Literature and Humanity in the 21st Century
17 October 2013
Študentský domov UKF Nitra (Hostel)
ul. B. Slančíkovej 1, Nitra 949 01
17 October
8.00 – 8.45 Registration
9.00 – 9.15 Opening of the conference
prof. PaedDr. Bernard Garaj, CSc. Dean of the Faculty of Arts
prof. PhDr. Gabriela Miššíková, PhD. Head of the Department of English and American Studies
9.15 – 9.45 Key note speech: Dobrota Pucherová Which Humanism? Humanity and Humanism in African Women’s Experience
9.45 – 10.15 Key note speech: Anton Pokrivčák Literature, Reading and Critical Thinking in the 21 st Century
10.15 – 10.30 Discussion
10.30 – 10.45 Coffee break
10.45 – 12.25
ROOM A Chair: Simona Hevešiová
Cristina Cheveresan (Romania)
Race, Gender, Class Determinations in Alice Walker‟s The Color Purple
Hilda H. Strandberg (Sweden)
Beyond Good and Evil: Complicit Resistance in Nuruddin Farah‟s Dictatorship
Lucia Rákayová (Slovakia)
Humanity versus Monstrosity:
Re-inventing the Classic Southern Storytelling through the Popular Southern Gothic
Yi-Chun Liu (Taiwan)
Moral Responses to Science: Utopian Representations in New Atlantis and New
Story of the Stone
ROOM B Chair: Alena Smiešková
Jaroslav Kušnír (Slovakia)
Humanization of the Subject in David Foster Wallace‟s Fiction: From
Postmodernism, Avant-Pop and New Sensicerity? (Tri-Stan: I Sold Sissee Nar to
Ecko, 1999)
Huang Yen-Chi (Belgium)
An Existential Psychoanalyst in Literary Therapy Genre: The Representation of
Psychoanalytic Encounter in Irvin Yalom‟s The Schopenhauer Cure
Gabriela and Dumitru Tucan (Romania)
Denial of Humanity and New Forms of Enslavement: Early Narratives of Gulag
Survivors (1919-1940)
Azad Hamad Sharif (Iraq)
Kurdish Apocalyptic Doom in Jean Sasson's Love in a Torn Land (2007)
12.25 – 13.30 Lunch break
13.30 – 15.10
ROOM A Chair: Ľudmila Pánisová
Simona Catrinel Avarvarei (Romania)
“I Am a Free Human Being”
Filip Lipecky (Slovakia)
Humanity in the Works of Philip K. Dick
Nuriye Akkaş - Emine Yurttaş (Turkey)
Journey to a Dangerous Place as a Sign of Humanity in Khaled Hosseini‟s The Kite
Runner and Serdar Özkan‟s The Missing Rose 2: The Immortal Heart
Mignotte Mekuria (England)
Defining Oneself by Otherness: Autoethnography and the Exile Imaginaries of
Humanity in Flux
ROOM B Chair: Lýdia Čechová
Péter Dolmányos (Hungary)
Under (Re)Construction – Belfast in the Poetry and Prose of Ciaran Carson
Eva Antal (Hungary)
The Impossibility of an Island: Identity in Neo- and Post-humanistic Dystopias
Tibor Tóth ( Hungary)
Speculative Cultural Constructs of Human Condition in John Fowles‟ Mantissa
Otilia Sîrbu (Romania)
The Deficit Myth of Our Culture
15.10 – 15.30 Coffee break
15.30 – 16.50
ROOM A Chair: Anton Pokrivčák
Viera Plechová (Slovakia)
Humanism and Ethos in the Works of Ralph Waldo Emerson
Maurice N. Fadel (Bulgaria)
Questioning Humanity through Animality
Malek Hardan Mohammad (Kuwait)
J. M. Coetzee's Literary Investigation of the Human Condition
Alena Smiešková (Slovakia)
The Image of the City in Walt Whitman‟s Leaves of Grass and Michael
Cunningham‟s Specimen Days
ROOM B Chair: Jana Waldnerová
Kübra Baysal (Turkey)
Surviving the History: Kate Chopin
Hélène Fau (Germany)
An Attempt to Save Humanity: The Science-Oriented Poetry in The Stone Gods by
Jeanette Winterson
Jerry A. Varsava (Canada)
The Loss of Human Dignity in an Age of Financialization: The American „Great
Recession‟ Novel
Diana Ţidová (Slovakia)
Vasil Stefan Koban: In Search of Cultural Identity and Humanity
16.50 Conference closing
The conference is organised as part of the projects KEGA 039UKF-4/2012 Vyučovanie súčasných anglofónnych literatúr ako prostriedok posilňovania kreatívneho a kritického myslenia [The
Teaching of Contemporary Anglophone Literatures as a Means of the Strengthening of Creative and Critical Thinking] and VEGA 1/0858/12 Od postmoderny k novej senzibilite v literatúrach
anglicky hovoriacich krajín [From Postmodernism to New Sensibility in Literatures of the English Speaking Countries].

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