CV Adile Jale Erzen
Penname: Jale Nejdet Erzen (all publications and Exhibitions will be with this name)
Education: BFA, MFA Art Center College of Design, Los Angeles, 1967-1973
Hunter College, New York, Leo Steinberg courses – 1974
Ph.D. Istanbul Technical University, Dept. of Architectural History -1981
Grants and Awards: Fulbright Fellowship -1985-1986; French Ministry of Culture, French Museums
Tour Grant, 1988; French Ministry of Culture, Chevalier Prize in Arts and Letters -1991; Turkish
Chamber of Architects, Contribution to Architecture Award, 2008; National Art-Fair Award for Best
Art Critic, 2000; Goethe Institute Travel Grant for German Museums 2006
Teaching: Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Architecture,
faculty member 1974-2010; 2010-2011 Part time instructor. 2011-2012 Continuing, İzmir University
Faculty of Architecture and Interior Architecture; Courses taught: Fine-arts techniques workshopdrawing, Fine-arts techniques workshop-photography, History of Art and Architecture,
Developments in Modern Art, Theories of Art, Environmental Aesthetics; Aesthetics and Criticism;
İzmir University, Department of Interior Design , courses: History of Art and Design; Visiting
Professor: Bologna University, 1999; Osaka University 2003; University of Primorska, Koper,
Slovenia, 2004
Editor and Founder, Boyut (Turkish Fine Arts Journal) 1981-984; Dimensions (International Issue of
Boyut) 1982; Editor of 17th International Congress of Aesthetics Proceedings Books (2 Vol.s) 20082009
Editorial Board member: Arredemento Mimarlık ( Turkish Journal of Architecture) since 1990;
Editorial Advisory Board member: Intellect, Journal of Visual Arts Practice; Editorial Board: Parol,
Quardagni d’Arte; Editorial Board: Culture & Dialogue, 2011
Curatorial Positions: Middle East Technical University, Social Center Art Exhibitions Curator 19801985; Istanbul Biennale Curatorial Board Member 1992; Sharjah Biennale, Turkish Pavillion, 1999
Work in Cultural Associations: Founder and President, SANART Association for Aesthetics and
Visual Culture, 1991-2011; International Association for Aesthetics, General Secretary 1995-1998;
International Association for Aesthetics, First Vice President, 2010-2013
Symposium and Congress Organisations: SANART International Symposium- Identity, Marginality,
Space – Venue: National Highways Directorate, 1992; SANART International Symposium – Art and
Taboo – Venue: Turkish Scientific Society 1995; SANART International Symposium – Art and
Environment – Venue: Middle East Technical University 1997; SANART International Symposium –
Art and Social Engagement- Venue: Middle East Technical University -2002; Congress Organization:
17th International Congress of Aesthetics, Venue: Middle east Technical University, Ankara -2007
Books Published in Turkish
(1981) Mimar Sinan Dönemi Cami Cepheleri ( Mosque Facades ofArchitect Sinan’s Era) Ankara: ODTU
Mimarlık Fakültesi Basım İşliği; (1988) Sabri Berkel. (A Modernist Turkish Painter) İstanbul: Mas
Matbaacılık; ((1991) Mimar Sinan Cami ve Külliyeleri: Tasarım Süreci Üzerine Bir İnceleme (Architect
Sinan’s Mosques and Complexes) Ankara: ODTU Mimarlık; (1995) Erol Akyavaş (Turkish Painter),
Ankara: Enlem 80; (1996) Mehmet Aksoy (A Turkish Sculptor) İstanbul: Bilim Sanat Galerisi; (1996)
Mimar Sinan; Estetik Bir Analiz (Architect Sinan, An Aesthetic Analysis) Ankara: Şevki Vanlı Vakfı;
(2001) Nedret Sekban( A Turkish Painter) İstanbul: Evin Sanat Galerisi (2004); Fotoğraf Notları
(Notes on Photography) İstanbul: Say Yayınları; (2006) Çevre Estetiği (Environmental Aesthetics)
Ankara : ODTU Yayıncılık; (2007) Poems , Ankara: Sanart Publication
Books and chapters in books in International Publications
1- (1998) ‘Through Metaphors: From Constantinople to Ottoman Capital’, The City As Cultural
Metaphor, ed. Arto Haapala, Lahti: International Institute of Applied Aesthetics (pp.190200)
2- (1999). ‘Time and Self Incarnated’, Anytime, Ed., Cynthia C. Davidson, Cambridge: The
MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Press (pp.213-225)
3- (2000). ‘Nature, Its Aesthetic Knowledge and Art’. Nature as Space: (re)Understanding
Nature and Natural Environments. Ed., Güven A. Sargın, Ankara: Faculty of Architecture
Press: Ankara (pp.83-101)
4- (2000). ‘Humanism Through Nature: Ottoman Miniatures’. Natura E Sentimenti: a cura di
Raffaele Milani, Milano: NIKE (pp.203-209).
5- (2002) ‘The ‘Ready-Made’ Avant-Garde’. Aesthetics and Art in the 20th Century, Ed. Ipek
Türeli, Ankara: Sanart (pp. 57-62))
6- (2002). ‘Aesthetics of Space in Ottoman Architecture’. Understanding Islamic Architecture,
Ed.,:Attilio Petruccioli & Khalil K. Pirani, London: Routledge Curzon. (pp.57-64).
7- (2003) ‘Cultures in Transition and Aesthetic Modes – From Ottoman to Westernized
Republic ‘, Selected Papers of the 15th International Congress of Aesthetics, ed. Otabe, T.,
Sasaki, K.,Tsugami, E., et all, Tokyo: University of Tokyo (pp.45-53)
8- (2003). ‘Egeo: Giardino Degli Dei’. Parametro (International Review of Architecture and
Urban Planning, Milano: Pubblicazioni del Gruppo Editoriale Faenza (pp.74-75)
9- (2004). Sinan, Ottoman Architect: An Aesthetic Analysis. Ankara: METU Faculty of
Architecture Printing Workshop.
10- (2004). ‘Ecology, Art, Ecological Aesthetics’. Ecological Aesthetics ; Art in Environmental
Design : Theory and Practice, ed., Heike Strelow, Basel: Birkhäuser
11- (2010). ‘Art in Istanbul: Contemporary Spectacles and History Revisited’. Orienting
Istanbul; Cultural Capital of Europe?, New York: Routledge (pp.216-233)
Selected Articles
1- (1974). ‘The Single Line Paintings of Lorser Feitelson’, Sourcebook For Interior Design.
(November- December)
2- (1984). ‘Metamorphosen’, (Malerei, Ergin Inan) Berlin: Katolog, Staetsgalerie. (German
and Turkish)) (pp.7-12)
3- (1989)’Istamboul au XVIe Siècle: L’œuvre de Sinan’, Les Annales de la Recherche Urbaine :
Images et Mémoire, No 42 , Mars-Avril 1989, Paris : (p. 11-18).
4- (1991). ‘Aesthetics and Aisthesis in Ottoman Art and Architecture’, Journal of Islamic
Studies. (Vol:2) (No:1), Oxford: Oxford University Press (pp.1-24)
5- (2006) ‘Turkish Painting in the Light of its Historical Traditions’, Nukta Art, (Contemporary
Art Magazine from Pakistan) ed., Niilofur Farrukh(Vol:1)(pp.64-68).
6- (2007) ‘Islamic Aesthetics: Another Way to Knowledge’, The Journal of Aesthetics and Art
Criticism: Global Theories of the Arts And Aesthetics, ed., Susan L. Feagin, (Volume: 65,
No.1) (pp.69-75)
7- (2011) ‘Reading Mosques: Meaning and Architecture in Islam’, Journal of Aesthetics and
Art Criticism, Special Issue: The Aesthetics of Architecture, Volume 69,Number 1, Winter

CV Adile Jale Erzen