2014 Güz Dönemi
Ödev 4
Teslim Tarihi: 30/10/2014 17:30
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Hüseyin Çetintürk’e (Teknoloji Merkezi ETU HIDRO ZA-06 nolu oda) teslim ediniz
Q 1) A steel bar AB of diameter D and yield strength S y supports an axial load P and vertical
load F acting at the end of the arm BC. Determine the largest value of F according to the
maximum energy of distortion theory of failure.
Given: D = 50 mm, Sy = 300 MPA, P = 30 F
Q 2) A cantilever WF aluminium alloy beam of yield strength Sy is loaded as shown in Figure.
Using a factor of safety n, determine whether failure occurs according to the maximum shear
stress criterion
Given: Sy = 350 MPa, n = 3, Iz = 13,4*106 mm4
120 kN
Q 3) A thin-walled cylindrical pressure of vessel of diameter d and constructed of structural
steel with yield strength Sy must withstand an internal pressure p. Calculate the Wall thickness
t required.
Given: Sy = 40 ksi, d = 30 in, p = 400 psi, n = 2
Design Decision: Use the following criteria;
a) Maximum shear stress
b) Maximum energy of distortion
Q 4) Redo Question 3, if the vessel is made of a material having Su = 60 ksi and Suc = 100 ksi.
Design Decision: Apply the following theories:
a) Maximum principal stress
b) Coulomb - Mohr

120 kN