ESU Turkey Debate Academy
Kadir Has University Cibali Campus
5 days 4 nights, boarding optional
Lunch included
14 – 18 June 2014
Separate levels of trainings for beginner, intermediate and advanced debaters. Advanced
workshops on International Relations, Law, Economy and Philosophy.
Debate Trainers:
Bo Seo – Harvard, 2013 WSDC Champion and Best Speaker
Fanele Mashwama – Harvard, 2013 WSDC Finalist and second Best Speaker
Filip Muki Dobranic – 2007, 2008 WSDC Best Speaker *
2011 WSDC Finalist and Best Speaker *
Miha Andric – Slovenya National Team Coach
Keynote Speakers
International Relations and Politics
Prof. Dr. Emre Gönensay – Former Minister of Foreign Affairs
Prof. Dr. Mustafa Aydın – Kadir Has University, Rector
Daniel R. Matthews – Managing Partner, Baker McKenzie
Ekonomi & Finans Economics & Finance
Doç. Dr. Belma Öztürkkal – Kadir Has University
Dr. Rıza Kadılar - Senior Country Manager & Representative for Turkey
Dr. K. Onur Unutulmaz - Centre on Migration, Policy and Society University of Oxford
Genetics and Ethics
Doç. Dr. Hatice Bahar Sahin, Kadir Has Üniversitesi Kadir Has University
The Benefit of Debate in Admission Processes for Universities Abroad
Ayşenur Biçen –Student
Energy and Sustainability
Prof. Volkan Ş. Ediger – Kadir Has University Energy Systems Engineering Department Head
English Debate Tournament with 6 rounds, semi finals and a final
Workshop on Getting Accepted to Colleges Abroad:
Workshop with students accepted to Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Berkeley, Northwestern,
Stanford, Columbia, University of Pennsylvania and University of Chicago on application and
acception processes.
• Corporate members can send 1 student free of charge
• Chance to receive scholarships to the ESU Debate Academy London for top three students*
• Fun social activities and surprises.
• Invitation to the reception at the UK Consulate.
Participation Fee:
• 450 TL (No boarding)
• 750 TL (with boarding)
*Please contact us for scholarship options
[email protected]

ESU Turkey Debate Academy