Name: Sara Savic, PhD, DVM
Research Associate
Born: August, 2nd, 1969
Scientific field: microbiology and infectious diseases
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Belgrade 1994. – undergraduate studies
Master thesis: Faculty of Veterinary Medicine , University of Belgrade , 13.07.2001 – “Comparative
examination of different methods for diagnosing parvoviral infection of dogs”
Doctoral dissertation : Faculty of Agriculture, Department for Veterinary Medicine, University of Novi Sad
23.04.2010. – “Clinical and laboratory manifestation of Lyme disease in dogs with natural and experimantal
Licence No: 1098, since 2008.
Scientific titles:
• 1997 Research Trainee
• 2001 Research Assistant
• 2010 Research Associate
Professional Experience:
- March 1995.- November 1996. Mevex, Company for distribution of veterinary medicals
- November 1996 – present Scientific veterinary Institute “Novi Sad”
- Until 2001. - Department for virology
- Until 2003. -Department for sampling
- Form 2003 - present - Department for serology and immunology as research associate
- Since 2004. - Quality manager of the Institute
Scientific and Research Work:
Published over 120 scientific and professional publications
Participated in 4 scientific national projects and 2 international projects (COST actions)
Basic Research interest: zoonoses, vector-borne diseases of animals, infectious diseases in small
animals (dogs and cats), vector borne diseases, laboratory diagnostic methods, and prevention,
diagnostic, control and eradication of contagious diseases and zoonoses
Main working and research activities:
detection of animal vector-borne and other infectiuos diseases by classical laboratory methods
(agglutination, ELISA, AGID, dark field microscopy, complement fixation);
• prevention, control and eradication of contagious animal infectious diseases and zoonosis;
• diagnostic of small animal infectious diseases
tick analysis for Lyme disease
implementation of standards SRPS 9001:2008 and SRPS 17025:2006 in routine work, follow up on new
standards, improvement and education of staff
main working interests: brucellosis, leptospirosis, Q fever, toxoplasmosis, trichinellosis
main research interests: borreliosis, leishmaniasis, dirofilariosis, giardiasis, babesiosis, canine parvovirus
Chosen Publications:
Savić-Jevđenić S., Vidić B., Grgić Ž., Jurišić A., Lako B.: Lyme Boreliosis in hunting dogs.Book of Proceedings,
VI International Conference on Ticks and Tick-borne Ptahogens, TTP-6, Septembar 21-26, 2008, Buenos Aires,
Argentina, Buenos Aires, Centro de Ciencias Veterinarias y Agronomicas, 2008, str.317 (eng)
2. Savić-Jevđenić S., Grgić Ž., Vidić B.: Parvovirusna infekcija pasa - klinička slika i parametri krvi kod veštački
izazvane infekcije=Canine parvoviral infection – clinical signs and blood parametrs in experimantal infection.
Savremena poljoprivreda, ISSN 0350-1205, 56, 1-2, str.128-137, 2007 (srp)
3. Savić-Jevđenić S., Grgić Ž., Vidić B., Petrović A.: Lyme disease - the great imitator = Lajmska bolest - veliki
imitator.Biotechnology in animal husbandry, ISSN 1450-9156, Vol.23, br.5-6, str.215-221, 2007 (eng)
4. Savić-Jevđenić S., Trailović D., Vidić B., Jovanović M.: Diagnostic methods for canine parvovirus = Metode za
dijagnostiku parvoviroze pasa.Acta Veterinaria, ISSN 0567-8315, 56, 5-6, str.515-527, 2006 (eng)
5. Savić S., Vidić B., Lazić S., Lako B., Potkonjak A., Lepšanović Z.: Borrelia burgdorferi in ticks and dogs in the
province of Vojvodina, Serbia. Parasite, ISSN 1252-607X, str. 357-361, 2010 (eng) M23 3,0
6. Savić S.: Discovering Lyme Disease in Ticks and Dogs in Serbia - Detection and Diagnostic Methods. Edited by
Ali Karami, Lyme Disease, Str. 95-112, Rijeka, Intech, 2012 (eng)
7. Savić S., Vidić B., Grgić Ž., Jurišić A., Ćurčić V., Ružić M., Lolić Z.: Vektorske zoonoze pasa u Vojvodini. Arhiv
veterinarske medicine, ISSN 1820-9955, Str. 77-87, 2012 (srp)
8. Savić S., Vidić B., Grgić Ž., Medić S., Fenjac I., Pajković D.: Dirofilariosis in pet dogs and working dogs diagnostics and seroprevalence in urban regions of Serbia. Third European Dirofilaria Days, Parma, June 21-22,
2012, Proceedings, Str. 57, Parma, European Dirofilaria Society, 2012 (eng)
9. Savić S., Vidić B., Grgić Ž., Milanov D., Stojanović D., Šeguljev Z.: Study on clinical and laboratory diagnostic of
lyme disease in dogs after experimental infection. Acta Veterinaria, ISSN 0567-8315, Str. 343-351, 2012 (eng)
National projects:
• Funded by Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of Serbia
Biotechnology procedures in diagnostics of viral and bacterial infections, microbiological food contaminants
and biological products in veterinary medicine Project No; 20115; Coordinator dr Sava Lazic (2008 – 2011)
Research on pharmacologic characteristics of antimicrobial agents, importation of new technological
solutions and alternative methods of prophylaxis with the aim to improve control of infectious diseases in
small animals Project No; 30171; Coordinator dr Dragica Stojanovic (2011 – 2014)
Study on wildlife health and importation of new biotechnological procedures in detection of infectious and
zoonotic agents – risk analysis for human, domestic and wild animal health and contamination of
environment Project No; 31084; Coordinator dr Tamas Petrovic (2011 – 2014)
Funded by Provincial Secretariat for Science and Technological Development
Hazard analyses, risk assessment and identification of critical control measures for food production in animal
breeding farms in AP Vojvodina (2010-2011)
Program of biotehnologic procedures for diagnostic and control of trichinelosis in the region of Vojvodina
• International projects
1. COST action “Life and death of protozoan parasites”, member of Management Committee from Serbia
2. COST action FA0701 “Arthropod Symbiosis: from fundamental studies to pest and disease management”,
member of Management Committee from Serbia
- Vector borne diseases
- serology for the diagnosis of infectious diseases in animals and zoonoses
- diagnostic of parasitic diseases in small animals (borreliosis, leishmaniosis, piroplasmosis, giardiasis,
dirofilariosis, toxolasmosis)
Participation at Scientific Symposia:
• 7 international symposia
• 15 national symposia
Membership in Scientific and Professional Associations:
- Veterinary Chamber of Serbia, member of the Board for the region of Southern Backa
- Serbian Veterinary Society
- Society of Serbian Microbiologists
- Wildlife related emerging diseases and zoonoses (WiREDZ) Special Interest Group
- SASAP (Serbian assosiation of small animal practitioners) within the World Small Animal
Veterinary Association (WSAVA)
- Ultrasound diagnostic imaging
- Acreditation and sertification of laboratories (ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO/IEC 17025:2006) –
documentation, management, laboratory methods, internal control
- Technical demands for quality control in laboratories
- Documantation of management system
- Internal control SRPS ISO 9001
- Internal control SRPS ISO 17025
- Animal welfare
- Diagnostic of dirofilariosis
Other skills:
- fluent English
- computer skills (M. Office)
- good team worker
- active in NGO for woman and gender issues
- jazz dance choreographer, Zumba instructor
Present position:
- Quality Manager
- Deputy Head of the Department for Serology and Immunology
Current Work Contact Details:
Scientific Veterinary Institute "Novi Sad"
Rumenacki put 20
21000 Novi Sad, Serbia
[email protected];
mobile: ++381 64 818 5409
tel 0214895330

Sara Savic CV