EVS project description “Pro Juventute Mikado”
EVS Project:
Pro Juventute Kirchbichl,
PIC 940821819
Number of volunteers:
Duration of the Project:
1 October 2016 until 30 September 2017
(12 months)
Project Topics:
Pedagogy and didactics
Children and/or Youth
Access for the disadvantaged
Hosting organisation:
Pro Juventute Mikado, Kirchbichl, Tirol
Coordinating organisation:
Verein Generationen und Gesellschaft / InfoEck – Jugendinfo Tirol
Innsbruck, AUSTRIA
Project description:
We are looking for one volunteer from anywhere in Europe, who is open-minded, interested
in working with children and teenagers to enrich our team during 12 Months.
Pro Juventute Mikado is part of the Pro Juventute network. It is a Social pedagogic
Community (a little bit like a children´s home, but much more familiar) taking care of
children whose parents aren’t able to care for them – some for one or two years and some
until they are adults, depending on social or health problems of the parents.
The aim is to allow children and teenagers in the rural area of Kufstein a life in a safe,
sheltered and happy environment. The organization cares for children withdrawn from their
families by the youth welfare, due to of violence in the family, neglect, death or illness of the
parents or because they cannot cope. Pro Juventute gives children a home and the chance
for a healthy development.
Tasks of the volunteer:
The volunteer will be involved in the team in a volunteering role. He/she will work together
with the staff members and care for the children.
The working time will be about 30 to 32 hours a week. The working times will mainly be in
the afternoon, sometimes also the whole day during the holidays or at weekends. He/she will
get a duty rotation. Wishes and needs will be considered, whenever possible.
Sometimes we take part in the national projects of our board of trustees. So the volunteer
will get the possibility to see other parts of Austria and to get to know other parts of our
organization. If the volunteer ist interested, it is also possible to take part in training courses
and seminars.
Proposed daily tasks for the volunteers:
Be part of our team and participate with new ideas and motivation in the daily work
Cook, play, spend time with the children and teenagers
Support the team tasks: helping the children with the homework, accompanying them
to appointments.
Taking part in the leisure and free time activities which involve the whole team and
children group ( Skiing, tobogganing in winter, swimming, volleyball matches, holydays
together with the kids in summer).
Developing her/his own projects with the children group or in small groups, according
to the volunteers own interests and experience.
We are always open for new ideas and roles that the volunteer is willing to develop in
our organisation!
Volunteer profile:
We would like to host an enthusiastic and open-minded volunteer, who is willing to play an
active part in working with the children by being creative and motivated to bring in his/her
own culture and interest into the project. It would be good if he or she is able to speak some
German or is very willing to learn a bit of German before the EVS in order to be able to
communicate with the children (they speak some Tyrolean dialect of German). A medium
level of English is at least important in order to communicate with the team and coordinator.
It would be good if he or she would be ready to reflect his/her own acting and behaviour, so
he/she can learn many things in working with people. Of course he/she should be an honest
and trustworthy person and everything he/she learns about the children and their families
underlies professional discretion.
How to apply:
Please send to us two things until 11th of January:
your CV (can be short)
and the Application Form (for download).
If you want you can additionally send us a specific Motivation Letter. You definitely
need to send us the first two documents and you need to have a sending
Please address your application to Ms. Bettina Antretter of Pro Juventute Mikado and
send it to the coordinating organisation [email protected]
Don’t forget to add the name of the project in the application form when
you apply for it!
The deadline to send your application is on the 11th of January 2016.
After the deadline it is possible that we will contact you for further questions through
mail, phone calls or ask you for a Skype talk! The host organisation will take the final
decision about the volunteer in the middle of April.
If there are any questions, please write an E-mail to the EVS coordinator Erika at the
coordinating organisation InfoEck: [email protected]
Living conditions:
The volunteer will live in a shared apartment in Kufstein, together with two local
young people (both main towns around Kirchbichl). Kufstein is a small but beautiful
town close to the German border in a rural area. The volunteer can reach the
working place by bus or by bike (bus is easier). The transportation expenses will be
covered and a bike will be made available.
The volunteer will receive a monthly pocket money of Euro 115 (from the
coordinator) and food Money, provided from the hosting organisation. The volunteer
always has the possibility of eating/ getting food support at work!
Support during the EVS:
The volunteer will have regular meetings with her or his mentor to talk about the
wellbeing, open questions or to discuss crisis if necessary. In the organisation the
volunteer will receive orientation and support for the activities from the main
responsible employee and from the entire team. The coordinating organisation
InfoEck will hold a bi-monthly group meeting with all volunteers in Tyrol in order to
share experiences, give support to one another and to stay connected. Also there are
regular free-time activities organised for the volunteers. At the end of the project we
will evaluate it together with the volunteer and look at what he or she has learned
and which competences he or she has gained and as a result fill in the Youthpass.
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EVS project description “Pro Juventute Mikado” - Mei