A Birthday
This Businesswoman Won’t Forget!
Julie-Ann Amos
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Jacek Tomaszczyk
Opracowanie graficzne:
Piotr Szkutnik
Julie-Ann Amos
© 2011 TEJP Jacek Tomaszczyk
A Birthday This Businesswoman Won’t Forget! – www.isel.pl
It was Monday morning, and Julie was headed to
the office of “Report Constructors,” where she worked as
an Internet marketing report writer. The business,
which was located in downtown Boston, Massachusetts,
created reports on virtually any topic for various
clients, and Julie was one of the main writers for this
company. Julie created reports on business-related
topics, especially those that related to Internet
marketing and online business.
Today, June 1, was a very important day for two
reasons – one that was a business reason and one that
was a personal reason. The business reason related to
a report that needed to be finalized today for a very
important client. The report was on China’s growing
economy, including the factors that had led to its
increasing, sustained growth over the past few years.
There was a meeting at 4:30 P.M. to put the final
touches on the report and to have it presented to the
client, Tao Chang, a well-respected Chinese
businessman, first thing tomorrow morning when he is
in Boston.
The personal reason was that today happened to be
Julie’s birthday. It was also a special age for her – 30
years old – which was often known as the age where you
transition from your youth to maturity. Julie had come
a long way from when she began working at this
company nine years ago, straight out of college. Of
course, it helped that she had an internship with the
company while she was still attending college – that
gave her an edge to begin a fruitful, and hopefully, long
career with the company.
She entered her office on the 7th floor and found
a message waiting for her on her voicemail. It was from
Rich, a report supervisor who went over rough drafts
of the report and provided feedback on what the client
be headed jechać, iść,
downtown centrum
virtually praktycznie
relate to dotyczyć, być
związanym z
factor czynnik
sustained growth
nieustanny/ciągły rozwój
final touches ostateczne
well-respected powszechnie
transition przechodzić;
maturity dojrzałość
internship staż
attend uczęszczać
give an edge dać przewagę
fruitful owocny, przynoszący
dobre rezultaty
on sb’s voicemail w poczcie
supervisor przełożony,
kierownik, nadzorca
go over (went, gone)
rough draft wersja robocza
provide feedback wyrazić
opinię, przekazać
informację zwrotną
A Birthday This Businesswoman Won’t Forget! – www.isel.pl
was looking for in the report and what should be
improved upon in future versions of the report.
Julie suspected that Rich was just checking up on
her to see if there were any last-minute questions or
ideas to talk about before she submitted the final
version of the report at the meeting that was scheduled
at 4:30 P.M.
Julie did find it a little odd though that Rich would
check up on her – he hadn’t made a “check-up” call on
her since the very first assignment after she was
promoted to main writer three years ago.
Ever since Julie submitted such an outstanding
draft 5 days before that report was due, and a draft
that Rich could not find any way to improve upon, Rich
trusted that Julie could handle reports without “checkup” calls. Usually, a meeting or two before the final
meeting was all that Julie would need to complete
reports successfully, as evidenced by the clients raving
about her research and writing capabilities, and why
they were gladly willing to come back and pay several
hundred dollars for each report. A few clients had even
paid over $1,000 per report.
When Julie played back the voice message from
Rich, he told her that he needed to talk to her right away.
However, Julie was not eager to call him back at the
moment; she was just getting settled into work at
10:00 A.M. and still had a considerable amount of
revisions she needed to make to the draft she was
working on to make it acceptable as a final report
Add to that she had a meeting with Gail, another
report supervisor, at 11:00 A.M. for the next writing
project she was about to begin, plus having lunch at 12
noon with her good friend and co-worker Teresa – Julie
improve poprawić,
suspect podejrzewać
check up on
sprawdzać kogoś/coś
submit przedstawić, złożyć
scheduled zaplanowany
odd dziwny
though jednak(że)
assignment zadanie,
wyznaczona praca
be promoted awansować
main główny
outstanding znakomity
before that report was due
przed ostateczną datą
ukończenia raportu
trust ufać, wierzyć
handle zajmować się, radzić
as evidenced by o czym
świadczy, czego dowodzi
rave zachwycać się
research zbieranie
badanie, badania
capabilities zdolności,
willing chętny
eager chętny
get settled into work
zabierać się do pracy,
zasiadać do pracy
considerable znaczny, spory
add to that jeśli dodać do

A Birthday