Women in Corporate Governance Conference
13.10.2011, Grand Majestic Plaza, Prague
Unique opportunity to discuss, get inspired and meet in person the elite women and men
managers who shape the business world today. The conference offers to hear personal success
stories and share experience associated with the advancement of women to senior positions
and to the boardrooms. The second Women in Corporate Governance Conference will take
place on 13 2011, Grand Majestic Plaza, Truhlarska 16, Prague.
Confirmed speakers:
Renata Mrázová – CEO, ING INSURANCE CZ/SK; Magdalena Souček - Partner, ERNST&YOUNG;
Monika Horníková – CEO, GlaxoSmithKline; Eva Vencovská - CEO, NUTRICIA; Eva Williams – Board
Member, TESCO STORES ČR; Jitka Adámková – HR Director, RWE; Andrea Květoňová-CFO, BXR
PARTNERS; Vera Maria Budway-Strobach – Diversity Manager, ČESKÁ SPOŘITELNA; Helena
Suchánková - Head of Marketing Intelligence Global Transaction Banking, UNICREDIT GROUP; Eliška
Hašková Coolidge - owner EHC; Belinda Whittaker - owner Goviral; Jana Ryšlinková - Exec. Director,
USBSP; Irena Kalhousová - Director, ELAI; Petra Janíčková - Exec.Director BRITISH CHAMBER OF
COMMERCE; Jan Bubeník – Partner, BUBENIK PARTNERS; Radek Špicar-Director for External
Affairs, ŠKODA AUTO; Petr Kavalíř, partner CGPARTNERS
The WinCG initiative was launched in 2010 by CGPartners-corporate governance and
organizational culture consultancy and with support of the British Chamber of Commerce in
the Czech Republic and Prague Leadership Institute.
Event You should not miss!
9.00-10.30 Morning Panel I : Getting What You Need to Succeed – Leader’s inspiration.
How do you secure the resources you need to meet organizational goals, demands, objectives,
and advance your agenda without hitting a glass ceiling?
Coffee Break & Networking
11.00-12.00 Morning Panel II : Drive Your Success Without Compromising Your Integrity.
Build your commitment to and enthusiasm for your life at work and the work of life.
12.00-13.00 Morning Panel III: Initiatives supporting women in business (Equilibrium,
Odyssey, Opening Windows, Zivot napadum, The Woman to Lead)
Lunch & Networking
14.00-15.30 Afternoon Panel I: Women’s Capacity for Leadership, Creativity and
Contribution. Are the EU suggested quotas solution or not?
Coffee Break & Networking
15.55-16.25 To Take Away Presentation: How to Capitalize Your Social Networks.
16.30-17.00 Closing Presentation: Woman’s Power and Integrity as the Sustainable
Competitive Edge - my personal story to success

Women in Corporate Governance Conference