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Board of Directors’ Resolution related to allocation of
duties and formation of committees
Public Disclosure
Board of Directors has convened on 30.04.2014 and decided;
1. Mrs. Vuslat Sabancı to be elected as Chairwoman and Mr. Yahya Üzdiyen to be elected as ViceChairman,
2. To constitute Executive Committee as follows:
Ahmet N. Dalman has been determined as “Vice President”, and K. Enis Berberoğlu as member in charge
of “Editorial Affairs”, Ediz Haşmet Kökyazıcı as member in charge of “Financial and Administrative
Affairs”, Tuba Köseoğlu Okçu as member in charge of “Human Resources”, Birim Gönülşen Özyürekli as
member in charge of “Marketing”, Zeynep Tandoğan as member in charge of “Advertising”, Ahmet Reha
Argaç as member in charge of “Information Systems”, Kamil Özörnek as member in charge of “ECommerce”, Özlem Kutluay as member in charge of “ Sales and Planning”.
3. To constitute Audit committee, determining Ahmet Burak as “Chairman” and Béatrice de Clermont
Tonnerre as “Member”
4. To constitute Corporate Governance Committee, determining Ahmet Burak as “Chairman”, Yahya
Üzdiyen as “Member”, İnci Tarı as “Member”and Murat Doğu who is Vice President of Financial Affairs
in Doğan Şirketler Grubu Holding A.Ş. as “Member”
Corporate Governance Committee, excluding other committees, will continue its duties until the first
Board of Directors’ Meeting to be held after General Assembly to convene to discuss 2014 operational
results. The committee will also act as “Nominee Determination Committee” and “Benefits Committee”
as defined by the Communiqué of Capital Markets Board “Decree on Corporate Governance” (II-17.1)
5. To constitute Early Detection and Management of Risk Committee, determining Ahmet Burak as
“Chairman”, Erem Turgut Yücel, Tolga Babalı and Ediz Haşmet Kökyazıcı as “Members”
6. It is decided not to pay any fees to Chairman and Members for their participation on Committees.
7. To dissolve the Shareholder Department formed by our Board of Directors decision numbered 2012/52
on 26.07.2012.
8. To appoint İnci Tarı who is the Financial Control and Investor Relations Manager, as the Head of
Investor Relations within the scope of the Capital Market Board Communique, Article 11.
Best regards,

30.04.2014 18:24:57 Public Disclosure (General)