Age of Empires II HD The Forgotten Update v3.4 [RELOADED] Torrent
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AOE II HD - 3.4 patchnotes Patch 3.4 Notes
New Additions: Added Intro and outro slides
for Campaign’s 1 – 4 (English). Updated the global Forgotten Campaign’s map. Added
Achievements for new Civilizations and Campaigns (English). Added additional Scenario
Editor Triggers (Change unit armor, range and speed). Scenario Editor Population limit now
can correctly go above 200.
Improvements to AI Behaviors (note this is not the full AI
overhaul, but the beginning of changes to enable new AI features): AI players will now
successfully trade with the users markets and trade carts. AI players will now build docks in
nomad mode. AI players will now continue constructing buildings after building a wonder.
AI players will now train and research times have been adjusted on all difficulties. AI players
no longer team up with each other against the player when not on a team. AI players on
easiest will now attack the player's villagers. AI players will now keep building, building types
that were previously destroyed before completion. AI villagers will now gather resources
consistently on LudiKris sized maps. AI villagers no longer warp around when constructing a
Wonder while the game speed 4x or above. AI villagers no longer drop food when instructed
to collect from a different food source.
Improvements to Localization: Fixed various
issues related to cut off text in El Dorado campaign slides. Fixed various issues related to in
game text overlapping in the El Dorado campaign. SPA: Significant reduction of desyncs with
LudiKris maps. NL: Fixed the invite button text in the Host Lobby. KOR: Fixed the DM/RM
Age of Empires II HD The Forgotten Update v3.4 [RELOADED] Torrent
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Salı, 10 Haziran 2014 01:08 -
ELO rank texts on the Main Menu so it no longer overflows. NL/SPA/RUS/CHS/ITA: Fixed
text alignments in the Options screen. BRA: Fixed cut off text in several locations in the
Forgotten Campaigns. FR: Fixed the "Fog of War" string in Spectator Mode.
FR/BRA: Fixed the "view lock" string in spectator mode.
General Bug Fixing:
Improvements to game launching in Windows XP. Treaty games now end when all
opponents resign. Siege rams with units inside of them now have the patrol, guard, and
follow buttons enabled for them. Teams remain correct when switching from a random map
game to a wonder race game. ELO feedback no longer appears in Single Player if played
after saving and exiting a Multiplayer game. The text "Ranked Type" is now
displayed correctly when the user resets the Lobby Browser filters. The "Region"
option now appears correctly in the Lobby Browser when the filters are reset. Custom
scenario briefing text no longer flows off the edge of the screen. Scenario briefing screen now
shows up for standalone scenarios in Single Player. Scenarios assigned to a campaign now
show up correctly in the campaign editor. Spectator option no longer becomes available after
visiting a Multiplayer lobby. Building counting script commands now count buildings that have
been queued. Selecting “no to save” now functions correctly in Editor Mode while in
Diplomacy. User no longer has access to multiple cobra cars at the beginning of the second
El Dorado scenario. Converting units no longer breaks the secondary objective in Alaric
scenario (mission 1).
Age of Empires II HD The Forgotten Update v3.4 [RELOADED] Torrent
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