularly. Dancers to take stage on
future productions will be auditioned from technical class participants and receive
payments per show. Auditions will take place on September 06, 2014 10:00AM at Platform
Sanat. (Address: Filistin Cad. Kader Sok. 9/3 GOP Ankara) Auditions will concentrate on
perception, dance technique, rythm, coordination, presentation and improvisation. A
personal performance of maximum 1 minute is required from the applicant. The application
form must be e-mailed to [email protected] before August 30, 2014.
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Medical/Health Condition (Please state any injuries/illnesses):
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I hereby state that I fully read, understood and comply with all terms of Galip Emre Dance
Company Auditions.

GEDC 2014-2015 Season Technical Class Auditions Application Form