1-12. sorularda boş bırakılan yere uygun gelen kelime
ya da ifadeyi işaretleyiniz.
1- Bill: ............................
John: He is the hero of Turkish people. He saved
the homeland and founded the modern Turkey.
A) When did he go to Samsun?
B) Who is Atatürk?
C) When was Atatürk born?
D) Did he fight against poverty?
2- Diyaloğu tamamlayan ifadeyi seçiniz.
Can: Today, I feel very upset.
Beyza: ........................... .
Can: Because, today is the anniversary of the
Çanakkale War.
A) I’m very happy for you.
B) Why? What happened?
C) Are you kidding?
D) Are you joking?
7- Diyaloğu tamamlayan uygun ifadeyi seçiniz.
Aylin: Can you tell me……….on 1 November 1922?
Kerem: The Grand National Assembly abolished
the sultanate.
3- Diyaloğu tamamlayan ifadeyi seçiniz.
Mr.Berk: How much do you make a month?
Taylan: I get 1.000 TL per month.
Mr.Berk: Would you like to work in my factory?
Taylan: ..................... .
A) How much
B) What time
C) What happened
D) What kind of
8- Choose the correct order.
I. M. Kemal Atatürk was born in Salonica in 1881
II. Then, he went to the Military School.
III. First, he went to Şemsi Efendi Primary School.
IV. He was the commander of Independence War.
A) I disagree with you.
B) I hope you are OK.
C) Why not? That’s a good offer.
D) Poor you!
4- The Ankara Government ........... the Lausanne
Peace Treaty and ended the Independence War on
24 July 1923.
B) I‐ IV – III – II
D) I – III – II – IV
9- Mark: Do you think John is………………?
Clara: No, I think he is innocent.
A) the Republic of Turkey
B) detective
C) signed
D) Atatürk
A) guilty
B) polite
C) murder
D) happy
10- When I came home, I saw the footprints in my
bedroom. ……………….. and I called the policeman.
5- Diyaloğu tamamlayan ifadeyi seçiniz.
Ülkü: How do you feel today?
Yaren: I feel terrible. My fish died yesterday.
Ülkü: ……………………………
A) I am sorry to hear that
B) What a great news
C) I’m glad to hear that
D) That sounds nice
A) I – II – IV –III
C) III – IV – I – II
A) I couldn’t believe my eyes
B) It was great
C) It was fun
D) I was lucky
11- My grandfather was a……………….. He fought
against the Greek forces in Sakarya.
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12- Diyaloğu tamamlayan uygun ifadeyi seçiniz.
Cemre: These bags are too heavy. …………….
Hakan: Of course. Give me the heaviest one.
Cemre: Thanks a lot. Here you are.
A) Could you give me a hand, please?
B) Do you need any help?
C) Give me some more!
D) I don’t need any help.
A) He fought against illiteracy.
B) He fought against enemies.
C) He fought against poverty.
D) He adopted the law of surname.
14- Arthur Conan Doyle was the writer of Sherlock
Holmes Books. He was …… his detective stories.
B) famous for
D) unhappy
A) Atatürk founded the Republic of Turkey
B) Atatürk started the Independence war
C) Atatürk signed the Mundros Armistice.
D) Atatürk worked lots of miracles.
A) he went to Samsun
B) he declared the Republic of Turkey
C) he couldn’t find any solutions
D) he left the country
18-19-20. soruları metne göre cevaplandırınız.
When John was a young man, he did a bad thing.
While he was walking alone on a Friday night, he
broke into a house and stole a CD player, some
CDs, books and magazines. Then he cleaned his
fingerprints. He thought he didn’t leave any
evidence, but there were some footprints on the
floor. After that, he put the stolen goods into a bin
in a street while he was walking home. However, it
was too bad. He couldn’t hide the evidence. At the
end, the police caught John.
18-When did he break into the house?
15- 16-17.soruları metne göre cevaplandırınız.
In history, there are many miracles, but there was
only a man: He worked lots of miracles. He was
Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. He had a lot of success in
his country’s history. The way to victories for
Mustafa Kemal wasn’t easy at all. He fought
against the enemies. The Ottoman Empire lost the
war against the Allies and signed the Mundros
Armistice. Not long, the enemies occupied İstanbul
and the other part of the homeland. When he
couldn’t find any solutions in İstanbul, he went to
Samsun on 19th May, 1919, so he started the
Independence War. He saved the homeland and he
declared the Republic of Turkey on 29th
15- Okuma parçası için en uygun başlığı seçiniz.
A) Atatürk and the Gardener
B) World War I
C) Atatürk’s Family
D) Atatürk’s Success
16- Which sentence is false?
17-After Atatürk saved the homeland, ……………..
13- Bilgilerin ışığında Atatürk için ne söylenebilir.
“After long wars, Turkish people were too poor.
Soon, Atatürk developed new projects and
improved industry. For example, he built factories
and he gave people jobs. He also brought modern
A) angry with
C) bad at
A) On a Friday night.
B) On a Saturday night.
C) In the morning
D) In the afternoon.
19-Where did he put the stolen things into?
A) In a bag
B) In a car
C) In a bin
D) In a box
20-What happened at the end?
A) He escaped from the scene
B) He could hide the evidence
C) The police caught John
D) He went to his house
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