Serbia, Issue 11, August 2013
Tax Alert
Reciprocity Rule – List of Countries
According to the latest amendments to the
VAT Law, applicable from 1 January 2013,
foreign VAT payers are entitled to refund
of VAT charged on supplies of movable
goods and services in Serbia. Foreign
taxpayer can exercise VAT refund, but
subject to meeting the following
 Amount of VAT charged on supply of
goods and services is presented on the
invoice in accordance with the VAT
Law, and the invoice is paid;
 VAT amount for which the taxpayer
submits the request exceeds EUR 200
in RSD equivalent;
 Taxpayer meets conditions for input
VAT recovery for such goods and
services in line with VAT Law;
 Foreign taxpayer does not provide any
supply of goods and services in Serbia
(with the exception of zero rated
services of transportation of goods in
accordance with the Artcile 24,
Paragraph 1, Points 1, 5 and 8 of the
VAT Law and international
transportation of passangers by buses,
subject to individual taxation in line
with the Article 49, Paragraph 7 of VAT
 VAT incurred by foreign taxpayer can
be recovered under the reciprocity rule.
Krzysztof Lipka
[email protected]
Refund request should be submitted not
later than 30 June of the current year for
supplies of goods and services incurred in
previous year. Based on the information we
obtained from Tax Administration, VAT
refund procedure in practice lasts
approximately 45 days.
In order to facilitate practical application
of VAT refund procedure, Tax
Administration has published a list of
countries with which Serbia established
reciprocity for VAT refund purposes.
Foreign taxpayers from the following
countries are eligible to exercise the VAT
Bosna and Herzegovina
Croatia (only for fairs)
Germany (starting from 1 July 2013)
Slovakia and
Slovenia (only for fairs starting from 1
February 2012).
You can contact us by email or telephone if
you would need additional information in
relation to the possibility to apply to refund
and related savings.
Branka Rajičić
[email protected]
Jovana Stojanovic
Senior Manager
[email protected]
Julijana Avramović
Senior Consultant
[email protected]
Tanja Mitrović
[email protected]
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