SINIF Success Stories - 2
1.-2. sorularda diyalogları tamamlayan
seçeneği işaretleyiniz.
4.-6. soruları aşağıdaki metne göre
1. Beril : Einstein was an extraordinary
Marie Curie was a scientist. She was born
in Poland in 1867. After she graduated from
university, she got married. She worked with
her husband and she discovered radium. She
was the first woman scientist to win the Nobel
Prize. She became the first woman professor
in France. Although it was hard for a woman to
work on science those days, she never gave
up and she won the second Nobel Prize in
1911. She died because of cancer in 1934.
Cansu : Really! - - - Beril : He designed many things and
found theories.
A) Where did he grow up?
B) Who were his parents?
C) How was be at school?
D) What did he do?
2. Teacher : Sabiha Gökçen was the first
female pilot in Turkey.
Alican : - - - Teacher : She lived with her family in Bursa
until the death of her parents.
Why did she die?
A) Because of cancer.
B) She had an accident.
C) Because she worked hard.
D) She died of heart attack.
A) Where did she live?
B) Who were her parents?
C) Why did her parents die?
D) How did she become a pilot?
3. Mustafa Kemal was a great soldier. He was
born in 1881 in Salonika. He finished military
school with great success and he led the
Turkish armies in the Independence War. He
founded the Turkish Republic and became its
first president. He died in 1938.
Yukarıdaki metinde seçeneklerden hangisine
“Radium” ifadesi hangi sorunun cevabıdır?
A) Where did she work?
B) What did she discover?
C) Who did she marry?
D) What did she win?
6. How old was she when she died?
A) She was sixty seven.
B) She was eleven.
C) She was thirty six.
D) She was forty four.
A) His education
B) His success
C) His childhood
D) His date of birth
Success Stories - 2
7.-9. soruları aşağıdaki metne göre
10.-12. soruları aşağıdaki metne göre
Steve Jobs was born in California in 1955. His
parents adopted him. His biological mother
wanted them to send Jobs to college and they
did so. After finishing high school, he started
Reed College in Oregon. Jobs left school but
he started attending in creative classes such
as calligraphy. He founded Apple Computer,
Next Computer and Pixar. He had a difficult
childhood and school life, but he knew what
he wanted to do and worked hard to achieve
it. He never gave up. He got ill, had lots of
operations but he still worked at Apple until his
death in 2011.
Vincent Van Gogh was born in 1853. He was
a Dutch painter. He went to a boarding school
when he was a child and he described his
childhood as moody and cold. He began to
draw as a child and he produced more than
2100 artworks. He worked in a mining region
in Belgium and his most famous painting
“Potato Eaters” was a symbol of that period.
His painting style changed according to his
mental health. It was bright at first but dark
and confused in his later works. He shot
himself and died in 1890.
7. Did he graduate from college?
10. How does he describe his childhood?
A) Yes, he did.
B) No, he didn’t.
C) We don’t know.
D) Of course!
8. What did his biological mother want?
A) Happy and healthy.
B) Colourful.
C) Moody and cold.
D) Creative and cheerful.
11. How did his paintings change?
A) She wanted a lot of money.
B) She left school and found new job.
C) She wanted him to attend college.
D) She never gave up trying.
9. “In 2011” ifadesi hangi sorunun cevabıdır?
A) According to his mental health.
B) Because he was a successful artist.
C) After he worked in the mining region.
D) When he went to a boarding school.
12. How did he die?
A) He produced lots of paintings.
B) He shot himself.
C) He had an accident.
D) He died in a mine.
A) When did he die?
B) Why did he leave college?
C) How did he become successful?
D) What did he found?
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