"FotoğrafNotları: OccupyResistance”, prepared by theDocumentary
Photography Collective as a publication of Galata Fotoğrafhanesi will
be available in book stores as of February 1st.
Chronological flow of photographs from the "Gezi Resistance", which left its mark
onthe national agenda during the summer of 2013 have been brought together in
the book "Fotoğraf Notları: Occupy Gezi ". Galata Fotoğrafhanesi published the book
prepared by Documentary Photograph Collective; comprised of press /documentary
photographers and activists. “Occupy Gezi” is the first book of the documentary
photography series “Fotoğraf Notları” which plan to be published bi-annually by
Documentary Photography Collective.
Pedestrian Project in Taksim Squareandin parallel the attempt to build a replica of
Artillery Barracks which were demolished about 80 years ago instead of Gezi Park
without public opinion was opposed heavily by some photographers who started
documenting the park and the surroundings from 2012 onwards. In that period
supporting photographers formed the “Hands-off Taksim Photographer Initiative
“and consequently Documentary Photographers Collective. From May 2013 on with
the start of attack against the Gezi Park, the documentation of the area and events
with photographs was continued intensively. The outcome has been shared with
thousands in the Facebook page named “Hands-off Taksim – Taksim’den EliniÇek”.
Additionally the website at has reported more than 150
years’ of history of Taksim Artillery Barracksand Gezi Park,with more than a
thousand photographs.
The book “Fotoğraf Notları: Occupy Gezi” addresses period of resistance which
started as a green movement and turned into a struggle for democracy, revealing all
the events with more than 350 photographs taken in İstanbul. Photographs in the
book present daily images in Gezi Park from before 2013, the İstanbul chapter of the
resistance that started off in the park on the evening of May 27th and spread almost
to all over the country, the attempt of official suppression together with the days of
occupancy of the Gezi Park by the public.
“Fotoğraf Notları: Occupy Gezi “will be available in book stores as of February 1st. A
forum with the title "Resistance Photography, Photos of the Resistance" will be held
in Galata Fotoğrafhanesi for the launch of the book on February 8th at 16:00. The
forum will bring together press photographers, independent photographers,
activists and members of the “new” media.
“Fotoğraf Notları: Occupy Gezi” photographers are: Arda Altuntaş, Atilla Erdoğan,
Aykan Özener, Bahar Gökten, Bülent Müftüoğlu, Ceren Kalecik, Cevahir Buğu, Didem
Mahsunlar, Eray Kıray, Fuat Özgen, Gençer Yurttaş, Gülnaz Bingöl, Hale Güzin
Kızılaslan, Hazar Berk Büyüktunca, Hüseyin Aldemir, İnci Batuk, İsmail Gökçe,
Meltem Ulusoy, Mete Çelebican, Metin Ofluoğlu, Miriam Bektaş, Murat Çamca,
Murat Şensu, Ömer Tevfik Erten, Özcan Yaman, Özgür Baykal, Semra Yeşil, Serra
Gürbüz, Şeyma Elaman, Tan Kurttekin, Taylan Bağcı, Tülin Safi, Yasin Akgül, Yücel
Kurşun, Yücel Tunca.
Özcan Yurdalan has written the texts and Meltem Ulusoy created the design of the
book by Galata Fotoğrafhanesi Publications. “Fotoğraf Notları: Occupy Gezi” has
been concept designed and prepared to publication by Yücel Tunca and the book is
published bilingually in English and Turkish.
Serdar-ı Ekrem Cad., Hoca Ali Sok., No: 15/A, Galata-Beyoğlu-İstanbul +90212 243 71 87
[email protected]

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