www.stferdinandchurch.com Page Two 28th Ordinary Sunday Mass Intentions
October 12, 2014 The sanctuary lamps
this week are lit for:
 Helena Ptak  Marcelin & Józefa Dereń We Welcome in Baptism
Julia Barabas daughter of Teofil and Mariola (Mlodzik) Barabas Marriage Banns
Thomas Callender and Natalie Calcitrai WEDNESDAY—October15—St.TheresaofJesus
5:00 PM – AlbertHandschiegelrq.Daughter
7:00AM‐ Ewa,JanKabat;  Maria,JanBudziochoraz ichdzieci
Congratulations and best wishes to the couple married in our church last week: Marian Filca and Joanna Maria Szczypka Rest in Peace
Please remember to pray for the souls of all our faithful departed, especially: Giovanni Neri Theresa Dural DEVOTIONS
As members of the parish faith community, it is our responsibility to remember both in concrete and spiritual ways those who cannot celebrate with us each week because they are ill. Those who are sick in turn, remember all of us daily in their prayers and in their sufferings. We experience many blessings because of their remembering us. And so...please remember in your prayers: Irene Rowe Mary Ayello Florence Magro Anthony R. Coco Lottie Chrapla Violet Del Vacchio Edward Waytula Pat Ostrowski William Keleher Arlene Garcia Diana Krzyzanowski Nick Paolino Theresa Duval Adam Shershen Jean Staniszewski Josephine Coco Laura Schofield Calvin Upton Julie D’Agostino Luna Family Margery Janz Brianna Jurczykowski Susan Milostan Robert Malek Michael F. Coco Tish Vanoni Jodi Mack Geraldine Mack Agnes Coco Ester Baran Isabell Beyer Deadra Kusek Stanley Podgorny Marietta Falbo Laverne Greco Steve Johns Barbara Alderson Bernadine Jablonski Henryk Sykula Anna DeBold Kathleen Barr Mary Haltin Virginia Starsiak Veena Bhat Pat Flynn Veronica Segovia Frances Skrabacz Marion Watermann Richard Behrendt Irene & Joseph Biancalana Steve Garorowski Grace Miceli Sue Buzinski Dolly D’Agostino Jerry Mack Joan Grzeskowiek Wiliam Reynen Christeen Gross Gerald Marcelo Virginia Keleher Neil Steppen Julia Szyelik Christin Gross Jim Jezuit George Keehn Maria Teresa Frutos Donald Trainor A Prayer for the Armed Forces
Page Three
Our Stewardship
of Treasure
SUNDAY, October 5, 2014 Envelopes — $5,733.85 Loose — $2,758.00 TOTAL: $8,491.85
Thank you for sharing your „TREASURE” with St. Ferdinand Parish Bóg zapłać! PLEASE REMEMBER ST. FERDINAND PARISH IN YOUR WILL
Thank you!
The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention. ~OscarWilde
Sincere THANK YOU to all who give their time to keep our church clean. Thank you for your faithfulness and dependability. Please know that your help is very much valued and appreciated. May God bless you abundantly. CHURCH CLEANING Anyone who is able to help with cleaning our church is welcome to join us weekly: Mondays at 5:00 pm and/or Fridays at 10:00 am. Thank you! LITURGICAL MINISTRIES
for the weekend of October 18/19 MASS TIME Almighty God, stretch forth Your mighty arm to strengthen and protect the men and women of our Armed Forces. As they face the myriad of challenges and decisions that each day is destined to bring, may they be anchored by their faith, protected by Your presence and com‐
forted by the knowledge that they are loved by You and by this community of faith. Grant that, meeting danger with courage, and all occasions with discipline loyalty, they may truly serve the cause of justice and peace to the honor of your holy name, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. LECTOR EUCHARISTIC MINISTERS SATURDAY, OCTOBER 18 5:00 PM E. DeLeon E. Mele, J. Lohrmann SUNDAY, OCTOBER 19 8:30 AM S. Pasko 10:00 AM (chapel) St. Ferdinand School 12:30 PM
J. Zarate S. Kass, J. Zarate 5:00 PM M. Syodia H. Syodia, M. Lay R. Pasko, P. Macias A. Groeper, E. Anaya E. Camara, C. Trujillo SPC Jeffrey Foerster October 12, 2014 28th Ordinary Sunday
Page Four OCTOBER: RESPECT LIFE MONTH October is annually observed as Respect Life Month in Catholic Churches across our nation. Life is threatened because we no longer under‐
stand what it means to be human, and what our humanity calls forth from us in our responsibil‐
ity to care for other persons. John Paul II in his encyclical the Gospel of Life (Evangelium Vitae, EV) tells us that “For the Christian, it is an abso‐
lute imperative to respect, love and promote the life of every brother and sister, in accor‐
dance with the requirements of God’s bountiful love in Jesus Christ.” n. 77 Respect is the acknowledgement that all hu‐
man persons are made in the image of God. It is important that children learn at an early age to recognize that they are a human person be‐
cause they possess a God‐given dignity. This can be done by emphasizing their Heavenly Father’s love for them. “See what love the Father has given us, that we should be called children of God; and so we are… Beloved, we are God’s children now.” (1 John 3:16) “In every child which is born and in every per‐
son who lives or dies we see the image of God’s glory. We celebrate this glory in every human being, a sign of the living God, an icon of Jesus Christ.“ (EV 84) Respect obligates us to revere and honor not only others, but ourselves as well. Young children can learn to respect them‐
selves by how they: treat their bodies; what they watch on T.V. or DVD; what games they play; what time they take to pray and thank God for His gifts to them; how they respect their parents. Older children can be taught ways in which our dignity as human persons calls us to love others. Here love is not an emotion but a call to action. Our attitude should be to care for another as a person for whom God has made us responsible. This care for another “cannot tolerate bias and discrimination, for human life is sacred and inviolable at every stage and in every situation, it is an indivisible good. We need to ‘show care’ for all life and for the life of everyone.” (EV 87) Children in grades 4‐6 can be introduced to issues such as abortion and euthanasia as violations of our human dignity . They can be shown ways to care for the elderly, take part in prayer for an end to abortion, lend help to a neighbor in need or help at a food pantry in the community. These are just a few examples of caring for our neighbor. Students in junior and senior high school need to be engaged in the life issues of our day. In order to build a culture of life, we must be actively pro‐life and contribute “to the renewal of society through the promotion of the common good. It is impossible to further the common good without acknowledging and defending the right to life, upon which all the other inalienable rights of individuals are founded and from which they develop.” (EV 101) A cate‐
chesis on basic moral and life principles found in the Catechism of the Catholic Church 2258—2317 give students a foundation for promoting the culture of life in their daily living. www.fargodiocese.org Page Five 28th Ordinary Sunday LADIES OF ST. ANNE St. Ferdinand Ladies of St. Anne will meet on Wednesday, October 15 at 11:30AM at St. Ferdinand Convent, 5936 W. Barry Ave. A CARD AND BUNCO PARTY WILL BE HELD. We appeal to all members to please come and support the Ladies of St. Anne. Please bring a friend. All are welcome. We need you. At this time we are asking you to donate to our Food Pantry Drive which goes to our FOOD PANTRY, here at Sat. Ferdinand. So please join us and have fun playing Bunco. The more the merrier. Refreshments will be served (dues will be collected). IRVING PARK CATHOLIC WOMAN’S CLUB will have their Meeting on the Second Tuesday, October 14th at 10:30 a.m. After our Meeting we will have a Pot Luck Luncheon brought by our officers and Desert will also be served. Cost will be advised at the meeting. After lunch we will play CLR. We welcome any one that would like to join us for a fun afternoon. Everyone is welcome. Our address for the meeting is: 5936 W. Barry, Chicago (St. Ferdinand’s Convent building) Any questions please call: Ann Marie Lane 773‐685‐6624 October 12, 2014 ORGAN CONCERT‐ ADAM CHLEBEK Everyone is invited to hear this amazingly talented 13 year old Chicago native who will perform an organ concert on Saturday, October 18 at 6:15PM in our church Don’t miss this opportunity! PROGRAM: FANFARE in D ‐ Jacques Nicolas FESTIVE TRUMPET TUNE — David German CHORAL SONG ‐ S.S. Wesley Lo Ballo dell, Intorcia ‐ Antonio Valente TOCCATA ‐ Georgi Mushel TUBA in D ‐ C.S. Lang PASTORALE ‐ J.S. Bach TOCCATA & FUGA D‐mol J.S. Bach CHORALE /" Silpers Wake"/ ‐ J.S. Bach AVE MARIA ‐ Michal Lorenc FINALE VI Nr. 2 D ‐ CH.Marie Widor TOCCATA ‐ John Rutter DANCE OF THE TRUMPHETS ‐ Diane Bish TOCCATA ‐ Eugene Gigout BOLERO ‐ Louis James Alfred Lefebure ‐Wely SUITE nr.2 in D ‐ F. Haendel CHORALE Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring ‐ J.S. Bach THE OREGON TRAIL ‐ Adam Chlebek TOCCATA ‐ Ch. Marie Widor October 12, 2014 28th Ordinary Sunday Page Six It's time for the 56th Golden Pancake Breakfast on Sunday, October 19th 2014 “Coming Together as One” 8am to 1pm Adults $7.00 and Children under 13 $2.00 (special) This year's raffle prizes include the following: Chicago Blackhawks Chicago Bulls Greatest Diva in concert...CHER Theater tickets to Cinderella, Newsies Rock and Roll Christmas Get tickets from your favorite Ushers and " ask for the Family PAK DEAL" October 12, 2014 28th Ordinary Sunday WORLD MISSION SUNDAY Next weekend our parish will celebrate World Mission Sunday. This year we are invited to reach out and help build the Church in Mongolia, the world’s youngest Catholic Church, as well as local churches throughout the Mis‐
sions, in the most remote areas across our world. Through the work of these churches, and their witness to Christ, the poor receive practical help and experience God’s love and mercy, His hope and peace. Please keep the Missions in your daily prayers. Please come prepared next weekend to give generously in the collection for the Society for the Propa‐
gation of the Faith. For more information, please visit WeAreMissionary.org. MOTHER‐DAUGHTER TEA Program for 10 ‐ 12 year old girls Sunday, October 26, 2014 ‐ 2:30 – 5 PM Catholic Charities, St. Vincent Hall, 721 North LaSalle, Chicago, Illinois (free limited parking available) An Afternoon Tea will be served. The program will:  explore God’s gift of femininity includ‐
ing the beauty and wonder of growing into a woman  provide an atmosphere of love and learning to discuss the important topic of growing up  establish a foundation for continued communication between mother and daughter Topics include:  changes in a young woman’s body in preparation for motherhood  why modesty matters and how a girl can be modest and stylish  how women’s distinctive spiritual gifts make God’s love evident in a unique way  the sacredness of human life  a confidential question and answer segment Cost: $35 per Mother ‐ Daughter, additional daughters $10 each (nonrefundable). Space is limited. Reservations are re‐
quired and must be received by October 17, 2014. For more information, please call 312.534.8273. You can also register at www.marriageandfamilyministries.org Page Seven St. John Brebeuf Octoberfest: Oct. 17‐18, food, entertainment, family fun, 8307 N. Harlem, Niles, Taste of St. Isaac Jogues: Oct. 18, feast day Mass 5 p.m., food, fellowship follows, music by Patty and the Melts, 8149 Golf, Niles, call (847) 967‐1060. Our Lady of Perpetual Help: over 50 vendors, Oct. 23‐24, with cookie walk, in OLPH Playdium Gym, 1776 Glenview Road, Glenview, for more info, call (847) 729‐ 1525. St. John Brebeuf Parish: marking 10th anniversary of eucha‐
ristic perpetual adoration chapel at Oct. 19, 10:45 Mass, cele‐
brated by Bishop Joseph Perry, 8305 N. Harlem, Niles, (847) 966‐8145. “Gather Us into God’s Love”: annual Mass supporting people with mental illnesses, families, friends, and healthcare work‐
ers, Oct. 26, 2 p.m., fellowship follows, St. Gertrude Parish, 1400 W. Granville, for more info, call Deacon Tom Lambert, at (773) 525‐ 0453, Ext. 21 St. Robert Bellarmine Harvest Gala: dinner‐dance, silent/live auctions, Oct. 18, $40/in advance, $50/at door, in gym, 4646 N. Austin, call Kathy, at (773) 640‐ 1488. St. Zachary Parish: dinner and fashion show, Oct. 23, 5:30 p.m., $40/person, at Avalon Banquets, 1905 E. Higgins, Elk Grove Village, for more info, call (847) 437‐4022. St. Francis Borgia Parish: Oct. 16‐17, 9 a.m.‐7 p.m., Oct. 18, 9 a.m.‐3 p.m., 8033 W. Addison, (773) 625‐1118. “Radium Girls”: Oct. 24‐25, 7 p.m., play about girls who painted watches in the 1920s, $10, at Guerin College Prep, 8001 W. Belmont, River Grove, (708) 453‐ 6233, Ext. 4762 Bingo: Oct. 19, doors open 2:30 p.m., games 3 p.m., must be 18 or older, St. John Brebeuf Parish Center, 8305 N. Harlem, Niles, (847) 966‐8145. Young Adult Ministry (YAMNW): adults in 20s‐30s to go for a corn maze, bonfire, and hayride, Oct. 18, 5:30‐11 p.m., at Richardson Farm in Spring Grove; also packing food at Feed My Starving Children, Oct. 22, 7:45 p.m. in Schaumburg, to RSVP and for more info, email yamnw.suburbs@ gmail.com.
Heaven Cries for Our Children— Friday, October 24 Attend a Prayer Vigil and Mass for immigration reform and unaccompanied children on Friday, October 24, at 5 p.m. Most Rev. Gustavo Garcia‐Siller, Archbishop of San Antonio, will lead the Prayer Vigil at Federal Plaza, 230 South Dearborn Street in Chicago. Participants will then process to St. Peter’s in the Loop, 110 West Madison Street in Chicago, for a Mass that will begin at 6 p.m. For more information, contact the Office for Immigrant Affairs and Immigrant Education at 312‐534‐5333 or visit www.catholicsandimmigrants.org. October 12, 2014 28th Ordinary Sunday Page Eight THIS WEEK AT ST. FERDINAND PARISH Monday — October 13, 2014 10:00AM — Friendship Club (Convent) 5:00PM — Ladies Auxiliary (Canning Hall) 6:00PM — Cub Scouts (Convent) 6:00PM — Troop #51 (McManus Hall) FOOD DRIVE FOR THE MISSIONARIES OF THE POOR Saturday October 25 & Sunday, October 26 The following items are the most needed: FOOD: Canned goods (Greatly needed ‐ Corn beef, spam, canned meats, tuna, sardines, canned fish, and canned fruits, vegetables, tomatoes sauce). Also pasta, peanut butter, jam, flour, powder milk, canned milk, cereal SUPPLIES: Diapers (sizes 5 to adult), bar soap, shampoo, toilet paper, baby powder, pain medicine (for kids and adults), vitamins , first aid items (bandages, gauze, oint‐
ments, etc), toothbrushes and toothpaste, laundry deter‐
gent, bleach, disinfectants Items can be brought to our church before or after each Masses on Saturday and Sunday October 25/26. Cash donations to purchase the above items are accepted and checks can be made payable to: MISSIONARIES OF THE POOR P.O. Box 34095, Chicago IL 60634. Contributions are tax deductible. Please know our gratefulness for your help. Please be assured that you are kept in the prayers for all that you do to help the less fortunate. Thank you! If you have any questions please call or email us at: [email protected] Marta Robak: 847‐312‐6144 Sr. Anna Strycharz 773‐622‐3022 ext. 352 Ula Jachym: 773‐987‐4419 THE FRIENDSHIP CLUB of St. Ferdinand is anxious to welcome you. We meet every Monday in the Convent from 10:00AM‐3:00PM with coffee and a snack at noon. For entertainment we lay various card games and occasionally have speakers to tell you about things of interest to seniors. Both men and women are welcome. For detailed information please call Pat at 773‐622‐8609. Tuesday — October 14, 2014 9:00AM — Irving Park Women Club (Convent) 5:00PM — Radosc— (McManus Hall) 6:00PM — Chicagowskie Slowiki (Chapel) 6:30PM — Tax Meeting (Canning Hall) Wednesday — October 15, 2014 9:00AM — Ladies of St. Anne meeting (Convent) 2:30PM — Jr. Legion of Mary (Convent) 5:00PM — Our Lady of Perpetual Help Novena (Church) 6:00PM — Cub Scouts (Convent) 6:00PM — Polonia Group Dance (McManus) 6:00PM — Chicagowskie Slowiki (Chapel) 6:00PM— Kropeczki (Convent) 6:30PM — Legion of Mary (Convent) Thursday — October 16, 2014 2:30PM — Jr. Legion of Mary Adoration (Church) 6:00PM — Girls Scouts (Convent) 7:00PM — Filareci Choir (Chapel) 7:30PM — School board Mtg (Cafeteria) Friday — October 17, 2014 9:00AM — Legion of Mary (Convent) 6:00PM — Pack 3051 (McManus Hall) 6:30PM — Pilgrim Virgin (Convent) 7:00PM — Faustinum (Church) Saturday — October 18, 2014 8:00AM — Polish Saturday School (School) 1:00PM — Polish Scouts (Convent) 5:30PM — Holy Spirit Missionary Association (Convent() 6:00PM — AA Meeting (convent) 6:15PM — Organ CONCERT (Church) Sunday— October 19, 2014 8:00AM — Pancake Breakfast (Cafeteria) 8:30AM — School of Religion (School) 8:30AM — 1st Communion Mtg (McManus) 10:00AM — Confirmation Parents Mtg (McManus) 11:15AM—Lednica (McManus Hall) 3:00PM — Baptism in Polish BULLETIN ARTICLES DEADLINE — The deadline for bulletin articles is 3:00 p.m. on the previous Friday preceding the Sunday of publication. All articles can be can emailed to: bulle‐
[email protected] or faxed to 773‐622‐5903 Page Nine 28th Ordinary Sunday October 12, 2014 PLEASE NOTE: ANYONE UNABLE TO REQUEST A SINGLE BRICK MAY OFFER A FREE WILL DONATION TO HAVE THE NAME INCLUDED ON ONE JOINT COMMEMORATIVE PLAQUE. Osoby, które nie mogą wykupić całej cegiełki mogą złożyć dowolną ofiarę by nazwisko zostało zamieszczone na jednej wspólnej tablicy pamitatkowej. October 12, 2014 28th Ordinary Sunday ZBIÓRKA ŻYWNOŚCI DLA MISJONARZY UBOGICH 25/26 PADZIERNIK Drodzy Parafianie i Przyjaciele Missionaries of the Poor, Prosimy Was gorąco o wsparcie zbiórki żywności i środków higienicznych dla najbiedniejszych z biednych ‐ 96 sierot, kalek i bezdomnych znajdujących się pod opieką Misjonarzy Ubogich w Port au Price na Haiti. Ośrodek ten zamieszkuje obecnie 51 chłopców i 45 dziewcząt. Około 97% z nich jest chorych fizycznie i/lub umysłowo. Dzieci są całkowicie zależne od pomocy innych ‐ muszą być karmione, kąpane i ubierane. Większość z nich to sieroty, inne zaś zostały porzucone przez rodziny. Misjonarska posługa braci, której poświęcili swoje życie, to prowadzenie stałych schronisk dla bezdomnych, zapewnianie biednym dzieciom bezpłatnej edukacji, posiłków, a także pomocy medycznej i duszpaterskiej. Zgromadzenie Misjonarzy Ubogich utrzymuje się jedynie z darów i datków LUDZI DOBREJ WOLI ‐ takich jak Ty. Zbliżają się święta Bożego Narodzenia, dlatego już dzisiaj prosimy Cię, abyś otworzył swoje serce na potrzeby innych i podzielił się z nimi chlebem, bo większą radością jest dawanie niż otrzymywanie. Prosimy, wesprzyj zbiórkę żywności, która ma dotrzec na Haiti już w grudniu . Page Ten Koncert organowy Adama Chlebka 13 ‐ letniego utalentowanego muzyka Sobota ‐ 18 października, 2014 o godz. 6:15 pm w naszym kościele P R O G R A M:
FANFARE D ‐dur ‐ Jacques Nicolas FESTIVE TRUMPET TUNE 1990 ‐ David German CHORAL SONG ‐ S.S. Wesley Lo Ballo dell, Intorcia ‐ Antonio Valente ca.1520‐1581 TOCCATA ‐ Georgi Mushel TUBA in D ‐ C.S. Lang "PASTORALE " ‐ J.S. Bach TOCCATA & FUGA D‐mol ‐ J.S. Bach CHORALE /" Silpers Wake"/ ‐ J.S. Bach AVE MARIA ‐ Michal Lorenc FINALE VI Nr. 2 D ‐ CH.Marie Widor TOCCATA ‐ John Rutter DANCE OF THE TRUMPHETS ‐ Diane Bish TOCCATA ‐ Eugene Gigout BOLERO ‐ Louis James Alfred Lefebure ‐Wely SUITE nr.2 in D ‐ F. Haendel CHORALE Jesu,Joy of Man’s Desiring ‐ J.S. Bach THE OREGON TRAIL ‐ A.Chlebka TOCCATA ‐ Ch.Marie Widor SERDECZNIE ZAPRASZAMY! Bądź promykiem nadziei dla ubogich i cierpiących. Bóg stokrotnie wynagrodzi Ci szczodrość i miłosierdzie jakie im okażesz! Oto lista najpotrzebniejszych rzeczy: Konserwy rybne oraz mięsne, puszki z warzywami, owocami , makaron, masło orzechowe,dzem, herbata, sol ,sos pomidorowy , płatki owsiane, kaszki dla dzieci (baby cereal), mleko w proszku, mleko w puszkach. Pieluchy dla dzieci i dorosłych (bardzo prosimy o rozmiary 5 i większe!), mydło, szampon, papier toaletowy,proszek do prania, puder higieniczny, szczoteczki i pasty do zębów, lekarstwa przeciwbólowe i przeciwgorączkowe, witaminy oraz środki opatrunkowe. Zakupione produkty mozna przynosić do naszego kosciola przed każdą Msza św. w sobotę lub niedziele 25/26 pazdziernika . Ofiary pieniężne na zakupienie produktow można wysyłać pod adres: Missionaries of the Poor, P.O. Box 34095, Chicago, IL 60634 . Wszystkie donacje można odpisać od podatku. W razie pytan prosimy o kontakt telefoniczny lub email : [email protected] Marta Robak 847‐312‐6144 , Sr. Anna Strycharz 773‐622‐
3022 wew. 352 Za wszelka okazana dobroc i zlozone ofiary szczere Bog zaplac ! Wiecej informacji o Missionaries Of The Poor: www.missionariesofthepoor.org PAŹDZIERNIK MIESIĄCEM RÓŻAŃCA ŚW. Zapraszamy do udziału w nabożeństwach Różańcowych od poniedziałku do soboty godz. 7:00 wieczorem w niedziele o godz. 6:30 wieczorem. 13 października– poniedziałek –Różaniec Fatimski 14 października – wtorek – Dzieci 15 października ‐ środa – Różaniec w 5 językach 16 października – czwartek ‐ Dzieci 17 października – piątek ‐ Faustinum 18 października– sobota – Koła Różańcowe 19 października – niedziela ‐ Księża 20 października – poniedz.– Koło Podhalan i Miłośników Tatr 21 października – wtorek – Dzieci 22 października ‐ środa – Różaniec w 5 językach 23 października – czwartek ‐ Dzieci 24 października – piątek – Kandydaci do Bierzmowania 25 października ‐ sobota – Krucjata Różańcowa 26 października – niedziela ‐ Księża 27 października – poniedziałek ‐ Lednica 28 października – wtorek ‐ Radość 29 października ‐ środa – Różaniec w 5 językach 30 października – czwartek ‐ Dzieci 31 października ‐ Ministranci October 12, 2014 28th Ordinary Sunday SWIATOWA NIEDZIELA MISYJNA Najbliższy weekend nasza parafia będzie obchodzić Światową Niedzielę Misyjną.W tym roku jesteśmy zaproszeni, aby dotrzeć i pomóc budować Kościół w Mongolii najmłodszego na świecie Kościoła katolickiego, jak i kościołów lokalnych w najbardziej odległych zakątkach na świecie. Dzięki pracy tych kościołów i ich świadectwa przynależności do Chrystusa, ubodzy otrzymują praktyczną pomoc a zarazem doświadczają Bożej miłości i miłosierdzia, Jego nadziei i pokoju. Prosimy pamiętać o Papieskich Dziełach Misyjnych w waszej codziennej modlitwie jak również zwracamy się z prośbą, aby w następny weekend o hojnie wesprzeć Dzieła Rozkrzewiania Wiary. Aby uzyskać więcej informacji, prosimy odwiedzić WeAreMissionary.org. SPOTKANIE STOWARZYSZENIA APOSTOŁÓW BOŻEGO MIŁOSIERDZIA FAUSTINUM Przyłącz się do Stowarzyszenia Apostołów Bożego Miłosierdzia w naszej wspólnocie parafialnej, podejmując dzieła miłosierdzia każdego dnia. Zapraszamy na spotkanie formacyjne w piątek, 17 PAŹDZIERNIKA do kościoła na godz. 7:00PM. W tej mszy św. uprosisz wszystko dla siebie i innych . W tej godzinie stała się łaska dla całego świata—miłosierdzie zwyciężyło sprawiedliwość. Celem Stowarzyszenia jest:  Dążenie do doskonałości chrześcijańskiej drogą ufności w stosunku do Boga i miłosierdzia Bożego  Poznawanie i głoszenie tajemnicy Miłosierdzia Bożego  Wypraszanie miłosierdzia Bożego dla całego świata, szczególnie dla grzeszników, dla kapłanów oraz osób zakonnych oraz każdej rodziny. Page Eleven OFERTA DLA MŁODZIEŻY (13 DO 18 LAT) PROGRAM MŁODZIEŻOWY ORGANIZUJE WARSZTATY UMIEJĘTNOŚCI INTERPERSONALNYCH CO TO JEST ?  JEŻELI CHCIAŁBYŚ, ABY TWOJE ROZMOWY Z RODZICAMI, RODZEŃSTWEM, KOLEGAMI CZY NAUCZYCIELAMI NIE KOŃCZYŁY SIĘ KŁÓTNIĄ  JEŻELI CHCIAŁBYŚ NAUCZYĆ SIĘ EFEKTYWNYCH SPOSOBÓW NEGOCJOWANIA (również z mamą) JEŻELI W NAJBLIŻSZYM CZASIE PLANUJESZ PODJĄĆ PRACĘ (zwłaszcza pierwszą) WYMAGAJĄCĄ KONTAKTÓW Z LUDZMI (instruktor na campie, customer service,sklep itp.) TEN 6—GODZINNY WARSZTAT ZABAW I ĆWICZEŃ TERAPEUTYCZNYCH JEST DLA CIEBIE NIEZBĘDNY !!! KIEDY: SOBOTY OD 1 LISTOPADA DO 6 GRUDNIA OD 4.00 DO 5.00 wieczorem. GDZIE: ZRZESZENIE AMERYKAŃSKO POLSKIE (3834 N.Cicero Ave, Chicago) KOSZT: BEZPŁATNE ZAPISY: MALGORZATA OLCZAK 773 427 ‐6345 lub e‐ mail [email protected] BADANIA DIAGNOSTYCZNE W NIEDZIELE 9 LISTOPADA, Ambulatorium DIAGNOSTICSforU wraz z TTI Institute zaprasza w niedziele 9 listopada od godz. 9:00 – 3:00 pm na badania profilaktyczno‐diagnostyczne w naszej Parafi. Po wiecej informacji prosimy dzwonic pod numer 708.395.5575 lub odwiedz na stronie: www.diagnosticsforu.com W PONIEDZIAŁEK 13 PAŹDZIERNIKA BIURO PARAFIALNE BĘDZIE NIECZYNNE W ZWIĄZKU Z OBCHODAMI ŚWIĘTA KOLUMBA. ZAPRASZAMY PONOWNIE WE WTOREK, 14 PAŹDZIERNIKA. October 12, 2014 28th Ordinary Sunday
Page Twelve October 12, 2014 28th Ordinary Sunday Page Thirteen ON INVITATIONS, AND PREPARING FOR THE FEAST Copyright 2014 by John B. Reynolds ([email protected]) I mentioned last week that my wife’s niece Jessica and her best friend Cory were married recently. What I didn’t mention‐‐and what seems appropriate to mention now, in consideration of today’s readings‐‐is that because the priest who married them (Fr. Andrew) couldn’t attend the evening reception, Jessica asked me if I would say grace before the meal. I was honored to do so. I noted before I began, however, that while saying grace at every meal is good and proper, saying grace at this particular meal was especially good and proper because it would be the first meal that Cory and Jessica would share as husband and wife. Then I asked everyone in attendance to just consider this for a second. I asked them to think of all the meals they’ve shared over the years with persons they love. All of the hot dogs in the back yard. All of the burgers and fries in the car. All of the pizzas on Friday night in front of the TV. I maintained that regardless of venue and regardless of fare, sharing a meal with someone you love is an intimate‐‐even sacred‐‐act. Which, I said, is the very essence of the Mass Fr. Andrew celebrated earlier in the day. For what is Eucharist if not Jesus sharing an intimate and sacred meal with the persons he loves? Not to mention a foreshadowing of the heavenly banquet… All of which brings us to today’s readings. My mouth nearly waters to hear Isaiah speaking of the feast: “On this mountain the Lord of hosts will provide for all peoples a feast of rich food and choice wines, juicy, rich food and pure, choice wines.” And Jesus then speaks in parables to the religious elite, explaining that the kingdom of heaven is like a wedding banquet hosted by a king for his son. The king dispatches his servants to summon the invited guests to the feast, but the guests refuse. The king sends his servants a second time, telling them to say, “Behold, I have prepared my banquet, my calves and fattened cattle are killed, and everything is ready; come to the feast.” They refuse again, killing the servants, and the bad guys get their due recom‐
pense. Finally the king sends his servants out into the world to gather all they can find, “bad and good alike,” filling the entire hall. But one of these guests is not appropriately dressed, prompting the king to ask, “My friend, how is it that you came in here without a wedding garment?” When the guest has no response, the king directs his attendants, “Bind his hands and feet, and cast him into the darkness outside, where there will be wailing and grinding of teeth.” At first blush, this seems harsh. At second blush, it’s con‐
cerning for all of us who claim to follow the Christ. Per a popular maxim, “90% of success is just showing up.” This may play in some contexts, but not in discipleship. If the wedding garment represents our repentance and the turning of our hearts in faith, then our actions must ever grow from this recognition of Jesus as Lord. In other words, we need to wear Christ every day. Every day, we need to ponder our own invitation to the feast, and say‐
ing grace, accordingly prepare. St. Ferdinand Parish
Support Staff
Mrs. Zofia Mazurek, Parish Secretary
Sr. Kamila Wojdyla, Administrative Assistant
Ms. Elizabeth Ceisel-Mikowska, Bulletin Editor
Mr. Kamil Duda, Website Designer/Editor
Bro. Dr. James Drangsholt, Director of Music/Liturgy,
Lector & EM Coordinator
Mr. Kamil Duda, Polish Music Director
Dcn. Irv Hotcaveg, Deacon Emeritus
Ms. Jane Lohrmann, Homebound Ministers of Care Scheduler
Parish Council
Mrs. Sophie Kass—President, Stanley Mastalerz, Anthony
Mangiaracina, Peter Holod, Irene Heidelbauer, MaryAnn Barnhart,
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ExOfficio Members: Dr. Lucine Mastalerz , Sr. Anna Strycharz
Parish Finance Committee
Mr. Tom Bucaro-Chairperson, Fr. Jason Torba, Mrs. MaryAnn
Barnhart, Mr. Gene Szaben, ExOfficio Members: Mr. Martin
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Heidelbauer, Dr. Lucine Mastalerz
Parish Organizations and Prayer Groups
Boy Scout: Mr. Vince Clemente, Coordinator
Fish Fry: Mrs. Pat Wenzl, Coordinator
Friendship Club: Mrs. Patricia Flynn, President
Girl Scout: Mrs. Joyce McGinniss, Coordinator
Knights of Columbus—Mater Christi Council:
Mr. Edward Weyna, Grand Knight
Knights of Columbus Ladies Auxiliary: Marcia Codak
Ladies of St. Anne: Mrs. Violet DelVecchio, President
Legion of Mary: Mr. Thomas Sobczak & Miss Aurora Almeida,
Legion of Mary, Juniors: Mrs. Emma Camara, President
Irving Park Catholic Woman’s Club: Mrs. Dolores Schoewe
Market Day: Ms. Pat DelBoccio, Coordinator
Polish Altar Servers — Fr. Michal Wyrzykowski, Moderator
English Altar Servers: Fr. Marcin Zasada, Moderator
Polish Club of the Good Shepherd: Mr. Andrzej Parada, President
Polish Rosary Group: Mrs. Helena Lesak, President
Polish School Parents’ Assn.: Mrs. Bogusława Łakomy, Pres.
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St. Vincent DePaul Society: Mr. Stanley Mastalerz, President
Teens of Our Church (TORCH):
Fr. Michal Wyrzykowski —Youth Minister
The “Faustinum” Association of Apostles of the Divine Mercy:
Fr. Michal Wyrzykowski, Moderator
Ushers Club: Mr. Peter Holod, President
Pro-Life Coordinators: Tony Mangiaracina, Helena Lasak
Chapel Choir – Conductor Julie Tupiak 773-742-2611
Word of Life — Dito Camara 773-344-8514
Holy Spirit Missionary Association: Sr. Elwira Dziuk
Notre Dame Athletics: Mrs. Linda Ward
Notre Dame Board of Directors: Ms. Sue Miller & Ms. Noreen Musica
St. Ferdinand Church
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St. Ferdinand Parish
Phone: (773) 622-5900
Rev. Zdzisław (Jason) Torba, Pastor
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Rev. Michael Wyrzykowski, Associate Pastor
Rev. Albert Judy, OP — PT Associate Pastor
Rev. Raymond O’Connor, CMF — Weekend Help
Br. James Drangsholt, OSF — In Residence
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St. Ferdinand School: 773 622-3022
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Notre Dame High School for Girls Office: 773-622-9494
Irene Heidelbauer—Director
Religious Education Office: 773 622-3022 ex. 352
Sr. Anna Strycharz—D.R.E.
St. Ferdinand Polish Saturday School: 773-622-3022 ex 303
Sr. Genowefa Potaczała — Principal
Christian OutReach (COR): 773 622-9732
Mrs. Lu Caravette, Director
Missionary Sisters of Christ the King - 773 889-7979
Sr. Anna Strycharz, Superior — Sr. Kamila Wojdyla,
Sr. Anna Gorska Sr. Genowefa Potaczała
For Children: a pre-Baptism class is required for Baptism of the first
child. Classes are held in English on the first Wednesday of each
month at 7:30PM in the Church, and in Polish on the last Tuesday of
each month at 7:30PM in the Church. Following registration, the
sacrament of Baptism is celebrated in English on the second Saturday
each month at 6:00PM and on the fourth Sunday of the month at the
12:30PM Mass. The sacrament of Baptism is celebrated in Polish on
the first Saturday of the month at 6:00PM and on the third Sunday of
the month at the 3:00PM Mass. Please call the rectory to register at
For Adults: Classes are taught through the Rite of Christian Initiation
Program (RCIA) on Sunday mornings at 10:00AM. Please call Stan
Mastalerz, the RCIA Director at 773/865-4151 for more information.
Must be arranged at least four months prior to the
ceremony. Please call the rectory.
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October 12, 2014
25th Ordinary Sunday

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