EAJS Council Election 2011-2014
Candidates' Self-introductions and Statements
Dr Jan Sýkora
Although I was originally trained in economics (M.A. in international economics in 1984 from Prague
School of Economics and in economic and monetary policy in 1994 from Saga University), later I
shifted my interest to the problem of how the economic phenomena influenced the values and
norms of various cultures, particularly Asian ones (PhD. in history and culture of Asian and African
societies in 2002 from Charles University). I am specialized in the Japanese economic, social and
intellectual history with special focus on the Japanese economic thoughts in early modern and
modern Japan. I am currently dealing with the impact of the Western economic thought on modern
Japanese intellectual milieu, mainly in Meiji period.
Other field of my study is the Japanese paleography and diplomatics (komonjogaku) which is a major
requisite for the work with the primary sources. During more than 8 years spent in Japan
(International Research Centre for Japanese Studies in Kyoto, Osaka University, Seinan gakuin
University, Saga University) I collected over 5,000 photos of manuscripts and documents from
Tokugawa period and I am currently working on the Introduction and Reader to the Japanese
The last but not the least field of my interest is closely related to my teaching duties at Charles
University, i.e. the contemporary Japanese affairs (politics, economic and social problems etc.). I am
focus particularly on the role of institutions in the Japanese political and economic system and their
transformation since 90s.
As a member of the EAJS council I would like to concentrate my effort on closer cooperation with the
national/local associations of Japanese studies. I would devote particularly to the enhancement of
relationship with the associations and academic institutions in the Central and Eastern Europe which
is still below its potential, and to building of intellectual network between EAJS and young
researchers and scholars in this part of Europe.
Curriculum Vitae
Education, Academic Qualification
2002 PhD. (Charles University) in History (specialization History and Culture of Asian and African
Dissertation: Making of the Economic Society and the Origin of Economic Thought in Tokugawa Japan
(Supervisor: Prof. Oldřich Král, Charles University).
1996 The Japan Foundation, Japanese Language Center (Urawa, Japan) - Training Program for
teachers of the Japanese language.
1994 M.A. (Saga University, Japan) in Economics (specialization in Monetary and Economic policy).
EAJS Council Election 2011-2014
Candidates' Self-introductions and Statements
M.A. thesis: 正司考祺の経済論と幕末の佐賀藩:「倹法富強録」を中心として[Economic
theories of Shoji Koki and Saga domain in the late Tokugawa period: With the focus on ‘Kenpo
fukyoroku’] (Supervisor: Prof. Susumu Nagano, Saga University).
1988 – 1992 Czechoslovak Academy of Science, Institute of Economics (PhD. studies). Final PhD.
examination passed in May 1990; the studies temporarily left in January 1991 because of the
Japanese Government Scholarship (1991 - 94) and in 1992 annulled because of the dissolution of the
Institute of Economics.
1984 M.A. (Prague School of Economics) in Economics (specialization in International Economics
and Theory of Foreign Trade)
M.A. thesis: Specific Factors of the Economic Growth of Japan (Supervisor: Prof. Štěpán Müller,
Prague School of Economics).
Employment, Professional Experience, Academic Positions
1992 – hitherto
Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Arts, Institute of East Asian Studies
(associate professor)
1992 – hitherto
Head of the Japanese Studies Program
2007 – hitherto
Director of the Institute of East Asian Studies
2005 – hitherto Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Social Studies (lecturer)
Visiting Professorship, Fellowships (selected projects)
1997 – 1998
International Research Center for Japanese Studies (Nichibunken) Kyoto, Japan
(Visiting Associate Professor)
2000 – 2001
Seinan Gakuin University, Fukuoka, Japan (The Japan Foundation, Visiting Research
Seinan Gakuin University, Fukuoka, Japan (Visiting Lecturer)
Vilnius University, Centre of Oriental Studies, Vilnius, Lithuania (Visiting Associate
2005 – 2006
Osaka University, Graduate School of Letters (Japan Society for the Promotion of
Science, Visiting Research Fellow)
Seinan Gakuin University, Fukuoka, Japan (Visiting Lecturer)
Ruhr Universität, Fakultät für Ostasienwissenschaften, Bochum, Germany (Intensive
Course of Lectures „Introduction to the Japanese paleography and diplomatics
EAJS Council Election 2011-2014
Candidates' Self-introductions and Statements
Joetsu University of Education, Naoetsu, Japan (Visiting Research Fellow and
Membership in Editorial/International Advisory Boards
2001 – hitherto
Japan Review (International Research Center for Japanese Studies, Nichibunken, Kyoto) - member of
the International Advisory Board
2006 – hitherto
Acta Orientalia Vilnensia, (Centre of Oriental Studies, Vilnius University, Vilnius) - member of the
Editorial Board
2006 – hitherto
Acta UP Orientalia (Palacky University, Olomouc, Czech) - member of the Editorial Board
2007 – hitherto
Archív Orientální: Quarterly Journal of African and Asian Studies (Czech Academy of Science, Oriental
Institute, Prague) - member of the Editorial Board
2009 – hitherto
Dvacáté století/The Twentieth Century (Charles University, Faculty of Arts) - member of the Advisory
2010 – hitherto
Anthropologia integra (Masaryk University, Brno, Czech) - member of the Editorial Board
2011 – hitherto
Japan Forum (British Association of Japanese Studies) - member of the International Advisory Board
List of Selected Publications
SÝKORA Jan. Ekonomické myšlení v Japonsku [Economic Thought in Japan]. Praha: Filozofická fakulta
Univerzity Karlovy, 2010, 200 pp. ISNB 978-80-7308-309-0.
SÝKORA Jan (ed.). Dictionary of the Modern and Contemporary History of the East Asian Countries.
2011, forthcoming.
Chapters in the monographs
SÝKORA Jan.「徳川時代後期における経済思想の考察:正司考祺の経世論を中心に」[Economic
Thought in Late Tokugawa Period: Economic Theory Shoji Koki]. In: HAMAGUCHI Eshun 濱口恵俊
EAJS Council Election 2011-2014
Candidates' Self-introductions and Statements
(ed.). 『日本社会とは何か』 [What does it mean “The Japanese Society“?]. Tokyo: Nippon hoso
shuppankai, 1998, p. 236-252. ISBN 41-400-1833-X.
SÝKORA Jan. “The Role of Institutions in the Making of Economic Society: Lessons from Early Modern
Japan?” In JEŽEK Jiří (ed.). Ausgewählte Probleme der Stadt- und Regionalentwicklung. 1. vydání.
Plzeň: Westböhmische Universität, 2001, p. 59-69. ISBN 80-708-2791-2.
SÝKORA Jan. “The Development of Economic Society in Early Modern Japan and the Origin of
Economic Thought of Tokugawa Merchants”. In: Acta Universitatis Carolinae, Philologica 1/2001,
Orientalia Pragensia XIV, Praha: Karolinum, 2002, p. 219-232. ISBN 0567-8269.
SÝKORA Jan. “Japan Between Globalization and Localization: How Japan Should Respond to the
Global Trends”. In: HNÍZDO Bořivoj (ed.). Globalization and Regionalism in East Central Europe and
East Asia: Comparison. Praha: Fakulta sociálních věd UK Praha, 2004, p. 191-201. ISBN 80-239-3650-6.
SÝKORA Jan. “Svět tokugawských obchodníků” [The World of Tokugawa Merchant]. In: MICUI
Takafusa. Zápisky o obchodnících [Some Observations on Merchants]. Praha: DharmaGaia, 2005, p. 546. ISBN 80-86685-44-6.
SÝKORA Jan. “Japonská bezpečnostní politika na prahu nového tisíciletí: Zdroj stability či nová
hrozba? [Japanese Security Policy on the Threshold of the New Millennium: The Source of Stability or
the New Threat?]”. In: LUPTÁK Ĺubomír (ed.). Panoráma globálneho bezpečnostného prostredia:
2006–2007 [Panorama of the Global Security Environment: 2006-2007]. Bratislava: Ministerstvo
obrany Slovenskej republiky, 2007, p. 451-458. ISBN 978-80-89-89261-11-6.
SÝKORA Jan. “Japonsko na prahu 21. století” [Japan on the Threshold of the 21th Century]. In:
REISCHAUER Edwin O. – CRAIG Albert. Dějiny Japonska [Japan: Tradition & Transformation]. Praha:
Nakladatelství Lidové noviny, 2009, p. 322-351. ISBN 978-80-7106-513-5.
SÝKORA Jan. 「国民性を反映する食文化及びその変遷」[Food Culture as a Reflection of the
National Character, and Its Transition] In: Ochanomizu University (ed.) Nihon bunka kenkyu no
kokusaiteki joho dentatsu sukiru no ikusei. Tokyo: Ochanomizu University, 2009. p. 182-185.
SÝKORA Jan. “The Economic Thought of Shōji Kōki and the Tenpō Reforms in Saga Domain”. In:
GRAMLICH-OKA Bettina and SMITS Gregory (eds.). Economic Thought in Early Modern Japan. Leiden:
Brill, 2010, p. 157-178. ISBN 90-041-8383-3.
SÝKORA Jan – LABUS David. 漢・チェコ語学習字典[Japanese-Czech Learner’s Dictionary]. Praha:
Paseka, 2000, 625 pp. ISBN 80-718-5281-3.
MALINA Jaroslav (ed.). Antropologický slovník [Dictionary of Anthropology]. Brno: Akademické
nakladatelství CERM, 2010, 309 pp. ISBN 978-80-7204-560-0.
EAJS Council Election 2011-2014
Candidates' Self-introductions and Statements
SÝKORA Jan.「江戸時代の経済思想における市場原理の概念についての一考察」[A Study on
the Concept of the Market Principle in Tokugawa Economic Thought]. Nihon kenkyu, 1998, 18, p. 8394. ISSN 0915-0900.
SÝKORA Jan. 「チェコ社会はどこへ行くのか:チェコにおける「市場経済への回帰」の諸問
題をめぐって [Where is the Czech Society Going?: On the Problem of the Transition to the Market
Economy in the Czech Republic]. Hikaku bunka kenkyu, 1998, 15, p. 175-182. ISSN 0289-5706.
SÝKORA Jan. “Concept of Market Principles in Early Modern Japan”. Acta Orientalia Vilnensia, 2004, 5,
1, p. 8-22. ISSN 1648-2662.
SÝKORA Jan. “Universities or ‘Professional’ Schools: Where Are the Limits of the Academia-Industry
Linkage (sangaku renkei) Policy?. Acta Orientalia Vilnensia, 2005, 6, 1, p. 30-41. ISSN 1648-2662.
SÝKORA Jan.「西鶴と致富譚-井原西鶴の作品に見る町人像及びその変遷」[Saikaku and the
Theory of Wealth: Portrait of Merchants in the Works of Ihara Saikaku]. Kokubungaku kaishaku to
kansho, 2005, Special Issue, p. 225-234. ISSN 0371-8035.
SÝKORA Jan. 懐徳堂及びその周辺における経済思想の成り立ち:利をめぐる議論を中心に
[Origin of Economic Thought in Kaitokudo and Its Neighbourhood]. Kaitoku, 2007, 75, p. 19-34. ISSN
SÝKORA Jan - HOSOE Yoko - GOHORI Josef. Vliv systému unit care na sociální síť klientů v seniorském
věku [Impact of the Unit-Care System on Social Network of Elderly Clients]. Sociální práce, 2008, 8, 3,
p. 64-74. ISSN 1213-6204.
SÝKORA Jan. Concept of 'kyósei' in Tokugawa intellectual tradition and the origin of modern company
codes. Regioninés Studijos, 2009, 3, p. 107-119. ISSN 2029-2074.
SÝKORA Jan - GOHORI Josef - HOSOE Yoko – TOKUMARU Sadako.「介護施設における高齢者の社
会的ネットワーク : 介護理念・地域性・家族関係・性別等による影響の観点から」[Social
Networks of Elderly Clients in Nursing-Care Facilities : The Effect of the Nursing Care Concept,
Location, Family Relationship, Gender, etc.]. Kyoiku jissengaku ronshu, 2009, 10, 3, s. 159-170. ISSN
SHIONOYA Yuichi. Schumpeterova rodina v Třešti [Schumpeter Family in Trest]. Politická ekonomie,
1990, 11.
VANEK Jaroslav. Problém přechodu od centrálně plánovaných k demokratickým decentralizovaným
sociálním ekonomikám [On the Problem of Transition from Centrally-planned to Democratic
Decentralized Socialist Economies]. Politická ekonomie, 1990, 9.
EAJS Council Election 2011-2014
Candidates' Self-introductions and Statements
VANEK Jaroslav. Krize a reforma: Východ a Západ - Eseje o společenské ekonomice [Crises and
Reform: East and West - Essays in Social Economy, Ithaca]. Praha: Institut výchovy a vzdělávání Mze,
1990, 143 pp. IBSN 80-710-5012-1.
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Command Economies to Market Economies]. Politická ekonomie, 1991, 1.
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REISCHAUER Edwin O. - CRAIG Albert. Dějiny Japonska [Japan: Tradition & Transformation]. Praha:
Nakladatelství Lidové noviny, 2000, 441 pp. ISBN 80-7106-391-6 (with LABUS David).
MITSUI Takafusa. Zápisky o obchodnících [町人考見録]. Praha: DharmaGaia, 2005, 206 pp. ISBN 8086685-44-6.

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