Faculty of Music – University of Arts in Belgrade
Belgrade, December 2010
No 3
/June 2010 – November 2010/
Concert for donors, under the patronage of His Royal
Highnesses Crown Prince Alexander II and Princess
Katherine, was held on November 20th at the National
Theatre (Main Stage). This concert is organized with the
aim of raising funds for financing artistic, scientific and
educational projects, talents’ scholarships, renewal of
instrumentarium, devices, equipment, library funds and
conducting necessary constructional works, which will
enable free movement of persons with disabilities.
After performing national and academic anthems God of
Justice and Gaudeamus Igitur by the academic choir
Collegium Musicum and Darinka Matić Marović, FoM
Dean Dubravka Joviĉić, PhD, gave a shorter speech.
Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom by Stevan St. Mokranjac
(Collegium Musicum, Darinka Matić Marović, conductor),
Brasseriana for bras trio by Dejan Despić (Mladen
Đorđević, trumpet, Aleksandar Benĉić, trombone and
Milan Radić, horn) The Goldberg Variations (fragment) by
J. S. Bach in arrangement for piano and percussions by
Miroslav Karlović (Zorica Ćetković, piano, Miroslav
Karlović, percussions), Summertime from the opera Porgy
and Bess by George Gershwin (Aneta Ilić, soprano,
Vladimir Stojnić, piano), Malaguena by Ernesto Lecuona
and Vranjanka by Milorad Marinković (Harp quarterLjiljana Nestorovska, Milena Stanišić, Dijana Sretenović,
Ivana Pavlović), Rhapsody for Clarinet by Ante Grgin (Ante
Grgin, clarinet, Antonela Grgin, piano), newer and older
two-part singing of Serbia (students from the
Department of ethnomusicology), La regata Veneziana by
Rossini (Aneta Ilić and Ljudmila Gros Popović,
sopranos; Vladimir Stojnić, piano) and Не пой, красавица
by Rachmaninov (Ljudmila Gros Popović, soprano and
Chamber String Ensemble – Madlen Stokić Vasiljević,
Aleksandra Bogdanović, Jovana Stošić, Slađana Cvejić,
Marija Misita, Miljana Popović /violins/; Ljubomir
Milanović, Miloš Rakić /violas/; Srđan Sretenović,
Nevena Konjević /violoncellos/ and Miloš Popović
/double bass/).
Year I
Annual FoM concert, named Evening of Baroque Music was
held on November 30th, at the Ilija M. Kolarac
Foundation when FoM String Orchestra and Mixed
Choir performed. Program included the folowing pieces:
aria Tornani a vagheggiar from the opera Alcina by G. F.
Handel (Jelena Banković, soprano, 3rd year of
undergraduate studies, class of associate professor Aneta
Ilić), Concert for harp and orchestra op. 4, No. 6, B flat
major by G. F. Handel /transcription and original
candence by Marcel Grandjany/ (Mina Marinković, 3rd
year of undergraduate studies, class of professor Liljana
Nestorovska; Ana Ćosović, conductor, student of
graduate studies, class of professor Biljana Radovanović),
Concert for harpischord and strings A minor, F 45 by
Bach (Milan Popović, harpischord, student of graduate
studies, class of professor Zorica Ćetković; Olga
Milićević, conductor, 4th year of undergraduate class,
class of professor Bojan Suđić), Gloria for soloists, choir
and orchestra RV 589 by A. Vivaldi (soloists: Jelena
Banković, soprano, 3rd year of undergraduate studies and
Iva Profaca, mezzo-soprano, student of postgraduate
studies, class of professor Aneta Ilić, Marija Nikolić
(oboe, class of professor Dragan Lazić and Dragana
Jovanović, conductor).
At this concert three new double basses, donation of
the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida)
and harp, purchased from the FoM own funds, were
Audience in Valjevo had the opportunity to enjoy the
same program on a concert held on November 28th in
Centre for Culture (Valjevo).
Coordinator for Artistic Projects at the Faculty of Music
in Belgrade and Dragan Simonović, Head of Support
Service at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade.
Since the beginning of academic year 2010/11, the
gratitude cards have been handed to the following
visiting professors: Nils Henrik Asheim, composer and
organ player, professor at the University of Stavanger,
Norway; Svetlana Bogosavljević, violoncellist and
professor at the Monash University, Australia; David
Griffits, clarinettist and professor at the Monash
University, Australia; Marija Alexandrou, musicologist
and professor at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki,
Greece; Denis Azabagić, guitarist and professor at the
Roosevelt University, USA; Eugenia Molinar, flutist and
professor at the Roosevelt University, USA and Mate
Bekavac, clarinettist.
November 21st, FoM Day is celebrated at the FoM
Grand Hall. Gratitude cards for the exceptional merits
and contribution to Faculty of Music were handed on the
occasion to: Lazaro Gozalo Antonio, director of
Instituto Cervantes in Belgrade; Olivera Vasić, professor
at the Department for Ethnomusicology; Olivera
Jovanović, teacher at the Department for Piano; Serbian
Academy of Sciences and Arts (SASA), Department for
Fine Arts and Music; Milena Stanišić, assistant professor
at the Polyinstrumental Department; Belgrade Cultural
Centre; Dragana Todorović, assistant at the Department
for solfeggio and music pedagogy; Ilija M. Kolarac
Foundation, Music Centre; Vladimir Cvijić, assistant
professor at the Department for Piano; Aleksandar
Vasiljev, owner of the transport agency Pianos on the move;
Branko Stanković, owner of the SOKOJ club; Zoran
Trninić, assistant minister of education for investments
and students standard; Dragoslava Lacmanović, Chief of
mayor office at Savski Venac municipality; Reverend Fra
Filip Karadţa, Vicar of St. Anton’s Church; Marina
Nikolilć, music editor at Radio Television Serbia;
Aleksandar Timofejev, Director and Editor-in-Chief,
Studio B Television; Milica Subotić, International
Relations Coordinator at the Faculty of Music in
Belgrade; Katarina Erić, Public Relations Coordinator at
the Faculty of Music in Belgrade; Ana Gnjatović,
Admission of first-year students was organised at the FoM
Grand Hall on October 4th. FoM Dean, professor Dubravka
Joviĉić welcomed students with the speech followed by a short
concert. Enike Gereg (piano, student at doctoral studies),
Milica Pašić (harp, 4th year student) and students at the
Department for Ethnomusicology performed at this concert.
Seventy six budget students were enrolled this year at the
Faculty of Music in Belgrade, as well as the first generation of
students at master studies organized in three programes:
composition, performing arts and music sciense.
Slobodan Raicki, MA, FoM vice Dean for teaching process had a working visit to the National Institute of Music in
Bucharest on Jun 14th and 15th. Association of European Conservatories (AEC) organised this visit for the representatives
of higher music education institutions from the Western Balkans.
In 2010, the AEC Annual Meeting for International Relations Coordinators took place at the 'Mimar Sinan' Fine Arts
University State Conservatory, 17-18 September 2010. Besides representatives of European music and artistic institutions,
representatives from the Western Balkans were also present at this meeting: Ivana Perković, PhD, Vice Dean for scientific
work and international coopertation and Ivana Tanackov, International Relations Coordinator from the Faculty of Music in
Belgrade; Ira Prodanov and Kristina Kovaĉ from the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad; Vanesa Kremenović and Saša Pavlović
from the Academy of Arts in Banja Luka; Maja Aĉkar Zlatarević and Jasmina Talam from the Music Academy in Sarajevo;
Miran Begić and Bojan Martinović from the Academy of Music in Cetinje. Martin Prchal, AEC Chief Executive had a
meeting with the representatives from the Western Balkans when the issues regarding this region were discussed. Numerous
sessions, workshops and dicussions were devoted to ERASMUS projets, students and professors mobility etc. Christian
Tauch, General Director for Education, Audiovisual and Culture of the European Commission, gave a presentation Youth on
the move – the new initiative for learning mobility for young people of the EU.
Innovative Conservatoire Seminars
Last two seminars resulted in many individual activities
between participants and institutional projects:
• joint tutorial practise; research of co-teaching
potential in regard to individual lessons (presentation of
one good result of joint tutorial practise at the Guildhall
School of Music & Drama in London where one drama
tutor and instrument tutor work together with students)
• co-teaching approach to chamber music teaching
(individual practise, the Academy of Music and Drama,
University of Gothenburg)
• forming groups of professors who carry out joint
tutorial practice
• peer assessment (this program is made on the basis of
research and includes many institutions that evaluate
each other results and discuss possible enhancements
within this methodology)
• forming net of professors who improvise (Barcelona,
first conservatoire where the improvisation is obligatory
subject during 4 semesters for all students)
• practise, as a topic of the lecture on body function
connected to playing and practising (opening lecture on
body mapping system by Liisa Ruoho, Head of Wind
Department at the Sibelius Academy)
Conclusion of this seminar is that now there is an
opportunity to create a new five-year plan (2010-2015)
that would raise the possibility of forming an
international net of professors who would participate in
different research, application of new teaching methods
and professional development. This project will be led by
Guildhall School of Music & Drama and Royal
Conservatoire of The Hague.
Academies from ex-Yu region, supported by Swedish
International Development Agency (Sida), participated
for the first time at third Innovative Conservatoire seminar
within Polifonia project from October 17-20, 2010.
Owing to great presentations, professional approach and
constructive participations in programs conducted by the
European Association of Conservatoires (AEC) former
Yugoslav countries were invited to give their
contribution to this seminar. Marija Misita, Mmus,
assistant professor of violin was a FoM representative at
this seminar.
Twenty-nine professors from 18 European conservatoires and Kvinsland Conservatoire (Australia) participated
at this seminar where the following topics were
• individual lessons,
• coaching teaching approach
• practice
• improvisations and creativity
• students’ evaluations and self evaluations
• master class as a form of work
Goal and the main idea of these seminars initiated by
Helen Gaunt (Guildhall School of Music & Drama) and
Bart van Rosmalen (Royal Conservatoire of the Hague) is
coordination and exchange of experience regarding
pedagogical process in higher education institutions, thus
enabling teachers’ professional development and
presentation of new solutions that some participants
already applied in their lessons. All participants took part
in different activities during this seminar.
music department), and Pascal de Groote (Dean of the
Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp). Dubravka Joviĉić and
Katarina Glišić had a meeting with AEC representatives
regarding further FoM projects financed by Swedish
International Development Agency (Sida).
Professor Dubravka Joviĉić, PhD, Dean of the
Faculty of Music in Belgrade and Katarina Glišić, Public
Relations Coordinator of the Faculty of Music in
Belgrade went to the annual AEC congress in Warsaw
(November 4-6, 2010), hosted by the Fryderyk Chopin
University of Music, the largest academic centre in the
country. During the Thematic Day, the topic of sustainable
conservatoire was discussed. Distinguished European
experts shared their experience on this subject - Thomas
Estermann (Head of Governance, Autonomy and
Funding Unit, European University Association), Mist
Thorkelsdottid (Icelandic Academy of the Arts, Dean of
Faculty of Music in Belgrade purchased three new
double basses manufactured at Czech Republic.
Instruments were bought within “Didactic concerts”
program owing to Swedish International Development
Agency (Sida). On November 26, 2010, double basses
arrived at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade.
Professor Hugh Ward Perkins, Dean of Conservatorio Statale di Musica E. F. Dall’ Abaco from Verona, visited Faculty
of Music in Belgrade on September 15th and 16th, 2010. Professor H. W. Perkins was interested in collaboration with FoM in
the field of early music.
Mrs. Tatjana Milić and Mr. Miodrag Mandić from IMG Company (International Management Group) visited Faculty of
Music in Belgrade. They advised FoM on how to apply for money to EU funds.
Mario Holmstroem, piano tuner at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm had a working visit to the Faculty of Music
in Belgrade (November 1-5, 2010). His visit was supported by the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida).
Together with FoM piano tuners Branko Kozarski and Đorđe Ćurĉić, Mr. Holmstroem repaired three Steinway & Sons
pianos. Mr. Holmstroem brought one set for reparation financed by Swedish International Development Agency. Faculty of
Music in Belgrade purchased two reparation sets using funds of the National Investment Plans.
rđan Palaĉković, assistant professor for percussions,
held a course and workshop for chamber music/
percussions in Bayreuth (Germany), from August 5-15.
Moreover, he will work with students from the youth
orchestra who will perform at the Festival of the young
in Bayreuth.
avid Griffits, clarinetist and his wife Svetlana
Bogosaljević, violoncellist, were FoM guests on
October 11th and 12th. On this occasion, they held master
class and concert at FoM Grand Hall. Australian
ambassador, representatives of Swedish Embassy and
numerous guest attended this concert where the
following pieces were performed: Capriccio No.1 for solo
clarinet by Ante Grgin, Nine dances for solo clarinet and Pas
De Deux for flute and clarinet by Dejan Despić, Trio for
clarinet, violoncello and piano No. 11 by Ludwig Van
Beethoven, Hameum suite by Boţidar Boki Milošević and
Ante Grgin, Alt.Music.Ballistix for clarinet and CD by
Nikola Resanović, Oblivion by Astor Piazzolla and Sholemalekhem, rov Feidman! by Bela Kovaĉ. David Griffits,
Svetlana Bogosavljević and Timothy Young are members
of Liaison ensemble founded in 2006, recently named
residential ensemble of Monash University in Melbourne
(Australia). Their first concert was within The Best of
Sunday Live 2006 program at ABC Radio Clasic FM and
in 2007 they had
first series of concerts Liaison Ensemble and Friends. In the
past three years,
with famous musicians like Peter Coleman Wright, Wilma Smith, Tony
Gold, Caroline Henbest, Simon Oswell, Elisabeth Sellers
ils Henrik Asheim, composer and organ player, was
a FoM guest. He held a workshop and lecture on
free improvisations at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade
from October 11-13, 2010. Asheim specialized in organ
improvisations and got his reputation for performing
sounds that resemble contemporary music, electronic
music and free jazz. Nils Henrik Asheim won one
Grammy award. During his visit, Asheim had a concert –
improvisation at St. Antun’s church. The Royal
Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs supported
Asheim’s visit and concert.
enis Azabagić (guitar) and Eugenia Moliner (flute),
professors at Roosevelt University in Chicago were
FoM guests from October 25-29. 2010 when they held
flute, guitar and chamber music master classes.
WUS Austria and Instituto Cervantes supported
classes and final concert.
aria Alexandrou, professor at the Aristotle University in Thessaloniki (Greece) was a FoM guest from October 27-30,
2010 when she had a master class. During her stay in Belgrade, professor Alexandrou had a lecture Α journey to the
Byzantine hymnographic and musical treasury. Brief introduction into Paleography of Byzantine Music. Maria Alexandru (1969) studied
Byzantine Music in Bucharest, Copenhagen and in Greece, with teachers like Dr. Alexandrescu, J. Raasted, Chr. Troelsgård,
L. Angelopoulos. She took her doctorate in 2001 at Copenhagen University, with a thesis about the cheironomic signs of the
old Byzantine notation. She held a post-doctorate scholarship from the Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung and since 2002
she is teaching different courses about Byzantine Music at the Aristoteles University Thessaloniki. Main topics of her
publications are paleography, historiography, analysis and didactics of Byzantine Music. This visit is a result of collaboration
between University of Arts in Belgrade and Aristotle University in Thessaloniki.
ate Bekavac (clarinet, Slovenia) held a free master class for FoM students
from November 11-14, 2010. He passed masters at High Music School
“Mozarteum” in Salzburg and was awarded by Austrian Ministry of science and
Culture with “Würdigungspreis” (award for special artistic achievements). He
continued further education at famous “The Juilliard School of Music” in New
York. He played with members of “Juilliard” quintet, New York Philharmonics
and Orchestra of Metropolitan Opera, with members of Berlin Philharmonics,
Bavarian Radio and Munich Philharmonics. He has performed with flutist Irene
Grafenauer, violinist Yuri Bashmet and other distinguished musicians. Mate
Bekavac won Mozarteum Award from Salzburg in 1992, special prize at the 7th
Eurovision Contest in Warsaw (1994), prize of music found Yamaha from
Vienna (1994) etc.
Biljana Todorović, piano and Danica Kremzer,
violoncello (chamber music). Selection was made based
on courses capacities and students’ recordings/scores. All
students passed the audition thus organisers granted two
scholarships more than planned.
Faculty of Music in Belgrade continued its
collaboration with Young Euro Classic Foundation. The
collaboration resulted in a concert tour of Young Euro
Classic Ensemble South-East-Europe orchestra. Ivan Fotev
(viola, class of professor Dejan Mlađenović), Vukašin
Mihajlović (double bass, class of professor Slobodan
Gerić), Mihajlo Radivojević (bassoon, class of professor
Mirko Isaeski), Jelena Vojvodić (horn, class of associate
professor Milan Radić), Joţef Škofljanec (trumpet, class
of professor Mladen Đorđević) and Uroš Gavrilović
(violin, class of professor Jasna Maksimović) are FoM
students who passed the audition held in Berlin. Marina
Popović (violin, class of professor Jasna Maksimović)
and Jasna Simonović (viola, class of assistant professor
Panta Veliĉković) are FoM students who received the
direct invitation from the organiser and became
orchestra’s members once again. Concerts were held in
Berlin from July 30- August 7, 2010, Kasel, Split and
Cetinje. Program included the following pieces: A moment
before (Nina Šenk, Slovenia), Beethaphrase (Jelena Dabić,
Novi Sad) and VII Symphony and piano concert in E flat
major by Beethoven. Marina Filjak (piano, Croatia) was a
soloist and Heinrich Schiff (Germany) was a conductor.
Maribor International Youth Orchestra offered
participation in international orchestra, from July 15 August 5, 2010. Audition for the orchestra was held at
the Faculty of Music in Belgrade on May 29th, 2010 and
Sofija Krsteska (violin, specialisation, class of associate
professor Vesna Stanković), Saška Veljović (trombone,
III year, class of associate professor Aleksandar Benĉić),
Jovana Stanković (flute, IV year, class of professor
Ljubiša Jovanović), Miloš Rakić (viola, I year, class of
assistant professor Ljubomir Milanović), Ivana Zavišić
(violin, II year, class of professor Ivana Aćimovski Ţikić)
and Katarina Đukić (violin, IV year, class of assistant
professor Marija Špengler) passed the audition, thus
played in this youth orchestra.
Austria Baroque Academy (Vienna) offered four full
scholarships to FoM students. Rastko Popović (viola,
class of professor Dejan Mlađenović), Dragan Petaković
(violin, class of professor Jasna Maksimović), Katarina
Đukić (violin, class of assistant professor Marija
Špengler) and Sofija Perović (harpsichord, class of
professor Zorica Ćetković) were FoM representatives
who participated at these summer courses that took place
in Gmunden. In celebration of his 350th birthday, this
year´s composer in focus at the Austria Baroque
Academy is the Austrian composer, conductor of court
music, teacher and pioneer, Johann Joseph Fux.
Prominent professors from all over the Europe took part
in this year´s Academy work. For further information
visit web site http://manila.at/aba/
Summer academy Vienna-Prague-Budapest, located
in Vienna, offered seven scholarships to FoM students.
Faculty of Music proposed nine students: Sara
Vujadinović (piano, class of professor Ninoslav
Ţivković), Jasna Simonović (viola, class of assistant
professor Panta Veliĉković), Jelena Vojvodić (horn, class
of associate professor Milan Radić), Ana Petrović (voice,
class of associate professor Nikola Kitanovski), Luka
Ĉubrilo (composing, class of associate professor Isidora
Ţebeljan), Marija Joksimović (conducting, class of
professor Bojan Suđić) and trio – Jovana Bjelić, violin,
Seven FoM students got full scholarships for Cetinje
Summer Academy - Jovana Stošić (violin, master class
with professor Igor Petruševski), Ljubica Damĉević
(violin, master class with professor Mihail Bereznjickov),
Ana Jovanović (viola, master class with professor Peter
Langgartner), Pavle Savić (violoncello, master class with
professor Viktor Uzur), Miloš Popović (double bass,
master class with professor Pavel Aksamit), Milica
Kovaĉević (piano, master class with professor Vladimir
Ovĉinjikov) and Ana Marija Banković (flute, master class
with professor Ljubiša Jovanović). Courses were held
from July 27 – August 8, 2010 and Swedish International
Development Agency provided scholarships.
Yamaha Company will award one FoM piano student
with scholarship of 1000 Euros. According to the signed
contract, Faculty of Music in Belgrade is obliged to
organise an audition for piano students by the end of
January 2011 when the jury made of FoM piano
professors will decide student to receive this valuable
scholarship. Scholarship will be awarded in March 2011.
Faculty of Music in Belgrade organised an audition
for the Gustav Mahler youth orchestra on November 15th,
2010. Students from Belgrade, Kragujevac, Novi Sad and
Skopje participated at this audition – Miloš Rakić, Sreten
Jović (viola), Jelena Mihailović (violoncello), Stefan Fuks
(double bass), Nemanja Krstić (clarinet), Ana Marija
Banović (flute), Mihajlo Radivojević (bassoon), Vladimir
Veres (trombone), Milica Pašić (harp) from Belgrade;
Eleonora Nikolić (violin), Nevena Adamović (viola),
Aleksandra Leĉić and Milica Ţivanović (flute) from
Kragujevac; Vasa Vuĉković (clarinet) form Novi Sad and
Branko Ilijevski (trombone) from Skopje. Results of the
audition will be announced in January 2011.
FoM students Vuk Krivošija and Pavle Savić
(violoncello) and Stefan Fuks (double bass) will be
members of the International Youth Orchestra whose
tour organises Liszt Academy (Budapest). Orchestra will
perform in Budapest (Palace of Arts, February 26th, 2011),
Zagreb (Lisinski Hall, February 28th, 2011), Graz
(Stefaniensaal, March 2nd, 2011) and Vienna (March 3rd,
2011). Program will consist of the following pieces:
Variations on a Nursery Song for Piano and Orchestra (Ernő
Dohnányi), Dance (Béla Bartók), Dances of (Zoltán
Kodály). Department for String instruments choose FoM
students to join this youth orchestra.
he Ilija M. Kolrac Foundation - Music Center, organised a concert In a memory of Lili devoted to Miroslava Lili Petrović,
piano pedagogue. Nataša Veljković (with her daughter, violinist, Milica Zulus), Miloš Petrović, Sara Marjanović, Maja
Rajković, Darko Pećanac, violoncellist Sandra Belić, soprano Vesna Opsenica, Vladimir Gligorić, Tatjana Drobni and Vera
Milanković (who was a screenwriter of the concert) performed at this event. At the beginning, after the opening speech
given by Danica Petrović, PhD, part from a TV show Lili of our youth (author Sneţana Nikolajević) was played. Actress
Svetlana Bojković was a narrator.
concert of pieces by Serbian composer Vladimir Tošić was held on Jun 4th at the Assembly of City of Belgrade grand
hall. Program included the following pieces: Preludes for guitar (played by Vera Ogrizović), Aludium for guitar (played by
Nataša Mitrović), Arcus for flute and piano (played by Stana Krstajić – flute, Ljiljana Vukelja – piano), Silabial for flute, bass
clarinet and piano (Stana Krstajić – flute, Vojislav Dukić – bass clarinet, Ljiljana Vukelja – piano), Duo for piano four hands
(played by Vladimir Cvijić and Ljiljana Vukelja).
he lasts composition Latum lalo by Serbian composer Isidora Ţebeljan, order of the
Dutch chamber choir from Amsterdam, written for the 12-voice-chamber choir, had
its premiere at the festival Ultima in Oslo (Norway) on September 17th, 2010 was
performed by Dutch chamber choir led by conductor Kaspar Putnins. On their return
form Oslo, Dutch chamber choir performed composition Latum lalo on their concerts
at Utrecht and Amsterdam on September 23rd and 24th. According to the composer
herself, this extensive composition is a mixture of Serbian, Romanian and Gipsy folk
song whose lyrics lost their meaning. She composed this piece using lyrics that her
father, Petar Ţebeljan, collected long time ago working on a radio-piece with composer
Dušan Radić. Composition is formed so that rhythmic pattern gradually grows in
complexity and speed to eventually become one lyric and gentle anthem. Latum lalo is a kind of fairytale, a suite whose
structure resembles journey through different landscapes, associations to ritual and magic, to imaginary street music of
Byzantine, ancient Rome and pagan chant.
uring one month tour across North America
(September 20 - October 18, 2010) Maja Smiljanić
Radić (organ) and Nenad Radić (piano) had six concerts.
As a chamber duo, they had performances in New York,
Toronto, Indianapolis, Dallas and Los Angeles. The most
important concert was the one in the second largest
cathedral in Los Angeles. This tour named
“Ambassadors of culture and music from Serbia”
received a lot of media attention. After the concerts Maja
and Nenad Radić had video presentations about Serbia,
Belgrade, Faculty of Music, culture and music in our
country. Pieces by Serbian authors Romantic etude and Five
preludes by Stanko Šepić, La Revelation de la Lumiere by Ivan
Jevtić and Eine kleine Trauermusik by Milan Mihajlović
arouse considerable media and audience interest.
Nenad Radić had a soloist recital on September 24th
at Tri Cities Opera (Binghamton, New York) playing the
Bechstein piano dating from 1913, famous for being one
of the finest east-coast pianos. Upon their return from
the United States of America, on October 4th, Maja and
Nenad Radić had concert at Velenje, at hall Fran Korun
Koţeljski. Maja Radić had a recital at St. Josef church in
Celje on October 5th. On this occasion, she played
compositions by Serbian and Slovenian authors (Corals of
Serbian spiritual holidays by Vera Milanković, Varial and
Multus by Vladimir Tošić had their premiere
performance; Slovenian audience had the opportunity to
enjoy La Revelation de la Lumiere by Ivan Jevtić for the first
oncert Energy, Love, Inspiration devoted to composer Dragana Jovanović, assistant professor at the Faculty of Music in
Belgrade was held on November 26th, at The City Museum of Ljubljana. Society Serbian Community organised this
event and the performers were: string orchestra Arseia from Škofja Loka, Armin Sešek (conductor), Ana Sešek (violin), Kaja
Sešek (violin), Jasna Jan Sešek (piano), Kristina Arniĉ (piano), Relja Turudić (guitar), Ana Marija Srejić (piano), Ervin Luka
Sešek (violin), Ana Krpan (violin), Minja Spasić (violoncello), Tatjana Krpan (piano), Nataša Paklar Marković (flute), Zoran
Marković (double bass), professor Miloš Mlejnik violoncellist ensemble, Branka Ivanović (double bass) and Dragana
Jovanović (electronics). Program included following pieces: Restlessness for string orchestra, Duo diverso for flute and double
bass, Whirligig and Winter Ballad for violin and piano, Due riflessioni for guitar and piano, For Ana Marija for piano, Balkantino
for violin and piano, Ballad for M. for violoncello and piano, State of Confusion for double bass and bells, Tango Django for
violin, violoncello and piano, Resian Love Song for eight violoncellos, double bass and electronics, Decisions of Love and Move
for string orchestra.
Students from the class of Professor Ljudmila Gros
Popović had a concert Time machine through opera (arias and
duets) that announced new series of concerts at Assembly
of City of Belgrade. Nevena Tirnanić (soprano), Milica
Gajić (soprano), Nataša Đikanović (soprano), Aleksandra
Alivojvodić (soprano), Sofija Petrović (soprano), Dejan
Ljutovac (tenor) and Danilo Stošić (tenor), class of
associate professor Nikola Kitanovski performed at this
concert together with Zorka Milivojević, Milica Ilić,
Milivoje Veljić and Sanja Spasić (piano accompaniment).
Pieces by Rossini, Gounod, Bellini, Mascagni, Puccini,
Donizetti and Verdi were performed at this concert.
Within the series of concerts Sounds of Senjak at the
Memorial House of King Peter I Karađorđević,
following professors ad students performed:
Jun 20th - Ljiljana Nestorovska and Milena Stanišić.
Pieces by Johann Pachelbel, Jaques Press, Vivaldi, David
Watkins, Marcel Tournier, Bernard Andres, Alfred, Ortiz,
Manuel de Falla were played as well as hispano-american
music by the authors from Argentina, Brasil, Bolivia and
Jun 23rd - Piano duo Vesna Kršić – Sneţana
Nikolajević. Pieces by Dvořák, Boţić, Donizetti, Vera
Milanković, Anderson and Carmichael were played at this
Professor Zorica Ćetković (piano), associate
professor Miroslav Karlović (drums) and professor
Slobodan Gerić (double bass) had a concert New ways of
baroque on October 13th. Goldberg Variations by J. S.
Bach (arrangement by Miroslav Karlović) and suite Jazz a
la francaise for harpsichord, drums and double bass by
Claude Boling were performed at this concert.
November 23th - Jelena Rokvić (violin) and Katarina
Hadţi Antić Tatić performed pieces by Handel (Sonate
for violin and piano No. 13, D major), Mozart (Sonate
for violin and piano KB 454, B flat major) and
Beethoven (Sonate for piano and violin Op. 24, No. 5, E
flat major)
rgan students at „Stanković“ music school and
Faculty of Music in Belgrade, class of associate
professor Maja Smiljanić Radić, had a concert Music for
organs from 17th to 20th century at St. Antun Church on Jun
6th. Pieces by J. S. Bach, Leon Boellmann, Jose Maria
Horvath, Mozart, Paul Hindemith and M. Durufle were
played at this concert. Cultural Centre of Belgrade was
the organser of the event.
iano duo Jelena Nedeljković and Bojan Savić (class
of assistant professor Dejan Subotić) performed
pieces by Rachmaninoff and Mozart had a concert at the
Theatre in Kruševac. This duo performed the same
repertoire at the concert at Ilija M. Kolarac Foundation
Music Center on Jun 9th and at the Serbian Academy of
Sciences and Arts on November 18th.
he Madrigal Choir had a concert on Jun 29th at
National Museum Atrium. The concert was held
within festival Choirs among frescos. Pieces performed on
this occasion were of a spiritual content even though
choir did not participate as one of the competitor.
Natalija Stanimirović and Ivan Đaĉić, students at the
Department for conducting, conducted at this concert.
Pieces Ay que dolor by Joan Cererols, Teku rajski potoci,
Had gad ja, Otče naš, Hasidska pesma by Aleksandar Vujić,
Salve Ragina by György Orbán and Ain‟ a that good news by
William L. Dawson were performed at this concert.
The Madrigal choir had a performance in July, within
Niš Choir Festival when Milica Radivojević (Audite nova by
Orlando di Lasso), Igor Sarajlić (Ay que dolor by Joan
Cererols and Ain‟ a that good news by William L. Dawson)
Katarina Veškovac (Salve Ragina György Orbán and
Niška banja by Aleksandar S. Vujić) and Olga Milićević
(Otče naš, Hasidska pesma, Had gad-ja by Aleksandar Vujuć
and Dana dana by Lajos Bárdos) conducted. The choir
was praised for “a high level of vocal and artistic
The Madrigal Choir made an appearance at the
Orthodox Music Festival, held for the second time
within Niš Choir Festival. The Madrigal Choir with its 25
members performed compositions by Aleksandar S.
Vujić Otče naš i Vjeruju (written for three choirs). On this
occasion choir was awarded for “the authentic
performance of contemporary author”.
Students at the Polyinstrumental Department had a
concert on Jun 4th. Miroslav Stojanović (harpsichord,
class of professor Zorica Ćetković), Vojin Kocić (guitar,
class of professor Srđan Tošić), Ksenija Komljenović
(vibraphone, class of associate professor Miroslav
Karlović and assistant professor Srđan Palaĉković), Mina
Marinković (harp, class of associate professor Ljiljana
Nestorovska), Lazar Stojković (marimba, class of
associate professor Miroslav Karlović and assistant
professor Srđan Palaĉković), Ivana Cikić (guitar, class of
professor Vera Ogrizović), Stefan Lubarda (marimba,
class of class of associate professor Miroslav Karlović
and assistant professor Srđan Palaĉković) and Milan
Popović (harpsichord, class of professor Zorica
Ćetković) performed at this concert. Program included
pieces by Friedman, Handel, Rodriquez, Tanaka,
Angleber and Piazzolla.
Students at the Polyinstrumental Department had a
concert on October 30th. Ţeljko Manić (harpsichord,
class of professor Zorica Ćetković), Ana Marija Franc
(harp, class of associate professor Ljiljana Nestorovska),
Mirosava Stojanović (harpsichord, class of professor
Zorica Ćetković), Marija Jevtić (marimba, class of class of
associate professor Miroslav Karlović and assistant professor Srđan Palaĉković), Bojana Milanović (harpsichord,
class of professor Miloš Petrović), Miloš Vuĉićević,
guitar, (class of professor Vera Ogrizović), Sofija Perović
(harpsichord, class of professor Zorica Ćetković), Milica
Pašić (harp, class of associate professor Ljiljana Nestorovska), Lazar Stojković, Stefan Lubarda and Branisava
Savić (percussions, class of class of associate professor
Miroslav Karlović and assistant professor Srđan Palaĉković) played at this concert. Pieces by Scarlatti, Mchedelov,
Frescobaldi, Couperin, Kosten, Salcedo and Ţivković
were performed at this concert.
cademic chamber choir Liceum from Kragujevac led
by its founder and artistic director Miloje Nikolić,
professor at the Department for music theory,
participated in World Choral Festival (Puebla, Mexico)
from September 3-10, 2010 together with seven more
choirs from Latin America (Mexico, Argentina,
Columbia, Venezuela) and Europe (Poland). This
distinguish festival took place within celebration of 200th
anniversary of Mexican independency and 100
anniversary of Mexican revolution. Choir Liceum had six
concerts performing spiritual and secular pieces by
Serbian composers – Stevan Stojanović Mokranjac,
Marko Tajĉević, Svetislav Boţić, Miodrag Govedarica,
Dušan Radić, Konstantin Babić, Minta Aleksainaĉki and
Dimitrije O. Golemović.
Students at the Department for Singing had a concert
on November 25th. Jelena Banković, Olivera Tiĉević, Ana
Radovanović (class of associate professor Aneta Ilić),
Aleksandra Alivojvodić, Nataša Đikanović, Jelena Banković, Sofija Petrović, Nevena Tirnanić (class of professor
Ljudmila Gros Popović), Mihajlo Šljivić, Maja Mijatović
(class of associate professor Nikola Mijailović), Ana
Šipka, Jovana Ĉurović (class of associate professor Višnja
Pavlović Drakulić) sang at the concert.
Following concerts were held at the Centre for
Culture Vuk Karadžić:
October 28th – Time machine through opera – Arias and
duets. Aleksandra Alivojvodić (soprano), Ivana Petrović
(soprano), Aleksa Vasić (bassbaritone), (soprano), Nataša
Đikanović (soprano), Dejan Ljutovac (tenor) and Danilo
Stošić (tenor) performed pieces by Puccini, Verdi,
Gounod, Bellini and Wagner. Students are in the class of
professor Ljudmila Gros Popović and associate professor
Nikola Kitanovski.
November 25th – Gordana Matijević Nedeljković
(violin) and Marija Đukić (piano). Program included
pieces by Chopin, Scholson, Schuman and Wieniawski.
tudents and pupils at School for music talents in Ćuprija had a concert on December 1st at FoM Grand Hall. Pieces by
Tchaikovsky, Paganini, Berio, Baklanova, Senaille, Saint-Saëns, Dvořák and Novosel were performed.
Z. Gavrilović, M. Ilić and J. Šulović were piano accompaniment.
Vera Milanković, full time professor, had a concert and lecture named On work with children‟s choir on Jun 18th at
Leskovac. Children’s choir Zvezdice led by Jelena Ćetković performed compositions for children.
Jelena Dubljević, MA, teaching assistant for solfeggio, participated at 16th International conference The gifted at the process
of globalisation, held in Vršac, on July 2nd. She presented a joint study along with Dr Blanka Bogunović and Nina Jovanović,
MA. Their study Musically gifted child: Epilogue deals with testing of expectations, attitudes and professional musicians’
judgements of the education system of music talents. Professors, assistant and FoM PhD students participated at this study.
Olivera Vasić, PhD, full time professor and Selena Rakočević, PhD, assistant professor at the Ethnomusicology
Department, led the ethnomusicology workshop of summer art school, held in Despotovac from July 17-24, 2010. Four
FoM ethnomusicology students Edi Tajm, Nikola Radeka, Borisav Miljković, Branislav Stevanić and Akis Efthimiou, a PhD
ethimology student at Aristotle Faculty in Thessaloniki participated at this workshop.
During six days of intensive fieldwork, music and dance practise of Donja Resava village was a subject of research
likewise practise of Serbian, Vlach and Gipsy population. During the summer art school, ethnomusicology students had
concerts at the city square; at the end of the whole workshop they gave a presentation of the work they had done and
organised a concert where some singers from Donja Resava village performed.
Associate professor Blanka Bogunović, PhD, participated at the 6th Conference on Interdisciplinary Musicology –
CIM10, held in Sheffield, Great Britain, from July 22-24, 2010. Professor Bogunović participated with topic Nature versus
Culture and she presented a co-author study of Tijana Popović Mlađenović, PhD, Ivana Perković, PhD and professor
Bogunović herself, named Musical Materials and Compositional Practices at the Intersection of Natural and Cultural Constraints. Their
study is a result of interdisciplinary research in the field of psychology of music and musicology. Prominent Serbian
composers and FoM PhD students participated at this study.
Book Balkan Refrain - Form and Tradition in European Folk Song by professor Dimitrije O. Golemović
was published in the USA by Scarecrow press. Miloš Zatkalik, ass. prof. at Music Theory Department
translated this book issued within Ethnomusicology Music Europea: Ethnomusicologies Modernities Balkan Refrain
edition. This book is second and extended issue of the book Refrain in Folk Song: From Ritual to
Entertainment published by the Academy of Arts in Banja Luka and Renome from Bijeljina. Book contains
score sheets of songs with refrains and CD with audio examples.
Study Psychologists of music in Serbia written by associate professor Blanka Bogunović was published in the book Practise
of psychologists in music schools in Poland. This book issued by the regional centre for psychology of music Fermata (Bydgoszcz)
and Centre for art education (Warsaw) shows contemporary trends of psychological counselling in music schools in Poland.
11th International Congress on Musical Signification
Music Function and Value was held from September 27October 2, 2010 in Krakow. International Association
for Semiotic Studies and International Semiotic Institute
organised this congress. Following FoM professors
presented their work on this congerss: Vesna Mikic, PhD
(A short survey of artist‟s theory with „one-minute help‟ from
Chopin – short autobiography by Vladan Radovanović revisited),
Tijana Popović Mlađenović, PhD (Reminiscences about
Chopin, ballad, and transgression), Ivana Perković, PhD
(Musical refe-rences in the liturgical poetry of Srbljak) and FoM
PhD doctoral students: Ivana Miladinović Prica (Musique
du non-vouloir – Rethinking the work of music in the postwar
American experimental music), Olga Jokić (Boris Asafiev‟s
„Intonation World‟) and Igor Radeta (Gaspard de la Nuit:
Leap into a universe of signification).
Biljana Srećković, assistant at the Department for Musicology, presented her work Searching for Radiophonic Art: the Case
of Pierre Schaeffer's and Vladan Radovanović's Radiophonic Work at the International congress Pierre Schaeffer: mediArt held in Rijeka on
October 5-7, 2010, organised by Modern and Contemporary Art Museum.
Second concert form the series Anthology Works of Serbian Music, organized by Serbian Musicological Society was held on
November 17th at the Assembly of City of Belgrade grand hall. Program included pieces by Stanojlo Rajiĉić (Leaves gone yellow
for baritone and piano), Dejan Despić (Branko‟s lyrics for mezzo-soprano, baritone and string quartet) Josip Slavenski
(Second string quartet) and Ivana Stefanović (Play Strindberg for string quartet). Vladimir Dinić (baritone), Neda Hofman
(piano), Jelena Konĉar (mezzo-soprano), Nenad Jakovljević (baritone), Concertone string quartet (Mladen Drenić, violin;
Dušica Blaţenović, violin; Ljubomir Milanović, viola and Srđan Sretenović, violoncello) performed at this concert.
19th International Composers’ Review, organized by Composers Association of Serbia was held from November 19-23,
2010. Ivan Brkljaĉić, assistant professor at the Department for music theory was selector of this year’s Review. Program
organized into nine music events consisted of 50 compositions.
The opening ceremony Music Circus of John Cage – A House Full of Music a project by Nada Kolundţija and Scott Fielding
was on November 19th at Bitef Theatre. Distinguished ensemble Alternance from Paris performed at this year’s Review (their
previous performances were in 1996 and 1998) and Cantus ensemble from Zagreb at their first performance. National Bank
of Serbia, Bitef Theatre and Yugoslav Drama Theatre were venues of 19th International Composers’ Review.
Students at the Department for Musicology and Department for Ethnomusicology had presentations about Faculty of
Music in Belgrade on November 28th, 2010 at Music school Ţivorad Grbić (Valjevo). The main goal of these presentations
was presenting some basic forms of scientific studies and their current dymanics to high school pupils, as potential FoM
students. Students at the Department for Musicology, Jasna Dimitrijević, Snežana Cvijanović, Nikola Pejčinović and
Vladimir Perišić had thier presentations which were directy concected to the program of the concert held the same day
(Evening of Baroque Music). These students talked about definition and sub branches of musicology, baroque period
composers and their works, detail historic and stylistic coordinates etc. Presentations were interactive and included all the
present pupils who were asked some basic questions regarding baroque period music.
Ivana Perković, PhD, vice Dean for scientific work worked with students at the Department for Musicology on their
presentations. Assistant Iva Nenić, MA, helped students of ethnomusicology with their presentations and Sanja Ranković,
MA helped students with their singing.
Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (Department of Fine Arts and Music) released CD Identities of Serbian Music, XXXXI century with audio recordings of songs and pieces for piano. Associate professor Aneta Ilić (soprano) and professor
Lidija Stanković (piano) performed compositions Chanson by Petar Konjović, Nymph and Autumnal Elegy by Miloje
Milojević, November by Stevan Hristić, Reproach and Little Fisherman’s Dream by Stanojlo Rajiĉić, Enchantress by Ljubica
Marić. Associate professor Branko Penĉić performs pieces for piano: Sonata lesta by Dušan Radić, Fragments by Vasilije
Mokranjac, Three Preludes by Milan Mihajlović and Threads by Katarina Miljković.
International scientific conference Serbian Language, Literature, Art was held in Kragujevac on October 29th and 30th, 2010.
Katarina Glišić (Narrative text versus narrative music in opera The Ring of the Nibelung by Richard Wagner, case study: character of
Brynhildr), Anica Sabo (Creative poetics of Mirjana Ţivković), Igor Radeta (Elements of constructivism in string quartets by Josip
Slavenski), Milord Marinković (New generation of Serbian composers – from 1990 to present day), Garun Malaev (Robert Schumann,
renaissance music theory and phenomenon “déjà entendu”), Miloš Zatkalik (String Quartet Finale Op. 41 No 1 by Robert Schumann), Srđan
Teparić (Tonality as symbol: relationship between language and style in composition: Finals for two pianos and four performers by Dejan
Despić), Milica Gajić (Contribution of Czech musicians to europeanization of Serbian music in 19th century), Predrag Repanić (Canon
“Sumer is icumen in”, 700 years after) and (Scene of Classical Music in The Age of Screens) Ana Gnjatović presented their works.
Ljiljana Vukelja Cvjić, Mmus:
Contemporary performanance of piano pieces by M. Ravel, G. Enesco
and A. Dittieux
Jun 18th, 2010
Mentor: professor Dejan Sinadinović, Mmus
Jelena Jovanović, MA, Serbian Academy of Science
and Art (Department of Fine Arts and Music)
Vocal tradition of Jasenica in the light of ethno genetic processes
July 8th, 2010
Mentor: professor Dimitrije O. Golemović, PhD
Mladen Marković, MA:
Violin in Serbian folk music
July 1st, 2010
Mentor: professor Dimitrije O. Golemović, PhD
Sonja Cvetković, MA, Faculty of Arts (Niš)
Music practise in Niš as ideologic, cultural and artistic reality from late
19th century till the World War II
September 3rd, 2010
Mentor: professor Sonja Marinković, PhD
Milena Petrović, MA
Role of accents in reception and reproduction of Serbian music – from
accents in speech to accents in rhythm and phrasing in music lessons
July 5th, 2010
Mentor: assistant professor Dragana Stojanović Novičić,
Gordana Karan, MA
Pedagogical activities of Miloje Milojević
November 18th, 2010
Mentor: assistant professor Dragana Stojanović
Novičić, PhD
The FoM Students Chamber Orchestra (brass and wind instruments, harp quartets and solo guitar) will have a benefit
concert for Kraljevo, recently hit by a strong earthquake. Concert will be held at Ilija M. Kolarac Foundation on December
Faculty of Music will release double CD Anthology of Serbian Piano Music and
Retrospective with interpretations by Dušan Trbojević, Serbian pianist and
composer. First CD comprises recordings of pieces by Josip Slavenski (From
Yugoslavia), Prerdag Milošević (Sonatine), Milutin Radenković (Concertino for
piano and orchestra), Dejan Despić (Nocturno), Konstantin Babić (Tango Boogie
Bell), Vasilije Mokranjac (Echoes and Poem for piano and orchestra) and CD includes
pieces by Ludwig Van Beethoven (Concert for piano No. 5 in E flat major),
Chopin (Two nocturnes Op. 27, C sharp minor and D flat major), Wagner/
Liszt (“Tristan and Isolde”), Debussy (fille cheveux , Reflets dans l'eau, 'vu vent ', Clair
de lune) and Scriabin (Etude Op. 8, No. 12, D sharp minor).
Luka Čubrilo, fourth-year-student, class of professor Isidora Ţebeljan won first award at Vienna-Prague-Budapest
Summer Academy for his composition Ritual for two oboes, piano and double bass. Members of a famous Klangforum
Wien Ensemble handed this award to FoM student.
Piano duo Jasmina Marinković and Jelena Dobrić, class of professor Dejan Subotić won third award at 20th
International Piano Competition Roma 2010, held in Rome from October 10-20, 2010. Professor Ninoslav Ţivković was a
jury member for Chopin award.
Miloš Petrović (1952–2010)
Miloš Petrović – composer, pianist and professor at the
Faculty of Music was born in Belgrade in 1952. He
graduated from the Faculty of Music (Department for
Piano) where he also got his MMus title (Department for
harpsichord and chamber music). He continued his
professional enhancement at music academies in Prague,
Spain and France. As a harpsichord soloist, he
performed with numerous chamber orchestras, RTS
Symphonic Orchestra and he was a member of Belgrade
chamber quartet.
His opulent artistic creativity earned him a prominent
place among contemporary artists. He composed
chamber, electro acoustic and jazz music; two chamber
operas – Derlad/Les enfantes terrible, based on the novel by
Jean Cocteau (1971); opera (2002) and cantata Mihailo
from Peć (2009) based on the novel he himself wrote in
2002. His compositions were performed at numerous
domestic and international festivals (in Canada,
Germany, Hungary and France). Miloš Petrović released
many CDs for harpsichord with baroque music, pieces
by Serbian authors and his own compositions. He wrote
collection of stories Levant over Levant (Belgrade:
Prosveta, 1996) and novels Life of monk Mardarije
(Sorabia, 1992) and Mihailo from Peć (LOM, 2002). He
published essays on music performance and pedagogy
(collection of jazz album reviews, essays on music, Palm
on the foot).
Miloš Petrović started his pedagogical career in 1988
as a harpsichord and chamber music professor. His
students won many awards at domestic and international
competitions and professor Petrović himself won Grand
Diploma award, handed by University of Arts in Belgrade.
Miloš Petrović died in Belgrade on November 13th,
aculty of Music released
double CD Vocal art of Irina
Arsikin. This CD was introduced
to wider audience at Belgrade
Music Festival (BEMUS) at
National Bank of Serbia, on
October 22nd, 2010. Dean of the
Faculty of Music, professor
Dubravka Joviĉić, PhD, former
music editor of the Radio Belgrade
conductor Mladen Jagušt talked
about this CD. Vladimir Dinić,
baritone, Irina Arsikin’s former
student, Tatjana Drobni, piano,
Jelena Vujnović, flute , Aleksandar
Sedlar Bogoev (piano) and Uroš
Jovanović (double bass) performed
at this event playing Sons of travel by
Ralph Vaughan Williams, To a
mother for baritone, flute and piano
by Aleksandar Sedlar Bogoev and
At fast for baritone, flute and
double bass by Ivan Brkljaĉić.
Extremely rare and valuable scores, Cockaigne (1901) by
Edward Elgar, were found at the Faculty of Music in
Belgrade. The most valuable thing lies on the first page
of the scores: personal dedication of the composer
himself. The copy of scores was sent to the International
Association of Music Libraries in order to validate
authenticity and first unofficial estimates confirm the
originality of the scores. “To Richard Strauss, with
deepest admiration” is dedication written on the first
page, which intensifies the value of this revelation.
Edward Elgar and Richard Strauss were friends and they
respected each other, but this type of correspondence is
of a great importance. International Association of Music
Libraries gave two expert opinions confirming the
authenticity of the scores since Strauss conducted this
piece shortly after its publishing. It is possible that
Richard Strauss used this very score while performing
Cockaigne for the first time. FoM library is the largest
musical library in the Balkans with numerous rare and
exquisite publications.
Since May 2010 in FoM library students can find part of Konstatntin Babić's legacy that his family gave to the
Faculty of Music in Belgrade. The legacy consists of handwritten and print scores, books, texts and other
publications, documents, recognitions, video and audio material.
Зборник Иинститута за педагошка истраживања, Београд:
Институт за педагошка истраживања: 2010, год. 42, бр. 1
International Review of the Aesthetics and Sociology of Music,
Zagreb: Muzikološki zavod Muziĉke akademije: 1985, Vol.
16, No. 2
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No. 9
Свеске, Панчево : Мали Немо: 1999/ 45-46, 47, 48-49, 50.
New Sound, Belgrade: Department of Musicology Faculty
of Music: 2009/33
Raster, Beograd: TkH: 2008/1
Raster, Beograd: TkH: 2009/2
Музички Гласник: 1922 /1-9 (12)
Народно стваралаштво – Folklor, Београд: Савез
удружења фолклориста Југославије: 1967/21, 22-24
Народно стваралаштво – Folklor, Београд: Савез
удружења фолклориста Југославије: 1969/29-32
Народно стваралаштво – Folklor, Београд: Савез
удружења фолклориста Југославије: 1970/33-34, 35-36
Народно стваралаштво – Folklor, Београд: Савез
удружења фолклориста Југославије: 1971/37-38, 39-40
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Тreći program, Beograd: Radio Beograd: 1990/85, 86-87
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Тreći program, Beograd: Radio Beograd: 1993/96-99
Тreći program, Beograd: Radio Beograd: 1979/40, 42
Тreći program, Beograd: Radio Beograd: 1995/101, 102, 103104
Тreći program, Beograd: Radio Beograd: 1996/105-106, 107108
Тreći program, Beograd: Radio Beograd: 1997/109-110
Vuĉić, Lidija: Pedagoška psihologija, - Beograd: Centar za
primenjenu psihologiju Društva, 2007.
Trnavac, Nedeljko: Pedagogija: udţbenik za nastavnike. –
Beograd, Nauĉna knjiga komerc, 2007.
Keller, Kermann: Die Orgelwerke Bachs. – Frankfurt:
C.F.Peters, cop. 1976.
Летопис симбола: свет и српске земље: до 1200. –
Београд: Универзитет уметности, 2009. (Књ. 1/Милош
Летопис симбола: свет и српске земље: 1200–1400/Милош
Ћирић. – Београд: Универзитет уметности, 2009. (Књ. 2)
Летопис симбола: свет и српске земље: 1400–1700/ Милош
Ћирић. – Београд: Универзитет уметности, 2009. (Књ. 3)
Летопис симбола: свет и српске земље: 1700–1900/ Милош
Ћирић. – Београд: Универзитет уметности, 2009. (Књ. 4)
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Professor Mirjana Živković gave scores of her compositions to the Faculty of Music in Belgrade:
Ballade No.1 for piano
Ballade No. 2 for piano
New Year‟s doll for piano
Funny little variations for piano
Voices for harpsichord or piano
Passacaglia for solo violin
Basma for mezzo-soprano (alt) and four kettle drums
From no man‟s land for mezzo soprano (soprano) and piano
Three ways for flute and piano
Records for violin and piano
Sonatine for violin and piano
Rondo sequence for double bass and piano
Duo for violin and violoncello
Summer night for accordion
Wind quintet
Dance for mezzo-soprano, flute and percussions
Ballade about rose for marimba, piano and percussions
Amazement for mixed choir
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