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Prof.Dr.Fahri ÇELİK
Prof.Dr.Mesut GÜNER
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Prof.Dr.Bahri ŞAHİN
Prof.Dr.Yasin ÜST
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Assist.Prof.Dr.Özgür DEMİR
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Assist.Prof.Dr.İlknur KESKİN
Assist.Prof.Dr.Ertan ÖZNERGİZ
Assist.Prof.Dr.Aykut SAFA
Assist.Prof.Dr.Bekir ŞENER
Assist.Prof.Dr.Ömer SAVAŞ
Assist.Prof.Dr.Oktay YILMAZ
YTU Naval Architecture and Maritime Faculty is
honoured to invite maritime technology researchers
and professionals to submit paper contribution
2nd International Symposium of Naval Architecture
and Maritime (INT-NAM 2014) aims to gather the
researchers and professionals to discuss recent
developments in maritime technology, and specifically
to create a kn
knowledge exchange platform between
international science and industry communities
offering solution based approaches, innovative and
competitive ideas with the priority of the crisis period
faced by worldwide maritime industry. The
symposium would motivate all partners of Turkish
maritime industry which is located in the center of
three continents. To this aim the abstracts are kindly
requested with enough detail to reflect an advance in
knowledge, in methodology or in the interpretation or
application of existing knowledge.
Main Topics : Offshore Technologies / Marine Design
and Safety / Ener
Energy Efficiency / Naval Systems.
Assist.Dr.Bekir ŞENER
Assist.Dr.Özgür DEMİR
Res.Assist.Kenan YİĞİT
Res.Assist.Ahmet YURTSEVEN
Submission of Full-length Manuscripts
Notification of Final Acceptance
Call for Papers
24 Aug 2014
30 Aug 2014
Yıldız Technical University,
Naval Architecture and Maritime Faculty
Barbaros Bulvarı, 34349 Beşiktaş, Istanbul, TURKEY
E-mail : [email protected]
: +90 212 383 29 89
Other Topics : Stability and Seakeeping / Propulsion /
Green Technologies/ Ship Repair and Retrofitting /
Welding Engineering / Education and Training / Safety
and Risk / Structures and Construction / Knowledge
Knowledgebased Systems and Informatics / Computational
Methods / Renewable Energy Systems / Human
Factors Engineering / Regulations and Standards /
Prime Movers / Control and Automation / Marine
Equipments / Underwater Technology and Acoustics /
Unmanned Vehicles / Arctic Engineering / Fuels and
Combustion / Materials T
Technology / Multimodal
Transport and Logistics / Coastal and Port
Engineering / Occupational Health and Safety /
Shipyard Organisation and Management / Technology
Transfer Models / Yachts and Pleasure Crafts
Yıldız Technical University
Naval Architecture and Maritime Faculty
2nd International Symposium on
Naval Architecture and Maritime
INT-NAM 2014
23-24 October 2014
Yıldız Technical University
Besiktas, Istanbul, TÜRKİYE
INT-NAM 2014 will be held in Yıldız Campus,
Beşiktaş, İstanbul on 23 and 24 October 2014. Yıldız
Technical University (YTU) is one of the seven state
universities situated in Istanbul besides being the 3rd
oldest university of Turkey with its history dating back
to 1911. Our university has 10 Faculties, 2 Institutes,
2 Vocational Schools and a well developed
Technopark complex with more than 34,000 students.
YTU has Davutpaşa, Maslak and Yıldız campuses.
Naval Architecture and Maritime Faculty, the organizer
of INT-NAM 2011 and 2014 symposiums, composed
of ‘Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering’ and
‘Marine Engineering Operations’ departments having
52 full-time professors and researchers.
Istanbul is a two-part city, divided by the Bosphorus,
one part lying in Europe and the other in Asia. It is a
natural gateway offering a friendly welcome with
genuine hospitality. The city has been an imperial
capital for Roman, Byzantium and Ottoman Empires,
all of which is reflected in the beauty of its many
museums, churches, and great mosques. It is a
metropolis proud of its rich history and unrivalled
natural beauty. With a population of over 15 million it
is the biggest city in Turkey. Although, not the capital,
Istanbul remains the heartbeat of Turkey! Local
cuisine is excellent and of a great variety, from the
simple village kitchen to the most refined tastes of the
imperial Ottoman Cuisine.
Authors are invited to submit individual paper
An individual paper proposal should include:
- The paper title
- Abstract of paper (at least 500 words)
- Author/participant name and affiliation
- Author contact address, e-mail address, phone
or fax numbers.
The language of the symposium is English.
150 Euro for one participating paper
250 Euro for two participating papers
ACCOMPANYING PERSONS (or non-speaker authors):
75 Euro
75 Euro
Registration fee includes participation to the scientific
sessions, Symposium Proceedings, CD, refreshments,
lunch and coffee breaks during the Symposium.
The paper(s) will be included in the Symposium
Proceedings Book only if the participation fee is paid
and noticed together with the ready-to-print formatted
paper(s) no later than 15 July 2014.
For further information, please contact our Secretariat.

INT-NAM 2014